Hey Division 1-South!


So school is now in full swing. I hope everyone is finding their light at the end of the tunnel. For me, it’s graduation! Hopefully most of you guys have had your first meeting already and are excited for a new year with new members. Get pumped about Fall Rally, FTC, Weekend of a Lifetime, and DCON! FALL RALLY is going to be on again on October 2nd, the first Saturday in October. You can find the flyer at www.tokeyclub.com. The price to get in is really low compared to what it usually is, and it’s Fright Fest! Get ready to represent, 1-South! In Service, Francie Chang Convention Liaison Lieutenant Governor Division 1S

Where? North Crowley When? 8 AM to 12 PM Theme? The Wonderful World of Service (Disney) MANDATORY FOR OFFICERS Food and prizes and other fun!


Reportin g
Reporting Clubs: Send Reports To: • North Crowley District Secretary Suzy Warden All 3 are in top 25!
211 Oak Street Bullard, TXPaschal • R.L. 75757 LTG Francie Chang francie.chang@gmail.com • Southwest Regional Advisor Donna Newsham dnewsham@region7texokey.com

Division 1S is now on Facebook! Search T-O Division 1-South to get the latest updates, event invites, and connect with other members in the division.


Children’s Miracle network There are various projects throughout the year you can participate in. Check their website for more details and ideas!

GOVERNOR’S PROJECT Hand out free lemonade for a donation to benefit childhood cancer! Try told hold your stand at busy places (with consent, of course). Ask for donations from restaurants. T-O Key Clubbers are fighting pediatric cancer one cup at a time. www.alexslemonade.org Your club officers have the requirements for this project!

LALALALALALALALALAL march of dimes March of Dimes season is from March 1st to May 30th, but Premature Birth Awareness is scheduled for the 2 weeks following Key Club week. As the time comes closer there will be literature available to clubs with suggestions on what to do each day to spread awareness, such as selling bracelets!

UNICEF UNICEF season is from September 1st through November. Remember to trick or treat for the kids in Uruguay! This is our last year focusing on Uruguay—let’s push it through the roof!

LALALALALALALALALALALA LALALALALALALALmajor emphasis program The MEP, Live2Learn, focuses on helping children,

ages 5-9, overcome learning obstacles so they can be successful and give back to their home, school and community. Key Club members are serving primary school children in three areas: Improving grades, giving back, and growing together.

Friend-A-GorillA Key Club is teaming up with this organization to save the badly endangered gorillas. If we meet our goals, KCI will be able to name a baby gorilla. Also, the club that raises Reminder:the most money gets to send 2 Just because members isn’tan advisor doesn’t mean a project and in season to Africa! you can’t do it! Service is needed year round!

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