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RJ Murray Geography Pd.


Egypt is located on the North-Eastern part of the continent of Africa. Cairo, the

capital, is home to 9.5 million people while the entire country has 100,235,630

inhabitants. Egypt is a peaceful country and gets along well with its neighbors. Since

Egypt is peaceful, they trade with the countries near them. Egypt’s main export is

crude petroleum. Crude petroleum consists of 16% of their exports, followed by other

variants of petroleum such as refined petroleum and petroleum gas. Some of Egypt’s

biggest imports are wheat, cars, and semi-finished iron. During World War 2,

Germany and Italy invaded Egypt in hopes of driving out the British and taking over

the Suez Canal. Egypt never did engage in combat during World War 2. Over 5000

years ago, Ancient Egyptians developed a calendar system. This calendar had 365

days and consisted of three seasons with 120 days each. In addition to five extra days

and occasionally an extra month used to make the calendar follow the moon phases

without being flawed. This calendar is based off the lunar cycle and the flooding of

the Nile river. Egypt is overall a relatively safe country and has very interesting

culture and history.