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Transporting millions of passengers and million tonnes of freight daily, Indian Railways is one of the biggest employer in India. Managing such huge resource of human resource is by no means a easy thing to do. Still their should be some Human Resource Policy which should be followed to bring out the best from the staff which in turn benefits the society. Human Resource Policy The objective of human resource (HR) policy is to: a) Attract, recruit, retain and develop competent personnel and b) Create a continuously learning organization. During our visit to charbagh railway station we saw some things which needs to be corrected as it would help in transforming the railway industry For e.g.

1. We saw that there was no person at the Entrance gate to check our platform tickets 2. The metal detector was not working, no body was there to get it fixed 3. Nobody was there to provide us with information on train arrivals /departure and there was only one window with huge line waiting for person to come inform them. 4. There was no person to check the tickets of the passenger at the Exit point 5. No sweeper to clean the platform

6. Nobody was there to fine people as people were smoking openly which is against the law. 7. Some people also got away littering the floor by pan peeks 8. Only 1 to2 Railway Police Officers to control whole of the station 9. No persons were employed by the railways to remove the stray animals from the Platforms which could prove to be very dangerous. 10. No one was there to manage the CCTV room 11. Inadequate staff in Cloak Room 12. No proper restrooms for public 13. No educated porters 14. No proper mechanism to motivate staff to do better 15. No monitoring of work done on day to day basis 16. No policy for taking care if somebody gets ill in the family of porter 17. No one listens to the problem faced by different staff members which leads to discontentment amongst staff members. 18. Monotonous work system

19. No proper vendor policy is there 20.) No proper facilities for the staff to work These were the things which we think is missing which we believe is a very important part of human resource policy. IMPROVEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES This can be done through three ways such as a) Work system, b) Employee education, training and development, and c) Employee well being and satisfaction In order to own the system they have to actively participate in designing it. While doing so a cross functional team across various sections brings about greater effectivity and cohesion than an intra departmental team. Some of the examples of such teams are as follows (i) Design teams, waste management team and quality improvement team (ii) Encourage and motivate innovation through quality circle , value engineering and suggestions. Encourage higher learning, give them higher responsibilities and help them identify their training needs. (iii) Encourage multi skilling and rotate their jobs wherever possible so that there is no boredom with the repetitive type of job. (iv) Performance management system: Every level of employees must work with a purpose and their work must be evaluated time to time.



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