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30 April 2007

Published by the USSU Comms. Office. Issue Number 3 FREE
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The Onion

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Individual Achievement Awards Nominations are in!
Best Newcomer
Matt Cheetham Yash Agarwal Tony Hanson Laleh Mohabbat James Bristow

Bringing Excellence to Student Senior Resident of Led Liaison in Academia the Year Award
Elisabeth Simon Laleh Mohabbat Panos Georgiou (International House) Frances McGonigle (Hazel Farm) Hong Phuc Vu (Surrey Court)

International Student Award
Olivier Rey Brett Hosking Michael Anton Laleh Mohabbat Madiha Latif Zhongyu Zhang

Part Time Staff Award
Owen Ellender Lauren McCabe

Outstanding Contribution to Student Democracy
Gareth Giles Paul Follows Greg Scott

Best USSU Welfare Amenity
LGBT Society PostGraduate Association St. John Ambulance LINKS

Outstanding Contribution to the Student Community
Luke Jeffries Laleh Mohabbat Farquan Khan Joshua Bates James Bristow Darryl Tott

Student Media Award
Sarah Horsley James Bristow Owen Hindley Joshua Bates Tony Hanson Matt Cheetham

Student Awards ‘07 Thursday May 10th Seasons Restaurant 7pm

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Your Officers

30 April - 25 May 2007

The Onion

Updates from the Sabbs
Union President: Greg Scott
• New website gone live! Check it out at Minor works still needed to update all pages, but overall it’s a significant improvement to before. •Worked to streamline Sabb roles and responsibilities to allow each sabb to better do their job for next year and to ensure all initiatives of the Union were covered by an elected representative.This lead to an increase from 4 to 5 sabbaticals for next year. • Working with University Marketing on launch of the new University Brand. • Involved in University restructuring efforts to ensure that students are not negatively affected in the shift from 8 Schools to 4 Faculties. • Working group for National Student Survey. Currently 43.5% of final year students have filled it out. That’s good, but not good enough. The Union’s goal is 80%, and we hope to achieve that in the next 3 weeks. • Working group to improve freshers induction to University upon arrival in September. • Working group for under 18s to ensure appropriate attention given to these students. •Working group for a new campus card to improve the capabilities of what the current card can do. • Updating rules for granting funding requests to clubs and societies. • Event calendar - first time non-traded activity included in this printing. • Boris Johnson event was coordinated with the University and the assistance of the Conservative Society. • NUS Southeast regional campaign for greater loans for students in the SE of England.

usage of the facilities. this has been complimented by sitting on the design board for the new Surrey Centre for Sport, the £35 million sports complex the University is building on Manor Park, helping to ensure that we can get the most possible use out of this new facility. When not sitting on University boards, I have been endeavouring to find sponsors for the sports clubs. Rather than chase curry houses and my Dad’s mates, I have, with the help of the USSU marketing Dept., been putting together mail-outs and presentations in order to chase high level corporate sponsors. This has been supplemented by negotiating a cross University clothing contract with Airosport in order to create one cross club look and brand. My idea has been to have every club rolling out each week in identical, tracksuits and kit so the Surrey can turn up at fixtures and tournaments looking like one big team, and use sponsorship to make them as cheap as possible. Despite the long hours and hard work, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year, and despite the end being in sight, with my successor having already being elected, there is still lots to do to continue pushing the boundaries of sport here at the University of Surrey.

VP Sport & Recreation: Nick ‘Manakin’ Short
Starting any job where your goal is as vague as “To make Sport and the Union better than when you started” gives you fantastic scope for developing ideas, but can be daunting, as the magnitude of manifesto promises dawns. The first three months were spent rapidly learning the ropes, with issues as diverse as national representation at the British Universities Sports Association in Cardiff, attending N.U.S. training in Hertfordshire, sitting on the executive boards for the Surrey Centre for Sport, the Students’ Union and UniSport, preparing for September, the Freshers and the start of the BUSA leagues. Since September, I have concentrated on rationalising and the practices of sports clubs in order to make running the clubs less arduous and give committees more time to work within the club rather than get caught up in red tape. This required the Activities Office to have more information about the clubs, their members and their needs and led to the coaching audit, the membership forms and an activity review. Much of my time this year has been spent representing student sporting interests to the University, sitting on the bi-weekly UniSport managers meetings, negotiating student

Editorial Team

This has been a record breaking year for the DAVE Project; 53 sessions, 605 participations and an overall satisfaction rating of 87%!

DAVE Review

Thursday 10th May to be presented with a certificate. DAVE is taking a break now – but will be back in October with new sessions, revamped resources and a new training team! Keep checking for details. If you are interested in joining the DAVE Training Team contact for more information.

