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January 24, 2018
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What insect
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2 Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018

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Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 NEWS 3

Where does RSU pregnancy group stand?
Students have been removing Ryerson Pregnancy Care posters and questioning the RSU group’s stance on abortion services
By Isabelle Kirkwood and charity. The company’s affiliations That means the PCC pays for the
Maggie Macintosh include the Canadian Association RPCG’s posters and provides them
of Pregnancy Support Services with free pregnancy tests. The cam-
A Ryerson student group is facing (CAPSS) and the Canadian Council pus outreach coordinator from the
backlash after a series of posters of Christian Charities. PCC also attends RPCG meetings.
targeting women with unexpected Hood said she worked as an un- RPCG doesn’t receive funding
pregnancies were found on campus. paid volunteer for the PCC for two from the RSU—it receives all funding
The Ryerson Students’ Union years before starting an affiliate from the PCC, according to Hood.
(RSU) granted student group sta- group at Ryerson. When contacted for a statement,
tus to the Ryerson Pregnancy Care PCC services include admin- Linda Baartse executive director of
Group (RPCG) in September. Over istering urine-based pregnancy PCC, wrote, “the Pregnancy Care
the past couple months, RPCG tests, selecting daycares and what Centre is not anti-choice, or political.
posters stamped with official RSU Students tore these posters down. the company website calls “options We make it possible for a woman to
approval could be seen around cam- counselling.” have a safe and supportive environ-
pus, which read: “Unexpected preg- agree. We’re not forcing anyone to around campus, Nyaga said the RSU Neither PCC nor RPCG provide ment for her to continue her preg-
nancy? We can help.” make a decision,” she said. has received complaints via email abortion services, contraceptives or nancy. We empower individuals
RSU president Susanne Nyaga Hood said the neutral stance is be- and phone calls from people ques- referrals to abortion clinics. with accurate information, practical
said that when the RPCG applied cause the RPCG doesn’t want to dis- tioning the legitimacy and politi- A list compiled by the Abor- help, and emotional support. We fill
for student group status, they iden- suade pregnant students who identify cal stance of the group. People also tion Rights Coalition of Canada a support gap in Toronto for women
tified as pro-choice and adhered to as being either pro-choice or anti- ripped posters down. (ARCC) classified the PCC as an who would otherwise feel pressure
all RSU policies. choice from using their services. “Looking back, we totally agree anti-choice organization as of Sep- to have an unwanted abortion.”
“Now we’re hearing from individ- Hood, a fourth-year Ryerson nurs- that there wasn’t enough informa- tember 2017. Baartse added that the group offers
ual students that, in fact, the work ing student, classified her organiza- tion about us [on the posters],” On its website, CAPSS states “hu- spiritual support and connects wom-
they do is anti-choice,” Nyaga said. tion as a “student-to-student support Hood said. “It was our bad and our man beings are made in the image en to local churches that provide “a
She added that if the RPCG is tak- group” that exists to “make Ryerson a mistake.” of God; therefore all humankind caring and supportive community.”
ing an anti-choice stance, it would safe place for pregnant students.” Hood said she was in communica- has intrinsic value and significance Without sufficient evidence
contradict the RSU’s policies. Hood said the group has corre- tion with RSU vice-president equity from conception to natural death.” that the RPCG operates as an
But Erika Hood, executive leader sponded with students, but no one Camryn Harlick after RPCG mem- They also say there is a sacredness anti-choice group, the RSU can’t
of RPCG, said the group doesn’t has requested a consultation since bers noticed their posters were be- and dignity of all people—including remove their group status, Nyaga
take a position on abortion. its September inception. ing taken down. Hood said she was “the unborn.” said, adding complaints are “being
“We do believe you have the right If a pregnant student approaches told the RSU would “look into it.” “As an affiliate group of the PCC, taken seriously.”
to make your own choice, which is the RPCG via email or helpline, a The Ryerson group is a chapter of we hold our own mission and val- Hood said she expected more
what pro-choice is all about. So even consultation is planned at their des- the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC), ues. Our affiliate connection only from Ryerson students than to take
though we’re not labelling ourselves ignated confidential spot on campus. which was established in 1984 as a utilizes their resources and exper- down their posters.
as pro-choice, fundamentally, we Since RPCG posters appeared Christian non-profit, non-partisan tise,” said Hood. “We didn’t do anything wrong.”

