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USA: PO Box 475 Washingtonville, NY, USA Phone: 1-203-331-6464, 685-8808 India: 108 Yakshshree Complex, Vadodara, India Phone: +91-9327547480-85 China: Suite#2126, No.99 Hui Chuan Road, Chang Ning District Shanghai – 200050 Phone: +86-21-52728626 Mexico and Latin America: La Acequia 202, Col. Jardines de Santiago CP. 67310, Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Phone: +52-81-2451-4946 Brazil: Rua Murtinho Nobre 168, San Paulo, SP-05502-050, Brazil Cell: +521-811-217-7972

Our Company International Safety Systems. regulatory agencies and construction industries. Accolades Dear Maharshi and Toral. Inc. It was a very nice pleasure to have worked with you in the last two weeks. Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with a Master's Degree in Occupational Safety from the University of Cincinnati. USA and since 1994 we have provided services to more than 350+ clients in more than 25+ countries. I would like to express my thanks and regards to you. So good to see you both. 2005-2009 . We will continue to grow by providing cost-effective. Singapore. The company is managed by Maharshi Mehta.. European Countries including United Kingdom. Ph. Saudi Arabia and India. We really appreciate the way ISS team has helped us get this round of monitoring conducted and analyzed. Profit is a by-product of the services we provide.India. We have grown from operating in a handful of workplaces to more than 350. Egypt. Ranjana Mission Statement Quality assurance in EHS and industrial hygiene is of a paramount consideration as life of the people and a company liability depends on exposure assessment results we provide Vision • • • • • • Quality assurance is a pre-requisite for our services as life of people depends on the risk we characterize. Canada. Hoping to see you soon in the near future.D. Efforts and Patience to achieve that success. Ph. Europe. India. China. I found it to be extremely informative and engaging. Wylie. Mexico. Inc. Our services and clients are extended in South East Asia . larry Lawrence G. Jeff Snyder. Brazil and Latin America. Europe. USA. I truly appreciate all your Dedication. China. and UAE. We operate from our main office located in New York. USA and with strategically located branch offices in Shanghai. Israel. economic status. Bahrain. He has been conducting short-term courses on applied occupational health and safety in the USA. Brazil. Indonesia. On Behalf of BioTiqania Team. China. Your professional IH the report is excellent and greatly appreciated.D. CIH Sir: I want to again complement you on an excellent Industrial Hygiene course. Hello Maharshiji: Thank you very much for the report. Maharshi has about 25 years of experience working with multinational chemical corporations. Thanks for the excellent work on behalf of Wyeth Goa. I was wondering is I could get a copy of your sampling work sheet. We will provide equal opportunities and focus on EHS services for all irrespective of gender. Our success is measured by our ability to reduce health and safety risk. Far East – Australia. CSP. Middle East – Dubai. Regards. We look forward to your continued IH support in Goa and also in China and South America. Canada. He has conducted industrial hygiene and safety audits at over 200 work places in the USA. Monterrey. pharmaceutical companies. I found it to be superior to any I have access to. REM Dear Maharshi. Mexico and Sao Paulo. is a consulting company providing Occupational Health (Industrial Hygiene) and Occupational Safety services globally. We will adhere to strict business ethics. Fares Khairallah. Malaysia. You demonstrated an excellent attitude and cooperation to achieve the success in the Applied Laboratory Safety program. Started in year 1994 in the New York. Best regards. CHMM.. Best Regards. Vadodara. nationality and geographic location. Kindest Regards. India. Israel. © International Safety Systems. innovative and high quality EHS services globally.

© International Safety Systems. Our Team We have a diverse staff of professional industrial hygienists and safety professionals that conduct the risk assessment and monitoring. in real time in the field. In addition. Our own team works on all the projects.Our Strengths • • • • • • 25+ years of experience in more than 350 workplaces Diversified work experience with more than 100 types of different industries Database of more than 1500 images of industry specific engineering controls. All the equipments are purchased and calibrated in the USA. Inc. Click here for more details on background and experience of professionals. we also maintain a wide range of state-of-the-art air sampling equipments and sampling media to collect samples for laboratory analysis. 2005-2009 . Consistently maintained high quality and cost effective services Proven reputation of timely completion of projects Our strength is in our customer relationships. Quality Assurance • • • • All our project work is conducted under the technical guidance and supervision of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) to ensure continued quality control. We have technical staff at each of the locations (speaking both local language and fluent English). indoor air quality parameters. Instrumentation We maintain a full inventory of direct-read instruments to measure noise. All the results and reports are reviewed by two levels of professionals. Senior Industrial Hygienist and Certified Industrial Hygienist. we do not subcontract our services to other professionals on whom we do not have controls. velocity. illumination. Our focus on providing the most accurate and comprehensive exposure evaluations possible ensures that you have the highest quality information to make decisions regarding the health and safety of your workers. etc. We start with your problem that needs to be solved and not with services that needs to be sold. heat..