DAVE Extra was launched with an Advanced Negotiations Skills Course delivered by Mac Derwig, University Treasurer, followed by Enterprise with sessions on Delegation Skills and Sales Skills. The DAVE Training team of Alex Ushamirskya, Daniel Jones, Natacha Thomas, Nadine Lorenz, Tom Knight and Nicola Ewens delivered over 95 hours of training between them and received a satisfaction rating of 93% for their support and help during the sessions - another record for DAVE! Any student who has achieved a Bronze, Silver or Gold ID Award will be invited to the Annual Student Awards on

The Onion
VP Education & Welfare: Gabriella Scholk
• The ‘Know Yourself’ campaign has finally come to an end, and hopefully has touched a few people and made some re-evaluate themselves. The Extending Opportunities Art Display was a huge success, as was the Laughter Hour that was hosted by the Health Centre. The art can still be seen on our web page along with the information of the past events ( knowyourself) If you have any feedback about the campaign – positive or negative, please let us know. More campaigns are in the planning stage – if anyone has any ideas, opinions, thoughts or genius groundbreaking creative ways to engage the student population, please contact me. • Along with the Postgraduate Students’ Officer and the Student Experience Exec member, I am trying to create a ‘ad hoc’ group of dedicated students to tale the place what is intended to be the UG and PG CSRCs ( Cross School Representation Committees ). The CSRCs are meant to be a direct line from the VP Education & Welfare and the different

Your Union
faced a lot of bureaucracies that no one knows that exists. However it got much better during the year. Apart from that I worked as much as I cold to get some of my targets done! I loved to be able to be involved with so many different students, to be able to get involved with the different cultures that we have on our campus. Further more one of my big achievements it was the International week, Gala night we were extremely busy we sold out, also organising Chinese New Year it was very interesting. Bringing back RAG to our campus after two year, the feeling of helping was fantastic, however it was hard to organise because we haven’t got in the USSU the mentality of charity as we should so I had jus a small number of people helping me!! And finally feeling that this Students union has lots of potential I am organising a RAG evening in conjunction with Brunel on the 4th of May on the Pirates evening lots of surprises the students will love it!!! Thank you for the opportunity that the all of you gave me to tray and fight for all the students, thank you Zoë Riding, Amy Fawcett, Debora Cody, Helen Jackson, for all the support on my journey in the union. I did tray a lot to change things; I hope the new VP Societies and individual development will carry on fighting for all the students. Thank you very much Thay

30 April - 25 May 2007
Schools/Department to allow the issues within schools to be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are interested please e-mail me, however there are a limited number of available. • Welfare Standing is now up and running (Thanks to the Ethics & Equal Opportunities Officer!) and we are currently trying to piece together all the welfare amenities different needs, in order to really stream line any issues that might come up or work together to create events that some might want to. • Nightline is going to be re-launched next year, so if anyone is interested please contact me. Everyone has to undergo training. Next year Nightline promises to be a well managed and well established group with a real presence on campus. • The University is currently writing a Gender Equality Scheme and are looking for student input – there is currently a questionnaire on

VP Societies & Culture: Thayana De Paula
My Year has been very busy with louts of ups and downs!!! When I arrived in the union I had lots of plans, however I

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Remember to sign up to the Students’ Union Newsletter, Grapevine, at

Remember to sign up to the Students’ Union Newsletter, Grapevine, at

Nightline & By-election

30 April - 25 May 2007

The Onion

Nightline:The Big Comeback
without judgement? Nightline is a listening and information service run by students, for students. In order for it to be a success, then, we need you. So, what could Nightline do for you? If you became a Nightliner, you’d be fully trained in skills essential to your university career. You’d grow in confidence and your listening skills would be second to none. You’d also be part of a group of likeminded individuals who actually care about how students are feeling on campus. Not only will the word ‘nightline’ look excellent on your CV, but it will make a lasting impression on your future. Following a review of the service provided, and the recommendations of the University care services, we can now proudly announce that the USSU will now play a far more active role in the care and support of volunteers, recruitment and training. Nightline undoubtedly belongs to (and is run by) the student volunteers, but will now be overseen and guided by the Representation and Welfare Unit. Following a review of the service, the USSU is resurrecting Nightline. And we’re looking for people like you. John spends most evenings in his room, alone. He talks to his friends back home on MSN, and rarely ventures from his halls. He sees his fellow students, going out, returning late at night, loud and happy. He wishes he could join in but he just can’t seem to start a conversation. Everyone else seems so together, working and playing hard. He just wishes there was someone he could talk to. That’s where you come in. Could you be the person who stands between John and a spiral of isolation and depression? Do you think you could listen to his problems, no matter what the circumstance? Most importantly, would you do all this