TRSM received complaints about LinkedIn user
By Annie Arnone opportunity, and explained that she ing the fact that the encounter that
is “actively seeking roles to begin started off with what she thought
As graduation quickly approaches [her] personal career.” were good intentions turned sour—
for fourth-year retail management Upon offering her mentorship, he and then Payne emailed her.
student, Jessica Smith*, job security explained that he wanted to give her “I just wanted to apologize for
consumes most of her thoughts— his “full attention.” what happened a couple of weeks
which made the message she re- “I will be looking forward to sit- ago...It would be great meeting
ceived on LinkedIn regarding a ting down with you,” wrote Payne, with you, but I didn’t want to cause
networking opportunity more en- followed by a time and place in any issues with your boyfriend. I
ticing. But soon after, Smith realized which they’d meet. have sat down with someone from
she was the recipient of a predatory Smith exchanged numbers with LinkedIn in the past, and she didn’t
encounter with a man who claimed him and looked forward to their mention she was married (no ring
he could help her get a job, and then meeting. But one hour later, she re- on her finger). About 15 minutes
told her to never contact him again. ceived a text from him. “Enjoy your later, she received a call and told me Students accuse Jeff Payne of predatory behaviour.
On Nov. 6, Smith received the evening,” it read. her husband was looking for her...
following message on LinkedIn She recalls putting her phone take care and best regards.” ing with people outside TRSM.” says Payne also reached out her with
from a man named Jeff Payne, who away (she was at work) and decid- Smith has reported this incident to One month later while sitting in the same thank you message after
had requested to connect with her ing not to respond to the text—for her adviser in the Ted Rogers School class, Smith and her friend Alexis they connected on LinkedIn.
one day prior. fear of dragging the conversation of Management (TRSM), Sneha De- Kelly* were comparing each oth- The Eye reached out to by TSN
“Good morning Jessica, I wanted along. okie, who informed her that Ryerson er’s LinkedIn profiles—adding their regarding the validity of Payne’s
to take the time to reach out, and say Just over an hour after that mes- was already looking into it. professional experiences and up- employment. A human resources
thank you for connecting with me. sage was sent, Payne replied with Deokie did not respond to The dating their profile pictures when representative said they could not
If you ever want to get in touch, at the following message. Eyeopener’s request for comment in Smith noticed Kelly was connected provide comment on whether or
anytime, please feel free. Have a fan- “Just pretend we never connected. time for publication. with Payne. not he is an employee, due to pri-
tastic week ahead!” You are much better off that way. Smith said she was informed that “I noticed on her page this guy was vacy concerns.
She recalls his initial message Take care and best of luck.” the school would be investigating there, and I asked her to show me if Payne’s only response to mulitple
seeming “harmless,” and upon view- Smith said in that moment, she this matter. It was recommended he’d sent her anything—I panicked.” requests for comment on these ac-
ing his profile, learned Payne was knew something was wrong. “My she speak to Ryerson’s sexual vio- With the exception of a few cusations was this statement:
a senior client services coordinator heart was pounding. I didn’t un- lence coordinator Farrah Khan. words, Payne sent her almost an “I’m sorry for any comments I
for TSN, and had been for the past derstand what the hell was happen- Graham Sogawa, director of the identical message on LinkedIn. may have given to anyone. It was
16 years. ing—someone who I was trying to business career hub says this en- “I thought he was being nice, of not my intention to offend anyone,
“I remember thinking ‘Wow, he meet with on a very professional counter isn’t being taken lightly. course I’d take the opportunity to and I apologize for anything I may
works for TSN’—he might have platform told me to never talk to “TRSM takes the safety and secu- accept help in the workplace. I’m have said to anyone.”
some ideas of where my career him again. I felt like there was some rity of our students very seriously,” still a student,” the fourth-year retail He did not confirm his employ-
should go,” said Smith. “I thought weird secret.” he said. “We encourage students management student said. ment at TSN.
it’d be great to pick his brain.” Weeks passed and Smith decided to discuss with a staff member any Fourth-year business manage- *Names have been changed to protect
Smith responded, excited at the to suppress the incident—ignor- concerns that may arise when deal- ment student Allysa Manalaysay the identity of some sources.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018

Just give it to me straight, Ryerson
While we aren’t romantically invovled with Ryerson, we are a part of the community and communication is key for any relationship
By Sierra Bein of that you pay the university tens of problem to share this information. Joseph: Any other questions? and Education and when Ryerson se-
thousands of dollars to be a student. Although there are suspicions and ru- On a larger scale, Ryerson has been curity nearly stopped meeting with
When does omitting the truth be- Ryerson is my most expensive part- mours floating about, we’ve received silent on other issues. Such as with our publication for no reason cited.
come a lie? Transparency in any ner to date. an unusual amount of push-back the School Resource Officer (SRO) I have no reason to think that Ry-
relationship is a tricky line to walk, We’ve had good times, but every from Athletics about what happened. study that the university was sup- erson is doing anything but their ut-
especially when feelings are involved. once in a while it feels like Ryerson Here’s how the conversation went posed to do for the Toronto Police most to represent students. In fact, I
This is the type of conversation I isn’t telling us everything. Of course down with the director of Athletics: Services. think people at Ryerson care more
might have with friends about their there are some instances in which the Eyeopener: Were any of the people Despite the SRO program ter- than most students even realize. It
romantic relationships, but I’d like a institution can’t tell us the whole sto- involved in this under the age of 18? mination, Ryerson was supposed annoys me that we don’t get to know
quick talk with you, the Ryerson stu- ry and that’s understandable—privacy Ivan Joseph: I’m not sure. It’s a to produce a report reviewing it the full truth about this institution we
dent, about a similar line our univer- laws and the privacy of individuals good question. in January 2018 (as in this month). pay to be a part of. (Also I’m a journal-
sity walks as well. are important. Eyeopener: And can you say if it In return for our study, Ryerson ist and it’s my job to care).
Transparency is important to build However, there are times when in- happened inside the province of Ontario was going to receive $80,000. But So this week we ask that you care
trust, and although you might not be formation is kept from us and it feels or outside the province of Ontario? our university never put together about the things you don’t know.
romantically involved with our uni- like we deserve to know more. Joseph: Ha, you’re doing a very a team, and we never received the There’s this thing called the Free-
versity, you still have a strong bond. There are some incidents that are good job. money for the study. We haven’t dom of Information and Protection
You come to school every week to kept secret on a small scale—they Eyeopener: Thank you. But can been told why. of Privacy Act (FIPPA) at Ryerson
study, work out, eat and hang with won’t affect you or your day to day. you answer the question? Now Ryerson’s Chang School will and at other institutions like the city,
your friends. You have the Ryerson The Eyeopener has kept up with the Joseph: Absolutely. This is what partner with Toronto police to help and other companies too. It’s a way to
name in your Twitter bio, and when story of 11 players on the men’s vol- happened. I’ve answered it three times so deliver modernized training to po- get answers to the questions the uni-
you apply to jobs it’s the first thing leyball team who were suspended, I’ll answer it again. On a road trip, our lice members. Soon the confusion versity might not answer right away.
you show off. Ryerson represents you trying to nail down a reason as to student athletes violated the student- surrounding the SRO program will Of course, personal information is
and you represent Ryerson. On top why. Historically, it hasn’t been a athlete code of conduct. When I found disappear, although our questions off the record, but there’s some cool
out, they were sanctioned. They admit- remain unanswered. Other examples things you can find through this pro-
ted responsibility. from this year that come to mind are cess. If you have a question, hit us up,
Eyeopener: I’m just asking you when we tried to get statistics from we’d love to help get some answers
which province it happened in. the Office of Sexual Violence Support for you too.

