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Tech Tammina QualityObjectives - ISO 9001:2015

Company: Sree Tammina Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Tech Tammina) Prepared on:
Quality Policy:
Sree Tammina Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Tech Tammina) is a global IT services company with a focus on industry-specific solutions undertaking Software
Development in BPM, Java / J2EE, Mobile Development, Open Systems & Software QA Testing.

It is the policy of Company Tech Tammina to provide the customer with goods and services to the agreed requirements and continually improve to offer services to make/
achieve customer satisfaction.

The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System seeking improvement by constant review, with
suppliers and sub-contractors being encouraged to co-operate. The Company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which will be
operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001.

Quality Objectives

Department Name/ Date for Result/ Outcome

Item Action to Be Taken Action by Target / Measure of Success
Quality Objective Completion
1 BPM Services
1.1 Appian CoE activities Hire candidates onshore and offshore Onshore: 40 Candidates
with any skills and get them trained (New)
in Appian Offshore: 10 Candidates
Place the trained candidates in to
Prasanthi K 31-03-2018
client projects
Onshore: 25 Candidates
Offshore: 13 Candidates
(New & Existing employees)
1.2 Pega CoE activities Get the existing resources CSA and 31-01-2018 The existing two resources
CSSA Certified. Find a senior should get CSA certified.
resource to guide the existing
resources in application
Sastry KVSJV

Hire candidates for Wave-2 and get 28-02-2018 Decide no., of resources with
them trained. top management.

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Tech Tammina QualityObjectives - ISO 9001:2015

2 Design and Development

2.1 PLP Development Prasanthi K
2.2 CareerTrek Prasanthi K
2.3 Resume Creator Prasanthi K

3 Product Services &

3.1 TIMS changes as per AMA change requests should be 05-01-2018 Copy deployed on 29-12- Copy deployed
existing customer change implemented, tested and deployed Sastry KVSJV 2017 and client confirmed before the actual
requests thru an email that it works as deployment date
per the requirement.
ASK Engineering college change
request should be implemented, 15-01-2018
tested and deployed
3.2 MTS changes as per existing My Restaurant change request in
Sastry KVSJV 31-01-2018
customer change requests generating additional reports
3.3 Collecting feedback from Prepare a format and take the Sastry KVSJV/
customers for products. feedback from existing customers Asha Kiran N

4 IT Sales
4.1 BPM
4.2 Angular
4.3 Enterprise Mobility
4.4 Others

5 Digital Marketing
5.1 Regulatory Affairs Research and finding contacts for Target is to connect with
Sashi 31-01-2018
Pharma and CRO Companies 3000 contacts by EOM
5.2 RA Leads Generating leads via campaigns Target is to close at least 10
Sashi 31-03-2018
leads by this quarter
5.3 RA Vendors Finding vendors for different Target is to find vendors all
Sashi 31-03-1018
products vendors for various services
5.4 RA Website Develop new website for RA Build website for RA and
Sashi 31-02-2018
DM services

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Tech Tammina QualityObjectives - ISO 9001:2015

5.5 Digital Marketing (DM)

5.5.1 Website Traffic Increase website traffic for TT and Increase right traffic toall
Sashi 31-03-2018
RA domains
5.5.2 Social Media Branding all Services Target is to increase
31-03-2018 followers in all social
5.5.3 Analytics Maintaining all analytics for all sites Sashi 31-03-2018 Maintaining analytics

6 Recruitment – onshore

7 Recruitment - offshore

8 RPO – Client specific Offering full recruiting service Target is to have more than
targets should be specified support in nearly every industry & 30 clients and general leads
skill vertical. Seeking out new direct in every industry. Maintain a
client business opportunities across good working relationship
north America. Provides end-to-end 31-03-2018 with new and old customers.
outsourcing, enterprise, full cycle,
partial cycle & project RPO as well
as Recruiter on Demand, a contract
solution designed by Tech Tammina.

9 Admin & Accounts

10 HR

11 IT - Networking

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