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Shared furnished accommodation

The Undersigned: Name

Zip Code
Phone number

hereafter referred to as “the landlord“


Zip Code
Phone numbers
Date of birth
Place of birth
E-mail address
IBAN number

hereafter referred to as “Tenant(s)”

agree the following:

1. Object
1.1 This agreement refers to the object, hereafter referred to as “the property” , locally known as; the
furnished room with shared use of;
 Kitchen
 Bathroom / toilet
 Balcony / garden
 Storage

The room is situated at the 1st / 2nd / 3rd floor at the front / backside of the house.

Located at:

1.2 The property is only meant to be used as housing accommodation for 1 person, viz.;................
Tenant is allowed to receive guests, but occupancy by more than 1 person is strictly prohibited.

2. Duration, extension and cancellation

2.1 This is an agreement for a minimal duration of ...... months, starting on .............. and therefore until at
least ...................
During this period the agreement cannot be cancelled prematurely.
2.2 If this period expires without ending the agreement, the agreement will go on for an indefinite period of
2.3 After the minimum rental period expired the tenant needs to take at least one calendar month notice
period. The tenant needs inform the landlord in writing. Termination of the lease always needs to be done
before the 1st day of the month.
3. Payment, period of payment
3.1 Per period of one calendars month the payment amounts:
- the rent € 190,00
- thefixed fee for additional furnishing and services € (see 3.4)

Total amount due: €

Including GWE, internet and local taxes

In words; .

3.2 Considering the date of the start of this agreement, the first payment period concerns the period from
............. until .................. and the amount due for this first period is €....... The tenant will settle the
payment before or at the latest before key transfer.
3.3 The rent and the fee for additional furnishing and services are due in advance, to be paid before day of
the period that the payment refers to, on bank account number .............. in the name of
............................... mentioning ............................. (address) and relevant period.
3.4 If the payment cannot be completed by bank, Goeth Vastgoed offers several payment methods such as
pin (maestro only) and cash (+ 1% of the total amount) to be completed before the 1st day of the period that
the payment refers to, at the agency.
3.5 The compensation for additional furnishing and services are amongst others:
- Present soft furnishings (amongst others carpeting, blinds, curtains, lighting etc.);
- Present furnishing and other inventory (such as kitchen equipment, textile etc.)
- Present wall finishing, ceiling and floors + paintwork on the inside of the accommodation;
- Kitchen and sanitary + appliances;
- Gas, water, electricity
- Local taxes
- Smoke detectors / fire extinguishers
- Insurances
- Write-off
- All other service and administration costs
3.6 Tenant will pay the landlord a deposit of € .................... If, after termination of the agreement, there is
no necessity to keep the deposit, the landlord will refund the deposit within a month’s time. Tenant
explicitly agrees not to deduct the deposit from the so called last month’s rent (when ending the tenancy).
3.7 The tenant is in default when the period expires.
For every time that the tenant is in default, because of for example late payment of the rent, he legally owes
1% interest per month of the total amount due as from the due date until the day of the total settlement of
the amount due. At this, a part of a month will be considered a full month.
3.8 If tenant culpably fails to fulfil any obligation under the law and / or lease and the landlord should
therefore take judicial and / or extrajudicial measures, all resulting costs will be for the account of the
tenant. If the tenant fails to pay the rent and extrajudicial costs occur in connection with the collection of
the rent; 15% of the amount will be charged on top of the costs, with a minimum of € 40,00 plus VAT.
3.9 In case the extrajudicial costs are collected by an agent or legal representative / counsel, these amounts
should be increased with the counsel VAT the landlord is obligated to pay the legal representative counsel.
4. Changing the rent
4.1 The rent can be changed, at the suggestion of the landlord, no earlier than the 01-07-2017 and as from
then yearly by a percentage that as a maximum equals the percentage permitted by law on the actual date
of the change of the rent as yearly determined by the minister of VROM (Ministry of Housing, Regional
Development and the Environment) for housing accommodation with a non-liberalised rent.

