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By Ben Miller

Simon Connolly, for the defence, told the court Harding did not realise the seriousness of his offences. “At the time he was mimicking something he had seen on YouTube and was not thinking about the 24 PAGE consequences,” he said.EDITION Judge John Crocker sentenced Harding to a three-year combined supervision and community order. The judge explained he was following advice from sex offender specialists. He said if he had sent Harding to prison, it would only have been a short sentence and would have had little effect. Harding, of Devoil Close, Guildford, who has no previous convictions, was ordered to sign on the sex offenders’ register for five years and attend a sex offenders’ programme.

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sex attacker who groped a dozen young women in a Guildford underpass has been spared a prison sentence. Andrew Jonathan Harding committed 12 offences in the A3 tunnel at Egerton Road between May and October last year. He was sentenced for four charges of sexual assault and asked for another eight similar offences to be taken into consideration. He first struck on May 14 last year. A 23-year-old University of Surrey student was walking through the tunnel when she felt a hand over her left breast. “She described being in shock,” Ruby Selva, prosecuting, said. “She shouted ‘pervert’ and the defendant turned towards her, patted his backside and sniggered.” He struck again on July 31, putting his hand under the bra of a second student. Another victim was on her way to work at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. “She was on her mobile phone,” Miss Selva said. “She heard footsteps behind her. She kept on walking expecting someone to walk past her. Her breast was quickly grabbed, she screamed and saw him face to face [before he] ran off.” Harding had previously pleaded guilty at South West Surrey Magistrates’ Court. One of his victims was a juvenile. The others were aged in their twenties. The attacks prompted a police manhunt and he was eventually caught on CCTV after he groped his final victim on Halloween night.



barefacts changes fashion industry
By Ben Miller

New Sports Editor = Bumper Sports! p28

Pressure on the NUS from barefacts has brought about a radical change in policy from one of the UK’s major high street companies. barefacts has been holding the NUS to account after it was revealed the organisation has relationships with companies that uses forced child labour in Uzbekistan. These companies include Matalan, as well as Topman and Burton part of the Arcadia Group. A NUS spokesperson contacted barefacts on February 8 and sent the paper a statement from Matalan, “Following an investigation into and careful consideration of all the issues surrounding Matalan’s suppliers sourcing cotton from Uzbekistan, Matalan today [January 31] announces that it has instructed all its suppliers not to source any cotton from Uzbekistan. This decision takes effect immediately.” Cotton production in Uzbekistan represents one of the most exploitative enterprises in the world where tens of thousands of children are forced to pick the cotton harvest each year. Classrooms are emptied so that the crop, known as “white gold”, can be harvested. Cotton big business is big business in Uzbekistan – it is the third largest exporter in the world. The NUS were slow to react to questions about its relationship with companies that are accused of using cotton produced by forced child labour in Uzbekistan. However, things have quickly changed. Only a couple of weeks ago, two of Britain’s major high street companies, Tesco and Marks and Spencer announced that they were no longer going to allow cotton from Uzbekistan in their clothes.

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Issue 1119 Tuesday 19th February www.bfacts.co.uk


Student ‘sectioned’ for planning pro-democracy activities in Russia Artem Basirov, 20, a university student, was part of a group of pro-democracy activists that was planning a protest against President Putin’s increasingly authoritarian rule ahead of last December’s elections. However, on the night before the planned demonstration, Basirov was snatched by Russian secret service officers and taken to a state psychiatric hospital and forced to undergo a month of “treatment”, during which he was fed mind-numbing drugs. Mr Basirov’s incarceration inside the Soviet-era psycho-neurological clinic is the latest case in which opponents of Kremlin rule have been hauled off to state-run mental institutions. Too much nookie can stop you getting a degree A survey by Cambridge student newspaper “Varsity” found students who have the most sex get the worst results. At Homerton, the worst-performing college in the university’s league table, students have had, on average, seven sexual partners. Christ’s College, second in last year’s Tompkins table of Cambridge exam results by college, reported the highest number of virgins, with more than a quarter of respondents never having had sex. Surrey advances corporate social responsibility The University of Surrey has agreed to adhere to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), which were unveiled by a group of scholars and leading academic organisations at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in July of 2007. The PRME provides a framework for academic institutions to advance the broader cause of corporate social responsibility and incorporate universal values into curricula and research. UniSPORT assists girls to groove the night away More than 150 girls from across Guildford recently staged a dance performance, entitled ‘Guildford Grooves’ at the ElectricTheatre in the Guildford town centre.The girls had all been involved in weekly dance clubs at their schools, with instruction provided by specialists from Campusdance, based at UniSPORT, which is the biggest University dance and movement programme outside of London. We own the night NUS’ Women’s Campaign is hosting the national “Reclaim the Night” demonstration on Saturday 1 March 2008 to make a stand to end violence against women, as one in four women experience domestic violence, less than six per cent of all reported rapes end in conviction, and women deserve to live without the fear or reality of abuse, rape and violence. Prison study to investigate link between diet and behaviour Surrey Uni is involved in trials in three UK prisons to investigate the link between nutrition and behaviour. The night shift cause digestive shift Gastrointestinal problems are common among night workers, in particular loss of appetite, peptic ulcers and indigestion, according to Debra Skene of the University of Surrey.

By Ben Miller

Drunk is not the key

19th February 2008

Chris Foster, an 18 year old student at the University of Bournemouth, had no recollection of swallowing a 5cm key in a bizarre drunken stunt – until his friends and the NHS helped him piece together the events of the night before. Apparently, Chris’s friends told him he had drunk too much and they were taking him home from a party in student halls. However, in his desperation to stay, he swallowed his key and said he couldn’t get into his house. A fellow Bournemouth University student attempted the Heimlich manoeuvre to recover the key but without success. He was also given salt water to drink in a bid to bring it up but that didn’t work either. Chris said: ‘I had to sleep on the sofa in the communal lounge and the next morning I couldn’t remember a thing. I thought it was a bit of a wind-up when my friend said I had swallowed the key. But my throat started to feel very sore and my stomach didn’t feel right, so my friend took me to hospital on the bus. I was given an X-ray and I was stunned when I first saw the key in my stomach but then couldn’t stop laughing – even the doctors were sniggering. .The key is now safely back on the computer design student’s keyring as he said he couldn’t afford the £20 his landlord was going to charge him for a new one. barefacts advice ...... Don’t try this at home!

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Children’s IQ rises by 12% thanks to Sunflower Therapy In a study at the University of Surrey, children undergoing Sunflower Therapy experienced a 60% improvement in health and behaviour/study skills, which could provide fresh hope for conditions such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD and general academic underperformance.

19th February 2008


starting to call for a rethink on our extraordinary levels of clothes consumption. The head of the London College of Fashion, Dr Frances Corner, sets out her stall: “We have to think more carefully before we buy, we have to buy fewer clothes anyway, and pay more for them - and not subsidise people who’re living sometimes on 15p a week so we can change our image all the time.” Some of the big high street retailers are making efforts to tackle this, but people need to buy fewer clothes. It doesn’t mean the start of austere times - it’s about holding onto your clothes for longer. Clothes will have to cost a bit more if they are going to reflect their toll on the environment - and ensure the people who make them are paid properly. But the argument that low-income shoppers will be excluded from sustainable fashion gets short shrift from Dr Corner: “We are spending a third more on clothes than we were a decade ago, so the money is there.” Jane Shepherdson thinks that in a quality market there’s scope for sustainable fashion - with one big caveat: it has to look great. “The whole ethical clothing market has got a long way to go,” she says, “We don’t want hair shirts, very few people are doing anything interesting and design is critical. We need to be tempted into buying beautiful, ethical, sustainable clothes; not being made to feel guilty… At the end of the day the consumer dictates. The best way to encourage her to buy is to make it as beautiful as you can.” Something else that would help is government legislation - for example targets and indirect taxation - to make non-ethical clothes less competitive. In the words of Britain’s first professor of sustainability, Tim Jackson, of the University of Surrey: “All the studies find that even people with strong proenvironmental values find it very difficult to maintain those values. They struggle to lead the lives they want to lead. That is where legislation can help.”

barefacts influences major fashion label
Continued from front page
Dave Lewis, National Treasurer at NUS, and Company Chair at NUS Services, said: “We are pleased to see that Matalan took these allegations seriously and took on board the grave concerns of NUS and others. We will continue to push other companies to follow suit.” It is clear barefacts’ pressure on the NUS and Newsnight’s report has brought about a sea change in the policies of Britain’s major high street clothing companies. The desire for cheap fashion may be turning a corner. Jane Shepherdson, the woman who turned around Top Shop, believes we have become a nation that’s gone nuts about throwaway clothes. “It feels like something that has gone too far. It feels like people are addicted to shopping and consuming and having new things all the time. I think it has become really boring. Things are so accessible, you can look like a celebrity immediately and for a fiver.” But Shepherdson, who became chief executive of the Whistles womenswear chain last week, reckons things are about to change radically. Ahead of the 2008 London Fashion Week, and in her first television interview since leaving Philip Green’s empire, she told Newsnight: “Things go in cycles. I feel we are about to come to an end of a cycle and go somewhere different. I think people have become a bit bored with the idea of ‘isn’t it great, it is so cheap’, I am hoping people will start to want to be a bit more individual again.” Campaigners for a greener and more sustainable fashion industry have been urging people to buy less as we are buying a third more clothes than a decade ago. Every year we buy around 2m tonnes, and about 1.5m tonnes end up in landfill. The clothing industry is a close rival to the chemical industry in its levels of pollution. We recycle only a fraction of our wardrobes. And clothes are now so cheap because we pay so little to the people who make them in developing countries far from our gaze. Key voices within the industry are

Surrey student is one of Britain’s top female engineers
By Ben Miller Julia Wilson (23), a civil engineering student at Surrey was runner-up in this years Ford WISE prize. Julia beat off stiff competition to make it to the final three candidates. Julia was informed about her success at the Young Women Engineer of the Year award ceremony in London. Graham Hoare, Ford Motor Company’s engineering director heading up Dunton technical centre, who attended the ceremony said: “The enthusiasm and passion shown from all finalists has been quite inspirational and it reinforces Ford’s commitment to encouraging young women to consider engineering as a career.” Julia said: “I was thrilled to be a finalist for the FordWISE prize 2007. It was a great achievement and I enjoyed meeting leading people in the engineering industry at the awards ceremony. I have gained valuable experience working on site for Kier during my summer holidays and industrial year and I would encourage anyone else studying engineering to find work placements. Kier have sponsored me throughout my degree and I look forward to working for them on my graduation.” The Ford Motor Company WISE prize was initiated to recognize and reward exceptional women in the penultimate year of studying for their engineering degree. It is backed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. This year as an added incentive, all three finalists have been invited to a tour of the Ford’s Dunton technical centre in Essex, the UK’s largest automotive research and development facility, staffed by an engineering team of more t h a n 3,000.


