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Our commitments

 he contractually guaranteed savings

to be delivered by the Dalkia project will help
the Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group restore
a sound financial situation.

Dalkia - 03/2007 - Design: g&a – Photo credits: Veolia Environnement and Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group photo libraries
All transferred employees will benefit from
new career growth opportunities
and personalised support.
I nnovative energy solutions to improve
the facilities’ technical and cost performance “An interesting aspect of this partnership
will be proposed for the new site. is that it combines two cultures
 ospital sanitation will be enhanced with
H within a single team. We have
a plan to combat hospital-acquired infections, the hospital’s culture, notably
focusing on air treatment and cleaning, with the transfer of former hospital
as well as a program to prevent Legionnaire’s employees, and Veolia’s culture,
disease, in partnership with the committee with its different areas of technical
to prevent hospital-acquired infections (CLIN) expertise. I must say that Dalkia
and the sanitation operating unit. has contributed extremely competent
people to our joint venture.”
Yves Barrault, Managing Director
of the Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group.


A partnership of excellence
with the Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group
Dalkia France
Quartier Valmy - Espace 21 - 33, place Ronde
92981 Paris-la-Défense Cedex 81 - France
Tel.: +33 1 71 00 76 39 - Fax: +33 1 71 00 73 89

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The Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group has created a venture
with Dalkia called SEDS to jointly manage the hospital’s
support functions.

Centralised management
On-site management
User support centre

The challenges The solution

Hospital hotel
services and logistics
Energy • Waste sorting and collection
The Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group,
The Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group and fluid supply • Waste disposal and transport
has decided to restructure by combining • Cleaning and disinfection Dalkia and Veolia Propreté have created
• Energy consumption optimisation • Maintenance of green areas a joint venture called SEDS to manage
its three sites – Saint-Joseph, Saint-Michel • Heating and domestic hot water
and Notre-Dame de Bon Secours –at the Saint- • Air conditioning the hospital’s support services.
Joseph hospital’s current location by 2010. • Electricity
• Electrical back-up
The project sets out three key challenges: • Compressed air
Restore a sound financial situation.
 ntrust support functions to a professional
solutions provider so that the hospital Ownership structure
can focus on its core competencies while
preserving jobs. 34 % 51 %
Paris Saint-Joseph Dalkia
 ptimise the quality of support services
O hospital group

to enhance the well-being of both patients

and staff.
15 %
Veolia Propreté
• Air treatment and circulation systems  he hospital and SEDS have signed
• Electrical network
a ten-year performance-based contract,
• High and low voltage
with rising savings targets for each
Key figures • Minor works and hoisting equipment
• Fire protection successive year.
The Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group is a private,
• Chilled water network Medical support services
not-for-profit participant in the French public • Decontamination of medical instruments  uality and performance indicators
• Laundry have been implemented for each service.
hospitals service (PSPH). One of the largest hospital
• Medical and administrative archive
groups in France, it is recognised as a public-interest management
foundation. • Intra- and inter-site transport  econtamination of medical instruments
2,500 employees is handled by Sterience, a Dalkia
subsidiary that operates outsourced
13 operating rooms
sterilised service centres.
855 beds, including:
Employees in the areas covered by
746 short stay the contract may elect to be transferred
109 rehabilitation Works management to the joint venture. An employment
77 day hospital slots
and owner support services support charter offers employees
comparable wages and benefits.

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