China and India • • • © International Safety Systems. Carbon dioxide (CO2). We have been sending more than $ 85.. China. Inc.Analytical Support Analytical support for industrial hygiene samples is provided by Galson Laboratories and Bureau Veritas Industrial Hygiene Laboratory. 2005-2009 .000 worth of samples to them for analysis. Noise.g.. Research and Governmental Office Buildings in the USA. Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Recommendations to Improve Indoor Air Quality Assistance in Improving Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality Improvements at Corporate. Vibration o Most recent and calibrated state of the art instruments o NIOSH/OSHA recommended sampling and analytical methods AIHA accredited laboratory for chemical sample analysis Recommendations to reduce personal exposures Assistance in communicating results to employees and management Design and evaluation of local exhaust ventilation systems Industrial Hygiene Monitoring conducted for more than 200 workplaces in the USA. Dubai. Carbon monoxide (CO). Sweden. India • • • • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) • • Administration of symptoms questionnaire Monitoring of indoor air contaminants e. Services Industrial Hygiene • • Qualitative exposure assessment Quantitative exposure assessment – Chemicals. Heat. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Bioaerosols o Most recent and calibrated state of art instruments o ASHRAE recognized evaluation criteria Measurement and evaluation of Heating. Both the laboratories are based in the USA and accredited from American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

Ergonomics • • • • • Industrial and Office Ergonomics Risk Assessment Using RULA. Occupational Exposure Assessments for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).. 2005-2009 . Pharmaceutical and Engineering Facilities Containment Validation/Surrogate Monitoring • Containment Evaluation of Powders Weighing Downflow Booth. Rupture Disks Inerting – Design and Validation Intrinsically Safe Lighting Interlocks Dispersion Modeling Process Safety Risk Reduction at a Bulk Drug Manufacturing Facilities and Petrochemical Facilities © International Safety Systems. Dust Explosion Hazard Analysis of Process using Tools such as HAZOP. USA and Canada More than 300 Surrogate Samples collected at one of the sites • Process Safety • • • Hazard Identification: Flammability. Isolators. What If Checklist Process Controls Redundancy – Safety Relief Valve. REBA and Ergonomics Software Analysis of Workstations Recommendations to Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders Assistance in Implementation of Recommendations Comprehensive Ergonomics Risk Assessment and Reduction at Glass Manufacturing. Hand and Flexible Containment as well as Other Types of Engineering Controls using a Surrogate. Inc. UK. Process Solvents and Laboratory Reagents Conducted Containment Validation with a Surrogate at Pharmaceutical Companies in India. Reactivity.

Inc. Peroxide Forming Agents Cryogens Flammable Chemicals Incompatible Chemicals Reproductive Toxins Selection of Personal Protective Equipments for Laboratory Risk Assessments at Laboratories in Sweden and Finland and Research Centers in China and India • Safety Smart Sheets A pioneering concept of conveying hazards and hazard control technology in less than two pages Hazard and operation specific Less words and more symbols and images Effectively communicate hazards Can be displayed as a poster near an operation Effective reminder on hazards and hazards controls © International Safety Systems.Personal Safety • • • • • Risk Assessments Operations and Site Specific Safe Operation Procedures/Safety Manual Development Confined Space Entry and Energy Isolation (Lockout/Tagout) Program Fire Prevention and Protection Program Emergency Response Plan OSHA compliance Audit at 55 units of Aviation Research Facility in the USA Laboratory Safety • • • • • • Laboratory Specific Risk Assessments and Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Design of New Laboratory Laboratory Ventilation Design and Fume Hood Evaluation Development of Hazardous Chemical Database for Laboratory Chemicals Development of Chemicals Specific Safety Smart Sheets Development of Safe Operating Procedures for.. 2005-2009 .

hazard control technology an integral part of training modules Local language embedded in training modules Web based or on a CD ROM General Health and Safety Training Aimed at training participants from different companies in specific health and safety topics 25 Years of experience and digital images on hazard control technology shared with participants Offered at United States.Training Site Specific Training Aimed at identifying site specific risk.. 2005-2009 . Inc. The Netherlands and several locations in India Interactive workshops offer opportunities to learn from participants © International Safety Systems. safe and unsafe work practices. communicating risk effectively and reducing risk Offered on-site to empower line managers and to train large number of professionals Class room sessions followed by field work – more interactive and more interesting Training Beyond Bookshelves Digital images on hazard communication.