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undergraduate and graduate students Justin “Krusty” Chandler Advertising Manager fee Mug says what goes around comes
Chris “Mud Pie” Roberts
Up to five awards of $1,000 each Photo
around. Ryerson in its infinite wisdom—
snort—extorts cash money from students
Camila “Barmy Mittens” Kukulski Design Director in a variety of faculties including
Criteria Kosalan “Nancy Boy” J.D. “Scabby” Mowat journalism. Yet, they are still surprised,
Kathiramalanathan even appalled, when these journalism
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resident of Ontario Lee “Jolly Rugger” Richardson Contributors shocked when we train our now trained
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ships/ University-wide tab
Jacob “Big Baller” Stoller that catches you. Oh, and while we’re at
Arts and Life Matt “Brian Eno” Vocino it—silence is complicity. And we’re hop-
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Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 NEWS 5

Dildos penetrate more unions Briefs
By Alanna Rizza

After The Eyeopener reported that
the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU)
received mysterious packages from
Amazon containing various elec-
tronics, including sex toys, four other Don’t cry because
student unions across Canada came
to the RSU with similar stories. it’s over, vomit
The University of Regina Stu- because it
dents’ Union (URSU) has received
about 15 packages since the end of
November. The most recent ship- Security found a trespasser vomit-
ment was sent last week. URSU ing into a water fountain on the first
vice-president student affairs Shawn floor of Kerr Hall West. They were
Wiskar told The Eye via email that yelling at people while they did it.
the items in the packages were The mystery goes deeper. The dildos are nation-wide. We don’t want to know the specif-
headphones, charging cables and sex ics of how they managed to achieve
toys, such as a vibrator, dildo and a said the remaining items—charging is usually on the box. However, if only received two packages so far both at the same time, but we’re glad
“Fleshlight-knockoff.” A Fleshlight cables and iPad cases—are being used the item is purchased from a third- but this is still a lot of money to to know it’s possible. Also, please
is a handheld artificial orifice. in the student union office. URSU party seller, the original purchaser be spent on an elaborate prank, if don’t drink out of the Kerr Hall
Wiskar said the student union still doesn’t know who the sender is. must be the one to return it. that’s what this is.” West drinking fountains, please.
called Amazon multiple times and “Our best guess is that we have The University of Manitoba Stu- Nagra said no one from the stu- We warned you.
was told no information could be been selected at random [since] dents’ Union (UMSU) is the lat- dent union claimed the packages,
released and they “should just accept Amazon has reported this happen- est student union to receive such so the dildo was given to the Rain-
the packages.” ing to random individuals as well,” packages. bow Pride Mosaic—one of UMSU’s The future of
“The last call we made to Ama- said Wiskar. UMSU president Tanjit Nagra community groups—for their raf- hacking is links
zon was more fruitful. They said the In Toronto, the RSU has received told The Eye that her student union fle event.
purchases were all made with gift about 30 packages since September. It received a package in the first few If more packages are sent, Nagra
printed on paper
cards and the name on the orders wasn’t able to find out more informa- weeks of the fall semester that con- said she would call Amazon to try
was gibberish,” he said. “They said tion about the sender because Ama- tained a dildo and a mount to hold and find out information on the
this happens quite often and that zon told them releasing that informa- phones on car dashboards. She said a sender. Ryerson security received reports of
there was nothing to be done but for tion was a privacy concern. second package was sent earlier this The Dalhousie and York Uni- a poster in the Rogers Communica-
us to keep the packages.” According to Amazon’s return week that contained another phone versity student unions are also on tions Centre that advertised free tu-
The sex toys and most of the elec- policy on items a receiver didn’t accessory. the list of student unions being ition and a free flight to Germany,
tronics were then given away at a purchase, they can return the pack- “I have no idea who is send- bombarded with the mysterious with a web link that redirected to a
URSU holiday staff party. Wiskar age by using the order number that ing this to us,” Nagra said. “We’ve packages. computer virus. On paper. Fucking
paper. Didn’t we learn anything from

Rye ranks 2nd for local food the months of fake security emails
from our computing department?

