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College of Engineering, Pune-5.

Department of Mathematics
S. Y. B. Tech. (All Branches), 2017-18

Teaching Scheme : Lectures: 2 hrs/week , Tutorial : 1 hr/week
Examination Scheme : Continuous Evaluation : 40 marks, End Semester Examination : 60 marks

Text book : Advanced Engineering Mathematics (10th Edition) by Erwin Kreyszig

Unit 1: Vector Calculus

Lesson Topic Section no.
no. of text
1 Vector and Scalar valued functions, scalar fields, vector fields (2D and 3D) 9.4
2 Plotting vector fields, isotherms / isobars (level curves of scalar field), 9.4, 9.5
parametric representation, tangent to the curve, arc length
3 Gradient of scalar fields, Theorem 1, Laplace operator 9.7
4 Theroem2, directional derivative 9.7
Divergence of a vector field, curl of a vector field, Theorem 2(sec 9.9) 9.8, 9.9
Physical significance of divergence and curl (self-study) 9.8, 9.9
5&6 Line integrals 10.1
7 Path independence of line integrals, Theorem 1, Theorem 2, 10.2
Theorem 3
8 Green’s theorem in plane 10.4
9 Surface integral 10.5, 10.6
10, 11 Divergence theorem of Gauss , Stokes’s theorem 10.7, 10.9
& 12

Unit 2: Partial Differential Equations

Lesson Topic Section no.
no. of text
1 Introduction and classification of second order PDE, method of separation 12.1
of variables.
2 Physical derivation of the one dimensional wave equation 12.2
3&4 Solution of one-dimensional wave equation by method of separation of 12.3
Physical derivation of the one dimensional heat equation (Self-Study) 12.5, 10.8

5&6 One dimensional heat equation 12.6

7&8 Potential equation for incompressible flow (Laplace equation) 12.6

Vibrations of circular membrane (two dimensional wave 12.10

Unit 3: Laplace Transforms

first shifting 6. inverse Laplace transform. Note: 1. Thomas’s Calculus (TC) Twelfth edition. convolution theorem 6.4. Greenberg. list. You will be provided useful links of video lectures and visual interpretations of concepts in vector calculus only on MOODLE. theoretical problems. R. Cole.) 5.6 5 Unit step function.3 6 Dirac delta function. New Delhi 3. McGraw Hill Publications. Functions of several variables by Wendell Fleming. give reasoning. 4. Outcomes : Students will be able to 1. evaluate. give examples. T2 exam will be announced one week in advance as per the academic calendar and the allotted slot by the exam cell. 2. Singapore. existence and uniqueness theorem 3 Transforms of derivatives and integrals. know and recall core knowledge of the syllabus.1 theorem. some questions will be based on self-study topics and also comprehension of unseen passages. questions may be of the type- explain. prove implications or corollaries of theorems. 100% attendance is compulsory. tutorials. ( To measure this outcome. Springer-Verlag.5 Solution of differential equation by partial fractions – Self Study 6. questions may be of the type. understand basic concepts. illustrate. Lesson Topic Section no. state. announcement of tests. match. Portion of syllabus and dates of T1. analyze the problem and apply the appropriate concept.define. etc. All students must register for the course on MOODLE and check for any notes. Tutorial problems will be unit wise and hence available from day 1 only on MOODLE. name etc. Thomson. ( To measure this outcome.true/false with justification.2 4 Differentiation and integration of transforms 6. Partial Differential Equations (4th edition) by Fritz John. compute etc. linearity. syllabus etc on the same. ( To measure this outcome.) . COORDINATOR will not be responsible for any communication gap. Springer 5. second shifting theorem 6. 6. Pearson Education. 5. 3.4 Reference Books: 1. ( To measure this outcome. ( To measure this outcome. O’ Neil. Wylie. describe. Advanced Engineering Mathematics by C.) 3. of text book 1&2 Laplace transform. identify. 6.) 2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (7th edition) by Peter V. Students having attendance below 75% will be detained and will not be allowed to appear for the End Semester Exam. New York 4. no. Students must come prepared for the tutorial class. differential equations 6. Brooks. theoretical fill in the blanks. 2. questions may be of the type. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2nd edition) by Michael D. apply core concepts to new situations. questions will be based on applications of core concepts) 4. question banks.