5. Address
5.1 As from the commencing date of the tenancy all messages of the landlord to the tenant with regard to
the implementation of this tenancy agreement will be addressed to the property, being the actual tenancy
address of the tenant.
5.2 If the tenant does no longer live in the property, he is obliged to inform the landlord in writing and
provide him with the tenant's new address.
5.3 In case the tenant leaves the property without any notice of his new address to the landlord, the
address of the property will remain to be considered as the tenants address.
5.4 The tenant is obliged to ensure proper registration and deregistration in the Municipal Administration
(BRP). Lessor shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from incorrect indication of address and / or
information by the tenant.
5.5 The tenant needs to unregister from the BRP (municipal registration at city hall) and provide the
landlord proof of this at the end of the rental period.

6. Administrator
6.1 Up until the tenant notifies otherwise, the administrator will be;
Zip code
Phone number

6.2 The maintenance brochure and more property management issues can be found on The document clarifies the responsibilities for tenants and landlords. Tenant declares
to accept and agree with the maintenance brochure.
6.3 Any complaints or requirements will be submitted in writing. This can be done to

7. Maintenance and other obligations

7.1 Modifications of the property are not permitted. In particular paintwork, changing locks, changing
power points, multiple sockets, changing the electrical installations, changing gas connections, water
heaters, etc. can only be done by the landlord. It is not permitted to nail, staple, screw, glue or stick
anything on the walls, floors or doors. Nonetheless, after termination of the tenancy period all walls must
be delivered undamaged or in the same conditions as they were accepted.
7.2 Sub tenancy/ joint use either against payment or not, is not permitted.
7.3 Pets are not permitted.
7.4 Tenant should take into account that the following things will be at the expense of the tenant if they
would occur:
- Cleaning, unclogging of drains, gutters and sinks;
- Obstruction of the sewer system;
- Replacing broken windows;
- Garden maintenance, both small and large maintenance;
- all other repairs that are the result of gross negligence , carelessness , neglect or harsh occupation of the
7.5 Tenant is obliged to have or to take out a liability insurance.
7.6 Tenant declared explicitly to be sufficiently liquid and solvent to be able to comply with his obligations
resulting from the present agreement. Tenant states also explicitly not to have any financial obligations or
debts at the time of entering in this agreement, nor to have had any of such debts in the past, and he also
states not to be registered at the Central Credit Registration Office (Bureau Krediet Registratie, BKR).
7.7 Growing, using, producing, possession for usage or sale and/or selling drugs without distinguishing hard
- and soft drugs in the rented property are sufficient grounds for immediate termination of the lease with a
right of compensation for the landlord.
7.8 The owner of the property has permission from the mortgage lender and / or any other external parties
involved to rent out the property with the address as mentioned in article 1.1. of this agreement. Goeth
Vastgoed does not accept liability for any breach of these obligations of the owner.
7.9 Permission given by the landlord is single and does not apply to other or subsequent cases.
7.10 If the landlord is forced to make adjustments to the rented accommodation, the tenant agrees to allow
this and / or help. Tenant is possibly temporarily obliged that changes made by him are removed.
7.11 If the property is provided with a heating system, the tenant will care for the system as ‘’ a good
tenant’’ and perform basic operations. The landlord will take care of any annual maintenance and any
associated costs.
7.12 Upon signing of this agreement one month rent + 21% VAT will be charged to the new tenant by Goeth
Vastgoed. No matter shape or duration of the lease. These costs can never be revoked. Tenant agrees to
have instructed Goeth vastgoed to establish this agreement. For the complete policy regarding the
administration costs we refer to the terms and conditions. When signing this agreement the tenant agrees
and accepts the terms and conditions.
7.13 Tenant shall comply with the oral or written instructions by the Landlord in the interest of the proper
use of the leased property.
7.14 Tenant shall not place or allow any waste, private belongings or otherwise in the communal areas .
Corridors, doors and escape routes should not be hampered in their function by order of the fire
department in their function. It is prohibited to please items in these places. Kitchen appliances (which
are also microwaves, kettles , refrigerators , etc. ) may by law exclusively be kept in the kitchen.
7.15 Bicycles / mopeds may only be placed in the backyard or in the storage area of the backyard. Not in the
front yard and not on the sidewalk in front of the house. This also applies to third parties with that visit the
7.16 Tenants are jointly liable for the cleanliness in the common areas and tenant is personally responsible
for the hygiene in their room.
7.17 The tenant will dispose of garbage timely and regularly in accordance to the governments local
7.18 The roof of any part of the house cannot be used as balcony or terrace.