Surrey student receives award for outstanding coursework
By Ben Miller Katie Westacott was presented with the Jonathan Sime Award for the best dissertation in People Environment studies by Dr Birgitta Gatersleben from Surrey’s Department of Psychology. The annual award includes a certificate from the Department of Psychology and a cash prize of £150. The Award was set up in memory of Jonathan Sime who was both a student and lecturer at Surrey. He died suddenly in January 2001, aged just 50. Jonathan combined the roles of scholar and consultant in the field of environmental psychology and was highly regarded, both nationally and internationally, as a researcher and teacher within the environment-behaviour field. The Department of Psychology was asked to host the Award on behalf of the funder, a long-time friend of Jonathan since his teenage years. Surrey offers the only MSc in Environmental Psychology in the UK, and is acknowledged as an international centre of environmental psychology research.


By Ben Miller

Funding fear over university sports centre

19th February 2008

Environmental psychologists work in collaboration with cognitive, occupational and social psychologists, as well as other disciplines and professions such as architects, educationalists, environmental scientists, engineers, landscape architects and planners.

The University of Surrey needs to find £15m to start building the proposed Surrey Centre for Sport in April, which is due to bring a world-class sports facility to the area. It is hoped the project, costing a total of £35m, could become home to a major centre for Paralympic athletes. The university is also part of a joint bid to offer facilities in Guildford for athletes training for the 2012 Olympics, and a decision on that is expected later this month. Barry Hitchcock, director of sport at the university, remains hopeful they will raise the funds, but has appealed for support for the project. “We have a funding gap,” Mr Hitchcock said. “Whatever we do in the next few months will have huge implications on this project and how it moves forward.” The complex at the university’s Manor Park campus would include a 50m swimming pool, eight squash courts, 10 tennis courts and three multi-purpose halls with badminton courts. The university is now planning a number of fundraising events and sponsored runs to help the project.

Cells’ internal clocks revealed
which can be affected by a series of clock genes. The work could be used as a basis for the diagnosis of certain sleep disorders, said Dr Simon Archer, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Neuroscience at the Surrey Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey. He said previous research at the University of Surrey had shown that genetic differences in clock genes could explain why some people are night lovers and others are early risers. Traditional studies of such genes have been carried out in controlled conditions in specialised sleep labs, and these are time-consuming and costly to perform.

barefacts post....
Surrey’s VC responds to barefacts article
Dear barefacts I thought I would mention that Surrey is in fact a founder member of the 1994 Group of universities, of which Steve Smith from Exeter is the current Chair. Also you may find it useful to know that by default USSU is a member of the 1994 Group’s student unions (I think that Leicester currently Chair the student union team) Professor Christopher M. Snowden, FRS, FREng, FIET, FIEEE, FCGI Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH United Kingdom

By Ben Miller A person’s preference for being a “lark” or a “night-owl” is largely determined by genes, a study suggests. Scientists have found each cell of the body has an internal “clock”, which can be affected by various genes. Research shows skin cells can be used to measure the speed of a person’s body clock. The work could lead to better diagnosis of sleep disorders and conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. It has long been known that the body has a biological clock that regulates sleeping, digestion and brain performance to fit in with the different demands of day and night-time living. The brain has overall control of this time-keeping mechanism, but individual cells appear to have their own “clocks”,

If you have any letters for barefacts Send them to Ussu.barefacts@surrey.ac.uk

19th February 2008


Andy Vales Random Challenges
Question: How many days in a row can you have a birthday?


This week I tried to find out If It would be far too obvious to organise parties, decorations and celebrations in honour of my birth on consecutive days until someone spots it, even if I had a rotating guest-list I think people may talk. Besides, I’m far too lazy/busy/unloved to try. What do we do when we don’t quite feel like partaking in real social activities? Construct a piss poor equivalent on Facebook! My plan was to use the ‘edit profile’ feature to change my birthday each day and see how many days I could carry this on for until someone notices (not including family members or people I had told). I had half hoped that someone would send me money, gifts or Smiths vouchers, but in such an event I feel my conscious would have kicked in and returned their offerings, perhaps. Part of me was debating the best outcome for me here. On one hand I wanted to carry this on for days so I felt like I had pulled some grand wheeze and turned myself into some sort of online based Scarlet Pimpernel, a loveable rogue and someone who mixes in all the right circles. However on the other hand if it goes on for a while it could be because no one cared. When I set my new birthday on Wednesday night, I still wasn’t quite sure. I woke up the next morning and the ball had already started rolling, even a few people I had seen the night before were congratulating my completion of another year. My cousin had already tried to spoil the fun so I silenced her but decided to brief those who are close to the family in case one of them panic buys me some DVD’s. With that base covered I let the hours roll by and my second consecutive birthday was in full flow. A few surprises came out of the woodwork to give me their blessings and not one hint that anyone seemed to mind me having two birthdays in a row. Come Friday and I’d decided to add a third, part of me felt slightly guilty that I was hoodwinking all this good will out of people. However I consoled myself with the fact that it was all in aid of a good Barefacts article. This debate was put to rest when a level one Tonmeister remarked ‘is it just me or has it been your birthay for 3 days’ and put me out my misery. Free concert Every Wednesday the University of Surrey offers free lunchtime recitals always given by undergraduate and postgraduate students specialising in performance featuring an extremely varied repertoire It was interesting to note that some who sent me wishes had actually been out for my real birthday (in mid-Autumn) a number of times. Does this suggest that in the digital age of online socialising we have disbanded ourselves with any need for genuine meaningful interaction? For example, how often do we see someone going out with a camera keeping one eye on a Facebook update the next morning and how often do we settle for a few messages online instead of meeting up in real life or at least making a phone call? To be honest, it probably says none of that. Just shows that there are some nice people in the world who are willing to give up 20 seconds to wish you well. So how many days in a row can you have a birthday for? Answer: About three. Next Week: Can an average student get some form of written, verbal or electronic correspondence with a world leader? You’ll have to read next issue to find out!

Stand Up and Be Heard! The Uni is holding a confidence boosting seminar, Stand Up and Be Heard!, to improve your presentation and speaking skills in Room 01AC02, SCEPTrE, AC Building on Monday 3 March, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. This session will be interactive and you can practice your skills in front of on audience at the end. To book a free place visit www. surrey.ac.uk/res or contact Andrea Card on 01483 683672, E-mail enterprise@surrey.ac.uk

Surrey says Kung Hei Fat Choi Surrey celebrated Chinese New Year on February 6. Proceedings started in Rubix nightclub, where there were performances from Chinese lion dancers, jugglers and acrobats. The event is reputedly becoming the largest celebration of its kind between London and the South coast.


iFestival 2008 is nearly here…
Between the 25th February and 7th March 2008 the University of Surrey Students’ Union will be hosting the iFestival both on campus and in the local community. This cultural event will feature a wide variety of events from a football tournament to Henna painting. In the past the Students’ Union has hosted the International Week which has always been popular, but this year the event has been redesigned and rebranded to include as many people and cultures as possible. Here at Surrey there are students from over 130 different nationalities so this is your chance to not only celebrate your own culture but to also learn more about the culture of others. We are all international to some degree and the iFestival is your chance to celebrate this fantastic aspect of life at the University of Surrey. This year the festival has expanded to include events organised by students working on the Students’ Union’s Evolution project. They have been working hard to organise a wide range of events including dance performances in the Friary Centre, an afternoon of Indian culture at Guildford College and a showing of the film Babel in the HRB. Most of the Evolution events are free to attend, but you will need to sign up to them as spaces are limited. You can also put together a team to compete in one of the iOlympics events, which include Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton. The iExhibition on the 3rd March will be your chance to meet representatives from some of the international societies we have here and try some of their traditional food and drink.


19th February 2008

The evening will also be hosted by GU2 live on the stage and promises to be great fun. The final event of the iFestival will be the iGala on the 7th March. Tickets are only £3 for this evening showcase of performances from different cultures and traditions and are available from the Bookshop. Further information regarding all events, including entry forms for the workshops and the iOlympics events are all available online at www.ussu.co.uk/ifestival

Re-Freshers Fayre Success
The Refreshers’ Fayre held on the 25th January in Rubix was a great success and a good time was had by all. One student in particular had a great day – Laurence Humphrey. After attending the Fayre Laurence completed the online survey and his name was chosen at random as the winner of an 8gb iPod nano. On receving his prize Laurence said ‘I had a good day at the Fayre and would like to thank the Students’ Union very much for giving me the opportunity to win this fabulous prize’.

An evening with

Sir Trevor Brooking
The Allan Wells Sports Lecture
hosted by TV Commentator

Gary O’Reilly Thursday 13 March 2008
Drinks Reception 6.15pm Lecture 7pm Reception and Lecture School of Management University of Surrey Guildford GU2 7XH Tickets £7 (concessions £3) from the University Box Office (open from 8am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)

VP Sports and Recreation Gems Leaming and VP Welfare Ashley Murray presenting Laurence with his iPod nano

T: 01483 686876 E: boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk www.surrey.ac.uk

19th February 2008



Share your recipes with the rest of us! Email the barefacts food editor Verity at bf.food@gmail.com

Balsamic Steak Stir-fry
To serve one: Ingredients: Sauce: 150ml red wine 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar Stir fry: 85g/3oz steak, cut in to strips 200g of your favourite stir-fry vegetables 2 tsp soy sauce 1 tbsp clear honey 1 tsp balsamic vinegar 1 tsp sesame seeds Rice or noodles to serve Method To make the sauce, gently simmer the wine and balsamic vinegar in a saucepan until the volume had reduced by half. While the sauce is simmering, dry fry the sesame seeds until golden in a large frying pan. Then heat the oil and fry the steak for 3mins. Add the vegetables and stir-fry for 2mins. Add the soy sauce, honey and teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and stir-fry for 2mins. Serve the stir-fry with rice or noodles and drizzle over the balsamic wine sauce.

Tuna Pasta Twists
Serves 2-3 Ingredients: 200g tinned tuna, drained 6 anchovy fillets Handful black olives – chopped 1 tsp olive oil ½ a red pepper diced 2 spring onions chopped finely 50g sweet corn 200g Wholemeal Fusilli 200ml Creamy tomato sauce 30g Grated cheddar cheese 10g Grated Parmesan cheese Method Boil the pasta in a large saucepan until al dente. If using frozen sweet corn, add to the pan for the last few minutes. Heat the oil in a small sauce pan and fry the pepper and spring onions until softened. Drain the pasta and return to the sauce pan. Add the vegetables, olives, tuna, anchovies and tomato sauce and stir it all together. Transfer to an oven proof dish. Top with the grated cheese and heat under a medium grill until the cheese has melted and turned golden. Serve with salad and garlic bread.

