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Configuration RCS 800

7.9 Installing Troubleshooting Guide

There is a guide with basic troubleshooting and solutions available on
the machine.
Enter Operator menu and
select Guide.
A guide opens up on the
screen. Use the touch screen
to follow the links to move
around in the document or
use the buttons on the left
hand side to step one page at
a time.


Installing Guide in an Optional Language

As default the guide in English is installed.
a) Down load from SCAN NET/Products/RCS/Manual/ the file
accurate for your installation.
b) Rename the file with the following name

43 © SCAN COIN 050059-101 Rev.05

RCS 800 Configuration

xx is the language code:
Language Code/xx
Danish da
French fr
Finnish fi
German de
Italian it
Norwegian no
Portuguese pt
Spanish es
Swedish sv

c) Put the file in the folder OrchardJ/


d) To use the guide enable the language for the machine see
“Language” on page 45.

050059-101 Rev.05 © SCAN COIN 44

Configuration RCS 800

7.10 Language
Language on the display and on the receipts is set in the file
To change language:
a) Open the file com.scancoin.core.userpref.UserPreference in a
simple text editor, for example WordPad.
b) The language is defined in lower case with two-letter ISO-639
c) The country is defined in upper case with two-letter ISO-3166
In example I Below English is the activated language and in
example II Spanish is activated.
Note! Note the use of number signs (#).

I # American English
II # American English
operator.locale.lang=en #operator.locale.lang=en
user.locale.lang=en #user.locale.lang=en

# Spanish # Spanish
#operator.locale.lang=es operator.locale.lang=es
#user.locale.lang=es user.locale.lang=es

# Swedish # Spanish (Mexico)

#operator.locale.lang=sv #operator.locale.lang=es
#user.locale.lang=sv #user.locale.lang=es

45 © SCAN COIN 050059-101 Rev.05