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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O.

Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

I was a drug addict for 19 years and a heavy drinker for 6 of those last years. I started rebelling against anybody and everybody of authority when I was 13 years old. By the age of 14 I had a miscarriage and already spent some time in a drug treatment center. I continued my drug lifestyle into a violent relationship with a man that lasted ten years and three children. It was more drugs and illegal activities, including growing marijuana for a living. I was still in this relationship the first time I checked into the Gospel Rescue Mission in March of 2000. I was pregnant with my daughter Autumn, and had my two young sons, James and Tristan, with me. During my stay, all I wanted was a “better” place to be so I did not pay attention to what was said in Bible studies nor did I care. All I wanted was a place to be while I sought different arrangements. It only took a few weeks before I found somewhere else to go. It was a few months later that I ended the relationship I had with the children’ father. I had my opportunity when he was in jail so I called my mom and she sent my sister to pick up my family and me and take us to California. I was offered help from my family to get on my feet and I thought for a moment I would accept that help, but instead I decided to not only continue doing drugs, and now drinking daily, but move away again so my family did not see that I was not a “good mother” like they thought I was. Since I had alienated myself from my family for many years, except for the occasional visit, they did not know I was still a heavy drug user. It was about a year after returning to Oregon I met Paul and saw something in him I wanted. I saw the spirit of Christ living in him and I fell in love with him. We eventually moved into the Fikso Family Center because we were homeless. This time while living at the Mission I was very self-conscious. I knew Paul was a Christian but I didn’t believe that I was. I paid attention in Bible study but I still did not understand it; I did not feel like I was a child of God. I was asked to take a random drug test. Knowing I had THC (Marijuana) in my system I refused to take the test and once again left the mission. Paul and I found a place to live for a year or so and this is where I did some drugs that almost killed me. I ended up in the hospital so Paul called the Mission and asked if I could be checked back into the Mission; they allowed me to come back as a resident. It was this time for which I am eternally grateful. I had been here for a couple months when during Bible study one morning I was not only hearing but understanding everything that was read from the Scripture. During this realization of who Christ is and what God did for me because of His great love for me, I had an enormous flood of conviction of my own sin fill my whole being. I wept hard, but it was good. God had mercy on me. I now know what it is to be a child of God. Paul and I are now married and have our four children at the Fikso Family Center. Everyday we are learning how to live and grow in a Christian life. I look forward to growing spiritually with the church of which we are members. Our children are learning what it is like to have a Christian based life which is more than I would have sought out on my own. God directed me here, God used the people of this place to show me the truth. There is nothing greater that could have come from staying at the Fikso Family Center.

“During Bible study one morning I was not only hearing but understanding everything that was read from the Scripture.”

Please, read Paul’s testimony, found on p. 5

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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528 S o m e T h o u g h t s

Commemorative Gifts
In Memory of:
Ray Cox From: Marjorie J. Allison Arden Dietz From: Bernice W. Dodd Johnny Eygabroad From: Sandra Scales Daun Keith From: Carmelle Keith Byron Neilsen From: Albert & Ann Gronewold Ivan Sanders From: Christian Men’s Fellowship Albert & Ann Gronewold Jerome Prairie Neighbors Marjorie C. Schwartz From: Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Ervin Jim Veritch From: Sandra Scales

Keith & Carol Heck
 When Carol and I had the privilege of serving in Thailand we were exposed to a new song, to us, that reminded us, “How good is the God we adore, our faithful, unchangeable Friend, whose love is as great as His power and knows neither measure nor end.” We continue to walk in our faltering faith but in confidence as we consider Him. Wagner Hall will be finished, and I trust that we might see great progress made to that end by December. I cannot put it more simply than this: we need money. God has raised up so many to meet the need for new buildings. Now another dear soul has boldly stepped forward with their $50,000 Matching Gift. May we see that quickly met. In Josephine County we live in exciting times. Exciting because Christ’s Church is challenged to meet many more needs for compassion and care as the government is backing away. May our Father of grace move mightily during this time and do so through the Mission. Do pray for physical and spiritual safety for the Staff as well as for the residents. It is always too easy to think that we are indispensable to this work, forgetting that He is the One who makes all things have value. Pray for a sense of eagerness as we look to our God to use us to confront the shocking and seemingly overwhelming needs. May all of us rejoice and give God the glory due His name for His work in the lives of Paul & Lori, Shawna and Michel. What a Father of grace He is.



In Tribute to:
“In honor to those I love” From: Anna M. Beeler


Thank you for blessing us in this wonderful way.


"And it comes to my attention as we bank into the sun, Creation's a confession of a love that's just begun."
Michael Kelly Blanchard, "Coast To Coast", 1981 ASCAP, Gotz Music
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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

Our 24th Annual Mission Banquet Great food! Thanks to E & I Catering

Shawna Spooner blessed us with a wonderful testimony! And Michel Pare’ allowed us to see the fruit of familial reconciliation as a result of God’s great grace.