Spice Up Lunchtime With Funky Fillings
hicken 40g C slices o Mang d bell Slice r peppe ce g lettu Iceber

Spicy Couscous

1 slice 20g che Bacon ddar Sliced a cheese vocado

ese ats che 0g Go matoes 3 ry to 4 cher uls baby f 1 hand leaves h spinac

S30g Mozzarella sliced 1 Sliced Tomato 2 tsp Green Pesto Handful rocket leaves

Serves 2 Ingredients 1 small aubergine peeled and cut into 2cm³ cubes ½ tsp salt 1 tbsp olive oil 1 medium onion sliced finely 3 cloves garlic crushed 1 red chilli deseeded and chopped finely 2cm³ fresh ginger grated ½ tsp cumin Pinch turmeric 120g Couscous Handful fresh coriander chopped 4 Fala fel 4cm d iced 15g h cucumber oum 15g tz ous atziki

Method Cover the aubergine cubes with salt and let them sweat on kitchen roll for 15mins. Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the onion, ginger, chilli and garlic and fry until the onion turns translucent. Add the turmeric and cumin. Cook the couscous in boiling water according to the packet instructions. Pat the aubergine dry and add to the frying pan. Fry for 5mins coating the cubes in the spices. Combine the spicy aubergine with the couscous and serve with fresh coriander.

Vegetable Patch
Salad fruit and vegetables: Rocket, tomatoes, olives, apple, cos lettuce, cucumber, pepper, mixed beans, capers, grated carrot, chicory, red onion, chickpeas, avocado, spring onion, pear, green beans, mango, spinach, watercress, celery, grapes, new potatoes, basil.

ussu.barefacts@surrey.ac.uk 8 SCIENCE
19th February 2008

Time is like a piece of elastic
By Sam Brett This is the trick that all Physicists use to cheat at everything… ever… I really mean it. Which is simply why we appear to all have planet-sized brains, but really we just put you on pause and read a book so we appear to be fountains of knowledge from everything from Aardvarks to Zombies. Anyway enough of that, what I’m going to attempt to explain is how time slows down and speeds up. I don’t mean how your lectures seem to drag and last for several eons and then your hour spent in Chancellors flies by… but that two people staring at the same events can deduce very different things. Its a real mind bender, but it’s great fun…. honest. Imagine sitting on a bus, going somewhere nice like a landfill or toxic waste dump, you have a tennis ball in your pocket for some reason and you get a bit bored because your iPod is out of battery and you have no signal on your phone. So you start throwing the ball up in the air. If the bus is moving at a constant speed, the ball falls straight back down if you throw it straight up. You do this for a while, so much so that the guy sitting behind you gets fed up and gets off the bus. If he stands by the side of the road and watches you throw the ball when the bus is moving again it doesn’t just go up and down, it also moves in the direction of the bus too. So its path has been a triangle without a base, which is further than the ball just going up and down. This means its somehow travelling a greater distance in the same period of time… so its faster. This okay, because the bus is adding to the speed in the direction its traveling Now imagine being able to watch a beam of light doing the same thing, but this time the bus is moving at some significant fraction of the speed of light. We know that light travels at a constant speed, this is very fundamental to everything. So we can’t change the speed of our photon of light, we know the distance because we can see it and measure it, so that leaves us with the conclusion that time is travelling slower for the person moving. But then if we take the frame of reference of the person on the bus, everything is normal. The light goes up and down in the correct speed, but looking out of our very fast bus sees the people on at the side of our super-super-sonic bus lane moving really slowly and their clocks running at a slower speed. So say the guy who stayed on the bus (Alex) meets the guy who got off the bus (Boris) and both have a chat about what they saw, Alex would say it took say 0.7 microseconds for the longer triangular journey, but Boris would have a time of 0.2 microseconds. Both of these people have seen the same even and have very different views on what actually took place. So who is right? The answer is both of them. This is one of the really confusing things about Relativistic Physics. Two people can observe the same events and come to very different conclusions. This is known as time dilation, it basically involves stretching time. There are some really great videos explaining this on YouTube search for things like ‘time dilation’, ‘simultaneity’ or the ‘Twins Paradox’ which people may have heard of. Time is a weird concept, it is very hard to define as there is no ‘universal time’. It’s a human concept that is hard to define in words. Without using phrases like ‘rate of ’ which imply the use of time anyway. I’ts something we are all aware of, I actually think its a really interesting thing to sit and think about… but then again I’m weird.

Hoax Buster:

The Giant Burrowing Frog doesn’t croak. It hoots like an owl.

Random Facts
s, it’s the seahorse In o es birth t le who giv g. ma the youn

Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.

Hon ey do spoil es not .

The billionth digit of Pi is 9.

m gu by ing ted ed w he ven am e C in , n l as tist emp w en S o d iam ay t r a ill w u W as a se yo i erc . ex ws ja

19th February 2008



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19th February 2008

19th February 2008





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19th February 2008

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Dr Russ replies...PhD
If you are a UK resident, you would be eligible for funding from one of the government funded agencies known as research councils. Your fees would be paid as well. However, all you need do at this stage is apply for a place. Your potential supervisor will tell you what financial options might be available. If you are an EU student, you would be eligible to have your fees paid but would not be eligible for government funding. International students are only eligible for support from one of the government funded research bodies if they can prove that the UK is their home country. However, most universities have their own scholarship schemes, which, although highly competitive, do provide an alternative. Am I too late to apply? Although there are generally no closing dates for applications for PhD programmes, many applicants will already have made contact with their preferred universities. It is therefore a good idea to start this process as soon as possible. What degree class would I need? In most cases, a 2.1 is the level of degree which is most likely to secure funding though some highly competitive areas may require a First. A free booklet in the Careers Service, Prospects Postgraduate Funding Guide, contains some useful information about all of the main funding bodies.

Russ Clark from Surrey’s career service answers some question which may just sound familiar...
I am thinking about doing a PhD. How do I know I would What about finance? be suited to it? I have lost count of the number of PhD students I have seen over the years who have wanted to give up. In many cases, they simply hadn’t realised how different a PhD would be from a first degree. Apart from one or two special doctorates, most PhDs involve no lectures, no revision and just one single 2-3 hour exam at the end. You may find yourself working alone for long periods. You may meet what appear to be insurmountable problems or you may simply fail to obtain the results or information which you need. You are therefore more likely to succeed if you are determined, patient, have good time management skills and the ability to solve problems. It also goes without saying that you should have an enquiring mind and a love for the subject you are studying. Do you think you fit the bill? If you have serious doubts about these requirements a PhD might not be right for you. Assuming I’m still interested, how should I go about it? Two good places to start looking are on www.prospects.ac.uk and www.findaphd. com These sites will give you some idea of the kind of research going on in different parts of the country. The next step would be to send your CV with a covering letter explaining what you would like to do and why. You may be sent an application form in reply, but the good news is that you can make as many applications as you like. If you would like to stay at Surrey, all you need to do is mention your interest to the member of staff with whom you would like to work and they will tell you what might be available.

19th February 2008

ussu.barefacts@surrey.ac.uk PUZZLELORD .. MUHAHAHAHAHA 13
Clues Down: 1) Hampshire town, West of Basingstoke, on the river Anton. (7) 2) Buying and selling; trade. (8) 3) Seventh planet from the sun. (6) 4) Disability; measure of a golfer’s ability. (8) 5) Ramble; walk. (6) 6) Hormone produced in mammals by the Islets of Langerhans. (7) 8) The nature of the promised review of the FA, following the sacking of Steve Mclaren. (4, 3, 6) 14) Section at the end of a book or a play, dealing with the characters’ future.(8) 15) Assume control of a business. (8) 16) In Arthurian legend, knight of the round table, whose father was Sir Lancelot. (8) 17) Bertie -------: character created by P.G. Wodehouse, whose valet was Reginald Jeeves. (7) 19) Season of the year in which the 2008 Chinese Grand Prix will take place. (6) 21) Town within Greater Manchester, origin of the eponymous currant-filled cake. (6)

Puzzlelord had enough of the lovey dovey stuff ....... and is back with some deffinate brain twisters..... though he is looking more and more like Timothy Spall
Clues Across: 7) Situated in a building or undercover. (6) 8) Cooking in an oven; reprimand. (8) 9) Specialist, infantry military unit. (8) 10) Idiot; stupid person. (6) 11) U.S. State, part of the Great Plains, the Cornhusker state. (8) 12) French port, said to be lying in the heart of Mary I. (6) 13) Luck; good fortune. (11) 18) African nation, bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, from which the river Shire flows. (6) 20) “Left over right and under. Right over left and under.” (4, 4) 22) Fidel ------: president of Cuba. (Assuming he hasn’t died before this edition goes to print.) (6) 23) Autopsy; examination of a dead body. (8) 24) Somerset town, home to one of Europe’s deepest natural harbours. (8) 25) The cube root of 1331. (6)



19th February 2008

Almost Accurate Astrology
Our resident astrologer Ophelia Balls dishes out some horoscopes

Aquarius (January 21 - February 20) You’re not entirely sure what’s going on, but you can tell that people have your best interests at heart. Things should build to a point at which you can tell that you’ve regained any lost ground. Ah, and that Queens of the Stone Age gig in Hammersmith! Why didn’t you go? It was such an awesome event! Pisces (Feb 21 - March 20) You aren’t totally comfortable with the way things are going right now, thanks in large part to the weird emotional energy that is suffusing your surroundings. The good news is it won’t last very long. Maybe you should refresh your mind by sipping some nice hot chocolate from Rushes! Its only 85p for a small cup! Aries (March 21 - April 20) You are not fooling anyone pretending to study while you are busy opening up Facebook and myspace. You should seriously think about prioritising things immediately. The lab report is probably due in sometime in the week, and leaving it for the last minute is not the best idea. You’ve been warned!

