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GDD | Judging Criteria (March 2017)

Criteria Level 1 (10 Points) Level 2 (20 Points) Level 3 (30 Points) Level 4 (40 Points) Level 5 (50 Points)


How well does the GDD The GDD lacks significant The GDD lacks significant The GDD presents a passable The GDD presents an above The GDD presents a compre-
document the creative amounts of documentation, amounts of documentation in documentation of the finished average documentation of the hensive documentation of
process that led to the final and what has been submitted many key areas, and is missing product, but is still lacking in finished product, yet is lacking the finished product, and
submitted game? is lacking in any kind of a large amount of detail. a number of critical areas. in a small number of critical covers all of the critical areas
significant detail. areas. of the game’s development.

Supporting Material

How well do graphics, im- The GDD does not feature The GDD features some imag- The GDD features a range The GDD features a mostly The GDD features a
ages, sketches, concept art, images, concept art, or scripts, es, concept art, or scripts, yet of images, concept art and comprehensive set of develop- comprehensive library of de-
maps, and scripts support and the textual documentation these are undeveloped, insub- scripts which often support mental images, concept velopmental images, concept
the documentation? is unsupported with develop- stantial, and do not support the textual documentation. art, and scripts which art and scripts which make
mental materials. the textual documentation. support the documentation a case for the design decisions
in many key areas. taken during the creation
of the game.

Thematic Consideration

How to what extent does Thematic considerations are The competition theme is The competition theme is The competition theme is The competition theme is
the GDD identify the consid- not at all present in the GDD. addressed, but not in a great addressed in an adequate level addressed in a well-detailed thoroughly addressed, with
eration of the competition There is very little evidence level of detail. Links between of detail. Links between the manner. Links between the an excellent level of detail.
theme taken throughout the of the theme as a consideration the proposed game and the proposed game and the theme proposed game and the theme Links between the proposed
development of the game? in the proposed game. theme are minimal or unclear. are present, but are not strong- are strong, and are explored to game and the theme are clear
ly detailed. a high level of detail. and strong, and documented to
an excellent standard of detail.


How closely does the GDD The finished game is not r The finished game is largely The finished game is most- The finished game is clearly The finished game represents
mirror the finished product? epresented by the GDD that not represented by the GDD, ly represented by the GDD, the result of the planning a clear execution of the
was submitted. although some of the develop- although there are a number of which took place in the GDD, GDD, which is a document
ment work does remain in the elements which are not repre- although there remains a num- supporting the design
submitted game. sented in the documentation. ber of undocumented features. decisions taken during
the creation of the game.

TOTAL /200
Game | Judging Criteria (March 2017)

Criteria Level 1 (10 Points) Level 2 (20 Points) Level 3 (30 Points) Level 4 (40 Points) Level 5 (50 Points)


Does the game work? The game has significant The game has glitches, fre- The game has some glitches, The game is marred by minor The game has been success-
Can the game be run on glitches, it crashes, it cannot quently crashes, or has similar may crash and has a number glitches and bugs, but these fully tested and is currently
any system without crashes run, or it has not been com- technical problems which of bugs which still need to be are rare, and do not impact bug free.
or glitches? piled correctly. make it difficult to experience fixed, but it is largely stable negatively on the game’s
Has it been bug tested? without intrusive bugs. performance.

Visual Design

What does the game The game does not use an The game has the beginnings The game uses a mostly con- The game uses a consistent The game’s visual design
look like? identifiable, consistent, and of a consistent visual design, sistent visual design which is visual design throughout is consistent, and demon-
Is the visual style consistent appealing visual design. but it is inconsistent and occasionally appealing. which is appealing. strates a thorough understand-
and appealing? unappealing. ing of graphic design.


How successful is the The game’s goals are not TThe game’s goals are difficult The game’s goals are reason- The game’s goals are most- The game’s goals are clear,
game’s ludology? clearly defined, not achieva- to understand, although some ably clear, but there is some ly clear, but there are some focused, and players can easily
Are goals and ble, the objective of the game may not be achievable, and confusion around the purpose elements of play that are con- understand how the game
objectives clear? cannot be determined, or the the game’s overall objective is and method of play that the fusing, unfinished, or do not is meant to be played. Game
Are game mechanics gameplay is nonsensical and somewhat unclear. game uses. easily correlate with overall mechanics are professionally
successful? unfinished. game objectives. designed.

Technical Competency

Is the game competently The game’s programming The game’s programming does The game’s programming is The game’s programming is The game demonstrates a
programmed? is overly simplistic and/or not damage the functionality competent, with the game sophisticated and professional, professional-quality technical
Does the game’s use of pro- responsible for a range of of the game, but there are demonstrating a medium level but a number of minor techni- achievement in coding, script-
gramming language demon- issues pertaining to design, problems with the design and of technological competence. cal issues are still presented in ing, or programming. There
strate competence and skill? functionality, or gameplay. execution of the game’s code. the finished version. are no glitches, and the game’s
technical design is elegant and

Is the game fun to play? The game is not fun to play The game is largely not fun The game is engaging. It is The game is highly engaging. The game is extremely
Does the game work as a game? – it is confusing, unappealing to play. While there are reasonably fun to play, the It is fun to play, blends compe- engaging. It is very fun to
Do the game’s different ele- to look at, broken or non-func- elements of it which could be visual design is mostly con- tent visual design with solid play, blending strongly real-
ments fuse into an engaging tional, or has a visual style considered engaging and fun, sistent, and it is competently programming and mechanics, ised game mechanics with a
and fun whole? which is unappealing and the game is harmed overall programmed. but minor issues must be consistently appealing visual
inconsistent. by poor implementation. addressed. design and solid programming

Representation of Theme

Does the finished game re- The game does not respond The game makes a very limited The game has made a recog- The game has made a high The game has made an excel-
spond to or address the compe- to, or address, the competition effort to respond to or address nisable effort to respond to, level of effort to respond to, lent effort to respond to the
tition theme? Is there a degree theme. the competition theme, with or address, the competition or address, the competition competition theme, and dis-
of creativity in the response? little degree of creativity theme, but in a very basic, theme, with a moderate plays a high level of creativity
The theme is not given any displayed. straightforward or literal degree of creativity or creative in this response.
relevance in the finished game, manner. interpretation.
and is largely absent from the The theme is of limited rele- The theme is highly relevant
end product. vance to the finished game, The theme is relevant to the The theme is very relevant to to the finished game, easily
and hard to identify. finished game, however this the finished game, with room identifiable and exceptionally
relevance is not strong and for minor improvements. The well addressed.
at times is hard to identify. theme is readily identifiable.

TOTAL /300