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Add new
Update Old
contacts in

Dial Number

Not working/out
Response No Response
of order

Update DB, try Wrong

Right Person Keep trying
in 3months Number

Ask for Real

Not working/out of No Response,
Working Introduction name & add to
order Update DB

Follow from Call after sometime

Follow up the Response,
Response/NR Not Interested Interested follow up from
same process. Follow Mid leg
Legs Introduction

Do you have any
Present Need?

Using other
No Yes/Explain Doing it self No, Thanks! Yes, I have!
service provider

What if We solve What if we offer you

Would you like to be We can reduce Future Need? Can we meet?
better services at
contacted in future the issue your cost/time
better rates

No, Thanks!, Follow No, Thanks!, Follow No, Thanks!, Follow Note Down & Let
No, Thanks! Yes/Later/I'll think Left Leg of "No"
Ok/Yes How? No, Thanks! Yes. Yes, We can
Left Leg of "No" Left Leg of "No" me know

Interested, Follow Would you like to Get the contact

Get the other Follow "Can we Take Notes & get
Ok/can try/lets see be contacted in details & Follow
details, cut the call Right Leg Process meet" Leg at Right in touch in 24hrs
future? up

Follow the Right

leg from No, Thanks! Ok/Yes

Get contact detail

& cut the call

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