Libra (September 21 - October 20) Hmm, I see lotta things in my crystal ball for you. You are destined for great things, and this week will bring many achievements for you, though it may not be one that you recognize immediately. At least one of your goals has been met, though, so it could be time for you to set a few new Taurus (April 21 - May 20) It is that time when all your friends have got a job after ones. graduation, or placements for next year and you are stuck there with nothing. Don’t panic, if you try hard enough, it should be alright. Get your CVs checked by careers service, they are there to help! And good luck with the interviews as Scorpio (October 21 - November 20) well. You should probably check out our fortnightly Dr. Russ’ Ah, that group project is always a pain. You’ve got to use page. It is really reAAlly helpful! that focused energy to ensure success on your big project -while nothing is guaranteed, you do at least know that your Gemini (May 21 - June 20) determination is helping you move things forward. By the Betrayal is a difficult thing to cope with. But we should move way, it will look great on you CV if you manage to get really along, and forget the past. Just remember, it takes two to make good marks on it. Trust me, I’m talking from experience! an accident! Around mid-week, something big is happening Lucky Day: Wednesday to you but you cannot do anything about it, just take a deep breath and work past it. Cancer (June 21 - July 20) Your vision of the future is quite strong now and while it may not come exactly as you want it to, you should still find that you can affect things pretty directly. Don’t be shy about taking action especially the ones that need to be taken! Leo (July 21 - Aug 20) Maybe you are not taking things very seriously when you should be. Your friends are not satisfied on how you are treating them. It was your turn to take the garbage out last Thursday, and you did not do it. Why? Well mate, what goes around comes around. Virgo (August 21 - September 20) So how was the walk of shame? You told all your friends that you would stop drinking a month ago, and what happened to that? Uh, yeaa right! You proved something last night, didn’t ya? Well, hope the walk of shame wasn’t that shameful. Go have a shower and proper breakfast. Good luck for the rest of the day! Sagittarius (November 21 - December 20) Ah, down that red bull now! Your fiery energy is perfect for making things happen, so take action as soon as you can. You may need to round up a few new allies or supporters, but that should be easy for someone like you! Tasks that need the most amount of action should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. Capricorn ( December 21 - January 20) I wonder how many people read the horoscopes section every week. Hmm. Well, sorry it had to be Capricorns, but if you are reading these and want a real prediction for your week, please email bf.features@gmail.com. Sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused you. But it does actually look quite good for you next week!

19th February 2008



On Tuesday 5th February, some of the finest athletes in the world of pancake eating gathered at Wates House for a gladiatorial tournament. The atmosphere was electric as pancakes were cooked and the chocolate sauce warmed. Then it began, batter mix flew everywhere as the competitors munched their way through the rounds until only two remained standing. Dipanjan Mitra and Anders J Bull eyed each other up as they sat down for the final head to head. They chomped their way to the finish line both true champions of the sport, but in the end there could be only one. Dipanjan ate his way through an impressive 33 pancakes over the course of the competition but it just wasn’t enough to beat the former champion. Anders J. Bull emerged victorious consuming 39 pancakes and smashing his own personal best. In an emotional speech Bull acknowledged his worthy opponent and hoped to see him back next year. In total over 660 pancakes were consumed throughout the competition and £64 was raised for charity. Truly a fantastic evening for the sport.

Hello – I hope that you all had a good Shrove Tuesday and that your pancakes turned out better than mine! The sensible postgrads amongst you will have let the others do the hard work and attended the PGA pancake eating competition – details of which are below. The event raised money for charity so well done to all who attended! I am sorry for last issues technical hitch regarding the have your say section. The e mail is ai00011@surrey.ac.uk and I would love to hear from you Postgrads about anything - life, love (any Valentine stories?), the universe and any tips to improve my pancakes? – so get writing! Al

Upcoming events:
Quiz and Curry. This month’s Postgraduate Quiz and Curry at Wates House will be held on the 20th February starting at 8.00 and it will be the usual £1 to take part in the quiz and £1.50 for the curry. The winning team will receive a £20 cash prize with the usual bottle of white and bottle of red wine for the runners up. There will of course be the usual classic prize for third place.

19th February 2008

Relationship Dynamics : Saint Valentines Exposed
By Amy Campbell When it comes to Valentine’s Day everyone’s getting asked the dreaded question ‘Who’s your valentine?’ If you didn’t get whisked off your feet this year by your prince charming, no need to worry, life’s too short to be looking for ‘Mr Perfect’ for one dressed up phenomena that aims to make us spend even more money! Of course, we would all agree it is nice to be wined and dined on Valentines Day whether it be a date to the local cinema or a posh swanky restaurant in town, the logic remains- it’s the thought that counts. But for Valentines Day many of us have probably found ourselves paying extreme prices for meals, gifts and outings that us students simply cannot afford. Likewise, we are caught out by the diverse extra bit that we have to pay, as we are absorbed into the power evolved around us to keep your heartthrob happy on the special day of 14th February. In addition my advice for next year would be to consider cooking a meal on Valentine’s Day and dine the night after, there you will save your self more money yet you are making double the effort, you can’t go wrong there! It is extremely common for us Brits today to be drawn into the youthful romance of Valentine’s Day in Britain today. I decided to take a look and see how Saint Valentine’s Day was celebrated around the globe to see if we are all passive into capturing one another’s hearts on Valentines Day. Take a look at how these countries celebrate valentines day: Australia- Historically a tradition that dates back to the Australian gold rush period, where the men ordered extravagant gifts presented in lavish boxes. Still evident today men over rule women in their romantic gestures in Australia buying gifts, cards, flowers and chocolates to their loved ones. Japan- A dedicated day is given to females and males, on the 14th February females present their gifts to males and in return on ‘White Day’ men pamper the women who gave them their gifts on the 14th January. Chocolate is the most popular gift for females to give their partners and this return of white chocolate is often favoured for males to give to females on ‘White Day’. China- Different from our traditional date, the Chinese Valentine’s day falls on the 7 day of the 7th lunar month and celebrated as ‘ The festival of the Double Sevens’ Couples and singles visit the ‘The Temple of Matchmaker’ and pray for love and happiness. There is a general exchange of gifts, but there are specific colourful rituals for the day. So, can you improve your chances for next year’s Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you might celebrate it in a more cultural way different from our traditional day. Failing that just attend the love flirt at the union!

19th February 2008



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a ride!

Enter online at


19th February 2008

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19th February 2008



mentioned by those above I wrote (false information). One thing I want to include since times are hard is for us to say a Barefacts prayer together that I composed: ‘DEAR LORD ABOVE, WATCH US LIKE THE SHEEP WE ARE, AND PRAY FOR US LIKE WE PRAY FOR YOU TO PRAY FOR US. LIFE IS FULL OF MORASS SO LET US CLEANSE THE KENNAL TOGETHER, SAVE US FROM REDEMPTION AND LEAD US TO GOOD DEGREES. AMEN’ Waylon King Weasel

BY POPULAR DEMAND I HAVE BEEN ASKED BACK TO INTRODUCE THIS BAREFACTS PAPER READ. So let me start by saying happy birthday to Jake South the co-editor of the arts section, he turns 34 this Sunday. Aside from this let me wish everyone who is in the middle of a crisis a great deal of happiness. Happiness is good and good things lend themselves in making our world go round. I like sharks and eat eels with lobster dessert on Sundays. Okay. I actually have to write more here, so to introduce the Barearts section of this paper I can say that pieces by Andy Vale, Ben Pook and Jamie Caramel Buchanan will feature this week(s). I will be writing articles under certain false names. Basically articles not
Wu-Tang Clan 8 Diagrams Loud This fifth studio album sees The Clan return to the Hip Hop/ Gangster Rap scene with a, albeit slightly unfamiliar, shimmering force seeped in braggadocio, typical of both the group and the genre they inhabit. 8 Diagrams, whilst heavily influenced by RZA’s recent ventures in cinema soundtracks (most notably Kill Bill and Ghost Dog) is still in the lineage of the original (and most associative) ’36 Chambers’ style. The warped samples and gritty beats remain, but with a seemingly new sheen. Perhaps Method Man’s verse at the beginning of the first track, ‘Campfire’: “I’m try’na bring the sexyback like Timbaland and Timberlake”, is more a statement of the groups ethos and a foreshadowing of the intent of the album as a whole as it unravels, than simply an opportunity to spit a contemporary buzz-line. The most obscure facet of the album is not the new flavour of production, but the seemingly sparse involvement of Ghostface Killah. Ghost, who only appears on 4 of the 14 tracks, even fails to verse on the 7-minute ODB tribute ‘Life Changes’. Evidently carried by Method Man who masterfully charges all the tracks with confidence and flare, the album utilises The WuTang’s most charming and characteristic forte: the vivid and lucidly ordered tapestry of MCs. While 8 Diagrams presents some novel and interesting textures and approaches that an early Clan faithful may be somewhat wary of (such as an apparent new fascination with singing which appears to replace the usual rowdy chanting), it is perfect in the positioning of rappers with each other – pace, rhyme, timbre and flow being adeptly complimented or juxtaposed, yielding blissful results.

Wu-Tang have always been known to feature some big named artists (Redman, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Isaac Hayes, et al.) and this ceases to be the case on their newest release. The guests here, however, are a little more out of kilter with their most known associates. ‘While My Heart Gently Weeps’, a rework of the Beatles classic ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ being the most prominent example of this; featuring RHCP guitarist John Frusciante and Dhani (son of George) Harrison to carry the guitar lines. Other company includes nu-soul goddess Erykah Badu (‘WMHGW’) and funk legend George Clinton (‘Wolves’) amongst others. Although ‘Wolves’, with its incessant pulse and whirring hooks, is probably the most akin to earlier floor fillers like ‘Gravel Pit’ and ‘Protect Ya Kneck’, it is one of the least interesting tracks on the album. Check the cinematic, low key ‘Windmill’ and the more uptempo and richly percussive ‘Unpredictable’. The album is ultimately a ghost story, ODB being the ghost at the heart of the tale and its tellers. Whilst 8 Diagrams is very listenable and, from time to time, presents something fresh and genuinely inspiring, it is not a masterpiece. I cannot help but think that this new production aesthetic is less an updated and innovative formula as proposed by some critics, but more an appropriation of the styles and artists their earlier albums influenced.

