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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O.

Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

Texas 994 pounds Arizona 371 pounds California 365 pounds Florida 191 pounds Illinois 191 pounds Iowa 175 pounds Georgia 170 pounds Oregon 119 pounds Colorado 119 pounds Nebraska 106 pounds Washington 101 pounds

FEDERAL METHAMPHETAMINE SEIZURES – 2005 Meth value at this time was approximately $12,800 per pound

Nevada 99 pounds Indiana 69 pounds New Mexico 68 pounds Tennessee Federal 65 pounds Virginia 42 pounds North Carolina 40 Pounds Kansas 39 pounds Alabama 38 pounds Wisconsin 37 pounds Idaho 34 pounds

South Carolina 10 pounds South Dakota 8 pounds Montana 7 pounds Michigan 5 pounds Minnesota 5 pounds Louisiana 4 pounds Mississippi 3 pounds Ohio 3 pounds Delaware 1 pound Maryland 1 pound New Jersey 1 pound West Virginia 1 pound

Missouri 33 pounds Oklahoma 32 pounds Pennsylvania 31 pounds Wyoming 29 pounds New York 27 pounds Arkansas 20 Pounds Utah 15 pounds Kentucky 11 pounds North Dakota 11 pounds

Connecticut None Maine None Massachusetts None New Hampshire None Rhode Island None Vermont None
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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528 S o m e T h o u g h t s

Commemorative Gifts
In Memory of:
Dale White From: Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Judd Mr. & Mrs. Don Taylor

Keith & Carol Heck
 Our focus is upon the Lord and His great goodness to us over the last several years. Have we had problems and challenges? Certainly. But we are also confident that we walk with a Savior who takes our weaknesses and glorifies Himself through them. Please, be sure to be with us for our Banquet. It is always a highlight of your year’s labors and this year will be no different. The foundation for Phase II is completed. It is now able to “hibernate” as we await the Lord’s financial support to see the building take place. This entire project is so far beyond what any of us could ever have brought about by our own efforts that the glory for its progress and ultimate completion will reflect glory upon glory unto our God. What a delight it was for me to put this issue together. Even as I read and re-read the testimonies of Constance and our other contributor my heart was warmed by His goodness and grace. What a God He is to take that which is severely damaged and confused by sin and apply straightening grace. We desperately need some regular and dependable handyman helpers! Please read page 4 and see if this is something that you might want to do. Over the years our printers, Gene and Renee Sibet at Morningstar Press in Rogue River, have blessed us again and again by their professionalism but even more by their friendship. If you have any printing needs you might call Gene at 582-3244; you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for blessing us in this wonderful way.
Constance Sloan: A Trophy of God’s Amazing Grace!
Remember Constance Sloan? In the Lord’s kindness He brought her to us at the Mission several years ago. Over time all of us have been greatly blessed by His working in and through her. Recently, Rogue Community College [RCC] included her story in their newsletter. Let me quote a couple of sections of that newsletter. “Two years ago when Constance Sloan first came to RCC she could read at only an early elementary school level. Since then she has been studying in the Redwood Campus Learning Center, filling in the gaps of an education - and a life - once derailed by drug abuse. Sloan, who had never before read a book, also belongs to the RCC Learning Center’s book club. If I don’t know a word, I’ll write it down and look it up,” I’m not ashamed anymore to say I don’t know. What hurts is to not ask.” Sloan started drinking at 8 then dropped out of school at age 13. When she reached her 20s, drugs, including meth, “took over everything,” she says. Eventually, drug abuse took its inevitable toll and Sloan “hit rock bottom. I lived here and there, on the streets,” she says. In 1999 Sloan went to the Gospel Rescue Mission, and while working with a 12-step program, she started turning her life around. “I began taking classes at church to overcome some painful episodes and to become a better person,” she explained. Reading at kindergarten level, she studied with Literacy Council tutor Marcia Lembcke, a retired elementary teacher. “She had a lot of patience,” Sloan said. I had to learn from square one; I had no idea of how to sound out words.” “When I do get my GED, it will be the greatest accomplishment of my whole life” she said. If you would like to read this entire article go to our website, and click on Women’s Work, then click on the file: GED Student Earns Instructor’s Respect.






