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MAD 2033 Integrated Marketing Promotion

Trimester 2, Academic Year 2017/18

Project 1 . . . . . . . . . ......................................................
Date of Brief: 24/11/2017

Thematic Marketing Campaign

Thematic brand communication requires us to be critical on the aspect of shared idea and form. Govern by
the big idea and art direction, strategic elements can be used to bond a campaign. Successful brand
marketing campaign relies on its creative interpretation and integration.

The Creative Task:

You are to choose one of the following Public Service Announcement categories:
i. Wildlife Conservation
ii. Internet Abuse
iii. Domestic Violence
iv. Road Traffic Safety
v. Healthy Lifestyles

You are to design 3 integrated posters in series of which each one of the posters carries a different context
of the interpretation of its big idea. You are to explore both the cognitive and affective aspect in the brand
marketing communication.

You are to use both raster and vector software to be opened to vast potential of visual style.

Observational Research through Precedent Studies:

You are required to do a precedent studies in your design process. Please select at least 5 outstanding
designs application from campaign which have the same characteristic and study the distinct aspect of the
visual. Please record (photocopy/ take picture/ scan/ print) the artwork in your Design Journal as a part of
design process.

i) 3 pieces of posters in both hardcopy and softcopy saved in ‘Student name_student ID.jpeg’
ii) Idea and Development in Design Journal

Assessment Criteria:
i) Design Process 20%
ii) Design Concept 30%
iii) Design Aesthetic 30%
iv) Design Computing 20%

Coursework Marks
30% out of overall mark for MAD2033 subject in this trimester.

Marking Criteria:
You will be awarded marks based on these 4 categories;
1. Creative and Effective Design Concepts
2. Elements and Principles of Art and Design
3. Creative and Effective Computing Skills
4. Design Process Documentation and Presentation

Submission Deadline:
Friday, 15/12/2017 , 9am at MI Studio 4006.

Please print this information at the back of your mounting board.

Application: Poster
Name: ______________________________
Student’s I.D.: ______________________________
Project Title: Thematic Brand Communication
Subject: Integrated Marketing Promotion
Year: Gamma
Trimester: Trimester 2

The required measurement of the hardcopy artwork is as below: