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Information explosion is a situation where information that is published increases rapidly and

have effects on data.

The specific developments between the two centuries are an indication of persuasiveness mostly

in scientific revolution as they have great influence in science philosophy.

Post modernism was a movement in the 20th century and it had an aim of creating awareness on

the past which has been altered by mass communication

Magic realism is an artistic gene that narrates stories from a perspective of people in the

world but their objective appears to be different from the reality as it has fiction that depicts that

is not available in real life.

Some people are draw to science fiction by the fact that it is entertaining and enhances

intellectual curiosity out of unknown and allows one to contemplate on different possibilities that

maybe be available.

Social conscience literature allows one to express their emotions on various issues that are there

in the society that in one way or another need to be addressed.

Globalism is not a new concept as it was used in the 19th century to create a reflection of

conflicting demands.

Global ecosystem creates an environment to the inhabitants by enhancing attention to all the

effects that are experienced from bioscience with the aim of benefiting humankind.

Yes, there is global literature and it is responsible for creating demands that are conflicting in

multicultural practices.
Globalism enhances understanding as it allows one to get to know different practices and beliefs

that involved in cultural makeup.

Pop art is an artistic movement that was established in the 1950s with the aim of coming up with

drawings that were to act as inspirations. The art was to have iconic nature and was drawn from

famous people, consumer product imagery, movies, and much more.

An art film is the presentation of a narrative which has a traditional background and is film free.

Minimalism will be of the negative effect to the artists as it may force them to distance

themselves as it creates an impression that causes denial of aesthetic appeal.

Realism and expressionism has not become new as they have been there since the 19th century,

the difference is that the perspective of people on them have been broadened.

Development of social conscience in a film makes the film to have high creative levels which

leads to the film having a great impact on public opinion.

Total art is building of artistic creation which focuses on performance in creative arts such as

theatre, visual or music.

Technology has made to be viewed in a scientific perspective due to development of design and

involve research that brings about technical possibilities in art.

Visual arts meld globally as the in most cases the artists embrace different cultures and when

performing the do collaborations

Information age influence architecture as all building that have been set up in the history are due

to lifestyle or technological advances of that time which means that the two are related, the

reasons the old ancestral architecture still stand.

Computer generated music and electronic music cannot be refereed as actual music as archival

recording and they are programed rather than played.

Rock made music to be perceived to be entertaining drugs as most of the artistic in the rock

industry are known to be drug addicts. However, it brings racial interaction as the artists are from

both black and white races.



What is ethnic identity?

Expected Answer

Relation of individuals to a certain group as due to sharing the same values and culture.


Do visual art have a unified style?

Expected Answer

No, it is diverse and has a contradictory nature.

Define a synthesizer

Expected Answer

It is an electronic system that is integrated and it is fit for sound control and production.


What are the speculations of chaos theory?

Expected Answer

That matter has structure and shape and contains patterns that naturally underlying.