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1/24/2018 Piping Engineer Resume Samples | JobHero


Piping Engineer Resume Samples

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Piping Engineers create designs for pipes that are used to carry uids. Their sample resumes re ect
such skills as performing static, thermal, and dynamic analyses of process piping in accordance with
various industry codes, ensuring that piping systems are adequately supported to reduce vibration
levels, checking nozzle loads to conform to applicable code, and creating technical reports.
Companies often look for Piping Engineers who can show at least a two-year degree in the areas of
civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or pipe engineering on their resumes.

For more information on what it takes to be a Piping Engineer, check out our complete Piping
Engineer Job Description.

1 Piping Engineer
Managed pipe stress activities on multiple projects, responsible for development of 5 technical
specialists, managed pipe speci cations, consulted with clients on special piping studies.

Prevented rework of main steam line by showing vibration to be within allowable guidelines.
Successfully fought warranty claim by decisively proving a third party's inadequate design was the
root cause.
Initiated internal training program for piping engineers.
Reduced piping model input time by 90% through importing design model to engineering model.
Saved $30,000 overhead per year by modernizing department's labor forecasting method.
Increased engineering capabilities by adapting nuclear piping code welded attachment calculation
for use by group on non-nuclear projects.

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BS Mechanical Engineering

2 Piping Engineer 1/5
1/24/2018 Piping Engineer Resume Samples | JobHero
Evaluated and amended piping/instrumentation diagrams and process ow diagrams on AutoCAD
and AutoPlant

Managed an Access and EASY database which tracked the piping and instrumentation for various
Collaborated with multiple engineering disciplines to rout piping on projects using PDS,
Microstation, and AutoPlant 3D Design
Veri ed the structural integrity of routed pipe using Caesar II
Participated in eld operations that gathered plant information and designated piping and
equipment that was to be replaced (Puerto Rico)
Participated in eld operations that assessed the best route for HP and LP hot water lines to be
piped so that su cient hot water needs were met (Arkansas)

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BS Economics

3 Piping Engineer
Provided mechanical engineering project support for the design and construction of two major
nuclear power plants in the area of piping, equipment design and analysis.

Formulated many piping, valve and equipment speci cations for PSNH's Seabrook Station
Supervised and managed a group of thirty engineers and designers engaged in piping and
support design for WPPSS Projects 1 & 2. This consisted of managing the drawing room,
production, manpower and coordination among the various disciplines.
Functioned as a Stress Analyst with the modeling and analysis of nuclear piping systems for
thermal, weight, and seismic conditions for the WPPSS Project.
Prepared safety evaluations and subsections for the Final Safety Analysis Report for the WPPSS
Developed many "cookbook" type procedures used in simplifying the installation of piping and
instrumentation systems. This encompassed an envelope design for eld run small bore piping
and instrument tubing. This resulted in substantial savings in engineering and installation costs
for the WPPSS Project.
As a Design Engineer, provided the design and drafting of piping and equipment systems,
producing Piping Isometrics, P&ID's and Arrangement drawings.

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14 Workforce

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BA Mechanical Engineering

4 Piping Engineer 2/5
1/24/2018 Piping Engineer Resume Samples | JobHero
Prepared P&ID, piping/valve specs. on all systems for a combined cycle power plant.

Performed pipe stresses and piping exibility for high energy piping per ANSI 31.1
Performed pipe minimum wall thickness calculation per ANSI B31.1.
Reviewed and recommend bid package evaluations on valves and pipes.
Supervised and directed Micro-Sta./PDS drafters generates piping drawings.
Checking of piping and vendor drawings in accordance with the specs. and codes.
Support construction by eld orders and generated DCR for eld revision on piping.

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34 Workforce

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Professional Engineer



5 Senior Piping Engineer

Performed as Area Lead Engineer and Quality Checker for project deliverables such as: isometric
drawings, 3D models, piping layout, and other engineering documents, for compliance to project
speci cations and standards.

Performed as Lead Engineer for Heat Exchanger Integration (Feed) for Shell Philippines
Petroleum Corporation.
Developed conceptual routing, piping layout and piping information of major critical equipment of
the project such as towers/columns, heaters, compressors and reactors, in 3D CAD format.
Planned, organized and executed piping engineering activities and manpower requirements.
Coordinated with other project area lead engineers and disciplines to ensure piping systems,
layout & equipment spacing requirements were within project codes and standards.
Mentored junior piping engineers and designers.

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16 Workforce

Years 3/5
1/24/2018 Piping Engineer Resume Samples | JobHero
At This Job

BS Mechanical Engineering

BS Electronics And Communications Engineering

6 Lead Piping Engineer

Created, analyzed, and modi ed pipe support designs for the expansion of a Valero oil re nery in
Louisiana and ensured compliancy with codes, government regulations, and client requirements.

Completed the full stress analysis of over 20 main systems within a period of four months.
Performed pipe stress analysis on cooling systems, equipment, vessels, heat exchangers, and
Wrote technical guideline standards to review/access vendor speci cations.
Reviewed vendor technical data/requisition forms to make purchase recommendations.
Prepared data sheets, bid tabs and purchase order sheet
Lead design reviews and answered RFI's
Developed piping speci cations and supports

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BS Mechanical Engineering

7 Piping Engineer
Project Management/ Lead

Led a team of 2 engineers and designers for study modi cation projects worth more than $1
million for Statoil.
Coordinated with Statoil personnel, and process & electrical disciplines to eliminate old piping on
existing o shore platforms and select suitable design and materials for the new piping
Developed prefabrication & installation packages for modi cation projects providing materials
details and installation instructions at o shore platforms sites.
Evaluated new software to allow for the coordination of entire engineering processes, and
creating a central database to ease access and eliminate the waste.

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At This Job 4/5
1/24/2018 Piping Engineer Resume Samples | JobHero

BA Mechanical Engineering

MA Master Of Arts

8 Lead Process Piping Engineer on Olympus

Supervised and trained group 7+ engineers.

Provided the eld with engineering support.

Issued work plans, managed subcontractors, analyzed operations and budget.
Updated construction schedule, created productivity reports.
Purchased, tracked and inspected material deliveries.
Created RFI's and estimated man-hours for eld change orders.

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6 Workforce

1 At This Job

MS Engineering Management

9 Field Piping Engineer

Drove engineering success by handling Construction Technical Queries (CTQ) for piping department
across new and / or existing LNG plant complex, including maintaining valuable communications
with eld and home o ce project team members while generating design specs and overseeing
implementation of gas piping processes.

Provide support for piping design, installation and testing of pressure piping systems.
Created comprehensive construction specs; prepared project plans; and estimated schedules,
cost, and reports.
Delivered resourceful technical support to Piping Superintendent and ensured construction work
complied with all engineering standards, codes, specs, and design instruction while continually
communicating with clientele.
Cultivated a progressive work environment by actively participating in project meetings within the
eld, as well as participating in constructability project reviews on an ongoing basis during the
design process. 5/5