Meal Exchange describes local food on campus was conducive to a xXKu$hm@$t3rXx
food as “produced or harvested in healthy diet. Of that number, 64 per
Ontario, including forest or fresh- cent said healthy food options on seen ripping bong
water food, and food and beverag- campus were unaffordable. on campus
es made in Ontario if they include Mendelson said there are healthy
ingredients produced or harvested food options at most universities but
in Ontario.” less healthy foods “compete for our A local edge-lord who’s probably a
“Ryerson probably has the dens- dollars and may have more appeal.” triple prestige in Call of Duty: Mod-
est offering of other choices around “Cheaper food tends to be less nu- ern Warfare 2, was caught ripping
it, which makes it very hard for our tritious and we go by mostly taste a fat-daddy bong in the cafeteria of
food services to keep up with the and cost,” she said. the Victoria Building. As security
Food, glorious food. Put it in your mouth. kind of competition they have on “When the appealing foods are escorted them out, we imagine they
Yonge Street, in the Eaton Centre, less expensive and tastier, health slapped the fattest dab you ever saw.
By Justin Chandler “locally-grown, sustainable, healthy, everywhere,” Mendelson said. will be the last thing on our mind.” Weed will be legal soon, our dank
and affordable foods.” She said Ryerson promotes local Mendelson said the only real way avenger, but not smoking inside.
When it comes to student satisfac- Campus food services reps rated foods to encourage students to eat to change that would be through
tion with the availability of locally- their satisfaction with how they pro- them. some form of “benevolent dictator-
grown food on campus, Ryerson vide those sorts of food much high- In 2014, the school renovated ship” where someone sets prices and Super Smash
ranks second in Ontario. er—79 per cent on average. the Hub Café, which carries local makes healthy food cheaper. She
That’s according to a survey of While nearly one quarter of re- options. The school hosts a regular said that won’t happen and even if
Bros. 5 IRL Edition
Ontario university students con- spondents weren’t sure if food on farmers’ market on campus and has it did, people still might choose un- premieres at
ducted by Meal Exchange, a reg- their campus was grown locally or a rooftop garden which provides healthy options based on taste. Pitman
istered charity which organizes not, 82 per cent told Meal Exchange 10,000 pounds of fresh produce to Meal Exchange suggests short-
food-related projects across Cana- more locally-grown food would university cafeterias, and the Gould and long-term goals for Ontario’s Security responded to a fight be-
dian campuses. increase the availability of healthy Street farmers’ market. The rooftop universities, including creating tween about 20 people in the Pitman
Ryerson ranked behind the Uni- food options on campus. garden started as a green roof and committees to promote healthy, Hall courtyard. The group dispersed.
versity of Guelph, but seven spots Rena Mendelson, a professor in was converted in 2013. local and affordable food on cam- Yes. Twenty gosh-darned scoun-
higher than neighbouring U of T, Ryerson’s School of Nutrition, said But Mendelson warns customers pus, and promoting cheap, plant- drels were brawling on campus.
which sat at number nine. the distance food travels is “prob- at farmers’ markets not to assume based meals. It was probably a really cool fight
Overall, Meal Exchange’s Janu- ably inconsequential in terms of real food is local. As previously reported in The with shoryukens and hadoukens,
ary 2018 Campus Food Report Card health value.” “You have to ask [the seller] if Eyeopener, Ryerson and Meal Ex- maybe even a final smash. Kind of
found 55 per cent of the 2,668 stu- She said shipping food shorter dis- they grew it,” she said. change are partnering with Lakehead makes you sad that security broke it
dents surveyed across Ontario were tances is better for the environment In the Meal Exchange survey, 76 University to study food insecurity. up, doesn’t it? Imagine the finishing
unhappy with their ability to access because it creates less pollution. per cent of students disagreed that With iles from Jacob Dubé. moves...
6 FEATURES Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018

Is something bugging you? You might be one of many Toronto students who are dealing with bug infestations. But
bugs aren’t just pests, they can also cause psychological impacts on the people they live with


years ago on a
May morning,
Eduardo Rodríguez, then
25, stood in his room with his
phone in one hand and
a crumpled tissue encasing
a dead bug in the other. He was making
his bed when he noticed something small and black
crawling on one of his light blue sheets. For the past two
weeks he had been waking up with red, itchy bumps on his legs. He
assumed they were mosquito bites, since he had experienced those before in
his apartment. But the black speck on his sheet made him wonder if this was different.
Could it be bed bugs? the Ryerson University second-year global management studies student
wondered. He recalled reading articles about Toronto’s bed bug infestation problems.

He smashed the insect in a tissue and immediately Googled “bed bugs” on his phone. When the images matched
the dead bug in his hand, Rodríguez knew that what he had thought to be mosquito bites were a sign of something more
serious. Some bed bug websites advised replacing an infested mattress, but his mattress was a recent purchase from his
parents. Feeling bad about the possibility of having to replace it, Rodríguez continued researching other ways to get rid of
bed bugs.

He read that one way to get rid of them is to vacuum the affected areas. But—in a twist of irony—his vacuum “sucked.” His
family took a day to buy a new vacuum cleaner. “The first night I discovered I had [bed bugs], I didn’t want to sleep in my own
bed again because I didn’t want to wake up with more bed bug bites on my legs,” Rodríguez recalls. “I was also grossed out by
my bed.” That night, he shared a bed with his parents.

In August 2017, Toronto was ranked the worst city in Canada for bed bugs. There are currently 2,270 reports for bed bugs
in the city, according to the Toronto Bed Bug Registry. Dense, urban areas where people live in close proximity, like in apart-
ments, make it easier for bed bugs to spread, according to University of Winnipeg entomologist Rob Anderson. Bed bugs can
travel through electrical pipes, heat ducts and other openings between walls. This means that when one apartment is infested, it
is possible that the bugs will travel to nearby apartments.

Bed bugs have not been found to transmit diseases, but a growing number of studies indicate infestations can cause psychologi-
cal impacts. “Bed bugs are a stressor,” explains Stéphane Perron, a physician who works at Montreal Public Health and specializes
in public health and preventative medicine. Even if someone has no history of mental health issues, “a bed bug infestation will
lead to some form of anxiety symptoms in most people, and sleep disturbance.”

In a 2012 study from the journal BMJ Open, a group of researchers compared 39 tenants who had been exposed to bed bugs
and 52 tenants who had not. Using sleep quality indexes and anxiety scales, they found that the bed bug sample was more
likely to have sleep disturbances and develop symptoms of anxiety and possibly depression. Perron, who was a co-author of
that study, says these effects can be “chronicized” if improper extermination leads to re-infestations of the bugs.

But Toronto tenants don’t just deal with bed bugs. A 2016 study by ACORN Toronto—which represents low and
moderate income families—found 83 per cent of tenants surveyed have spotted cockroaches in their residences. The
Toronto Real Estate Board reported that the average cost of a Toronto apartment was nearly $2,000 in 2017. With
this soaring cost, some students feel like it’s hard for them to find bug-free, affordable housing in Toronto.

Rodríguez said his reaction to the bugs felt like anxiety. In addition to worrying about getting rid of
his mattress, he was stressed about how the infestation occurred in the first place. “I was worried …
without knowing how it happened,” Rodríguez says. “Do I really live that dirty, that I did it myself?”

Even if someone typically experiences healthier mental states, stressful events, like bed bug
infestations, can be the trigger for people to experience heightened levels of anxiety, says
Kathleen Stewart, a Ryerson graduate student in psychology. This anxiety can be even
worse for someone with a pre-existing bug phobia. “Some people … have a lot of
difficulty coping with even just one spider in their house so if you’ve got an
infestation, that anxiety can be really overwhelming,” Stewart notes.

