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Personalized Student Career Plan 

Name: Ellie Komins Block: 6 Date Updated: 24 January 2018

Part I: Career Paths

My Career First Choice Careers: Pathways to this Career: (Military,

Clusters: Apprenticeship, Technical School,
2-Year College, 4-Year College)

● Health and Physical Therapists 4 year college, 3 years for doctoral

Science degree
● Education
and Nurse Practitioners 4 year college and 2 year college
● Governmen Biology Teacher 4 year college
t and public
Emergency Medical Technician Basic training
ion Second Choice Careers: Pathways to this Career: (Military,
(Backup Plan) Apprenticeship, Technical School,
2-Year College, 4-Year College)

Licensed Practical Nurse Postsecondary certificate

History teacher 4 year college

My Top Military My Top My Top My Top 2-Year My Top 4-Year If I started a

Careers: Apprenticeship Technical School Careers: College Business:
Careers: School Careers: Careers:

● Counteri ● Chef ● Web ● Nursing ● Nurse ● I would

ntelligen ● Childcare developer ● business practitioner bake
ce worker ● Electrician ● I would get ● Physical desserts to
Agent an therapist sell
● Band

Part II: Career Plan

Refer to the ​Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook​ for information

Career Name Pathway Education/ Salary Benefits Disadvantages

Degree Required

Emergency Complete a Postsecondary $32,670 ● Help ● Do not

Medical program educational people in get paid
Technician approved by programs in emergen that
cy much
the National EMT
situations ● Patients
Registry of EMT ● Do not can
need to become
go to violent
spend a
lot of

Nurse 4-year college Master’s degree $107,460 ● Help ● Exposure

Practitioner and complete 2 people in to deadly
more years of need and diseases
save lives ● Patients
● Good can be
Pay violent
● Health ● Musculos
Benefits, keletal
retiremen disorders

Physical 6-years of Doctoral or $85,400 ● Help ● Lot’s of

therapist schooling Professional people schooling
degree be able ● Patients
to move can be
injured unmotiva
parts ted to do
● Love therapy
● Good pay

Part III: Choosing a School (if Military, look for an ROTC program)

Majors that will lead to my Career: Nurse Practitioner Other Majors I’m Interested in:

● Nursing ● Biology, Psychology

Top 5 Schools: Location: Tuition: Benefits: Disadvantages: Added to

Naviance? Y/N

Berkeley Woodland Park, $25,260 ● Good ● Average age Y

College NJ medicine of people
school going there
● Close to is 26, they
home will be a lot
older than

Rowan Glassboro, NJ $30,985 ● Close to ● Expensive Y

University home

Pennsylvania University Park, $51,572 ● Good ● Expensive Y

State university PA medicine ● Further from
programs home

North Carolina Raleigh, NC $42,048 ● 13:1 student ● Far from Y

State University to faculty home
ratio ● High
● Good out-of-state
environment costs
John Hopkins Baltimore, MD $71,023 ● Good ● Hard to get Y
University medicine into
program ● Expensive
● Far from

Part IV: Your Career Plan

In a complete paragraph, explain:
1) What career you are most interested in and why
2) Which career path you will pursue to enter this career
3) What you can/need to do while still in high school to prepare for this career and career path?

I am most interested in becoming a nurse practitioner or a trauma nurse because I would be able to
help people and i would use my love of science to do so. For this career path I will have to get a masters in
nursing. In order to do this I will first go to community college for two years then transfer to a 4-year college. In
high school I can take science courses like Biology and Anatomy in order to help me in the future college
classes that I have to take to become a nurse.

Parv V: Backup Plan

In a complete paragraph, explain what you can do if your plan does not work out. Consider the worst-case
scenarios: what if your parents lose their jobs and cannot help you pay for school? What if college turns out to
be more difficult than you thought and you fail? What if your family member(s) get sick and you have to help
take care of them, rather than pursuing your goals

My backup plan if I cannot afford college is to become a EMT. To become a EMT you do not have to go
to college you just have to complete a program in order to be certified to do it. This is a good back up plan for
me because I will still be able to help people and do something I love without having to go to college. I can also
start saving money for college by getting a job in high school and get financial aid if my parents are not able to
help me pay for it.