Jamie Caramel Buchanan

The Mars Volta The Bedlam In Goliath Universal Motown The list of men who I want to hug is a short one. After listening to this album, the man who handed it to me has just been added to that list. It must be noted that according to iTunes this album falls into the category of Punk/Alternative. This isn’t a punk album at all; sack the guy who suggested it. Plus I abhor music being labelled ‘alternative,’ however on initial listen there really aren’t many other words that come to mind when trying to put The Mars Volta into one particular label without taking up another language. Opening with the immediate yelp of ‘have you seen the living?’ one realises that this band don’t quite do things by the book. Such is a style that has enthralled and alienated so many in equal measures since the more hairy half of At The Drive In decided to form this band seven years ago. The concept behind this album came to the band from their bad luck with an Ouija board during recording and the stories of the characters they ‘met’ are featured on the album. Standout titles on the track list are ‘Askepios’ ‘Ouroborous’ and ‘Wax Simulacra.’ There is not an ‘ooh baby baby’ in sight. Thank goodness. Listening to The Mars Volta is akin sitting atop a Frisbee mid-flight as it dazzles and disorientates in equal measures. The real skill behind this album is that they have kept this quality completely intact yet made an album that is often thoroughly listenable to those who are less inclined towards the obscure corners of the audio arts. This could be partly due to the fact that their influences come from all corners of the world and are combined with such urgency that it almost seems as if they are trying to cover them up. But with some careful listening any Jazz connoisseur is sure Kid Harpoon ‘The Second EP’ XL Recordings As I sat there loosing my virginity to the music that is Kid Harpoon, like many I have encountered, I couldn’t help but demand more. The Second EP is a collection of 6-tracks, elegantly disgruntled that range from the harsh opening instalment ‘Riverside’ to the head wagging ‘In The Dark’. As a ‘newbie’ to KH I did not know what to expect. His Highness ‘The South’ had promised great things and I was eagerly anticipating my first encounter with Tim Hull, the one individual whom makes up Kid Harpoon. ‘Riverside’ begins proceedings off ravishingly well, much like a passionate session of 4-play and the combination of acoustic and electric go together like HP sauce and a bacon roll, simple yet exceptional. On top of this, Hull’s vocal imagery takes you on an imaginative journey that encapsulates in an aura of graceful madness at the end. His song writing capability also shines in ‘Her Body Sways’. The lyrics fit perfectly and by now KH has you in full swing approaching a glorious climax. For me, ‘In The Dark’ is the stand out track on the EP. The sound seems familiar, yet it is difficult to draw comparisons. Maybe it’s a sound we have been anticipating? A sound that was perhaps destined to be created? All I know is that each and every 190 second of this track is truly remarkable. The remainder of the EP equally deserves recognition; however I will allow you to draw your own conclusions. ‘The Second EP’ is released on February 18th, treat.


19th February 2008

to find something recognisable, ‘Goliath’ nods slightly to early 90’s metal in places, while the first five seconds of ‘Conjugal Burns’ could remind one of The Kaiser Chiefs, perhaps. However there are those parts that could sound like the musical equivalent of a ‘you just had to be there’ story to some. In fact the closest thing to a typical single that you may find on the album is the bonus track, a colourfully thumping cover of Pink Floyd’s early B-side ‘Candy and a Currant Bun.’ If you already enjoy The Mars Volta then I imagine you have and love this album already. If you’re not into them then I doubt this will turn you. But then again the great thing about this band is that fans are just a pleasant coincidence, the members an enigma at best and the music a glorious cacophonic reminder of all that’s good about having ears.

Lucas Vale

Bean Pook
Art Brut Pump Up The Volume It’s a Bit Complicated The pop song kings and queen returned not too long ago with a second album; “It’s a Bit Complicated” and from it has emerged this new single. Incredible lyrics, and guitar melodies that you cannot stop from setting up shop inside your head, this single is quality. Art Brut know how to put out an awesome pop song and this hard evidence, purchase the album today. Is it so wrong to break from your kiss to turn up a pop song?

19th February 2008
Susie Clarke Guildford Tup 06/02/08 Any event that gets people out on a Wednesday night is to be applauded. When there is also an England game on then it is undoubtedly a noteworthy event. One that has people crammed into the venue and gaining their uninterrupted attention on such an evening suggests Guildford has another act that one would be well advised to catch while they can. Susie has already attracted a lot of attention for her deep and socially acute songwriting delivered with her soft yet soulful voice. More recently she has been backed by a thoroughly talented band, who are tight as a wincing hedgehog. They provide a firm footing to Susie’s vocals without ever seeming overbearing, as any good band should. To the casual listener it would be easiest to describe this as ‘grown up pop,’ the kind that is easy on the ears, fairly catchy yet stands up well to repeated listens with varying degree’s of analysis. I know your kind shows off some of that aforementioned social bite that is one of Susie’s many strengths and has a little Reggae bounce to it. This earns sagely nods from the men in leather jackets at the back, while at the other end of the social spectrum ‘Like A River’ has the effortlessly cool young things nearer the front swaying along. Songs like this will sound just as good drifting across a festival breeze as they do Los Campesinos! Death to Los Campesinos! Wichita Recordings Released – 18/02/08 From the title it may suggest the farewell of a band and thus a final resignation single, or even a group of kamikazes, but in fact these would be highly unwise suggestions. The name actually represents a dislike of bands that produce tune after tune of “copycat” music as a result of obliviously writing under the influence of their inspirations. As much as it is arguably impossible to produce a piece of music or anything for that matter that hasn’t been inspired by something or someone, Los Campesinos attempt to fight this temptation. It is this hidden meaning that lies behind the regular lyric “fighting a robot” that features throughout the song. What prevails from Los Campesinos’s efforts is frantic music that moves at an incredible pace, fuelled with litres of energy. “Death to LC!” opens with a deceiving calm and steady guitar riff, before crashing into a new dimension of excitement and power. From here on the tempo stays up and continues to drive the song throughout. A refreshing feature of the single is the use of call and response between the male and female voices that provides a fulfilling balance. This alongside the infectious melodic lines and memorable lyrics stands out as a prominent characteristic of the song, and the band as a whole. However despite efforts to produce an original sound, “Death to LC!” is based around a large use of repetition, a verse-chorus-verse structure and guitar lines and dominant drum patterns. But it works. In essence this track does fall into the indie/pop genre and as a result does sound incredibly similar to many other indie groups,


in a cosy bar, no doubt I’ll be proved right on this one in due time. One of the few upshots of the reality show instant popstar culture is that it sheds a lot of light on to the manufactured pop industry. What was once whispered talk in record company towers is now bantered about on national television; the music making business is suddenly a lot more transparent. This has alienated many from the style of popstars that we had a decade ago and sent them on a path searching for more genuine artists. While this leads to people giving more credit to some artists than is necessary just because they know a chord or two, Susie is not one of these cases. Tonight’s gig was being filmed by MTV for a documentary on up and coming artists suggesting that the industry is beginning to react to such a turn in attitudes and is looking to a new generation of artists such as Susie, who will no doubt strike a chord with anyone looking for a genuine musical artist.

More info can be found here www.myspace. com/susieclarke

Skywalker Vale
“Shout Out Louds” and “The Spinto Band” to name couple. Yet this is a brilliant track, successful in many ways and a sure head turner. To indie/ pop lovers this will be enjoyed thoroughly, however for the opposite audience this will simply be just another indie/pop track. “Death to Los Campesinos” is taken from the debut album “Hold On Now Youngster…” set for release on the 25th Feb. Los Campesinos are currently touring the UK, visit www.loscampesinos.com for more information.


Happy Birthday No Wave
No Wave: USSU’s very own alternative music society is about to celebrate its 30th birthday. No Wave will be taking over the unions current Saturday night project U Disco and making it awesome. We will be touching back on our roots with live bands and traditional No Wave DJ’s. This once in a life time event is set to take place this weekend in Rubix (upstairs at the union) on Saturday 23rd of feb. Currently invited bands include Instil and Guildford’s own swing-ska band Action Hank. Everybody is welcome student or not, “old waver” or new, so don’t miss out. 30 years of surreys most popular music society means a lot of history, so I did some digging and this is what I found out. No wave was stated in 1978 one of the co-founders was Andy McInnes and was originally alternative Music theatre and arts society. The name No Wave comes from was a short-lived but influential music and art scene birthed in New York City during the late 70s and early 80s. The term “No Wave” is satiric wordplay on the then-popular New Wave genre. The name also expresses the music’s experimental nature: No Wave music belonged to no fixed style or genre. No Wave is characterised by such bands as the New York Dolls.


19th February 2008


The names of three No Wave executive committee positions of Chair, Treasurer and Sectary can be traced back to the turn of the century. The following list of names was taken from union records.
Chair Treasurer

No wave picnic Spring 2007 The new No Wave executive for Sept 2008 – summer 2009 will be voted at the No Wave AGM after Easter (date TBA). The no wave constitution has 6 clauses: 1) To Facilitate and encourage the provision of an alternative music based environment within USSU. 2) To promote active involvement within the society and open access to the society including… 2b) The right for all members to have their opinions heard & considered at committee. 3) To organise regular committee meetings 4) To develop the society. 5) To increase awareness of No Wave and its interests. 6) At least once, at one event to handcuff together all committee members. The final clause has never been enforced to current knowledge. The argument being that number 6 does not state that this should happen every year but at least once at some point in time, thus every committee so far has decided number 6 can be fulfilled by a future committee.


Sept 2007 - summer 2008 Sept 2006 - summer 2007 Sept 2005 - summer 2006 Sept 2004 - summer 2005 Sept 2003 - summer 2004 Sept 2002 - summer 2003 Sept 2001 - summer 2002 March 2001 - summer 2001 Sept 2001 - March 2001

Stuart Myers Timothy Driscole Richard Hartley Neil Bolton Richard Benson Daniel Driscole Duncan Hamilton Duncan Hamilton Owen Hazelby

Anthony Marchant Kirsty Dodd Christopher Calton Richard Hartley Shobhan Pilkington Shobhan Pilkington Sarah hill Trision O Dwyer Honey Godfrey

Adam Cole Greg Redings Alison Brown Morgan Gooch Genenieve Clapton Gary Bewic Alexandra Holt Alexandra Holt Elaine Round

No Wave at Fetish 2007

The old No Wave T-shirts were pink with the words VERY METAL in White writing. In autumn 2004 it was voted by majority of No Wave that Pink was in fact the most metal colour in existence. The pink shirt has since served us well as it allows for fast location of members at gigs and consorts and a wide birth in mosh pits (many are wary of moshing with those in the pink shirts proof that pink truly is the most MEATL colour) The new T-shirts are set to be black with a pink No Wave Bunny which is set to appear on the next batch of No Wave T-shirts due out soon. The bunny can also be found on official No Wave plectrums available from No wave committee meetings. No Wave committee meetings are held Every Tuesday at 7.30 in Wates house for a 8pm meeting so come along and have your say, have a drink and meet a good crowd of friends who are into a broad range of good music.

