a YOY growth of 66.97% as on June 10 against a negative growth of 7.28% recorded as on June 09. Net Profit for Q1FY11 increased to Rs. 2914.20 crores from Rs. 2330.37crores in Q1FY10, a growth of 25.05%. HIGHLIGHTS: • NII increased by 45.35% in Q1FY11 over Q1FY10 against a growth of 4.30% recorded in June 09. NII during the quarter was highest since last 3 years. • Interest expenses on deposits have decreased by 11.85% during Q1FY11 against a growth of 47.19% during Q1FY10, through strategic shedding of high cost bulk deposits. Interest expenses have come down despite deposits going up by 6.78%. • Interest income on advances has increased by 8.62% YOY driven by a growth of 20.74% in advances. • • Interest earnings from Investments increased by 3.08%. While cumulative NIM improved significantly by 88 bps to 3.18% as on June 10 from 2.30% as at the end of June 09, it improved by 52 bps from 2.66% in March 10. Sequentially also, NIM continues to improve from 2.30% in Q1FY10, 2.55% in Q2FY10, 2.82% in Q3FY10 and 2.96% in Q4FY10 to 3.18% in Q1FY11. • Total non interest income up by 3.40% despite profit on sale of investments coming down by 75.54% (Rs.535 crores). Non Interest Income excluding profit on sale of investments is up by 22.96%. • Fee income went up by 29.41% YOY, driven by robust growth in loan processing charges, non fund based business, Government business and cross-selling. • • Forex income increased by 6.83%, YOY. Operating Expenses have declined by 1.23% YOY. Staff Expenses have declined by 9.89% YOY. While provision of Rs.1100 crores has been made for gratuity in Q1FY11 against the estimated actuarial valuation of Rs.2,200 crores for the whole year, there was a write

DEPOSITS • Deposits of the Bank went up from Rs.14.35% as on June 09) is up by 89 bps. • Market share in advances as on June 10 at 16.70% in Q1FY10.93% and retail TD growth of 10. 6. • Market share in total deposits as on June 10 at 16.9.36%. 1.49.696 crores.7. YOY growth in Savings bank deposits at Rs. an increase of 12 bps YOY.035 crores. driven by CASA growth of 28.806 crores (33. • Savings Bank deposits grew at an average of Rs. a growth of 20.63.297 crores in June 10 recording a YOY growth of 6.78%. at the end of June 09.85%) as on June 10.24% (15. • Credit Deposit Ratio (Domestic) is up at 74.035 crores). • CASA ratio has improved from 38.14% (17. TOTAL BUSINESS GROWTH OF Rs.769 crores at the end of June 10 (Deposits Rs.845 crores from excess provision on wage revision during Q1FY11.769 CRORES (12.55% (16. against a growth of 348 bps recorded by ASCB during the same period.563 crores in June 09 to Rs.27.62% YOY) • Business Growth of Rs.43%.14. an increase of 1001 bps. an increase of 906 bps.828 crores in June 10. despite shedding of high cost bulk deposits by 51. in Q1FY11 as against growth of 33.85% as at the end of June 10 from crores per month during the first three months of FY11. Q1FY10 included a provision of Rs 627 crore for wage revision for prior periods Overheads growth was contained at 18. 5. 1. 2 .43% as on June 09). declined by 129 bps YOY.734 crores & advances Rs.16%. 1.43% as on June 09).45% as on June 2009 to 47.2 back of Rs. ADVANCES • Gross Advances up by Rs. leading to a YTD growth of Rs.15.793 crores in June 09 to Rs.51% as on June 2010. 51. while market share in low cost demand deposits at 16.74% from Rs.

Agri advances have grown by 15.1.627 crores wage revision arrears for prior period while Q1FY11 includes write back of Rs.68% 25.75% from June 09 to June 10.98% from June 09 to June 10. 70. SME Advances of the Bank are up by 14.23% 66.36% -1.72% from a level of Rs.05. International advances up by 22.05% *Q1FY10 iIncludes Rs. 2.964 crores in June 09 to Rs. The Bank continues to be the number one retail lender in the country: Home loans grew by 29.07% from Rs.Q1FY11 Over Q1FY10 8.100 crores 3 .96% 139.83% YOY from a level of Rs.40% 27. in addition to a provision for gratuity amounting to Rs 1. Growth in Mid-Corporate Advances was 14.72%.35% 3.7892 crores during Q1FY 11.168 crores in June10.06% YOY and Education Loans grew by 30. 95. DETAILS OF PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT (Rs. 1.57.44% 45.10. Auto Loans up by 48.74.61% -10.845 crores.03% 5.89 lacs new farmers financed during Q1 FY11. Total disbursements under Agri Advances were Rs.669 crores in June 10. 86.596 crores as at the end of June 2010.513 crores in June 09 to Rs.3 • Large Corporate advances have grown from Rs.89% 18.157 crores in June 09 to Rs.62% -7.96.404 crores in June 2009 to Rs.603 crores in June 10 registering a growth of 34.30%.97% 28.93% -9. Total Interest Income Total Interest Expenses Net Interest Income Total Non-Interest Income Total Operating Income Total Staff Expenses* Total Overhead Expenses Total Operating Expenses Operating Profit Loan Loss Provisions Total Provisions Net Profit Q1FY10 12357 4988 128 17473 12448 5025 3569 8594 3411 1509 4920 3674 1344 1344 2330 Q1FY11 13422 4610 420 18452 11148 7304 3690 10994 3074 1785 4859 6134 1733 3220 2914 Growth (%) .57% 228. in crores) Interest on Advances Int on Resources Operations Other Sundry Int.

