300K51N WALKATHON – Saturday 10/23/10

‘Back-to-School’ Night!
Next-Up … Back to WALKATHON
Walkathon takes many volunteer hours, and we're asking YOU to put in some of your time. Because every hour counts, and every hour gets us closer to our goal of raising at least $150,000! The second page of this newsletter suggests ways you can help right now and through the month of October! Newsletter #3 – 09/07/10

What The Money Does
Just a partial list of the ways your donation helps improve your child's education at Booksin School:

Walkathon Goal - Every Student: $200
We suggest that every student set a goal of raising $200 to benefit Booksin. In addition, we recommend asking donors for a minimum flat pledge of $25. Of course, we invite you to raise more if you are able. Let’s show our “POWER in NUMBERS” by raising the money we need to make Booksin the best school it can be!

$20,000 Technology Lab $20,000 Music Program $13,000 4th/5th Grade PE $7500 Library Books $5000 Science Programs $4500 Student Work Books

Corporate Matching: Your Boss Can Help!
Many companies provide a program where they match money donated (or time volunteered) by your family to Booksin. Does yours? Please check with your Human Resources department today to see if your company provides a corporate matching program that can enhance your participation. Identifying your company’s procedure in advance will make our Walkathon even more successful. If company policy allows it, bring your student to your office Oct 11-22, and gather pledges from co-workers. The boss can match them, too! If you need any additional information from BESCA to facilitate a corporate match, please feel free to contact Holly Barr via email at holly@hollybarr.com or (408) 887-3225.

$4000 One Field Trip,
with buses, tickets, curriculum tools

$4000 Enrichment Allocations
for one grade level

$3000 Art Vistas Supplies $3000 Science Activities
Supplies & Support

$2000 Cornerstone Activities $1200 Garden Life Lab
Annual Programs

$1200 Fifth Grade Promotion $655 School Planners for
4th & 5th graders

Now Accepting T-Shirt Sponsors
Become a Corporate T-Shirt Sponsor or join our Family Honor Role! Information and Forms are online: BooksinWalkathon.com/sponsors Or, email sponsors@booksinwalkathon.com for more information!

$630 Science Boards for all
4/5th grade classes for Science Fair

S$600 Enrichment Funds for
One Classroom
Subject to change and approval

Find answers to your Questions ... Find ways to Volunteer ... Review our incredible Auction Items ... Donate Time & Money! Follow along online and read more about this Powerful Party!

Help Us This Week!
Join our dedicated team of volunteers now! Please email Volunteer@BooksinWalkathon.com for more information.
Auction Phone Bank: Wednesday, Sept 8, 9:30-11:30 in the Library! Help our team make phone calls to secure donations. If you can join us, we’ll provide you with names/numbers for 20-25 local businesses who have donated in the past. Camaraderie and snacks will make this “Phone Bank” fun and successful! Please bring your own cell phone!

Mark Your Calendar
10/23: WALKATHON All Day 10/11: Kick-Off Assembly 10/11: Pledge Forms at Home! 10/01: Non-$$ Donations Due 09/30: T-Shirt Sponsorships

Ways to Help This Month
Paint by Numbers: We thank all of our sponsors and donors with banners along the walking course. We have many returning sponsors every year, but we also have numerous new ones whose banners get painted during school hours in Room 9. You don't have to be an artist to help out: It is basically a 'paint by numbers' exercise. Please help! Curbside Collection: Later this month, we’ll start “Curbside Collection” of donated items from the school’s drop-off loop. We’ll need volunteers to carry and store those items. Donation Collection & Storage: Our Auction Team and other groups can use your help soliciting donations – or just driving to pick things up! We’ll also need spare garage space to store items until October 23. Office Copies: We’ve got lots of office admin activities every week, including copying Walkathon Newsletters and Flyers. If you're on campus on Wednesdays, maybe you can join our famous 'Copy Angels.'

Stay Informed!
Read each Newsletter. Visit BooksinWalkathon.com On Twitter: @BooksinWAT

Volunteer your Time
We need every Booksin Family to volunteer at least one 2-hour shift on 10/23.

Donate to Booksin
We Need Auction Items! Drinks (water, energy drinks) Become a T-Shirt Sponsor!

Help your Child Raise $
Secure pledges from family, coworkers, friends, neighbors.

Ways to Help in October
Student Pledges: Your student will bring their Pledge Form home on Monday, October 11. Prepare your student for success now! Volunteer Sign-Up: We need volunteers for shifts to help set-up, operate, and clean-up Walkathon events October 22-23. We'll be signing-up parents for 2-hour shifts to work in all facets of the carnival and festival. Jobs will include field set-up, tent set-up, moving equipment, staff food booths, punching lap cards, distributing prizes, and so much more! Online sign-ups begin soon! … Stay tuned!

Furlough Fundraising?
Are you planning to visit Family or close friends during the SJUSD Furlough (Oct 4-8)? Have your student ask them for a pledge during your vacation! Then, your student can add that person’s name to their pledge card immediately after our KickOff Assembly on October 11!

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