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FastPac® Inserting System

DI 950 Universal Feeder
The DI 950™ Universal Feeder brings even more
throughput power to the FastPac® Inserting The DI 950 FastPac® Inserting System’s modular design
System. Accommodate changes in your operation makes it highly customizable to accommodate the high-end
demand of mailers with a variety of mailing applications.
either today or in the future. Even the most complex and demanding mailings, including
booklets, rigid media and CD’s can be easily processed with
the Universal Feeder.
More applications Material specifications
Put more information into your envelopes. Now you can service Universal Feeder:
many different departments that may have varying mailing/inserting Paper Weight: Min: 16 lb.
needs. Max: 32 lb. with double document detection on

Process applications such as: Thickness (Booklets): Max: 0.16”

• Financial/Accounting: bills, statements, purchase orders, checks
Length (without High Min: 7”
• Marketing: targeted inserts, promotions, direct mail campaigns, Capacity Loader fitted): Max: 14”
brochures, catalogs
• Informational documents: newsletters, announcements, product Width (without High Min: 5”
Capacity Loader fitted): Max: 9.8”
• Employee communications: benefits statements, paychecks, Feed Tray Capacity Up to a maximum stack height of 1.4”
annual report (without High Capacity Can be reloaded while running
Loader fitted):
Keep it in-house High Capacity Loader: Sheet Size: 8.5” x 11” letter
Process more applications in-house. You no longer have to rely Paper Weight: Min: 16 lb. Max: 32 lb.
on outside resources to get jobs done for other departments. The Capacity: 4,500 letter size 20 lb.
Universal Feeder has a High Capacity Loader that handles up to
4500 sheets, giving you much more flexibility to process different Product specifications:
applications. Your system and your operation automatically become Universal Feeder:
more valuable to your organization. Dimensions: 19” High x 23.6” Wide x 39.4” Long

Key advantages Weight: 141lb.

The Universal Feeder is easy to operate and gives you loads of
Speed: Up to a maximum 15,000 20-lb. letter-size paper
flexibility. per hour (Scanning OMR/BCR will slow system
• Maximum application inserting flexibility with 4 insert trays speed)
• Reload material while system is running on the Universal Feeder
• Link multiple tower feeders increasing capacity and reducing Noise Level: Below 70 dBA
Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 5A
• Accommodates various size material and envelopes – flats,
letter-size, multiple-sized sheets, booklets High Capacity Loader:
• Accepts the toughest material — rigid, thick and non-flexible Dimensions: 19.7” High x 19.7” Wide x 34.5” Long
• Integrates with the PacPilot™ user interface showing users Weight: 132 lb.
where materials go and how to load them
Speed: Up to a maximum of 15,000 20-lb. letter-size paper
• Modular design lets you add on capabilities when you need per hour (Scanning OMR/BCR will slow system
them including integration with DM Series™ mailing systems for speed)
seamless operations.
Noise Level: Below 30 dBA

Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 5A

4,500 sheet 15,000 sheets/hr

capacity with Universal Feeder

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