Swot Analysis of Go Air Strengths y y y y y y Turnaround time for aircraft is limited & substantially lower than other airlines in its

category Strong promotional campaigns & marketing has placed it in the forefront of low cost carriers in India 0 fare scheme has proved to help company catapult itself ahead of the competition Well connected routes within in India including remote locations such as Nashik, etc that are only serviced by Go Air Highly trained & efficient ground staff, in-flight & catering team. Tie-ups with various travel agents & travel sites already in place with a efficient online & phone booking service.

Weakness y y y y y y y Online Check in not available Delays are frequent Quality of service has faltered over the last years resulting in bad brand imaging Company fleet has a huge number of old planes To improve turn around employees stressed which may cause accidents in future Limited online shopping options No frequent flier program available which can reward fliers that patron the airline

Opportunities y y y y Improvement in the aviation sector specially with new planes being launched the company can lease newer models & start better services on existing routes Can seeks to add international routes on the model of air asia Can extend into new avenues in aviation such as helicopter or private jet leasing which are on the rise in the Indian Sub continent Can extend shopping line to suit a variety of client s right from luxury products to food & beverages. Along with this the food & beverage menu can be rotated in order for better customer satisfaction Reduction in delays through efficient utilization of time slots allocated by airport authorities Corporate tie ups Cargo planes

y y y Threats y

New low cost airlines such as Air Asia & Indigo airlines which offer better services along with international routes

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Many full fledge airlines offer more benefits to clients such as personal notification of flights, delays & so Mergers of low cost airlines with major airlines such as Deccan airlines with Kingfisher Airlines Courier companies with private fleet that offer reduced pricing

Suggestions: I feel that even though Go Air was a pioneer in the low cost airline race in India it has over the time lost its value in the market through bad brand management & poor on time services. The company has to either find a partner who has experience in brand imaging to project the airline at par with its competitors or do a radical analysis of its core business. The core of the business has to be remodeled so as to accommodate a steadily growing top line, employee satisfaction which would ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction. Being a low cost airline the margins for such a change would be strained but the cost-benefit factor would be seen in the long run. I would recommend the company to y Focus on getting more flights within the 99% on time schedule as publicized by competitor Indigo Airlines. This would take time & could be a long term strategy but is definitely needed to remodel the airlines image A frequent flier program could be introduced which would allow fliers to earn miles or credit which could be redeemed after collection of sufficient points. This would help get people to fly more often with the airline. A proper marketing strategy should be adopted after appropriate survey of the populous conducted. Promotional activities should be undertaken to attract people to the airlines. International routes specially to holiday destinations such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc should be researched. Feasibility study for the same should be carried on before implementation.


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