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Personalized Student Learning Plan 

Name: alan hatten Block: 6 Date Updated: 1/24/18

Part I: Career Paths

My Career First Choice Careers: Pathways to this Career: (Military,

Clusters: Apprenticeship, Technical School,
2-Year College, 4-Year College)

● Sports Physical therapist 4-year college

● mechanics Athletic trainer 4 year college

Dog walker Directly into workforce

mechanic 2-year college

Second Choice Careers: Pathways to this Career: (Military,

(Backup Plan) Apprenticeship, Technical School,
2-Year College, 4-Year College)

Grocery store worker Directly into the workforce

plumer apprenticeship

My Top Military My Top My Top My Top 2-Year My Top 4-Year If I started a

Careers: Apprenticeship Technical School Careers: College Business:
Careers: School Careers: Careers:

● navy ● plumer ● plumer ● mechanic ● Physical ● mcdonalds


Part II: Career Plan

Refer to the ​Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook​ for information

Career Name Pathway Education/ Salary Benefits Disadvantages

Degree Required

Example: 4-Year College Bachelor’s - $57,200 ● Teaching is ● Schools that

Teacher Secondary very pay are very
Education rewarding competitive
● Love history ● Could make
● Can also more money
Physical 4-year college Bachelor 93,000 coach in private
therapist degree and sports sector
Apprenticeship graduate from 100,000 ● Don’t ​need ● Need
plumer a physical higher Master’s or
therapy school education higher to
mechanic 2-year college 42,000 really move
up pay scale
Part III: Choosing a School (if Military, look for an ROTC program)

Majors that will lead to my Career: Other Majors I’m Interested in:

● kinesiology ● Biology

Top 5 Schools: Location: Tuition: Benefits: Disadvantages: Added to

Naviance? Y/N

Rutgers New Brunswick $32,191 ● Close by not ● none y

a far way
away and

Marshall  Huntington,  $31,448 ● Good school ● Far away y

University WV ● For football and out of
state tuition

North Carolina Raleigh, North  $42,048 ● I really like ● Far away y

state university Carolina the school out of state

Jacksonville Jacksonville ​$33,930 ● My mom ● Far away y

university florida went here out of state

Penn state Old Main, State  $32,382 ● Closer by ● none y

College, PA

Part IV: Your Career Plan

In a complete paragraph, explain:
1) What career you are most interested in and why
2) Which career path you will pursue to enter this career
3) What you can/need to do while still in high school to prepare for this career and career path?

Parv V: Backup Plan

In a complete paragraph, explain what you can do if your plan does not work out. Consider the worst-case
scenarios: what if your parents lose their jobs and cannot help you pay for school? What if college turns out to
be more difficult than you thought and you fail? What if your family member(s) get sick and you have to help
take care of them, rather than pursuing your goals?