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v = vegetarian * Asterisk = level of spiciness SOUPS 1.

Won Ton Soup Minced pork and prawn dumplings with Chinese leaves in a clear soup 2. Tom Yum Soup *** Traditional Thai hot and sour clear soup with king prawns & mushrooms, cooked with lemon grass, galanga roots, lime leaves, spinach and tomatoes Sweet Corn Soup Creamy sweet corn soup. Choice of; Chicken Crab meat Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup ** with bamboo shoots, peas, fresh tofu, black fungus, egg, vinegar in a hot chilli gravy. Choice of; Chicken Vegetarian (V)




£4.20 £4.50


£4.20 £4.20

CRISPY AROMATIC DUCK Served with spring onions, cucumber, pancakes and a hoi sin sauce 5. 6. 7. Quarter Duck – with 6 pieces of pancake Half a Duck – with 12 pieces of pancake A whole Duck – with 24 pieces of pancake £9.50 £17.00 £32.50

SALAD 8. Crispy Duck Salad shredded crispy duck on a bed of mixed salad, cucumber and spring onions with a hoi sin sauce 9. Gado Gado (V) * boiled potatoes, beansprouts, mixed salad, boiled egg, fried tofu and prawn crackers, with a spicy peanut sauce



NOODLE SOUPS 10. Seafood Laksa ** egg noodles and vermicelli noodles with prawns, squid, fishcakes, crabsticks, boiled egg in a mild curry and coconut soup 11. Tom Yum Noodle Soup *** rice vermicelli noodles with king prawns, crabsticks, mussels, spinach, fish balls, fresh chilli and mushroom in a hot and sour soup 12. Roast Meat Noodle Soup fresh thin egg noodles with roast duck, honey roast pork and Chinese green in a clear soup 13. Mixed Vegetables Noodle Soup (V) Udon thick rice noodles with mixed village vegetables in a light gravy soup 14. Stewed Beef Noodle Soup Chinese favourite stewed beef belly in five-spice mixed with fresh flat rice noodles in a light gravy soup






LO MEIN a Cantonese favourite where fresh homemade thin egg noodles is mixed together with a light and dark soy sauces, ground pepper and sesame oil 15. Honey Roast Pork Lo Mein £7.95 served with a bowl of pork and prawn dumplings in a clear soup 16. Shredded Chicken Lo Mein £7.95 served with a bowl of pork and prawn dumplings in a clear soup 17. Shredded Crispy Duck Lo Mein £8.50 with cucumber, spring onions and served with a bowl of clear soup 18. Stewed Beef Belly Lo Mein £7.95 five-spice stewed beef belly, served with a bowl of clear soup

STIR FRIED NOODLES 19. Mee Goreng * stir fried fresh egg noodles with egg, juliennes of vegetables in a Malaysian flavoured mild chilli paste. Choice of; King Prawns Beef Chicken Vegetarian (V)

£7.95 £7.95 £7.25 £7.25

20. Chow Mein popular stir fried egg noodles with beansprouts, spring onions, and onions in a light soy sauce. Choice of; King Prawns £7.95 Beef £7.95 Chicken £7.25 Mixed vegetables (V) £7.25 21. Pad Thai Thai flat rice noodles with egg, sweet radish, spring onions, and beansprouts in a tamarind sauce topped with ground peanuts Choice of; King Prawns £7.95 Chicken £7.25 Vegetarian (V) £7.25 22. Sing Mei * £7.25 Singapore style rice vermicelli noodles cooked with egg, juliennes of vegetables, chicken and shrimps in a light curry paste, topped with sesame seeds 23. Wok Fried Beef Ho Fun Cantonese style fresh flat rice noodles with tender beef, onions, spring onions, ginger, beansprouts in a light and dark soy sauce 24. Char Kway Teow * Malaysian style fresh flat rice noodles wok fried with egg, prawns, squid, fishcake, fishball, crabmeat stick, spring onions and beansprouts in a mild chilli paste £7.95


25. Ho-Fun in Black Bean Sauce * stir fried fresh flat rice noodles with onions, garlic and mixed peppers in a black bean gravy. Choice of; King Prawns Beef Chicken 26. Crispy Noodles pan fried crispy egg noodles topped with an Oriental gravy of mange touts, Chinese green, carrots and mushroom Choice of; Mixed seafood incl. Scallop King Prawns Beef Chicken Vegetarian (V) 27. Stir Fried Udon thick rice noodles with scallop, prawns, squid, fish cake and Chinese green cooked in oyster sauce and dark soy sauce. Or a choice with either; Beef Chicken Vegetarian (V) 28. Wok Fried Sa Ho-Fun fresh flat rice noodles topped with an egg gravy of scallop, prawns, squid, honey roast pork and Chinese green. Or a choice with either; Beef Chicken Vegetarian (V)