She has conducted industrial hygiene and safety assessment at Ritesh has a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Chemistry and Masters in Industrial Hygiene. engineering. Mexico. She has also conducted containment validation with a surrogate at pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad. India. regulatory agencies and construction industries.Mehta@issehs. She is a Certified Industrial Hygienist from American Board of Industrial Hygiene.Mehta@isshes. Brazil. He is the current Ambassador of AIHA to India and is actively involved in promoting Occupational Health and Hygiene around the world. Singapore and Taiwan. Ritesh Patel. China.. Inc. safety & environment management programs and integrated EHS management system with top multinational Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals manufacturing companies. Ritesh is a Certified Industrial Hygienist from American Board of Industrial Hygiene) with over seven years of experience in developing. She has conducted industrial hygiene training for one of the world’s largest companies in USA. Europe. construction and offshore oil drilling facilities.Patel@isshes. Toral has also assisted several facilities in obtaining OHSAS 18001 certification. pharmaceutical companies. Saudi Arabia. Maharshi is Certified Industrial Hygienist from American Board of Industrial Hygiene. Brazil. © International Safety Systems. health and safety.Background for Key Professionals Maharshi Mehta. China and Taiwan. CSP. India. He has been conducting short-term courses on applied occupational health and safety in USA. 2005-2009 .com Toral has Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and Masters Degree in Industrial hygiene and 10 years of experience conducting industrial hygiene and safety work at about 110 workplaces in 10 countries. Certified Safety Professional from Board of Certified Safety Professionals of America with Masters Degree in Occupational Safety from University of Cincinnati.Nehru@issehs. He has conducted industrial hygiene and safety audits at over 350 workplaces in 25 countries. implementing and maintaining industrial hygiene. Anil Nehru India Cell: 91-9814307782 Anil. Singapore. Toral Mehta. CIH Global Cell 203-331-6464 Toral. Mexico. He also holds Certificate in “Control of Hazardous Substances” from BOHS. Anil has Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA and about 20 years of experience in manufacturing. CIH Global Cell 203-685-8808 Maharshi. Anil has conducted Applied Industrial Hygiene training courses in the Netherlands. pharmaceutical. He also has conducted OHSAS risk assessment at a number of workplaces. USA and India. Maharshi has about 25 years of experience working with multinational chemical corporations. CIH India Cell 91-9327547483 Ritesh. UK.

Bhatt@issehs. Pinky Bhatt India Cell +91 9327547484 Pinky. Mexico Cell: 52-811-217-7972 Ada is based in Monterrey. USA. Portuguese and English languages. Ada has 10 years of experience working as EHS Leader with one of the world’s largest corporations in Mexico. Ada has Bachlelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Ada Communicates in Spanish. Pinky has presented technical paper in the American Industrial Hygiene Conference at Vaidehi has a Bachelors Degree in Microbiology and Masters Degree in Industrial Hygiene and Safety. He has also conducted containment validation with a surrogate at pharmaceutical companies in India.V@issehs. pesticide. petrochemical.Desai@issehs. Ada Ita Ada. engineering. chemical. She has about 3 years of experience working in multinational pharmaceutical. pharmaceutical. He has conducted industrial hygiene and safety assessment at chemical.Ganesh Desai India Cell +91 9327547481 Ganesh. aviations and vaccine facilities in India and abroad. © International Safety Systems. She has also conducted containment validation with a surrogate at pharmaceutical companies in India. Lili has presented a technical paper on Risk Assessment in Research Laboratories at American Industrial Hygiene Conference at Minneapolis. Mexico and Manages ISS operations in Mexico and Latin America. She has more than two years of experience working with pharmaceutical. Inc. She has delivered training on Occupational Hygiene to many private and government sectors in India. China. paints. He has about 6 years of experience working in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Safety at about 70 workplaces. Lili Deng Ganesh has a Bachelors Degree in Pinky is a Chemical engineer and a gold medalist in Diploma in Industrial Safety. She has also completed IRCA approved OHSAS-ISO Lead Auditor course. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from East China Normal University. She has conducted industrial hygiene and Safety assessments at over 50 workplaces in China. cement and mines facilities in India. She communicates in Mandarine and English languages. 2005-2009 China Cell: 86-1352-4061 672 Lili is based in Shanghai. automobile and off-shore oil drilling facilities in India. petrochemical. Vaidehi Vaijanapurkar India Cell +91 9327547485 Vaidehi.

