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Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility

Level 5: Level 4: Level 3: Level 2: Level 1: Irresponsible

Caring/Helpful Self-Responsible Involvement Self-Control
Students at this level, in Students at this level, not Students at this level, Students at this level may Students who operate at
addition to respecting only show respect and show minimal respect for not participate in the day’s this level make excuses
others, participating and participation, but they are others and willingly play, activities or show much and blame others for their
being self-directed, are also able to work without accept challenges, practice mastery or improvement, behavior and deny
motivated to extend their direct supervision. They motor skills and train for but they are able to control personal responsibility for
sense of responsibility can identify their own fitness under the teacher’s their behavior enough so what they do or fail to do.
beyond themselves by needs and begin to plan supervision. that they don’t interfere.
cooperating, giving and carry out their physical They do this without much
support, showing concerns education program prompting by the teacher
and helping. and without constant
I can exhibit all of level 4 o I work with others and o I am involved in the o I control my temper o I have a negative
plus… settle arguments activities o I listen, but not actively attitude.
o I work with everyone in quickly o I stay on task only o I participate with no or o I am not playing by the
the class willingly o I am honest and fair when the teacher is little effort rules.
o I am concerned with o I admit my mistakes watching o I do not disrupt the o I am disruptive
the progression of and apologize o I participate with class o I make excuses
others o I make good choices reservation o I have a neutral attitude o I blame others
o I compliment and o I am participating o I show minimal respect o I do not participate.
encourage others independently o I am willing to try o I am not listening
o I take care of o I show respect o I listen and follow o I behave aggressively
equipment directions o I engage in name
o I ask for, and provide calling
assistance to teachers o I do not take care of
and other students. the equipment