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Topic Approval Form

Student Name: Sophie Lazarus Period: 2

Topic Statement (full sentence): Cell phone related distractions while driving an automobile, walking, and
riding a bike have resulted in excessive teen injuries and/or death.

Answer the following about your topic:

1. What is your prior knowledge about this topic?
I have seen several articles and social media posts involving distracted teen driving. I have relatives and
acquaintances who have been in accidents while using their phone while driving. I know that with the new
technology, such as the new Iphones that enable someone to easily unlock their phone with the touch of a
fingerprint, face recognition, or voice, that it becomes easier to use your cell phone while driving, crossing the
street, or riding a bike.

2. What problem(s) could you attempt to solve/address in connection with this topic?
The problem I would like to solve is to reduce teen injuries and fatalities due to cell phone related distractions
while driving, walking, or riding a bike.

3. How can you attempt to solve one of these problems at Poly or in the local community (not globally)?
What type of product do you anticipate completing (see ideas for final product).
First, I would contact a local insurance company and determine the impacts on insurance premiums due to teen
driving accidents. Then, I would interview a local E.R doctor to determine trends in teen injuries that are
related to distracted teen driving for scare tactics. Additionally, I will send an email to various car
manufacturers (research and development departments) in an attempt to determine if there is any specific
technology that can be put into an automobile that will prohibit the use of cellphones while driving as well as
conducting my own research (trade journals, internet, etc.) I will also contact local, state and federal
governmental representatives such as mayors, governors, congressmen, senators and legislators asking them to
support legislation requiring technology that restricts the use of cell phones in automobiles. I will determine
several easy methods to reduce the use of cellphones while driving, walking, and riding a bike. Finally, I would
compile this information into a powerpoint presentation to be presented to my classmates.

4. Explain how you might spend a minimum of 10 hours outside of the school day in the community working
toward this solution.
I will spend time at the insurance company, interviewing an E.R doctor, emailing local governmental
representatives and most importantly presenting my compiled information to targeted teens at my high school.

5. Explain how you might provide evidence of your work throughout the experience.
I will keep evidence of all emails to the individuals discussed above. If I have consent, I will provide pictures
of these interviewees. I will create a bibliography of all research websites and others used in my project. I will
provide the powerpoint presentation as well as pictures of myself presenting it to my fellow classmates. I will
distribute sign up sheets during my presentations to document the number of students reached.
6. Explain any obstacles you might encounter in your attempt to address this problem.
A problem that I may encounter is that the students I present my information to may not pay attention, ignore,
and not take the problem and solutions seriously. Another barrier about the technology is that the car
manufacturers may not be willing to share research and development. Government officials may not respond or
take the problem seriously because of the political environment.

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