New York. 2005-2009 . Amsterdam Polymer Manufacturer. India Developed Applied Industrial Hygiene Manual for USA based multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Mexico Bromine Chemical Manufacturer in Industry City. Solar company. Baltimore. Soro. Haifa. Oil refinery. mosquito repellent manufacturing unit. Finland Pharmaceutical Manufacturer at Uppsala. King of Prussia. Elbuf. USA Assisted in implementation of OHSAS 18001 certification to India’s software giant Conducted Indoor Air Quality Assessments at research facilities in India and China Conducted Industrial hygiene monitoring in research center. King of Prussia.Recent Projects • • • • • • • Conducted Surrogate monitoring in India’s Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacture. New Jersey Pyridine Manufacturer in Harriman. UK Specialty Chemical Manufacturer. Canada. Maryland Specialty Chemical Manufacturer. Denmark. Riyadh. Florida Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in New Jersey. machine tools company. engineering company. Maryland Petroleum Research Facility. Atlantic City. Pennsylvania Pigment manufacturer. Pennsylvania Hospitals and health care facilities in New Jersey Long Term Care Facilities in New York Pigment manufacturer. New York Wooden Clamp manufacturer in Poughkeepsie. Inc. New York Petroleum Research Facility. Mexico. Sweden Pharmaceutical Manufacturer at Sandwich. Cautitlan. China and India Conducted Industrial Hygiene monitoring at an Off-shore Oil/Gas Drilling Rig in Indian Ocean. France Middle East • • Specialty Chemical Manufacturer. Canada Europe • • • • • Laboratory Safety Training.. Oakville. glass fiber manufacturers. Israel Petroleum Research Facility. New York Gold Jewelry Manufacturer in New York City. BPO. Baltimore. agricultural company Partial List of Projects The United States of America/Canada/Mexico • • • • • • • • • • • • • Government Aviation Research Facility. USA. 600 professionals of one the World’s Largest Corporations trained in Applied Industrial Hygiene at the Netherlands. Saudi Arabia © International Safety Systems.

Chandigarh. India Software giant in India Aerospace parts manufacturer.V@issehs..Desai@issehs.Ita@issehs.Deng@issehs. Project Manager (India) Email: Vaidehi. Inc. Chennai. EHS Specialist (China) Email: Cell: (+52) 1-811-217-7972 Office: (+52) 81 2451-4946 Please visit us at www. CIH. Shanghai. Bangalore Pesticide manufacturer in Silvassa. CIH. Pune. MIHS. Delhi. Global Project Manager Email: Global Cell: 1-203-331-6464 Ganesh Desai. 2005-2009 . © International Safety Systems. China Research Centre of one of the World’s Largest Corporation. United Arab Emirates Asia Pacific • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacture. 81 Vaidehi Vaijanapurkar. Mumbai. CSP. Hyderabad. Kolkatta. Bangalore. India Multinational Glass Fiber Manufacturer in Cell: 86-1352 4061 672 Ada Ita. Hyderabad. India Specialty Oil Manufacturer in Silvasa. India Lube Oil Manufacturer. Noida. Taiwan Multiple Facilities of one of World’s Largest Corporation. President Email: Maharshi. Dy. India Petroleum manufacturers in Gujarat. Project Manager (India) Email: Ganesh. India Paint Manufacturer. Shanghai. Bangalore. Himachal Pradesh. Project Manager (Latin America & Brazil) Email: Ada. India Machine Tools manufacturer in Bangalore. Dubai. Taipei.• Specialty Chemical Global Cell: 1-203-685-8808 Toral Mehta. India For know more about our services please contact: Maharshi Mehta. India Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Cell: 91-93275 47485 Lili Deng.issehs. Dy.Mehta@issehs.Mehta@issehs. BPO in Cell: 91-93275 47480. India Multinational Plastic Manufacturer. Hyderabad. China Multiple Facilities of one of World’s Largest Corporation. Goa. Baroda. Mumbai. Silvassa.

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