If you’re interested in hearing more about becoming a Nightliner, please register your interest by emailing

The Onion

Know Yourself

30 April - 25 May 2007

Know Yourself Review
This year’s Know Yourself mental health awareness campaign brought some unusual sights and sounds to the campus. Kathy Jones, in the Representation and Welfare Unit, looks over the events on offer and asks ... ‘how well do we really know ourselves?’ You might have been having your twisty fries in Chancellors when you were interrupted by 40 singers doing a sea-shanty. You could have been on your way to a lecture when you came across 60 pictures in an art display. So, what was it all about? It was the Know Yourself campaign – and you know it makes sense. The Know Yourself campaign aimed to reach out to the mental wellbeing of the student population through activities and events which students wouldn’t normally experience on campus. From edgy film nights to acoustic covers of Gnarls Barkley, this was the campaign not to be missed. Things kicked off in style when the Guildford Vox Community Choir launched into their set in the middle of Chancellors on a busy Monday evening. Students put down their pints and took notice as the large and diverse group of local people, conducted by folk singer Anna Tabbush, entertained the enthusiastic crowd with a wide range of lively music, ranging from lively African chants, to songs by Abba and Elvis. The concert was a great success, and although it’s not something Chancellors have hosted before, the Vox now plan to return at Christmas. Guildford Vox meet every Monday evening, 7-9pm at the Guildford Institute, and they welcome new members. To learn more visit Concert over, and it was time to turn our attention to the Extending Opportunity Art Display, which was on in the main lecture theatre concourse for three days. Extending Opportunity are based in Ludlow Road and linked with the Farnham Road Hospital. Occupational Therapist, Rachel Brennan, works with people who are at risk of mental illness and homelessness, building their confidence through art and a sense of community. The art on display ranged from large framed landscapes to works such as ‘whisper in the wind’, by James, which was a raw expression of the isolation he feels. Rachel could see the change in the artists as they interacted with students in the lecture theatre concourse. The display had really brought them out of their usual routine, and their confidence, as a result, is on the up. The art is still on display (and for sale! In support of the group) via our website - so if you didn’t come across the display, check it out.

Other smaller events hosted on behalf of the Know Yourself campaign included the ‘Why Have Faith?’ focus group, which was a lunchtime packed with interesting discussion. Hosted by Sarah Talcott, the University’s multi-faith worker, the subject stationed on what it was like to be religious, and whether we need religion in our lives, or on the campus. The health centre then joined the Know Yourself cause by hosting their very own ‘Laughter Hour’. This was quite an experience, hosted by a laughter facilitator, who told us we would be put through our laughter paces, and that 100 laughs, (even if they are fake), are worth 10 minutes on a rowing machine. We did many laughter exercises, including laughter yoga, and laughter meditation. None of which are easily described, but all of which are worth doing if ever you get the chance. The laughter hour was a very popular addition to the campaign, and we hope to host another in the future. Our final big Union event for the campaign was our Know Yourself acoustic night, which took the place of ‘Channies Live’ on the Sunday night. We were graced by the presence of several strong local talents, and our headline acts – Rob Fisher, Manu and Ben Fawson – all played some great tunes and some well received covers, then joined forces at the end for a fabulous rendition of Billie Jean. The gig was very well received by everyone there, and gave us an opportunity to ask some people ‘exactly how well do you know yourself?’ A few of the most interesting responses are below: -I don’t know my own strengths.

-Always…especially after a few Ciders! Is that bad? -If I met myself in the street I hope I would. -I most certainly do, but it took me a while to get there! -More than you do. Use what you learn and pass it on. -When I’m sober, perhaps s this question hints at the wrong direction I’m travelling in… Note to self: Drink less from now on… -I think so, It’s has taken 23 years but I reckon there’s still some surprises in store! -I wish I knew myself like I know what I want in life. -I know myself, only person who would! -Course! I’m arrogant and vain! -I’ll never finish knowing myself! There is some left for tomorrow. -There is still more to find out as life goes on, more facets to discover. So, how about you? How well do you know yourself? We hope you enjoyed the Know Yourself campaign. Watch this space for the results of our Draw Yourself competition, soon to be announced. Until then, visit our website www.ussu. for more. Open your mind. Know Yourself.