The No Wave mascot and icon is the No Wave Bunny which was conceived and invented by ex-No Wave chair Neil Boulton (Known to many as Tree) Neil was also No Waves first ever dance commander a position now held by Emma Game. The Dance commander duty it is setting up the HRB and train new DJ’s deal with sound equipment issues.In an interview with Neil he said he drew first drew the Bunny because he likes rabbits. Since then it has been accepted and loved by No Wavers and adopted as No Waves official symbol

19th February 2008




Mountain Walking



19th February 2008

- Spiders and Sunsets

On February 9th the Mountain Walkers set off for a cloud free weekend in the Isle of Wight. Leaving early in the morning, the13 walkers soon arrived in Portsmouth and boarded the Wightlink ferry service, the stretching views of the Solent giving us a nice wake up call to the day ahead. The Isle of Wight may seem an odd destination for our club (it has no mountains) but it does offer over 92km of coastline and numerous hills that provide enough height to see most of the island in all directions. A brief stop in Sandown gave us time to setup the tents at the chosen campsite, although anyone with a fear of gnomes may have been nervous here as the owner’s garden was overflowing with the things. With everything set up we headed for the tip of the West coast for a walk taking in the coast, rivers, fields and hills. The gentle pace was welcome for the newcomers on the trip, allowing them to have a nice first taste of hill walking. The weather did not disappoint either; with not a single cloud in the sky there was plenty of room for the budding photographers in the society to practice their skills. The walk offered strange sights as well. Walking across the fields in the waning light revealed fields covered in spider webs, with their thin trails dancing and glistening in the sunlight. The silk was separated by only several centimetres but provided an interesting, if bizarre, view. The walks on both days ended with beautiful sunsets, which made the trip for me. The first day ended with us walking back along the coast with full view of the sun as it slowly disappeared behind the sea, the sky turning gold and red as it disappeared. As the darkness approached the rabbits came out to play, jumping and cart wheeling into each other against the outline of cliff edge. On our second night we caught the sunset ferry out to catch a breathtaking view. With the sun already set behind the island a multitude of reds, orange and gold pastille colours had been painted across the sky, outlining the islands profile and the few rowing boats still in the bay (see photo). If this sounds like the sort of thing that might interest you, then please get in touch to find out more information. We’re on Facebook and www.uphilldownale.com , or feel free to contact us at bs41hm@surrey.ac.uk

- Simon, MWS Treasurer


Profile : Ben Nevis

I’m a Senior Systems Developer with the FEPS faculty team of IT Services, located in the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal processing. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Free Software and have contributed to a number of imaging and video related projects. My other interests include travel, photography, videography, fantasy TV series and model railways. I recently got an A-level in Photography by taking evening courses at Chichester College. I have sold a number of photo-story articles to specialist magazines in railway and fantasy TV genres. My photographic interests include landscapes, portraiture, wildlife and transport subjects.

It’s a male lion charging straight at me. It was taken at Fairy Glen, South Africa in December 2007. Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D) Lens: Canon 100-400 IS L-series

19th February 2008



Are you being served?

We are now serving our new menus in Chancellors
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19th February 2008

Campus Day of Prayer
22nd February 2008; AP3/4, 7pm; University of Surrey GU2 7XH. Host: Christian groups at the University of Surrey

Standing as one ...

Standing in prayer

Be Warned ......Answers !!!
Puzzlelord has Encoded the crossword answers, as before , to stop you “accidentally” reading them

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19th February 2008



Introducing the new Sports Editor.....
‘Sport’ is now under new management after the departure of Matt Cheetham & Tony Hanson, who successfully managed this section over the last two years. This section, thanks to them, covers a wide range of sport, both within the Uni and the outside world- trust me, they’ll be hard boots to fill! So, to introduce myself, I’m Dave Halls, and I’m your new Sports Editor. I’m currently studying Business Management. I’m a massive fan of Reading Football Club, and follow Leeds Rhinos in the Rugby League stakes. I suppose London Irish would be my local Union side (if you don’t know who they are: as the name suggests, they’re a bunch of South Africans playing in Reading). I also play with the University’s very own Ultimate Frisbee team: the Surrey Scorpions. I’m hoping to continue Matt’s ‘Football Talk’ section, so please keep your emails coming in to set the topics for discussion! I’m also planning to bring in a results page; to keep readers updated with all of the University’s sports teams successes (or lack of) since the previous issue, so send in your team’s results and your results will get a mention in the next barefacts. As well as this, I’ll be aiming to include a round up of the general world of sport around the world. The rest is up to you! Practically all articles sent in will feature (due to space restraints), so if you’d like an article relating to either sport at the Uni, or from the outside world write it up and send it in! I’d love for every team at Surrey to contribute- it’s your Sport section after all! Do bear in mind though, that barefacts goes to the printers about seven days before its released. Whilst I’ll aim to include as many articles as possible, unfortunately there is not always enough space. If you do write in, please try to include a picture to accompany your article. So, if you have any ideas, feedback, or would like to write, please email me at


Bethan Corlett

All members of the boat club are equal, just some are more equal than others… these special people are the coxes. Just to clear up any misunderstandings, when ask you to be a cox or to let your cox out or to cox us… we are not being crude, we simply mean that our club is in need of some people who we call Coxes. Contrary to popular belief there are 5 men in a boat (or 9 if it’s a bigger one), this consists of 4 rowers (or 8 ) doing what they do best - rowing. They are the ones who do the training, the sweating and the heavy lifting; the Cox is the person in charge. They act as an onboard coach and motivator during training sessions and races. We still have Phil our main coach on the bank but Coxes are essential. Another job for a Cox is steering the boat, on and off shore, i.e. getting the boat out of the boathouse and into the water & vice versa. On the water you just need to learn how to steer round swans, other boats and which side of the river to “drive” on. The Cox is the only person in the boat wearing a life jacket (no idea why, but we don’t make the rules!) and you get given a Cox Box to play with, this is a Britney styled microphone that is plugged into the boat and broadcasts your voice to the rowers, so you can tell them what to do. Ever wished you were in complete control of 8 beautiful men or women? Now is your chance. Total obedience. You don’t really have to be an angry person or even a natural born leader, you just have to have initiative. Sometimes quieter people on land make better coxes on the water. There are some technical terms you’ll need to learn but they’re easily picked up, and we would really like people who are up for a laugh and can commit to being a part of this great crew of people, and also a bit of time at the weekends.

Are you small? Are you angry? Are you a Cox?

Due to boats being pointy at both ends the Cox will sit in the thinnest bit of the boat, and also because we’re the ones who have to pull you down the river in races; smaller, lighter people are better for the job, so ideally men or women who are about 5”5 or less, but get in touch if you’re up for some fun. For me, joining the Boat Club was the best decision I have made at university, with the most fun results so I hope you will join us. Email Callum, our president, at ms42cw@surrey.ac.uk or get in touch through our forum linked on www.ussu.co.uk/boat and just remember… there ain’t no party like a Boat Club party.

Photo by Callum Walker

19th February 2008

19th February 2008

David Halls, Sports Editor
Football Talk has been rebranded! It’ll still follow the same format as before- discussing the last fortnight’s footballing news… with your input of course! Please continue to contact me on bf.sport@gmail.com to give your thoughts on the latest footballing matters- from the Premier League to the Non-League; from the FIFA World Cup to the FIFI World Cup (the tournament for non-FIFA affiliated countries… although I’m sure you already knew that!).



of Henry. Considering the youth system Arsene Wenger has at his disposal, there’s no reason this can’t go on to be as successful as his first generation of champions. I’m sure many would agree that Liverpool’s title assault is over. 19 points behind the top with just 13 games to play is not a gap Rafa Benitez is going to be able to close. A Champions League spot for 2008/9 is probably the best the Reds can aim for. But even that’s not guaranteed. Liverpool, Aston Villa and Man City are all within three points of Everton in 4th. And Portsmouth are only 3 points behind them. Harry Redknapp has recently declared that Portsmouth will be playing Champions League football next year; tongue-in-cheek remark or not, with none of the ‘Big Four’ left to play, and home ties against Sunderland, Birmingham and Villa coming up soon, Pompey certainly have one of the ‘easiest’ run-ins to the end of the season, so there’s no reason why they can’t be playing in the UEFA Cup at the very least next year. Cup Fever… The coming weekend (i.e. after we go to the printers, but before barefacts is released) will see the FA Cup fifth round. With only 6 top flight sides left in the Cup, the ‘Magic of the Cup’ is definitely still alive! And that six will be lessened for the quarter final, with Arsenal travelling to Man Utd. If two of the Big Four are drawn together again next round, we could see an unpredictable Final fixture (that is, one that doesn’t feature two from Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd or Liverpool). Middlesborough travel to Sheffield United, in a game which is asking to be a slip-up for the Teeside club. With Southampton and Portsmouth both given winnable away fixtures, we could also see a revival of the South Coast derby for the quarters. Either way, thanks to the draw, we are guaranteed at least 3 non-Premiership sides in the next round! Relegation At the wrong end of the table, it’s still anyone’s game. Sorry Derby are almost certainly doomed. The best they can probably aim for is not to take Sunderland’s title of lowest ever points total. After their club-record 7th straight defeat, Reading were sucked into the relegation zone last weekend, and with fixtures against Aston Villa, Man City and Liverpool to come in the next month, it’s hard to see where the next points will be coming from. Fulham’s minor revival was ended last week, with defeat at fellow-strugglers Middlesbrough- and with West Ham and Man Utd set to visit Craven Cottage in the coming weeks, it looks pretty bleak for the Cottagers. Then again, every team from about 13th downwards is in with a chance of relegation to the Championship; with just 6 points between 13th and 18th, a slight change in form could alter the table drastically. I get the feeling this one may be going down the last game of the year. And there should be some interesting games to finish the year on: Chelsea v Bolton, Derby v Reading, Wigan v Man Utd and Sunderland v Arsenal- all games featuring sides who will be in desperate need of points at either end of the table come May 11th. Football League… Our local teams, Woking and Aldershot are experiencing mixed fortunes in the Blue Square Premier Division; with the shots sitting pretty, 6 points clear of Torquay at the top of the table, the town of Aldershot might be about to see League football for the first time since Aldershot Town went bust in the 90s. Woking are comfortably mid-table- too far from the play-offs to realistically challenge, but also too far from relegation to be worried. After being promoted from League One last season, Bristol City are this year’s surprise package in the Championship- sitting 2nd, just one point behind Watford (who look set to bounce back to the Premiership at the first attempt; and are also looking a much stronger side than that which came rock bottom last season), City’s relatively weak goal difference might prove to be a stumbling block considering the closeness of the promotion race this year. Burnley are on the verge of breaking into the playoffs, after putting 4 past QPR at Loftus Road last weekend to win 4-2. For the first time this season, if you took away Leeds’ 15 point deduction, they wouldn’t be top of the League One. Their recent terrible form has seen them slip to 7th. Swansea, meanwhile are 8 points clear at the top, with a game in hand over 2nd place Doncaster. League Two, also, is very close, with MK Dons, Darlington and Hereford all within shouting distance of each other at the top.