If there were a quotation that I wish could be better known, understood and internalized by more of us, it would be the following:
"People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved" (Anne Sullivan).
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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

We have, through the kindness of a mission friend, a KitchenAid food processor. It would be very helpful for us, in order to use this blessing even better, if we had the following attachments…. Food Grinder Slicer / Shredder Citrus Juicer



We need to have some retired folks! If you are looking for some meaningful labor to do to keep you busy WE NEED YOU! Are you a Jack-of-all-trades kind of person who has a day or two a week to fix up broken locks, re-plaster and repaint walls as well as a host of other “little work” that just must get done around our places? Interested? Call Kevin today at 659-8470 and talk to him about volunteering as a handyman or woman. He can talk to you about needs as well as establishing some sort of schedule. You need to get out of the house and our house would love to have you for a day.

Needed Food Items
Luncheon Meat - Eggs - Mayonnaise - Ketchup - Oil - Soup - Salt Butter - Pepper - Crackers - Mustard - Milk

47% of Phase II need met!


Paper Products
Sandwich Bags - Paper Towels

Other Items
Bleach [Always needed] - Razors Deodorant - Foot Powder - Shampoo - Feminine Hygiene Products - Bar Soap - Laundry Detergent




AND Toilet Paper This on-going need! We are averaging 93 people per day staying with us. ‘nuff said? Your care for our regular need is truly appreciated.



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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! HIS REDEMPTIVE WORK IS GLORIOUS TO BEHOLD! I received a letter from a former resident and simply must share part of it with you in order that you might see some of the results of your prayers and caring for this work. “I told my [son] to eat his soup and he didn’t. I took him to the bathroom, spanked his rear, took him back and he ate it. Oh, but the ugliness inside me. The irritation, the anger that he had been a brat, that he didn’t obey me, that he made lunch so unpleasant. I could feel myself seething with self-righteousness and hatred toward him. “After lunch he went off to play and I went to my room and cried. I was completely crushed by my inability to do anything well. The reality of a woman who reads her kids stories about the great love of Jesus and then burns with hatred against a three year old who won’t eat his soup struck me suddenly as incomparably hideous. “The hypocrisy, the darkness, it seemed blasphemous to imagine this woman as a child of a righteous God. My self-satisfied ‘morality’ with my bitterness seemed so shameful I could not crawl out from the weight of it. “ I was reminded of Jesus. I don’t know if He felt the burden and sorrow of sin for His whole life. He must have recognized it, He must have seen it in His parents, His disciples and in strangers and acquaintances. The pitiful ugliness of humanity is unbelievable. Jesus knew the hearts of men when He came and when He went to the cross. He became sin on our behalf. The shame of this one injustice seemed unbearable but Jesus knew that when He walked with His disciples. He took that shame on Himself, as if it was all His fault. He knew He would bear the full condemnation for their every idle word and He still walked with them. He ate with them and talked with them and answered their questions - He even laughed with them and had a few goblets of wine. He love them and called them His friends. What a friend! “So was feeling grateful and thanking God when I again got discouraged. I believed that as soon as I stopped praying I would just go out and be the same person. I have confessed before but it never makes any difference. I feel bad but it doesn’t do anything. It all seemed so hopeless. “I realized I was calling Him a liar. He said He would heal me, cleanse me of all unrighteousness and make me holy. He said so and I quite simply don’t believe Him. It is an even worse sin than the first, to not trust a friend like Him. I asked the Father for His righteousness - not some day hypothetical righteousness - real, living, effectual, fruitful righteousness. Jesus did not say He would label me righteous but leave me as filthy and lost as before in my daily reality. He promised that I could live in Him and He in me and I could have peace like a river and righteousness like the waves of the sea. He promised that I could ask the Father in His name and because of His position the Father would give me what I asked for. He promised that His holiness would be in me. I asked for His love in me. “I felt His power in me. I saw my children with God’s love. I laughed with them and saw their fragile beauty. I was quick to do what was kind for those around me, I was patient, humble and so, so thankful for every good thing I did. I could see each right thought and action as a fulfillment of His promise and a token of His love for me. This Jesus is in heaven and He asked the Father and the Father made me holy. The Holy Spirit is in me showing me all these things. The gentleness and love was His and He gave it to me. I was not trying to do right and succeeding, I just saw things his way and reacted his way. I was filled with the Holy Spirit. “Jesus was faithful to His promise. I had been asking for faith and renewal and in His mercy He proved Himself again. He will make me to stand, He will set my feet in high places and give rest to my soul. I need only trust my dear Friend. “Reading back over this it seems like I’m saying I was instantly glorified upon request but I don’t mean that at all. It was just one day, one afternoon. But that day it was like a little glimmer of heaven, just enough to remind me of the hope I carry in me. Just enough to keep me waiting for my promised portion in the Kingdom. There is a King and He not only prepares a place for me but has also started to prepare me for that place.”

“The gentleness and love was His and He gave it to me.”

WOW! I trust that you have been blessed, and will be blessed even as you read this testimony again, to realize this is just one person, just one, in whom you have been enabled to play a small part through your prayers and care for this work. “How good is the God we adore, our faithful, unchangeable Friend, whose love is as great as His power and knows neither measure nor end.” I trust that you will overlook the length of this article - it’s not proper according to all of the publishing rules - and just enjoy the goodness of God at work in the life of one of His precious servants.

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Gospel Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 190, Grants Pass, OR 97528

ANNUAL MISSION BANQUET Friday, April 6, 2007 Starting at 6:00, ending no later than 9:00
Please, do not forget to call and reserve your place with us. You have until April 3rd to call 476-0082 and place your reservations.
Derrold & Tammy Kinzel - How you have blessed them! Derrold’s health issues will only be finally healed in heaven. He is still struggling with the effects of bleeding on his brain and that continues to cause some severe headaches. You have greatly assisted them in helping to remove some of the financial pressures. This will allow them to get “caught up” instead of always being behind, playing catch-up. To date, you provided a little over $800.00 for which both Derrold and Tammy express their deepest appreciation.

Josephine County Fairgrounds is where we meet. There will be great food greater fellowship great testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness and a Look Back and Look Ahead to thank the Lord for His faithfulness to be challenged by what He will yet do through us all. This year you must have a ticket to gain entrance NO TICKET - NO BANQUET

Men’s Shelter 244 NE E Street Phone: 479-8869 Ray Allen Center 243 NE D Street Phone: 476-3399 For Men wanting drug and alcohol recovery 2nd Chance Thrift Store 6th & J Streets Phone: 479-9748 M-F 9:30 - 4:30 Sat 9:30 - 4:00

Facts & Figures February 2007
  

Meals served …………………………… 5,325 Beds Used [Daily Average].....…………… 109 Ray Allen Center [Daily Average] ……… 23 [This is our drug & Alcohol Recovery Center] Chapel Attendance [Daily Average]..…… 73

Fikso Family Center 530 SW Foundry Street Phone: 474-7774 For Women & Children



Your active participation through prayer and finances has accomplished much for many needy and hurting people. On behalf of each resident, thank you so much!

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M arch 2007

P.O . Box 190 Grants Pass, OR 97528


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It is hard for us to think of children as drug addicts. But so many of them are born drug affected. Too often their smiles are only for the moment. Many have …. Great emotional struggles

Great intellectual challenges Most of these struggles are not of their own making Who’s Mommy? They are pretty certain
2. Meth Seizures 3. God’s Trophy 3. Some Thoughts 4. Needs and Progress 5. Praise to our God 6. Kinzel update 6. Mission Banquet

Who’s Daddy? They are not so certain. But they are just children. How our hearts ache for their struggles.