Volunteering & New Officers

30 April - 25 May 2007

The Onion

Student Volunteering Week
The V Project (Student & Staff volunteering scheme) marked National Student Volunteering Week from 26 Feb- 3 March with a Volunteering Fayre & a one-off Volunteering day at Brooklands Museum. Universities around the country celebrated student volunteering activity & promoted volunteering projects. Volunteering is increasingly becoming a popular activity for students at University & is recognised by employers as one of the main means by which students can develop & demonstrate key skills for employment. Student volunteering has also had a significant impact on community organisations, with many organisations increasingly looking to recruit student volunteers for more in-depth, student led projects. USSU held a volunteering fayre, inviting on to campus a wide variety of local organisations who are recruiting new volunteers. The fayre showcased many different community volunteering opportunities appealing to the diverse range of skills & interests of students & staff. 25 Students also took part on a one-day volunteering activity at Brooklands Museum on Saturday 3 March, assisting with various maintenance tasks across the 30 acre Museum site. Tasks included cleaning museum vehicles and aircraft exhibits as well as repainting the Museum’s hands-on gallery Discovery@Brooklands and parts of the Museum’s Jackson Shed Grand Prix Exhibition building. Student volunteers were recruited for the one-day tasks along with a group of students who regularly volunteer at Brooklands on the Concorde restoration project. The day was a great opportunity for the students participating on the Concorde project to showcase their progress on the supersonic aircraft to other students & for both to help out at the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation. The events held in order to mark National Student Volunteering Week introduced staff & students to volunteering & allowed some of those already volunteering to share their experiences. If you are interested in hearing about Voluntary opportunities contact Helen Jackson:

Believe it or not over the past month election fever has been rife on campus, although you may well have not been a victim of this particular strain of the virus because all in all its impact on the university as a whole came and went without leaving a trace, well maybe the odd ripped down poster rolling like a tumbleweed outside of the library. First there was a cast of 9 candidates this swiftly became 8 and then even more quickly became 7, due to a mixture of change of hearts and unfortunate illness the election bandwagon hurtled along the windy road, we were going to have this election no matter what. This year we had rumours of sleaze, whispers of corruption and the promise of E-voting, none of which proved to be true, but it all added to the general fun and excitement at least in my own head if not in anyone else’s. My own personal highlights and memories; Posters oh the posters, ‘Vote for Gems’ one day and ‘Vote for Smeg’ the next, whoever says students don’t have a sense of humour hey? The guy with the guitar on Madiha’s team, I salute you mate, excellent, maybe the only bit of lively campaigning over the week and it certainly kept me entertained as I was running around in circles checking up on my police and the candidates. “Vote for Mad,Vote for Mad,Vote for Mad!” Classic! The sight of Zeph, the newly elected VP Societies and Individual Development, strutting around almost like a young

The Election Review
Winston Churchill in his long robe like coat, brought a tear to my eye, a tear of laughter it has to be said but he was the last man standing on each day no matter what the weather through at him he stood firm, hats off to ya boy! Alex Collins, towering over everyone preaching his mantra to the flocks of students outside of his beloved management school, fought a fair campaign and had a large gaggle of young ladies by his side at all times I must admit it was one of my more arduous tasks having to keep a close eye on them;-) Sophia, who has spent the best part of the last year as editor of barefacts, fought off the attentions of a RON campaign to triumphantly cross the finish line in first place, I will have the pleasure of sharing an office with her next year and I am confident she will inject some of her own brand of Sophieness into the RAWU. Mad Mikey, as I like to call him was full of enthusiasm and good ideas and I am sure he will go on to great things in the future and even though he was saying to me that he was tired I know he loved every minute of the election. The police, my loyal troop of Metro Police, they were fantastic and helped man the election booths and kept going even though the there was often a lull in voting, special mention goes out to Brianna and Vicki who worked with me on one night in Rubix and had to fed off the drunken masses, but all in all everyone in the Police was fantastic and I hope they enjoyed the experience as much as I did somehow I was

able to spend £25 on chocolate in One Stop and am now expecting a few bars back in return, you know who you are! The E Voting fell flat on its face on the first morning of voting and was given the hook and sent to the scrap yard; the system in fact was an E-Counting system not the online voting that we had all envisaged, the fact that I persuaded over a dozen students to come to a briefing in order to be able to use this new technology and then it failed so miserably was a most amusing and the tale of the tape would read, paper 1 technology 0. In the end 1300 votes were cast around campus, last year the total was 1400 but that was with 3 more candidates so all in all the number of active voters has stayed the same and the question still remains how can we get more students involved in the election process? So elections, do you care, do you heck and don’t stand there and try and tell me you do care because I know you don’t, so don’t even waste my time or yours. In fact the only way I am going to know that you do give a monkeys’ is if this time next year we have twice as many candidates and double the number of voters and the campus is actually buzzing rather than just humming! I am not questioning the need for an election, in fact I loved it and I would do it again without a doubt, it would just be cool if more students got involved. Peace Out - Police Chief Metro - Paul Coward

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