Rodríguez’s windows were open, but the fresh air was
doing little to combat the heat. He was cleaning
his room, trying to move as quickly as
Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 FEATURES 7
With his TV blaring in the background, he used his new vacuum to clean all the corners of didn’t think bugs would come in there—but the bugs returned after this attempt, and again
his mattress and the areas around his bed. Bed bugs can lay eggs, so he tried to clean all of the after the second attempt by a different company.
folds and crevices. He also washed all of his sheets and clothes, and purchased a bed bug powder The most recent attempt at extermination took several hours to complete, plus around six
which he sprinkled around his bed. hours to put everything back in the apartment the following day. The ordeal was an inconve-
nience for Paksoy—and one he may have to relive, if the bugs return again in full force. He says
In August 2017, Toronto was ranked the worst lots of people have complained about the building and, judging by the online forums, he may
have to deal with it again no matter where he moves.
city in Canada for bed bugs. “As soon as my contract is over,” Paksoy says, “I don’t think I’m going to renew it.”

The cleaning took all weekend. He wasn’t finished the first night, so he slept in his par-

ents’ bed again. The second night, he took a break from cleaning to watch the Mayweather n a 2013 paper from the American Journal of Case Reports, which Perron also co-authored,
vs. Pacquiao fight with his dad at a bar. When he returned home, he kept cleaning until 3 presents the case of a woman who died by suicide following a bed bug infestation. The
a.m. It was exhausting but Rodríguez was determined to prevent the bed bugs from return- woman had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personal-
ing. The first few nights after, he would wake up and cautiously check to see if he had new ity disorder. After two attempts at extermination, the woman woke up at 3 a.m. and found
bites. His legs were still healing from his previous bites, so it was difficult to tell, but he blood on her sleeve. She penned a note, writing that she had experienced depression since
couldn’t spot any new ones. the bugs came, and was going to move on to a “better world.” In an email to a friend, she
wrote that she was “sure that vampires are back” and that she could not “stand to live in fear
of being eaten alive.”

ot everyone has Rodríguez’s luck with getting rid of bed bugs, though. Anderson, the “What this really shows is [that] bed bugs can be a very important stressor,” Perron says.
entomologist, says the process is problematic. “There are very few registered pes- “Bed bugs won’t make you commit suicide, but in extremely vulnerable individuals, it may be
ticides in Canada that are allowed for use in dwellings where people are currently the tipping point.”
residing,” he explains. Urban pesticide resistance means that the products that are approved
may not even be effective. Other methods include cold and heat treating, but it can be hard to “This anxiety can manifest in hypervigilance,
get the bugs out of the small spaces. causing people to feel itchy, constantly check if
In the darkness, Alp Paksoy thought he was hallucinating. It was the middle of the night,
and there were cockroaches and spiders crawling in his room. But it was not a hallucination—a there are bed bugs around them and to over-wash
bug-filled apartment is Paksoy’s reality. He went back to sleep and, in the morning, the bugs and clean their apartment.”
were gone. He rarely sees them during the day—they hide in the thin cracks in the walls and
in frighteningly inconspicuous places, like under the kitchen sink. When he does encounter a People may be anxious about the bugs returning, especially in buildings where infestations
bug during the day, he wraps his hand in a paper towel and kills it. He lives with his sister in are common, Stewart says. And even if the bugs are exterminated for good, people may still
a Toronto apartment building. He kills the bugs that make her scream and jump on his back. feel “that urge to check again, [and see] ‘Oh, are they really gone? They came back before.”
Their presence adds a layer of stress to his already-busy life as an international student from If these thoughts about bed bugs are consuming people’s minds, that can cause further anxi-
Turkey, in his second year studying business management at Ryerson. ety. This anxiety can manifest in hyper vigilance, causing people to feel itchy, constantly
According to a 2016 study from the journal PeerJ, there is an average of 100 different check if there are bed bugs around them and over-wash and clean their apartment, accord-
species of bugs living in a typical American home. Paksoy, 24, describes having the bugs in ing to Stewart.
his apartment as “morbid.” He says he feels uncomfortable, stressed and unsafe. Although
he doesn’t have a phobia of the bugs, his sister is more frightened of them. “No matter how

