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TABLE MENU APERITIF Aerated Drinks Water Bottle Juices Jal Jeera Fresh Lime (Water/Soda) Lassi

(Sweet/Salted) Diet Cola SOUPS Cream Soup of your Choice (Tomato/ Mushroom/Almond/Vegetable) Sweet Corn Soup Hot & Sour Lemon Coriander Soup Talumein Soup Manchow Soup TRADIONAL CLAY OVEN Fusion Paneer Tikka In-house speciality creates tang in your teeth Parda Paneer Cottage cheese made from chef's secret cook-book 128.00 119.00 47.00 47.00 47.00 47.00 47.00 47.00 29.00 20.00 38.00 20.00 20.00 29.00 35.00

119.00 Paneer Kalimirch Tikka Cottage Cheese chunks marinated in hung yoghurt, cashewnut paste, Black pepper and cooked in clay oven Paneer Tarang Stuffed Paneer marinated in yoghurt, puree of spinach & aromatic herbs bar-be-cued in tandoor Paneer Tikka Cubes of cottage Cheese marinated in hung yoghurt and herbs Aloo Till Guldasta Potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, rare ground spices, dry nuts & worked in our chef's unique style with sesame seeds Kasturi Vegetables A delicacy of assorted vegetable marinated in yoghurt, nuts paste and flavored with kastoori methi 119.00

119.00 110.00


00 128.KHAS Fusion Paneer In-house specialty creates tickle in your tongue Paneer Gulla Curry A treasure of cottage cheese stuffed with secrets served in chef's master sauce 110.00 128. capsicum and onions.Sabz Seekh Kabab Tender minced of vegetables.00 119.00 119.00 . mildly spiced & mixed with our special integrands served with lachcha salad) Tak-A-Tak Mushrooms ( Tandoori / Tawa) A dreamy combination of khumb.00 119.00 128. mildly spiced & mixed with our special ingredients served with lachcha salad Paneer Seekh Kebab (Tender minced of Paneer. kasturi methi served in malai gravy Paneer Kadhai Masaledar Chef's special creation that will make you ask for more Paneer Angara Taka Tak Cubes of cottage cheese roasted in tandoor.00 119.00 Paneer Methi Malai A great combination of cottage cheese.00 119.00 119.00 119.00 119. finished in chef's secret recipe Assorted Platter Complete satisfaction for all family consisting of assorted tandoori kababs KHANNE – EH . finished in onion and tomato gravy Palak Paneer Razila Morsels of cottage cheese cooked in a delicious blend of pureed spinach and condiments Shahi Paneer Cottage cheese cooked in traditional tomato gravy Mridang Kofta Cottage Cheese dumplings stuffed with meva and khoya cooked in smooth creamy gravy Navrattan Korma Rich creamy gravy with combination of dry fruits and vegetable Triple M A mouth watering combination of Matar Methi Malai Matar Mushroom Curry Peas and mushroom served in masala curry 119.00 200.00 119.

00 83.00 101. garnish.00 92. pan fried and Cooked in traditional kashmiri style Fusion Vegetable In-house specialty makes u thinking Aloo Jeera Potatoes finished tossed in jeera served with dash of lemon Mili Zuli Subzi Fresh green vegetable's prepared with chef's special creations Tawa Vegetables Garden fresh seasonal vegetables Aloo Gobhi Sargam A combination of cauliflower with exotic masala & ginger Charra Aloo Chutney Wala Baby potatoes wrapped in tangy masala in traditional style Dal Makhni Our new way of making old dal makhni Fusion Dal In-house specialty will make u say “No One Can Eat Just Once” Pindi Chana An age old preparation of grams from the northwest frontier spicy.00 65.00 101.00 .00 110.00 92.00 74.Mushroom Masala Assortment of mushroom and kadai masala gravy Palak Corns Every ones favorite american corns served in spinach puree Delhi 6 ka Dum Aloo Scooped Potatoes stuffed with khoya and cheese.00 92. Arhar dal tempered with ground spices make you feel at home BASMATI KHAZANA Fusion Rice In-house specialty of making Rice in more special way Nawabi Tarkari Biryani Basmati rice cooked with assorted vegetables prepared in nizami style Pulao Aap Ki Pasand Ka Peas/Navrattan/Zeera Steamed Rice 119.00 83. with tomato and onion Dal Walle-Walle A walle-walle specialty.00 83.00 92.00 92.00 83.00 92.00 101.

00 47.00 110.00 20.00 101.00 38.00 56.00 110.our special version of spring rolls Vegetable Salt & Pepper Crispy Fried vegetables tossed with spring onion and green chilly Vegetable Manchurian (DRY) Chilly Paneer Cottage cheese chilly served dry or gravy Paneer Lolly Pop From the chef's secret cook-book Golden Fried Babycorn Batter fried babycorns Chilly Mushrooms Batter fried Mushrooms served with chilly sauce 101.00 47.00 20. specially created for Generation X Italian Parantha Our special way of making Indian bread in Italian style Kulcha Choice of stuffing:.Paneer / Onion / Masala Garlic / Butter Naan Plain Naan Lachha / Pudhina Parantha Missi / Khasta Roti Tandoori Roti SAATH – SAATH Garden Greed Salad Fusion Chaat Remix of English and Desi salad Aloo Chaat Russian Salad Choice of Raita Masala Papad Papad ki Tokri ORIENTAL HORSDEVOURS Fusion Rolls In-house specialty .00 29.00 56.00 101.00 11.00 20.00 29.00 47.00 29.00 .00 101.00 38.00 20.TANDOORI NAZRANE Fusion Naan In-house.00 101.

Baby Corn.00 Vegetable Augratin Fresh vegetables wrapped in cheese sauce. Broccoli in hot garlic sauce RICE & NOODLES Vegetable Fried Rice Shanghai Fried Rice American Choupsey Hakka Noodles Chilly Garlic Noodles ENTREMENT Fusion Ice Cream Kuchh Nahi Choice of Ice Cream Vanilla/ Strawberry/ Chocolate Nutty Fruity (Served in glass) MOCKTAIL’S Summer Cool Blue curacao. topped with grated sauce Cottage Cheese in Hot Garlic Sauce Vegetable Manchurian Sweet & Sour Vegetables Assorted vegetables served in tangy sweet & sour sauce Mushroom.00 47.00 65.00 56.00 47.00 110.00 Red Hot Pepper (Virgin's Merry) Tomato juice.00 74.00 74.00 119.00 110.00 74.00 119.00 83.00 65.Honey Chilly Potatoes / Cauliflower Crispy Potatoes / Cauliflower served dry in honey sauce RELIEVE Pasta of your choice Served with choice of Tomato or Cheese sauce 101.00 . lemon syrup and lemonade 65.00 83. lemon juice and soda 65.00 65. lemon juice and lemonade Devil Kiss Grenadine syrup. tobasco and worcestershire sauce and a dash of lemon juice Symphony's Spirit In house specialty of combination of flovours Green Fields Khus syrup.00 101.00 101.00 56.

00 47. lemon chunks and mint leafs Cold Coffee Cold Coffee with Ice Cream Mickey Mouse Cola with Ice Cream Ice Tea 47.00 47. pina colada syrup 65.Fusions Punch Punch of juices made in a special way Mango Delight Mango crush blended with fresh milk Pina Colada Pineapple juice.00 65.00 Mints Desire Pineapple juice.00 65.00 56. litchi syrup. lemonade.00 65.00 . coconut cream.