8. Damage and Nuisance

8.1 Any possible damages to the belongings of the landlord in the property have to be communicated
immediately by the tenant to the landlord. Tenant is obliged to repair them or to have them repaired. All
costs related to this are at the expense of the tenant.
8.2 Tenant must make sure that there is no nuisance to neighbours, danger or discomfort occurs as a result
of conduct by the lessee or third parties with the consent of the tenant. It is strictly forbidden for the tenant
to have the TV and/or sound system and/or musical instruments played so loud that it could cause nuisance
for the neighbours.
8.3 Each day the tenant is causing nuisance to other tenants, neighbours or other residents, the tenants
needs to pay a penalty of € 50,- to the landlord, retaining the right to additional compensation from the
tenant to landlord.
8.4 The extermination of pests such as mice, cockroaches, insects, wasps, parasites and/or bacteria’s (i.e.
legionella) are completely for the account of the tenant.
8.5 Smoking in the accommodation is not allowed in all areas.
8.6 In case a tenant is locked out of the property, the tenant will be charged by Goeth Vastgoed . In case the
lock needs to be replaced, fixed or opened by a locksmith, the tenant will be charged.
8.7 In case the tenant received permission from the landlord for specific modifications to the property, it
cannot result in liability of the landlord.
8.8 Landlord is not liable for any damage caused to the tenant, belongings from the tenant or his
housemates by natural disasters and or other possible emergencies and / or loss of enjoyment the tenant
may suffer unless the landlord is responsible.
8.9 In case the tenant violates / breaches the rental agreement in any way such as late payments, causing
nuisance or other violations, the landlord is allowed to terminate the rental agreement because the tenant
does not behave as a good tenant.

9. Transfer
9.1 At the initial and final inspection , the property will be inspected by an administrator. Property should be
returned in the same condition in which it was accepted. The inspection shall be conducted during business
hours and the tenant must be present. Should there be a shortcoming, this will be noted in the inspection
report and , if necessary, corrected by the landlord. Inspection report is available upon request for both
tenant and landlord.
9.2 Landlord shall, before initial inspection, the rented clean, without defects and to deliver on agreed date.
9.3 The premises must at final inspection be clean and free of defects and delivered in the same condition
on the agreed date. Should there be a shortcoming, this will be mentioned in the inspection report and the
resulting costs deducted from the deposit . The defects are established by an administrator, by means of
comparing the initial and final inspections.

10.1 Owner/landlord is allowed to access the house without previous notice if the tenant ignored his/her
request for an appointment 3 times. By signing the rental agreement the tenant explicitly agrees with this. This
clause applies to viewings when the property becomes available again and inspections (during office hours). In
case of emergency situations that may cause damage or dangerous situations to the property or its residents
Goeth Vastgoed is allowed to enter the property if the request for appointment is ignored or denied once.
10.2 By siging this agreement the tenant gives consent to the landlord and possible administrator to record
/ file the personal information of the tenant(s).

By signing this tenancy agreement the landlord and tenant declare to agree with the conditions in this
tenancy agreement, terms and conditions and the maintenance brochure. These documents can be found
and downloaded on

Agreed to and signed in duplicate,

Eindhoven, date

(Landlord/ Owner)




1. General Terms and Conditions rental agreement (ROZ);
2. Maintenance brochure