Our Large and Small Business Awards for 2006
Needed Food Items
Luncheon Meat - Eggs - Mayonnaise - Ketchup - Oil - Soup - Salt Butter - Pepper - Crackers Mustard - Milk

LARGE BUSINESS AWARD Gooseberries. This company donates high quality, organic foods to the Mission every day. Each week hundreds of pounds of high quality food items are able to be enjoyed because this company truly cares for our residents. Thank them too, won’t you? SMALL BUSINESS AWARD Siskiyou Insurance Marketplace. This group of dear folks has been a true blessing to us through Godly wisdom and support. Kevin Maloney, Director of Operations, As many are aware, the insurance maze is presenting the plaque to Bob Norland. one in which it is easy to get lost. Truly, the Mission would not be able to conduct our caring ministry if many local Businesses, like Gooseberries and Siskiyou Insurance Marketplace, were not daily stepping up and helping us show mercy. What a place to live and work!

Paper Products
Sandwich Bags - Paper Towels Napkins

Other Items
Bleach [Always needed] - Razors Deodorant - Foot Powder Shampoo - Bar Soap - Laundry Detergent -

Toilet Paper This is an on-going need! We are averaging 96 people per day staying with us. Your kindness is truly appreciated!

To God be the Glory
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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

My name is Paul Kompas. My wife and I were asked to write our testimonies. What I felt after I read what my wife had written about seeing the Spirit of Christ in me is inexpressible. I first learned of Christ years before and saw the evidence of Him in other people. I myself wanted what I had seen in other Christians. My conversion to Christ was similar to Loretta’s. One day, Pastor Heck was reading the very words of God and I knew the Spirit was talking to me. After more than two decades of drug addiction and an entire life of ungodly living I was baptized. For Loretta to say she knew I was a Christian is something I would say about others, not myself. I was living against God’s will in my life. Loretta and I were married August 8th of last year. That is when I realized that, again, He was strong in my life. The day we were married I knew we both would serve the Lord as a Christian family. The living out of this Christian life has brought us to a church that we call “ours”, where we look forward to attending Bible study and Sunday services with other believers. Our children have benefited from our lives in ways that are evident to all around us. We have a basis for our lives and the way we are to live is according to the Word of God. This is directly attributed to the will of God in our lives through His means, the Gospel Rescue Mission. I can only live my life as a repenting and repented sinner and as God’s Word says, “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” I pray for His continued work in our lives. As we live our lives unto the Lord, loving Him and obeying Him, this is the thank you I can demonstrate to all who contribute to this ministry through their support, time and prayers. I have been a witness to the power of God through His Holy Spirit working in the lives of residents at the Mission both today and before. I thankfully am privileged to be a part of this ministry.

I previously cited Anne Sullivan who said, "People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved". Paul & Lori are a wonderful demonstration of the perseverance of the Spirit in the lives of His own people. Often were the times when we experienced deep soul-grief over Paul’s current situation. But there was never a question as to the truth that God had begun a good work in him. And now we can truly rejoice in what He is shaping into a Godly, Christian man who is a living epistle to his wife and children of love and hope. Paul omitted that he has been fully employed for several years. He is regarded as a trusted employee and can anticipate promotions within the company. How is it all possible that a previously lost Takilma soul has now been found? God is good. God is merciful. God will have mercy and compassion p. 5 upon whomsoever He will. Praise be to His name for the family of grace!

Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

An anonymous donor came in and gave us a matching gift. Is this something to which you might respond? What a wonderful way for Phase II, Wagner Hall, to close the funding gap even faster!

$50,000 Included in the Newsletter is a flyer talking about the Phase II fund. If you would like a presentation of the project, or would desire materials, please contact us at 476-0082 and we will either get it to you or present it to you - either way it is our blessing. Wagner Hall will meet a massive need in our community. We simply must have this facility. Today, we had 53 men staying with us in a 2,700 sq/ft facility having 2 showers, 2 stools and 2 sinks. The need of our facility is great; the need for a facility is massive. Wagner Hall will safely and soberly house up to 80 men. Dream with me, won’t you? By His mercy may we soon see the structure of Wagner Hall getting under way. Let’s satisfy this $50,000 Matching Grant as quickly as we can. All of us thank you!

An update on Derrold and Tammy God has richly blessed them through you. Many of you contributed to their financial needs brought about because of his several medical issues. They have been humbled by your care. You have allowed them breathing room as their rent is now caught up. Some of the bills that had accumulated, because Tammy couldn’t work due to her care for Derrold, have been taken care of. They are not out of the forest yet but the trees have gotten a little thinner! They thank you for your loving hearts.

Men’s Shelter 244 NE E Street Phone: 479-8869 Ray Allen Center 243 NE D Street Phone: 476-3399 For Men wanting drug and alcohol recovery 2nd Chance Thrift Store 6th & J Streets Phone: 479-9748 M-F 9:30 - 4:30 Sat 9:30 - 4:00

Facts & Figures March 2007
  

Meals served …………………………… 5,917 Beds Used [Daily Average].....…………… 96 Ray Allen Center [Daily Average] ……… 21 [This is our drug & Alcohol Recovery Center] Chapel Attendance [Daily Average]..…… 65

Fikso Family Center 530 SW Foundry Street Phone: 474-7774 For Women & Children



Your active participation through prayer and finances has accomplished much for many needy and hurting people. On behalf of each resident, thank you so much!

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A pril 2007 - P.O. Box 190 Grants Pass, OR 97528 - 541-476-0082 - - V olume 10.3

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Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Lori Kompas

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