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  SENATE   H  of  REP  

NUMBER   24  (24)   250  UOPL/20%  (234+56=290)  
TERM   6  years   3  years  
TERM  BEGINS   Noon  of  June  30  UOPL   Noon  of  June  30  UOPL  
TERM  LIMIT   2  consecutive  terms  max   3  consecutive  terms  max  
ELECTION  DATE   2nd  Monday  of  May  UOPL   2nd  Monday  of  May  UOPL  
CONSTITUENT   elected  at  large   by  legislative  districts/by  party-­‐list  sys.  
Citizenship   Natural-­‐born  citizen   Natural-­‐born  citizen  
Age   35  ODE   25  ODE  
Education   read  and  write   read  and  write  
Voter's  Registration   registered  voter   reg.  in  the  dist./not  for  PL  
Residency   Phil.  Resident  atleast  2  yrs.  DBE   res.  of  dist.  atleast  1  yr.  DBE/not  for  PL  
VALID  DEL.                      
Admin  Code  1917  Sec.   LG:Province  of  
1  RUBI   2145   Mindoro   Moved  Manguianes  to  a  site   Yes   LGU,  immemorial  practice,  they  know  best  
Quasi  jud:  Reinstating  Contract  to  
2  ANTIPOLO   PD:  creating  NHA   EX:NHA   Sell   Yes   Administrative;  technical  expertise  
3  PITC   AO:  Chinese  trade   EX:PTIC   Trade  regulations  on  Chinese  import   Yes   President  has  delegated  legislative  power;  PTIC  has  valid  delegation  
4  SEC   Rev.  Sec.  Act   EX:SEC   Lack  of  Rules   Yes   No  need  for  rules  to  implement.  
1  AGUSTIN   Vienna  Convention   EX:Land  Trans.  Com.   Memorandum  Circular   Yes   There  are  standards  
2  FREE  TELE   BP130   EX:Min.  of  Labor   jurisdiction  on  strikes   Yes   President's  legislative  power;  definite    scope  of  executive  
3   RA:  President  obtain  for.   Complete;  the  amount  to  be  disbursed  is  determined  by  the  books  of  the  
GUINGONA   Loan   EX:  President   PD:  automatic  debt  service  approp.   Yes   Treasury  
1  ARANETA   Act:  Restrict  fish  nets   EX:  Sec.  of  Agri.   Regulation:  Include  Trawls   Yes   Complete;  regulate  fishing  and  equipment  to  protect  fish  fry  or  eggs  
Central  Bank  Act:  
2  MARCOS   Penalizes   EX:  Central  Bank  MB   CB  Circ:  consolidated  rules  of  CB   Yes   defined  offense  and  penalty  
EPIRA:  impose  Univ.   Complete:legislative  parameters  on  amount  imposed    ;  Standards:ensure  
3  GEROCHI   Charge   EX:  DOE     Rule:  ERC  determines  Univ.  Charge   Yes   total  electrification  
4  SJS   Dangerous  Drugs  Act   CC:  Comelec/DOH   Rule:  drug  test   Yes   Complete:  random  drug  testing,  procedure  is  provided  by  law  
5  PACIFIC   PD:  creating  NPCC   EX:  LLDA   LLDA  imposed  Penalty  for  pollutants   Yes   Complete:  PD  provided  for  the  penalty  to  be  imposed  not  LLDA  
P   St:  Issue  if  comply  with  the  Act  2581;  cancel  if  public  interest+intent  of  Act  to  
ROSENTHAL   Act:  issue/cancel  permits   EX:  Insular  Treasurer   Free  discretion  in  issuing  permit   Yes   protect  public  
Memo:  Rules  on  adjudicatory  
EASTERN   EO:  POEA  to  make  rules   EX:  POEA   function   Yes   St:  Protect  rights  of  OFW  to  fair  and  equitable  Employment  Practices  
Order:NMAT  for  admixn  to  Med   Valid  reason  to  regulate  medicine  profession;  standardization  &  regulation  of  
TABLARIN   Medical  Act  of  1959   Board  of  Med  Educ   school   Yes   med  educ  
CONFERENC Reso:  provide  rate  of  death  
E   EO:  POEA  to  make  rules   EX:  POEA   compensation   Yes   St:  Protect  rights  of  OFW  to  fair  and  equitable  Employment  Practices  
Used  money  as  Trust  Acct  not  Special  
OSMENA   PD:  ERB  may  impose  amts   EX:  ERB   Fund   Yes   St:  Protect  local  consumer  by  stabilizing  and  subsidizing  pump  rates  
VIOLA   LGC:  officers  of  Liga  ng  Bgy   EX:  DILG   Rule:  1,  2,  3  VP,  auditor   Yes   St:  create  such  other  positions  as  it  may  deem  necessary  for  management  
ABAKADA   VAT  law   EX:  Pres/Sec  Finance   Raise  rate  from  10-­‐12%   Yes   St:  recommendation  of  Sec  if  GDP  meets  requirement;  ascertain  facts  only  
RA:  Natl  Blood  Services   AO:  2  yr  ext  to  phase  out  blood  
BELTRAN   Act   EX:  DOH   banks   Yes   St:  Promote  pub  health,  provide  safe,  adequte  blood  supply  
BAYAN   BP:  Public  Assembly  Act   LG:  Mayor   No  permit  no  rally,  CPR  Policy   Yes   St:  Clear  and  Present  Danger  Test:  imminent  and  grave  danger  
ABAKADA   RA:  Attrition  Act  2005   EX:  BIR/BOC   Power  to  fix  revenue  targets   Yes   St:  to  optimize  revenue  generation;  encourage  employees  to  exceed  target  
Admin  Code:  
FERNANDEZ   reorganization   CC:  CSC   Res:  OCSS+OPIA=RDO   Yes   CSC:  best  knows  how  to  streamline  to  meet  decentralization  of  CSC  
EO:Reorganize  regions  not  included   Pres  has  power  of  general  supervision:  Reorganize:  to  promote  simplicity,  
CHIONGBIAN   ARMM  Charter   EX:  President   in  ARMM   Yes   economy,  efficiency  
Health  Sector  Reform  
TONDO   Agenda   EX:  President   Streamlining   Yes   Law  granst  the  executive  to  reorganize  SEE  same  as  Chiongbian  
RODRIGO   Position  Classification  Act   EX:  DBM   Index  of  Occupational  Services   Yes   Cumbersome  for  congress  to  fill  in  details  everytime,  DBM  does  it  through  
EO:  Redirect  functions  of  
MALARIA   DOH   EX:  Health  Sec   Streamlining   Yes   Must  be  with  GOOD  FAITH  
Law  created  DAR  PCUP  
ANAK   NCIP   EX:  Sec  Agri   EO:Merging  of  PCUP  and  NCIP   Yes   Admin  Code  31  SEE