KEY FINANCIAL RATIOS: Return on Assets (ROA) up to 1.11% 3.1651 crores on account of up gradation of Ratnagiri Gas & Power. 1290 crores during Q1FY11 Corporate + 102 International .09. 4 . taking the total slippages to Rs.10 19535 674 30.70% 2.42% 45.92% in Q1FY10 an increase of 15 bps.2009 18861 1485 31.87% 40.88% in March 10.354 crores on account of Agri Debt waiver scheme Slippages from Restructured Assets Out of the standard restructured assets of Rs.79% 1.73% 1.70% ^ Provision Coverage Ratio for past reworked in line with RBI guidelines Gross NPAs during Q1FY11 are higher due to classification of agri debt relief advances as NPA amounting to Rs. (Rs. ROA is up by 19 bps from 0.06. Sequentially.36% 46.82% Provision Coverage (Incl.23% 60.AUCA) 38.4 ASSET QUALITY: Gross NPA March 09 June 09 Sep 09 Dec 09 Mar 10 June 10 Net NPA Provision Coverage (Excl.03.99% 3.14% 56.86% 2.1.72% 1.AUCA) ^ 56.55% 1.24% 44. in crores) Opening level of Gross NPAs Fresh Slippages Upgradation + Recovery Write off Closing level of NPAs Growth during the quarter Q1FY11 19535 4081 2164 627 20825 1290 Details of net increase in NPAs by Rs.06.15% 42.56% up to June 10.88% 1.796 crores restructured under RBI dispensation upto June 2009.354 crores.14% 1.79% 2.19% 59.98% 62. Rs. 158 crores have slipped into NPA category during the quarter.43 SME +183 Agriculture +683* Retail +365 *Rs.10 20825 1290 * Includes Rs.05% 3.16% 59. Movement of NPAs (Rs.16.2009 Gross NPAs Growth during the quarter 15318 -396* 30.12.07% in Q1FY11 from 0. in crores) 30.774 crores and the slippage ratio for these to 10.2009 17376 2058 31.

113. 3365. ROE has gone up by 305 bps from 14.20% as on June 10 from 57. Sequentially.30 crores in Q1FY11 as against Rs.17% and Tier I is 8.15 crores during Q1FY11 registering a YOY growth of 93% after excluding provision of Rs.27% as on June 10 from 6.39 crores.79 crores against a profit of Rs.63. 30.06. Net Interest Margin improved significantly from 2.25% as on June 09.79%. Average Cost of Deposits has come down by 89 bps to 5.59%.53 crores during Q1 FY10.99 crores towards syndication fee sharing payable to SBI.09% in June 2010 from 15. ========================================================= 5 . Compared to March 10. as on June 2010.082 crores. YOY growth of 192%. Sequentially.25% to 11. SBI GROUP NET PROFIT SBI Group Net Profit during Q1 FY11 at Rs.01% in Q1FY10.09 last year. SBI Life has earned a profit after tax of Rs.37% from Rs. Yield on advances (YOA) at 9.22 crores to Rs.18% in June 10. SBI Capital Markets Ltd has posted a PAT of Rs. Cost to income ratio has declined substantially by 1305 bps YOY to 44. 2758.15. an increase of 121 bps. with Tier 1 of 9. As per Basel I CRAR is at 12. a YOY growth of 64%.75% as on 29.12% last year. The company is ranked 2nd amongst the private insurance companies under New Business Premium.880.5 Return on Equity increased to 17. PERFORMANCE OF ASSOCIATES AND SUBSIDIARIES Operating profit of all associate banks increased by 47.30% as on 30th June 09 to 3.04% in March 2010. SBI Funds Management has posted PAT of Rs. As per Basel II CRAR of the Bank is at 13. Cost of Deposits has come down by 53 bps from 5.30% in Q1FY11 lower by 71 bps as compared to 10. C. 2010 stood at Rs. compared to 14.276. AUM of the company as on June 30.16% as on June 09. it has come down by 839 bps from 52. mainly on account of lower PLR which was reduced by 50 bps from 12. B. 157.80% as on Mar 10.81 crores.26 crores up by 21.1.79% as on June 10.54% as at the end of June 2010.88% in June 2009. 1.14.14 crores for Q1FY10.99% from Rs.

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