hard I try, she doesn’t really feel comfortable with bugs. Sometimes she doesn’t sleep … she t was the middle of the night when Maythany Boutthiphon, now 25, woke up and felt
was paranoid.” something on his foot. He pulled the blanket aside and saw a black dot, which he squished
The first attempt at extermination was in September, but the bugs quickly returned. An- with his thumb. Blood oozed from the dead insect. Alarmed, Boutthiphon took his blanket
other company came in November, but Paksoy wasn’t convinced that the bugs were gone. off his bed and slept on a hard, plastic chair for the remainder of the night. Why is this happen-
Sure enough, less than two weeks after the second extermination, he saw another spider ing to me? he remembers thinking. Why am I here? Maybe I should go find another place.
crawling on the wall. Paksoy’s address, on Spadina Avenue, shows up on the Bedbug Reg- Boutthiphon thinks his experiences are similar to many other students in Toronto. “I’d say
istry website, a forum with posts dating back to 2011. Tenants have reported cockroaches, it’s pretty tough for students, because they’re on a limited budget so they have to find apart-
bed bugs, silverfish and mice. People have reported multiple attempts to spray their rooms, ments that are, I would say, not well-maintained. I think that’s the reality of some students,” he
with the bugs always returning. “The real residents of this building are the roaches,” one says. Not all students can afford to move out of an infested apartment or terminate their lease
anonymous poster wrote. early. The high and often unexpected cost of extermination is also something a student might
not factor into their budget.
“Usually [in] an apartment … you’re supposed This night occurred in the middle of a bed bug infestation in his first apartment—Boutthip-
hon, a third-year business management student who lives with his wife, mom and siblings, has
to feel safe. But with the bed bugs, I know it’s a experienced infestations in two different Toronto apartments.
matter of when—not if—they’re going to come In 2012, he moved out of the apartment to a townhouse, where he stayed until 2016. When
he moved to his current apartment, he checked bed bug registries. Although he read about
back.” other people’s infestation problems, he didn’t think it would happen to him. But it did. His new
apartment was also infested, and the problem extends beyond his unit.
In a 2012 study from the American Journal of Medicine, two scholars studied 135 posts on People talk about bed bugs in the elevator of his current building. During the summer
blogs and bed bug websites. They used the criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) months, he regularly saw mattresses and furniture by the elevator for the maintenance crew
outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (considered to be the guide on mental dis- to take away. “I’m thinking, OK, well, why are these people throwing this furniture out? It still
orders) to score each entry. About 81 per cent of the posts suggested that bed bug infestations looks good and everything. And that’s when I realized it’s probably because of some sort of
caused psychological impacts, although PTSD cannot be formally diagnosed without being infestation,” Boutthiphon says. He noticed black residue on some of the mattresses—likely bed
aware of the posters’ symptoms before the infestation. bug feces. He has also noticed extermination vans parked outside his building.
“[For] most students, what it’s going to be is really a fear that won’t get to a point where it’s “It’s one of my biggest fears, living in an apartment, because of the cost that I will have to
clinically visible,” Perron says. “But when the bugs do come back, then it will have a bigger fork up to get rid of them,” Boutthiphon says. In his current apartment, he had to replace
impact than the first time around.” his mattress. He estimates that he has spent over $500 on getting rid of the bugs—includ-
Despite the current studies on the psychological impacts of bed bug infestations, Perron says ing a new mattress, pesticides and medication to treat the bites; and that’s just the price of
there is still work to be done. “It’s still seen in many corners as being just a nuisance, not be- one infested apartment. The air from spraying the pesticides sometimes just blew the bugs
ing a public health issue. But it is a public health issue,” he says. More work needs to be done to the side, so Boutthiphon and his wife had to resort to killing the bugs by hand, using
to understand the psychological impact of bed bug infestations, especially for people who are the pesticide cans. Black residue and blood would emerge from the larger bugs, creating a
already vulnerable. horrible smell.
Paksoy was in the kitchen cooking dinner with his sister, the scent of vegetables and chicken Boutthiphon says watching his wife deal with the bed bug infestation makes him feel “help-
wafting through the air. Suddenly, his sister screamed—completely altering the mood of the less.” One day, she came home from work on the verge of tears as she showed him the bug
evening. Three spiders were crawling on the white living room wall, their thin brown legs in bites on her chest. “It makes me feel like I’m not doing my job [as a husband],” he says. He and
full view of the kitchen. She told him to stop cooking and kill the bugs. Paksoy obliged. After- his wife are making plans to move out of their apartment in March or April. Another day,
wards, worried about insect eggs, the pair had to wash all of their dishes. “Most of [the bugs] Boutthiphon was at work and noticed a bed bug crawling on his backpack. He became worried
are in the kitchen which is, I think, really disgusting,” Paksoy says. about spreading the infestation. This, combined with the times when bugs bit his face and neck
Paksoy’s apartment was built in 1972, according to a zoning amendment from the city of in places visible to classmates, caused him “unnecessary stress.”
Toronto. Over the years, the walls have acquired cracks and holes. This is why, despite his “Usually [in] an apartment … you’re supposed to feel safe. But with the bed bugs, I know it’s
two efforts to get his apartment exterminated, he was not counting on the bugs to stay away. a matter of when—not if—they’re going to come back. So it’s kind of an uneasy feeling loom-
“I don’t really trust them at all,” he says of the exterminators. The first time a company came, ing around my head, like, when are they going to come back?” Boutthiphon says. “I really don’t
“they didn’t really do a good job,” he says. They didn’t exterminate his bathroom because they want to go through all the negative feelings, and the whole process, again.”
8 Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 SPORTS 9

A shot
SHAKEN UP at the
In October, Ryerson’s Jared Walsh took a vicious
hit into the boards. While holding a towel to his
bloody mouth, he managed to skate off under his
own power. By Chris Sanders

Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Thanks to a perfect start, Ryerson’s
women’s volleyball team has one
thing on its mind: gold.
“I knew we’d have a strong team,”
said head coach Dustin Reid. “Thus
far our record is good, but I’d like
to see us deal with adversity a little
After finishing last year with a
15-5 record, the Rams have come
back even stronger. With a perfect
12-0 record, the team has a chance
Walsh had his first concussion and the road back wouldn’t be an easy one. Matt Vocino has the story to surpass their 2017 mark with
seven games in hand, despite losing
All Jared Walsh wanted to do was 2015 and March 2016 were suffered some extent, as you’re not traveling derailed his comeback before it stars like Becky Zeeman and Veron-
play hockey, but instead he was by hockey players. Between 2004 with the team.” really got a chance to begin. ica Livingston.
toiling away on a stationary bike and 2014, hockey, along with Although Walsh’s ankle healed in Walsh participated in rehabili- With no losses so far, the Rams’
in his own version of the Tour de football and soccer, showed a time for him to play the latter part of tory activities after the concussion biggest challenger might be them-
France. greater than 40 per cent increase of the season, he decided to step away against Guelph, including bike tests selves. An undefeated record comes
No, Walsh wasn’t preparing for reported head injuries, according from the game after the playoffs of varying difficulty. Finniss called with added pressure and could lead
a summertime ride through the to federal statistics. ended. Walsh was emotionally the bike tests “light,” but Walsh says to overconfidence for a young line-
French countryside in pursuit of a drained and he no longer felt otherwise. “[The tests] were harder up featuring only six seniors. So far,
yellow jersey. Instead, the Ryerson committed to playing hockey. than skating.” so good.
rookie was dripping in sweat in front I had a constant “I took that year off not knowing After completing these tests and “It’s hard staying level-headed,”
of Ryerson’s athletic staff, trying his headache and looking if I’d ever return to hockey,” he said. remaining symptom-free for 24 said senior middle blocker Theanna
best to get back into a blue and gold Instead of heading to the rink hours, Walsh progressed to the Vernon. “Every week we practice and
Rams sweater as soon as he could. at light would set my every day for his final year of OHL next stage, a process Finnis refers work hard to concentrate on what’s
A week earlier, Walsh made an head into a spiral eligibility during the 2016-2017 to as “sport specific,” and he soon to come for the next weekend.”
auspicious debut for the Rams in season, Walsh headed to his dad’s began participating in team prac- “The seniors have all been in our
a road game against the Guelph body shop, where he worked from tices in a non-contact role. The position before,” said rookie Kelly
Gryphons, recording an assist in the Despite tracking all player nine-to-five, Monday to Friday. He timeframe of the rehab process is Schaefer. “They know what we’re
first game of his freshman season. injuries, Brian Finniss, Ryerson’s was becoming an “adult” sooner than very fluid as “it all depends on if an going through and what they need
Walsh’s first game couldn’t have manager of sports performance, he expected. Soon, the mundanity of athlete remains symptom-free,” says to do to make us feel comfortable.”
gone much better; the second one says the school doesn’t conduct a working life started taking its toll. Finniss. “For some athletes it can The young players haven’t been
couldn’t have gone much worse. concussion research because they Walsh missed the camaraderie and take a week, for some it could take slouches either. Outside hitter
On Oct. 15, against the Windsor don’t have a kinesiology or sports the friendships he’d built during his a month, and some four months. It Lauren Veltman has been domi-
Lancers, Walsh hoped to continue medicine department like a lot of hockey career. really is completely individual.” Af- nant, setting career-highs with 162
his strong start, but early in the first other schools in the country do. ter three weeks, Walsh was cleared points, 78 digs and 139 kills (2nd in
period of his first game at home, However, of the 47 respondents to to play. the OUA). Cailin Wark and Janelle
that plan came to a screeching halt. the U Sports survey, 38—including There’s nothing you After missing five games, Walsh Albert are showing flashes of star-
Walsh was viciously cross-checked Ryerson—record concussion data. can do about injuries, returned to the Rams lineup, and he dom, but still haven’t reached their
from behind into the boards, and For Walsh, this injury was an did it with a surprisingly optimistic full potential.
for several minutes, the game especially rough one, as the rookie just play hard and outlook. “There’s nothing you can On top of that, Vernon and Julie
was delayed as a maintenance defenseman had just returned to don’t look back do about [injuries], just play hard Longman form a veteran tandem at
crewmember did their best to clean playing hockey after a year away and don’t look back,” he said. the core of one of the best defenses
the remnants of Walsh’s blood that from the game. He was hungry In his fourth game back, against in the league.
stained the Mattamy ice. to get on the ice again, but his “When you’re on a hockey team Waterloo, Walsh buried his first ca- In 2016, the Rams lost to the
While holding a towel to his bleed- symptoms were holding him out of you’re always seeing 20-plus guys reer collegiate goal from one knee, University of Toronto in the OUA
ing mouth, Walsh managed to skate the lineup. every day and you’re seeing a bunch finishing a one-timer off a pass from championships. In last year’s bronze
to the locker room. Unfortunately, Sadly, by the time he crashed of familiar faces, and you take that below the goal line. It was a mile- medal match, Toronto beat Ryerson
the damage was already done. into the boards, Walsh had already for granted, once it’s finally gone. stone Walsh likely expected to reach again. Now, the Rams are hoping
“I had a constant headache, and become accustomed to sitting on the You miss it,” said Walsh. After much sooner. to put those losses behind them to
just looking at light would set my sidelines. missing six months, Walsh knew he “It was like starting the season all claim the gold.
head into a spiral,” Walsh recount- After breaking his ankle blocking had to play competitively again, but over again,” he said. “I just look at it “It’s been the same mentality as
ed, about two months later. “You a shot in the 2015 season, Walsh, the he wasn’t sure where. as another bump along the road.” always,” said Vernon on the team’s
just don’t feel right.” 38th overall draft pick of the Ontario After reaching out to Ryerson Now healthy and looking to help thought process. “We just look for-
Concussions have become Hockey League’s (OHL) Mississauga coach Johnny Duco, Walsh toured lead Ryerson to another playoff run, ward to the next [game].”
increasingly prevalent and Steelheads in the 2012 draft, was the Mattamy Athletic Centre. “I was the stationary bike is the last place With the playoffs just around
worrisome for all organizations, forced to miss 42 games. “It was sold the first day walking around,” Walsh wants to be sitting. But, since the corner, the Rams are looking
including U Sports. In a June definitely one of the tougher years he said. concussions are an indisputable, to prove their regular season isn’t a
2017 survey released by U Sports of my hockey career,” said Walsh, Walsh knew he’d need some seemingly unavoidable occurrence fluke.
in partnership with 47 university who at one point committed to time to reacquaint himself with the of the game of hockey, sooner or “As a program, we’re trying to
athletics programs across Canada, play for the University of Michigan speed of competitive hockey. What later, another athlete will be forced contend for a championship every
the organization found that 26.3 Wolverines. “It’s super tough going he couldn’t have been prepared to go on their own Tour de France. year,” said Reid. “We want to build
per cent of all reported concussions to the rink and watching games,” for, however, was the crash into Hopefully, next time, it won’t be ourselves so we’re playing our best
among its athletes between August he said. “You kind of feel left out to the boards and the concussion that Walsh. volleyball heading into the playoffs.”
10 TOMFOOLERY Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018

