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BLACKWELL'S i NDERGROUND [@LINICAL VIGNETTES MICROBIOLOGY VOL. II, 3E 1 Class of 1991 TAO LE, MD University of California, San Francisco, Chass of 1996 HOANG NGUYEN, MD, MBA. Northviestem University, Cl b Blackwell ‘Science CONTRIBUTORS. Sandra Mun University of Texas Medical Branch, Class of 2002 Shalin Patel, MD McGraw Medical Genter, Northwestern University, Resident in Internal Medicine Ashraf Zaman, MBBS New Delhi, India ‘Vipal Soni, MD UCLA School of Medicine, Class of 1999 FACULTY REVIEWER Warren Levinson, MD, PHD Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF School of Medicine (© 2002 by Blackvell Seienee, Ine Falorial Offices: ‘Commerce Place, 350 Main Strcct, Malden, ‘Massachusetts 02148, USA ‘Omney Mead, Onlord! OX2 OEL, Eagle 225 John Steet, London WCIN 285, England 25 Ainaie Place, Edinburgh EH 64J, Seoland 54 University Steet, Catton, Vitoria 3053, Australia ‘Other Eaitorial Offices Blackwell Wisenschafe-Verlag GmbH, Kurfurstendamm 57 L707 Berlin, Germany Blackwell Science KK, MG Kodenmacho Building, “E10 Kodenmacho Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, ‘Tokyo 104, Japan Jove State University Press, A Blackwell Science Company, 2121 8. State Avenue, Ames, low 0014-8800, USA, Distributors he Americas Blackwell Publishing e/a AIDC PO. Box 20 {BD Winter Sport Lane Williston, VT 03495-0020 [Telephone orders: 800:216.9528; fax orders: 8028647626) Avizatia Blackwell Science Py; Lad 54 University Street Caron, Victoria 358 [Telephone orders 03.8847-0300; fax orders 03.9810.9016) Outside De Americas end Astral Blackwell Seience, Lic. ‘fo Marston Book Serves, Lad. PO. Box 260 Abingdon (Oxon OX14 4YN Englandt (Telephone orders #.01235-165500; fax onder: 44-01285-465555) All rights reserved, No part ofthis book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, inchiding information storage ain retrieval stems, without permission in witing from the publisher, except bya reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review, Acquisitions: Laura DeYoung Development: Amy Nutbrock Production: Lorna Hind and Shaven Giesberger Manufacturing: Lisa Flanagan “Marketing Managers Kauleen Mulcahy iesberger (Gover design by Leste He Interior design by Shaw, “Typeset by Techooks Printed and bound by Capital City Press Blackel’s Underground Clinical Vignettes: Microbiology 1, Se ISBN 0-632-0554953 Prinved in the United States of America 208 040554921 “The Blackwell Science logo isa trade mark of Blackwell Science Ld. registered at the United ‘ugalom Trade Marks Registry Library of Congress Catalogingin Publication Data ‘Bhushan, Vik, Blackwell's underground clinical vignettes Microbiology / Author, Vikas Bhushan ~ Sed ed sean. ~ (Underground clinica ignetes) er ed. of Mlerobiology/Vikas Bhushan . (et. 2a el 1908. ISBN O68204547-7 talk, paper) 1. Medical microbiology ~ Case studies. Physicians ~ Licenses ~ Unit Examinations ~ Study guides IDNLM: 1. Microbiology Case Report 2, Microbiology ~ Problems and Exercises, QW 182 'B575b 2002} L. Tide: Microbiology. Tite: Underground clinical vignetes. Mierobiology: IL. Microbiology: IV Tile V Serie. QR 465 2002 onnn04932