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Rodriguez,Sheena T.


Significance of the following country in life of rizal

 Mexico
1) Declared the right of freedom of speech,press and assembly in the
2) Separation of church and state
3) Ended the church ownership of lands
 Canada
1) Canada gained it’s independence from great Britain as approved by
the british parliament
 Italy
1) King victor Immanuel ii worked for the unification of Italy.using
skillfull allegiance in the Europe balance of power,Cavour made
alliance with france and great Britain.
 Germany
1) Prussia’s prime minister strong;y moved for the domination of
Prussia and organized the unification of Germany
2) Germany was late in scramble for colonies in Asia and Africa,
turned to the Islands in the Mid- Pacific world. Ilties a German
warship entered the harbor of Yap (an island in the Carolines)
seized the island and hoisted the German flag.

 England
1) England emerged as the worlds’s leading imperialist European
country.Imperial England developed an invincible mavy and had
well armed and trained soldiers which were source of pride for
british people .
 France
1) The Era in france became known as the second French empire,
which conquered major countries in Europe and American
continents ,however,the empire was later defeated by Germany
 Russia
1) Alexander II decided to follow the economic and social model of
western countries ineurope . he proclaimed the emancipation of
millions of Russian serfs, provided new industries for workers ,
opened more schools, organized local councils and reformed the

Things that happened during the period of Rizal plays very important
role in our society nowadays. Studying the life of Rizal provides insights on how
to deal with current problems. Our view of history forms the manner we
perceive the present, and therefore influences the kind of solutions we provide
for existing problems. Second, It helps us understand better ourselves as
Filipinos. E past helps us understand who we are. We comprehensively define
ourselves not only in terms of where we are going, but also where we come
from. Our heredity, past behaviors, and old habits as a nation are all
significant clues and determinants to our present situation. Third, It teaches
nationalism and patriotism. Nationalism involves the desire to attain freedom
and political independence, especially by a country under foreign power, while
patriotism denotes proud devotion and loyalty to one’s nation. Fourth, It
provides various essential life lessons .We can learn much from the way Rizal
faced various challenges in life. As a controversial figure in his time, he
encountered serious dilemmas and predicaments but responded decently and
high-mindedly.Lastly, It helps in developing logical and critical thinking
.Critical Thinking refers to discerning, evaluative, and analytical thinking. A
Philosophy major, Jose Rizal unsurprisingly demonstrated his critical thinking
skills in his argumentative essays, satires, novels, speeches, and written
debates. In deciding what to believe or do, Rizal also proved his being a
reasonably reflective thinker, never succumbing to the irrational whims and
baseless opinions of anyone.