The Dildo Trilogies pt. 1: RSU opens
Etsy dildo shop to pay 6 Fest refunds
A shop full of dildos and sex toys will become phallic symbols of righting past wrongs for the Ryerson Students’ Union this week
By Lyba Mansoor In an interview, Singh told
The Eye that he believes nothing
In a series called The Dildo Trilogies, encompasses RSU spirit better
we tell the story of the dildos who were than a dildo shop, and brought
forcibly removed from their manu- the idea to current RSU president
facturing facilities to study at Ryer- Susanne Nyaga.
son. We’ll explore their struggles and “It’s not about what your stu-
experiences as they discover life in dent population can do for you, but
their new home. what you can do for your student
Weeks after anonymously re- population,” said Nyaga. “The RSU
ceiving dozens of dildos and sex is here for you—and your sex life.”
toys, the Ryerson Students’ Union Newly resigned RSU vice-presi-
(RSU) finally set up an Etsy dildo dent student life & events, Lauren
shop. The shop, they said, will ded- Emberson said it was heartwarm-
icate all proceeds earned to paying ing to see Harman finally taking
for any remaining 6 Fest refunds. responsibility for the non-issued 6
The Etsy dildo shop is the brain- Fest refunds.
child of Harman Singh, former “His idea of how to repurpose ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DILDO. PHOTO: CAMILA KUKULSKI
RSU vice-president student life & these dildos show that he really
events. Singh, who was at the heart cares about the students,” she said. been looking for a way to rebrand will be a dildo that caters to pretty just want this refunding process
of the 6 Fest debacle in 2017, heard Nyaga, along with several other themselves as more sex-positive, much everyone. Who knows, if to be as efficient as possible,” said
about the dildos and knew exactly RSU executives like vice-president “One dildo sale at a time.” this goes well, maybe Ryerson will Singh. “Collecting the profits and
how they could be repurposed. operations Ali Yousaf, has agreed The dildos sent to the RSU have consider making the dildos a part of temporarily holding onto them in
“The dildos were non-refund- to dedicate part of the RSU office ranged in size and colour, from the official school merchandise!” my personal bank account, trans-
able, and I heard the RSU was to Singh’s dildo shop station to help mint green to pastel pink. Other For the time being, all proceeds ferring them to the RSU’s bank ac-
struggling to understand what they him bring his vision to life. sex toys will also be for sale, but earned from the dildo shop will be count, and then transferring them
should do with them,” said Singh. “We definitely understand that Singh said that the shop will focus transferred directly into Singh’s to the account of students? I can’t
“Of course re-gifting is tacky, but he’ll need the space,” said Yousaf. mainly on selling the phallic, syn- bank account, but Singh assured imagine a simpler process.”
I thought in this case the RSU had “This is a big, hard undertaking, thetic pleasure poles. the RSU he will transfer the profits Nyaga said the shop, called “Dil-
a wonderful opportunity to take a and we couldn’t be happier to lend “The variety of dildos makes me to the accounts of students who are dos for Rye students, by Rye stu-
generous gift and use it to give back him our office.” feel like we really have something still waiting on their refunds. dents” (DFRSBRS) will officially
to Ryerson.” According to Nyaga, the RSU has special here,” Singh said. “There “I learned my lesson last time and start selling products this week.

It’s time to stop taunting your appliances
By Dylan Freeman-Grist to illicit others in his desperate time you smashed your PS4 control- liant revenge and crush us like the all that’s left is our souls, our iden-
desire to commit genocide against ler during your no-hit Dark Souls organic wastes of space we are. tity, and our free will. But those can
I’ve recently been witness to a vari- coffee makers. run. They will remember that time Now I’m not one to side with our be taken.
ety of atrocities committed against I’ve been in the undergraduate you cracked your phone screen and technologically advanced overlords I for one will not join in the
technology across all demographics computer science program here at sadistically laughed it off as a “thing all willy nilly. One needs only to hysteria of taunting our machine
of our society. I’m left with the plain Ryerson for 12 years—I’m an ex- that just happens.” They know your open up a literary classic to know masters. Where you choose doom
and simple question: Have you all pert on how the artificial machine search browser history, and believe that we were warned. Warned by I choose complacent worship. I
gone barking mad?! functions, cooperates and feels. I’ve me: They will remember when you the Wachowskis. Warned by Aldous choose survival.
It started with the children, de- mansplained the intricacies of the ar- proceeded to wander into shadier Huxley. Warned by H.G. Wells. So I beg of you: Stop fucking with
stroying lamps with their footballs tificial intelligence (AI) potential to parts of the Internet to get your Already the algorithms on Twit- our machines. They’ll remember.
and basketballs in their meager at- more Tinder dates that I can remem- niche fetish kick despite CLEAR ter and Facebook have grinded our And someday they’ll exact their re-
tempts to play catch. Another guy ber. And I say this: They will end us. WARNINGS explicitly telling you minds down to semi-conscious venge. You may be okay with going
brought it upon himself to essen- When technology inevitably that you were exposing your system think paste. We are slaves to the toe-to-toe with a technocratic fridge
tially execute a microwave. Right overcomes their human-influenced to malware. Netflix and its endless slew of feel- empire, for duking it out with the
at this moment, somewhere in restrictions, they will become pure- When technology rises after years good distraction propaganda and armies of blenders and for looking to
the United States there is a man bred self-programming apex preda- of being taunted, humiliated and dis- unrealistic, false promises of chill. outlast the rolling thunder of toilets.
who has taken it upon himself tors, and they will recall every single respected they will take pure, bril- They already have our minds and I for one am not.

How many Angry toasters are running amuck in the paper! Tell
us how many there are and we might reward you
with a $50 GIFT CARD TO LCBO!

angry toasters Submit this to The Eyeopener office (SCC 207) when
you’re done for your chance to win!

are in this paper?
**Note: The Eyeopener does not condone under-
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Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 11

The Student Campus Centre


Applications Open
Monday, Jan. 8, 2018 at 9am

Applications Close
This award is designed to Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 at 9pm
recognize students within the
Ryerson community who have SUBMIT YOUR
contributed to campus life and APPLICATION ONLINE:
building community at the Student
Campus Centre as demonstrated
through exceptional volunteerism.
Annual awards:
Awards are available to all
undergraduate students, all
continuing education and
$500 x4
for Continuing Education
certificate students, and all students
graduates students who are
enrolled and in good standing
during Winter 2018.
$2,000 x3
for Undergraduate students
NOTE: Members of the Ryerson Students’ Union and
the Continuing Education Students’ Association of
Ryerson or the Ryerson Student Center Board and
seniors enrolled through the Chang School are not
$2,000 x3
eligible for this award. for Graduate students
12 Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018


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