There’ve been plenty of goings-on since in the world of football since the last issue, and as such we have lots to discuss! Capello’s First Game… I’m sure new England boss was glad to see his first game pass as a victory. It wasn’t the best performance ever, but it was an improvement on those we saw in Steve McClaren’s final games in charge. England looked vulnerable at the back; with perhaps Rio Ferdinand the only starter who looks as though he’ll keep his place. Ashley Cole couldn’t be further from the left back that excelled at Arsenal, and why Wes Brown was played ahead of Micah Richards is a mystery! Meanwhile Wayne Rooney looked strong, as did Joe Cole. The performance of David Bentley, as well, must have given many hope for the English youth system! It’s great to see, that at long last, an England manager has the guts (for lack of a better word) to drop the stars. For too long the big names have been guaranteed a starting berth simply by joining up with the squad. Finally, it seems, the England side will be picked on form and merit; not just for being high-profile. Hopefully Capello’s philosophy will continue when England play the French next month! Home Nations… Wales looked very strong against Norway, dominating the Norwegians from the off. Carl Fletcher’s first international goal and a brace from Jason Koumas saw off the opposition 3-0, who barely troubled the Welsh ‘keeper the whole game. Northern Ireland must have counted themselves unlucky not to have at least drawn with Bulgaria, with some decent chances; but gave the ball away far too easily at times, and subsequently lost 1-0. Some Superb saves from Shay Given kept out Brazil for over an hour in Ireland’s 1-0 defeat last week. It took a delightful finish from Robinho to put the Brazilian’s ahead, and despite all Ireland’s efforts, they couldn’t get back in the game. There’s definitely a lot of potential for new boss Giovanni Trapattoni to work with. African Cup of Nations… Congratulations to Egypt on winning the African Nations for a record sixth time- retaining the title having won the last tournament in 2006. The Pharaohs’ 1-0 win over favourites Cameroon capped a superb tournament by all teams. The quality of football proved that Africa is now well and truly on the footballing map- as seen by the new FIFA rankings published after the tournament. Africa has 3 teams in the top 25 in the world; and 9 in the top 50; with champions Egypt currently sitting at 29th in the world. Ghana remain the highest ranked African side in 14th. The sheer pace of Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o has the potential to rip apart most sides; but Egypt held strong and kept the Indomitable Lions at bay. Cameroon were without centre back André Bikey who was sent off in the last minute in their win over Ghana- for pushing over the First Aider attempting to help his Cameroonian team mate… I can think of better reasons for missing the biggest game of your life! The focus will continue to be on African football, as South Africa prepare to host the World Cup for the first time in the continent’s history in 2010. Title Race Opens Up So then, back to domestic football; and with only a third of the season to go, it’s starting to hot up on all fronts! Man Utd must be kicking themselves for failing to perform against their Man City at Old Trafford at the weekend. Fair play to City though; they fully capitalised on United’s weaknesses to take a deserved 3 points. However, for United, donning their commemorative kits in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash couldn’t have picked a worse day to lose to their biggest rivals. Of course, Arsenal managed to seize the initiative against Blackburn to find themselves 5 points clear of United, with an equal goal difference. I must say, I’m not overly surprised Arsenal are dominating this year- after Thierry Henry left last year, plenty of young talent emerged that had seemingly been overshadowed the presence

Send your responses to these topics and any topics you want brought up in future columns, as well as any sports related articles (and your team’s results/upcoming fixtures) to:



Mountaineers cycle and couchsurf across Europe


19th February 2008

Jonathan Chenoweth and Jez Wingate
Just after Christmas two members of the Mountaineering Club, Jonathan Chenoweth and Jez Wingate, set out on a nonMountaineering physical challenge – to cycle 1000 miles across five countries in northern Europe in the middle of winter. The other challenge was to keep the cost as low as possible by Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is an international web-based network for connecting travellers with the locals in the places they visit. Using the network is easy. You simply register with the website and create a personal profile, including as much information about yourself as you want as well as a few photos. Then before you travel you log into the couchsurfing website and search the profiles of people living there, finding others with similar profiles. Some cities, like London or New York have more than a 1000 couchsurfers, and in most places of any size it is really not hard to find a few couchsurfers with compatible profiles to email with your plans and get them to agree to host you for a night or two. No money is allowed to change hands between guest and host so you get free accommodation and possibly even meals, although you are expected to return the favour to other travellers visiting your hometown. The cycling trip was a 16 day circular route starting and finishing in Calais in France: Calais – Brugge –Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam – Utrecht – Eindhoven – Düsseldorf – Bonn – Koblenz – Trier – Luxembourg – Sedan – Reims - St Quentin – Douai - Calais. We planned to cycle about 65 miles per day on average, although a couple of days ended up being nearly twice this. Organising couchsurfing hosts was not difficult. In some places the very first couchsurfer contacted readily agreed to host us, while in other places it was tricky. In Brugge, for example, we were unable to find any couchsurfer to host us, perhaps not surprising given how overrun with tourists the place is, thus any local couchsurfers probably get far too many requests. However, changing the route in favour of Gent got us a host immediately.

Couchsurfing is certainly not a cheap hotel and anyone treating as such will just annoy their hosts and not enjoy the experience. However, the great thing about couchsurfing is that every night is a completely different experience although you have to be flexible with your expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed every night of our trip even if I can’t say the same about a couple days of windy, wet cycling. On a few nights we stayed in student digs. One night we stayed with a gay couple with an amazing apartment. On another night we stayed with an older woman who fussed over us just like a grandmother. A couple of our hosts seem to rattle around in oversized houses while others had tiny flats. Most of our hosts prepared some good home cooked food although a couple took us out to a favourite restaurant for dinner. Several took us on tours of city we were visiting. A few took us to their favourite pub, such as a wonderfully cramped shisha café in Trier where so much Arabic was spoken it was like being in the Middle East rather than Germany. One person took us to see what he accurately described as the most beautiful castle in Germany and on one night we stayed with a farmer who got us to try his exquisite homemade pâté and freshly smoked salmon as we sat by the roaring wood fire of a cluttered farmhouse kitchen. Old hams and strings of garlic hung from the ceiling. Every night was a different experience and we did not have any negative experiences on this trip. However, our planned host for Luxembourg emailed two days before our visit to say that he had had problems with a recent couchsurfing guest and thus he no longer wanted to host us. (We managed to find a new host for our visit to the city without any trouble.) In order to help avoid problems Couchsurfing.org, like eBay, allows its users to leave feedback. Like Facebook, Couchsurfing.org also allows friend links, and there is a verification system for new members to also improve safety. What about the cost of our trip? We hitched a ride to Calais with some of friends going on a pre-New Year booze trip. Coming back from Calais we linked up with a fellow group of Mountaineering Club members returning from a winter trip to the Alps – they happened to have space in their mini bus. We spent nothing on accommodation and little on food since most of our hosts shared meals with us. With lunch and snacks during the day and drinks at night in local pubs being the major expenses of the trip, the total cost of visiting five countries in Europe was not all that different to staying at home – each of us spent about ten pounds a

Since we did the trip in the middle of winter and so never got hot even when cycling up the steepest of hills, we can say we managed to cycle a 1000 miles without even raising a sweat. With our fitness improved, we’re ready to climb the highest mountains.
Women’s 2nd

teamsurrey Results
Ever wondered how Surrey University’s sports teams did I during the week? Well wonder no more! Here we have the full set of BUSA results for Surrey’s sports teams since the last edition of barefacts. On the back page are the fixtures coming up in the next fortnight- as well (where known) the kick-off times. All home fixtures, unless otherwise noted, take place at the Varsity centre, so why not go down and cheer on your University? Especially as many of our teams are now into the last few rounds of their respective cups! 31 January 2008 BUSA SE Football Conference Women’s 2A Portsmouth Women’s 1st 1v1 Surrey Women’s 1st
BUSA SE Netball Conference Women’s 4A Buckinghamshire Chilterns UC 1st 25v25 Surrey 1st BUSA SE Squash Conference Women’s 1A LSE Women’s 1st 2v2 Surrey Women’s 1st

01 February 2008 BUSA SE Hockey Conference Men’s 5A Bedfordshire (Luton) 1st 4v3 Surrey 2nd 02 February 2008 Surrey Open Hockey League Division 2 Surrey 1st 0v15 Camberley & Farnborough 1st Surrey Open Hockey League Men’s Division 4 Surrey Old Boys 2nd 5v0 Surrey 2nd Surrey Ladies League Division 6 Cheam Ladies 3rd 9v1 Surrey Women’s 1st
BUSA SE Water Polo Men’s Tier 2H Surrey 1st 6v8 UCL 1st BUSA SE Water Polo Men’s Tier 2H Surrey 1st 2v12 Imperial 1st

30 January 2008 BUSA SE Badminton Conference Men’s 1A Surrey 1st 2v6 Queen Mary’s 1st BUSA SE Badminton Conference Men’s 3B KCL 2nd 8v0 Surrey 2nd BUSA SE Badminton Conference Women’s 2A Surrey Women’s 1st 0v8 Imperial Women’s 1st
BUSA SE Basketball Conference Men’s 1A LSE 1st 87v72 Surrey 1st BUSA SE Fencing Conference Men’s 1A Surrey 1st 127v111 Kent 1st BUSA SE Football Conference Men’s 2A Surrey 1st 1v0 Royal Holloway 1st BUSA SE Football Conference Men’s 5A Brighton 5th 2v0 Surrey 2nd BUSA SE Football Conference Men’s 6D Goldsmiths 1st 1v1 Surrey 3rd BUSA SE Football Conference Women’s 2A Roehampton Women’s 1st 8v0 Surrey Women’s 1st BUSA SE Hockey Conference Men’s 5A Surrey 1st 7v0 Reading 4th BUSA SE Hockey Conference Women’s 4A Surrey Women’s 1st 6v0 Royal Holloway

BUSA SE Netball Conference Women’s 4A Surrey 1st 33v16 Chichester 3rd BUSA SE Rugby Union Conference Men’s 2A Surrey 1st 34v19 Chichester 1st BUSA SE Rugby Union Conference Men’s 4D Brighton 2nd 26v0 Surrey 2nd BUSA SE Squash Conference Men’s 2A Surrey 1st 5v0 Reading 2nd BUSA SE Squash Conference Men’s 3A Portsmouth 2nd 3v0 Surrey 2nd BUSA SE Squash Conference Women’s 1A Sussex Women’s 1st 4v0 Surrey Women’s 1st BUSA SE Tennis Conference Men’s 2A Surrey 1st 7v3 Roehampton 1st

06 February 2008 BUSA SE Rugby Union Conference Men’s 2A Brunel 2nd –v- Surrey 1st
BUSA SE Rugby Union Conference Men’s 4D Surrey 2nd –v- St George’s 2nd 26 January 2008 Surrey Open Hockey League Men’s Division 4 Sunbury 1st 1v1 Surrey 1st Surrey Ladies League Division 6 Shirley Phoenix 2nd 11v0 Surrey Women’s 1st

09 February 2008 Surrey Open Hockey Men’s Division 2 Cheam 1st 11v0 Surrey 1st Surrey Open Hockey Men’s Division 4 Surrey 2nd 3v2 Guildford 4th Surrey Ladies League Division 6 Surrey Women’s 1st 0v4 London Wayfarers Ladies 4th

