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Texas A&M University

Agriculture Headquarters
Weekly Report: 6/14/10-6/18/10

North View of Site

Walls Sheetrock on 5th Floor

Radius Furrdown at Exhibit Area

Main Entrance at HQ

Metal Panels

Brick on the Northeast side of HQ

• • • • • • • • • •

Started one siding walls on the 5th floor. Tested the fire sprinkler system at the VC. Installation of stone at the main entrance to the HQ is 100% complete. Framing furrdowns at the exhibit area in the VC. Chase walls at the mechanical rooms were framed. Caulking windows and installing trim cap has started on the southwest side of the HQ. 90% complete with stone installation on the HQ and 60% with brick. 90% complete with metal panel installation on the eyebrow. Started circulating air through the air handling units in the HQ. Laying stone at the exterior columns on the north side of the VC.