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Via Dolorosa Tambunan1, Natalia Rosa Simanjuntak1, Medika Sihombing1

1. Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University


Produced water is the by-product of the oil and gas processing. This water is
different from any common water because it contains the dangerous chemical
substances and matters in the oil and gas. Much produced water is brine, and
has total dissolved solids too high for use as drinking water or in agriculture. Some
produced water contains heavy metals and traces of naturally occurring radioactive
material (NORM), which over time deposits radioactive scale in the piping at the
well. Metals found in produced water include zinc, lead, manganese, iron,
and barium.that can endanger the environmental stability. The right processing is
all that it needs to make produced water that is drinkable or usable. The membrane
technology is one of the water processing technologies with a Nano filtration
method. But, as in the usage, it still lacks in the field of fouling and cannot fulfilled
the specification of usable water. Thus, this becomes the reason that bases this
research. In this paper, there will be made a polyether sulfone membrane with an
inversion phase method and an addition of Nano-antifouling compound, ZnO. Total
dissolved solids (TDS) value is the parameter of the water is usable or not. The
qualitative result of hypothesis analysis shows that the TDS value from produced
water decreased from 6600 into 1500. It shows that by using Polyether sulfone
(PES)-ZnO membrane, we can increase the separation performance. Thence, this
method is suitable for processing the produced water into usable water. To obtain
maximum results with smaller TDS, the membranes can be combined with RO
system such as pre-filters, booster pumps, post filters, pressurized tanks for storing
products and stainless steel or plastic faucets. By the addition of these equipment
are able to reduce TDS to meet the quality standards of water. This election is based
on a more economical finance, it is found that it takes 5.580.000 IDR within 20.4
months of utilization.

Keywords: Produced Water, Nano filtration, , Polyether sulfone-(PES)-ZnO