19th February 2008
David Halls, Sports Editor
The Six Nations kicked off last weekend; and by the second game we had already seen a minor upset as Wales overturned World Cup runners-up England. The English looked in control at half time- going in at 19-6. It seemed as though it would be a case of “by how many” rather than “whether” England would win. No-one could have foreseen Wales’ resuscitation. But, like all good Englishmen, the team provided a classic collapse, and successfully managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Excuse the overused clichés. Too often, when the underdog wins, the media portray it as a case of the favourite’s “failure to win” rather than the underdog’s performance than caused the result. And yes, whilst England did help cause their own downfall, full credit has to be given to the Welsh; they fully capitalised on the opportunities they had in the second half and to score 20 unanswered points in almost as many minutes, to win the match 26-19 deserves applause. Of course, it wasn’t just England and Wales playing on the first day. Hours earlier Ireland saw off Italy 16-11, in a close game at Croke Park. Despite their victory, the Irish looked a shadow of their former selves- it’s hard to believe how much this team has changed over the last two years. The Italians looked strong from the off, and despite being favourites for the game, the Irish knew they wouldn’t be in for an easy ride. Leading for most of the game, Ireland were never really in a comfortable position- one Italian try and their lead was gone. But they held on, and despite a relatively poor match, took a deserved victory. The closeness of this game showed that this tournament is going to be tight- few games are going to be ‘easy rides’ for any team. France were the most convincing side in the first round of fixtures- seeing off Scotland 27-6. The result never looked in doubt; with Scotland’s revamped side- who went into the game (perhaps a little too optimistically) expectant of a result- seemingly always one-step behind the French forwards. Maybe the Scots were just off the pace; but they looked a distinctly distant side to that which had performed reasonably well at last year’s World Cup- more reminiscent of the side that came rock bottom at the previous Six Nations tournament. It was interesting to see how England, Scotland and Italy picked themselves up from their defeats. Scotland, in particular will need to hope their new era comes good quickly, or they could find themselves in serious danger of picking up a second successive wooden spoon at the Six Nations. But with a 30-15 defeat to Wales in their second match, the Scots don’t look as though they will have much luck- with Italy perhaps being their only hope of a victory in this year’s tournament. Wales were never behind, and Scotland never really looked like threatening. Despite a controversial try from Shane Williams (which replays seem to have shown that William’s foot hit the touchline before scoring- so the try shouldn’t have stood), a further try from Williams and another from James Hook, as well as a couple of penalties, the result was never really in doubt. However, Wales will probably be disappointed that they allowed the Scots to score five penalties against them. Wales, will now have their sights set on a Grand Slam, or at the very least the Triple Crown. Having overcome England initially (who are quite conceivably the strongest team in the tournament), and Ireland/Italy unlikely to pose much of a threat, France are the only real obstacle in Wales’ way. Following on from their victories the week before, one of Ireland and France would have their chance of a Grand Slam ended in their second match. Thanks to a hattrick from Vincent Clerc in the first half, France went into half time 19-6 up. Ireland must be bitterly disappointed that all three of his tries came from Irish mistakes. Thanks to a penalty try being awarded in Ireland’s favour after 3 French put-downs and a David Wallace try just minutes later, Ireland managed to pull the game back into contention (although France had scored their fourth try of the game just after the interval). Unfortunately, O’Gara’s missed conversion left the Irish more than a score behind. France were on the defensive for practically the rest of the game; and despite intense pressure from the Irish, only one more point was scored (a Ronan O’Gara long penalty) and the French took the game 26-19. England needed to pick themselves up quickly if they were to avoid embarrassment in this tournament. Italy, having looked, strong against Ireland, could take a lot of positives into their next match. England started well; playing with a point to prove after their previous surprise defeat. Going into the break 20-6, it seemed that (just like the week before) it would be a matter of by how many points England would win. Early tries from Paul Sackey and Toby Flood gave England a dream start; and Jonny Wilkinson’s conversions saw him pass the 1000 points mark for his country. At 1009 points scored for England, Wilkinson holds a record that none have ever come close to- the second highest English points scorer ever was Paul Grayson on 400. But after the break England, much like the previous weekend were a different sides; and were very nearly the architects of their own downfall. The second half saw posessional stats of about 70% for the Italians, and England’s half was epitomised when Danny Cipriani’s weak kick was charged down by Simon Picone who went on to score Italy’s first try. England had to desperately hold on to the Italian onslaught for the best part of the second 40 minutes. Italy could have snatched the game in the last minute, but a poor line-out play cost them dear. The game could be summed up nicely by quoting the BBC commentators: “England; what are you doing?”.



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Unfortunately, we are going to print before the next round of games, and by our next issue the tournament will be drawing to a close, but with Wales and France with 100% records this Six Nations (OK, so we are only two games in), and although England & Ireland have looked weak; this could still be anyone’s year. And who knows, maybe even Wales can go all the way and take the Grand Slam. I’m sure many would agree though; that it’s going to be hard to look past the French to retain the Championship again. Now, as you may have noticed, the Six Nations wasn’t the only major rugby event starting last weekend. It was also the start of Super League XIII. OK, so maybe the two aren’t on the same scale; but rugby league’s following is growing. The season began with the reigning champions Leeds Rhinos welcoming Hull Kingston Rovers to Headingley. It began as a bit of a bore; the score 6-4 at half time, in Hull KR’s favour. Indeed, Leeds left it until the last 20 minutes to show the class that won them last year’s Grand Final- their domination leading to a comfortable 20-12 win for the Rhinos. The rest of the league played their first matches a week later. Leeds continued on from their opening day win over Hull KR to beat Huddersfield Giants 30-10. Four goals from Kevin Sinfield suggest he’ll be continuing the form that helped the Rhinos take the title last season. Hull KR bounced back superbly from their defeat the week before, by beating St Helens (arguably the most successful League side in recent years) 24-22. Their neighbours, Hull, were not so fortunate, going down 32-20 to Warrington Wolves. Neither were the Bradford Bulls; who lost 26-24 away at Wakefield Trinity Wildcats. So in a week of relative upsets, perhaps it was fitting that the Catalans Dragons (who lost their inspirational midfielder Stacey Jones over the summer) overcame Castleford Tigers 21-14. You can’t really pinpoint any favourite to win the league this year; such is the strength of so many teams. St Helens and Leeds are the usual names thrown in, but Warrington have declared their intent to win, and after their opening day victory over Hull, don’t be surprised if they make it to Old Trafford in September! However, despite there being no relegation this season, Castleford, Harlequins and the Catalans Dragons by far, have to be the weakest teams in the league.

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Glorious Giants Prevent Patriots Perfection


19th February 2008

Jeremy Van Waveren & Folley Ogundele, Surrey Stingers
If you weren’t in town with the Surrey Stingers last Sunday then you missed a great night with a great atmosphere, watching an even greater game. The New England Patriots, boasting a so far perfect 18 wins with 0 losses season, came into the Super Bowl as overwhelming favourites. They had the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in their Quarterback Tom Brady and a record setting juggernaut of an Offence. It would have been ridiculous to think that New England weren’t going to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time in seven years. But this is the Super Bowl and on any given Sunday anything can happen. So, on Sunday February 3rd in Glendale Arizona, everybody was expecting a Patriots’ victory in Super Bowl XLII that would cap their amazing achievement of being the first team to go the whole season unbeaten since 1972… But the New York Giants had other ideas. The Giants, who came into this game with much less fanfare, opened the game by moving the ball 63 yards down the field which resulted in Scottish–born kicker Lawrence Tynes kicking a 32 yard field goal, giving New York a 3-0 lead in the first quarter. With the drive, New York had managed to use up 10 of the 15 minutes in the quarter, keeping the explosive Patriots Offence on the sideline. When the Patriots Offence took the field they responded in typical New England style, advancing the ball 55 yards down the field reaching the Giants 1 yard line. On the first play of the second quarter, Patriots Running Back Laurence Maroney ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown (6 points) and the following extra point was converted giving New England a lead of 7 – 3. No more points were scored for the rest of the quarter as both Defences stepped up and began to shut down any attack both Offences could muster. New York came closest to scoring, but Giants Quarterback Eli Manning’s pass was intercepted by the Patriots Defence- ending the threat. New England, with their high powered Offence, were not faring much better against a stout Giants’ Defence. Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, was feeling pressure all night, the physical kind. The four horsemen of the Giant’s Defensive Line didn’t allow Brady time to get in rhythm with his passing as New York sacked the league MVP 5 times and was in his face every time he attempted to throw the ball. At half–time the score remained 7-3. The third quarter carried on in the same vain, with both Defences continuing to dominate proceedings. On the Giants’ first drive of the fourth quarter, Manning completed a 45-yard pass to rookie tight end Kevin Boss. Following three runs by Bradshaw and a 17-yard reception by Smith on third down, Manning finished the 7-play, 80-yard drive with a 5-yard touchdown pass to David Tyree, giving New York a 10-7 lead with 11:10 left in the game. After consecutive negative plays from the Giants, New England got the ball at its own 20-yard line with 7:54 to play. Brady then completed successive passes to Wes Welker and Randy Moss, to give the Patriots a first down at their own 44-yard line. This Brady was the one fans and NFL followers were used to seeing. He continued leading his potent Offence down the field via another 13-yard pass to Welker, a four-yard completion to Kevin Faulk, and then a 10-yard pass, again to Welker, for a first down at the Giants’ 29. Finally New England had 1st-and-goal from the Giants’ 6-yard line. Following two incomplete passes, New York cornerback Corey Webster slipped whilst in coverage, leaving dangerous Wide Receiver Randy Moss wide open in the end zone where Brady found him for a touchdown to give New England a 14-10 lead with only 2:42 left in the game. Pundits around the world gave New York no hope at this point. Facing an 80-yard journey, with less than three minutes on the clock, against possibly the greatest team in NFL history. Surely it couldn’t be done. However, New York’s Offence began to stir as Quarterback Eli Manning connected with Tight End Kevin Boss for a 45-yard reception. This led to the seemingly unstoppable Manning, firing an amazing pass and catch to Wide Receiver David Tyree. Manning spun out of the grasp of lineman Jarvis Green, righted himself, and threw the 32-yard completion to Tyree, who made a leaping catch while covered by All-Pro Rodney Harrison. Tyree maintained possession by pinning the ball against his helmet with one hand as he fell to the ground. On the last play of the drive with less than a minute to play, Manning lofted a pass to the end zone where Patriots’ Cornerback Ellis Hobbs was beaten by Giants’ Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress, who caught the ball for a touchdown to complete the 12-play, 83-yard drive and give Giants a 17-14 lead with only 35 seconds left in the game. It proved to be the winning score as New England (and everyone outside of New York) were left shocked, as The Giants became Super Bowl Champions, a victory that will go down as one of the biggest upsets of all time. Final Score New York 17 - New England 14.

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