£7.95 £7.95 £7.25

£8.50 £7.95 £7.95 £7.25 £7.25 £8.50

£7.95 £7.25 £7.25 £8.50

£7.95 £7.25 £7.25

STIR FRIED DISHES All stir fried dishes below served with Boiled Rice, (£1 Extra for Egg Fried Rice) 29. Sweet & Sour a sweet and sour sauce with tomatoes, onions, pineapple pieces and mixed peppers. Choice of; Fish Fillet £8.50 King Prawns £7.95 Chicken £7.25 Vegetarian (V) £7.25 30. Black Bean Sauce * a black bean sauce with spring onions, onions, mixed peppers, fresh chilli, ginger and garlic. Choice of; Beef £7.95 Chicken £7.25 31. Sizzling Ginger Spring Onions with garlic, ginger, spring onions and Chinese wine in a sauce. Served on a hot plate. Choice of; Mixed Seafood incl. Scallops £8.50 King Prawns £7.95 Beef £7.95 Chicken £7.25 32. Stir Fried Cashewnuts with mushroom, carrots, bamboo shoots, garlic and spring onions in oyster sauce. Choice of; King Prawns Beef Chicken Vegetarian (V) 33. Black Pepper with mixed peppers in a peppery sauce King Prawns Beef Chicken

£7.95 £7.95 £7.25 £7.25

£7.95 £7.95 £7.25

34. Salt & Pepper * topped with garlic, fresh chilli, spring onions and a dash of Chinese wine King Prawns Pork Fillet 35. Pork Fillet in Mandarin Sauce pan fried with onions in a sweet and savoury sauce

£7.95 £7.95 £7.95

36. Chicken Aubergines ** £7.25 Thai style stir fried aubergines with chopped chicken, garlic, fresh chilli and fresh Thai basil leaves in a yellow bean sauce 37. Honey Roast Pork and Roast Duck on a bed of Chinese green 38. Braised Stewed Pork Belly with preserved cabbage, served in a hot pot 39. Shredded Crispy Beef * crispy beef with a Cantonese sweet chilli and garlic sauce £7.95 £7.95 £7.95

40. Minced Beef Ma Po Tofu ** £7.95 fresh cube tofu with minced beef and preserved vegetables in a chilli yellow bean sauce 41. Sambal Okra and King Prawns ** cooked with a chilli shrimp paste 42. Snow Mountain Mushroom (V) with a selection of vegetables in a vegetarian oyster sauce. Choice of; Pak Choi Choi Sum Gai Lan Snow Pea Shoots (Dau Mill) Spinach Broccoli £7.95

£7.95 £7.25 £8.15 £8.50 £7.25 £7.25

43. Vegetarian Fish Steak (V) deep fried crispy fish-like steak made from soy beans and potato starch topped with a sweeten savoury sauce 44. Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables On Rice Seasonal Chinese green with oyster sauce served on top of steamed rice. (£1 Extra for Egg Fried Rice) Choice of; King Prawns Squid Beef Roast Duck Chicken Honey Roast Pork Tofu A Combination of the above 45. Braised Fish Or Tofu On Rice Braised with Shitake mushroom, Chinese leaves, spring onions and Chinese wine in a light oyster sauce. (£1 Extra for Egg Fried Rice) Choice of; Fish Fillet Tofu (V)


£7.95 £7.95 £7.95 £7.95 £7.25 £7.25 £7.25 £8.50

£8.50 £7.95

STIR FRIED RICE 46. Nasi Goreng * Malaysian style fried rice with egg and finely cut vegetables in a light chilli spice. Choice of; King Prawns £7.95 Chicken £7.25 Vegetarian £7.25 47. Special Fried Rice Cantonese Style with shrimps, BBQ pork, egg, green pea and spring onions. Or a choice with either; King Prawns Roast Duck Chicken Vegetarian £7.25 £7.95 £7.95 £7.25 £7.25

48. Hokkien Fried Rice egg fried rice topped with a special gravy of cube village vegetables, mixed seafood and roast duck Curry All curries served with Boiled Rice, (£1 Extra for Coconut Rice or Egg Fried Rice)


49. Thai Green Curry *** Traditional Thai green curry cooked with Thai aubergines, bamboo shoots, peppers, Thai chilli, lime leaves, basil leaves and coconut milk. Note: Thai green curry contains shrimp paste and fish sauce. Choice of; King Prawns £7.95 Chicken £7.25 Tofu (V) £7.25 50. Assam Curry *** Malay hawker style curry with tamarind juice, curry leaves, okra, cherry tomatoes and curry spices. Choice of; King Prawns in shells Fish Fillet Chicken Tofu (V) 51. Massaman Curry ** Thai thick curry slow cooked with shallots, potatoes, tomatoes and roasted peanuts. Choice of; Roast Duck Tofu (V) 52. Beef Curry ** slow cooked beef belly with onions, peas and homemade curry paste

£9.95 £8.50 £7.25 £7.25

£7.95 £7.25 £7.95

Side Dish 53. Steamed Jasmine Rice 54. Egg Fried Rice 55. Coconut Rice 56. Beansprout noodles (V) Side Vegetables 57. Morning Glory with shrimps sambal sauce *** 58. Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables Please tell us your choice of flavour for the below vegetables (Garlic Sauce / Ginger Sauce / Oyster Sauce) 59. Snow Pea Shoots (Dau Mill) 60. Kai Lan 61. Mustard Green 62. Pak Choi 63. Choi Sum 64. Spinach 65. Broccoli Prawn Crackers £7.50 £6.50 £6.20 £6.20 £5.95 £5.95 £5.95 £2.20 £7.50 £5.95 £2.50 £2.80 £2.80 £4.20

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