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Dear Maria Cristina Juncosa,

Your Journey: DPS-CGK

Departure Date: 2016-05-20
Policy No.: AAV-ID-2016-0007625

Congratulations on your purchase of Tune Insure AirAsia Travel Protection. We at P.T. Asuransi Dayin Mitra, Tbk, hereby
confirm you and/or any other person(s) for whom premium has been paid, covered for the trip as shown on your AirAsia
Travel Itinerary (PNR: LIB2YA). The travel protection is subject to the terms and conditions of the Tune Insure Travel Master
Policy (No.10.404.4000003.00000.2014.03), which can be viewed or downloaded at

1) Product related enquiries: 2) Emergency Medical Assistance
Claims related enquiries: Telephone: +62-21 578 51 686
Telephone: +62-21 570 8989 (ext. 217 or 319 or 231)

* Note that Tune Insure AirAsia Travel Protection is/are not subject to assignment, change, upgrade and/or refund.
** For all intents and purposes where there is a conflict or ambiguity as to the meaning in the Bahasa Indonesia version of
the insurance policy, the English version shall prevail at all times.
***This is a computer generated fax transmission. No signature is required.