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Master of Science- Computer
Engineering May’17 Market Basket Analysis using R 2017
NYU Tandon, NY, USA Analyzed the dataset of gameplay for 6 months on to see
what games are commonly played together within a user’s visit. Used the
Bachelor of Technology- Apriori algorithm and rules to achieve this association analysis.
Electronics & Instrumentation
Engineering June’15 Twitter User Mobility Analytics (R, Tableau) 2017
Amrita School of Engineering, Worked with a team of two to measure the movement of a user between zip
Bangalore, India codes in R using twitter and google maps API. Processed data extracted
from a 12 gb twitter dataset on Amazon AWS/S3 into a 3-D mobility matrix.
C Titanic- Machine Learning from disaster (Kaggle) 2017
C++ Fitted Random forest model in R to predict what sorts of people are more
MATLAB likely to survive with 0.79~ accuracy rate.
R, R studio Customer satisfaction prediction with Santander (Kaggle) 2017
D3 js Tried to achieve results through preprocessing, model tuning, feature
Octave engineering and ensemble methods. Focused on adding derived features
Amazon Web Services that add more value to the class separation in the target variable.
Tweet Clustering Analysis using K-Means in Python 2016
Aim: Cluster similar tweets. Implemented K- means algorithm in Python
using Jaccard distance as the distance metric. Realized how clustering can
Tableau Public
help in analyzing various twitter based applications involving trend analysis.
Hadoop- Map Reduce
Apache Spark
MariaDB Venmo user data analysis in R 2016
Javascript Aim: To understand and explore the human purchasing behavior across
Advanced Excel- Pivot tables, demographics using the JSON data from Venmo API. Showed meaningful
lookups, VBA information regarding mobile purchasing patterns, social network size of
each user using the network D3 graph visualization and analyzed the
relationship between the users and the people in their social network.
Case Report on Boston Housing Data in R 2016
- Foundations of Data Developed a predictive model in R using Linear Regression, Additive
Science Model, Neural Networks and Regression Tree on Boston Housing Dataset.
- Enterprise Data Systems Also, compared the in-sample and out-of-sample performance using
- Big Data Analytics Average SSE.
- Business Analytics
- Data Center and Cloud
Other Projects using R 2015
Web Scraping: Coded in R to scrape and parse HTML and XML data from
- Computer Architecture I
various websites.
- Digital Signal Processing
- Network Security Time Series Analysis: Forecasting Johnson & Johnson data set of
- Internet Architecture and quarterly earnings per share using ARIMA models.
Analysis, Exploration and Web Scraping of Google Flu Trend data: To
find out the trends in GFT data for different states of USA using
exploratory analysis using various aspects of Machine learning. Explored
12 years of flu trend data for different states of USA, visualized the flu
- Data Science without trend with time and predicted the upcoming maximum rise in the flu for
Borders Program: each state of USA.
Helping Improve 10
million lives by
identifying high return
tourism opportunities.
Graduate Assistant at NYU Mathematics Department May’16 - Present
• Processing applications, maintaining the students’ information in a MS Access database and extracting the
required information for analysis- using queries
• Managing department related events: scheduling and organizing workshops, review sessions and

• Won the Academic Excellence Award consecutively for the years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 in Under
• Achieved the 2nd place in ‘Code’-a national level digital image and video processing competition at
Ekatva’14 held at PESIT, Bangalore.

• Served as the secretary of the Vedanta club-the cultural and spiritual club-which is a part of the student
activities council for the year 2013-2014 in Amrita Bangalore.
• Volunteered in various Blood Donation and Organ Donation campaigns organized by the ZCCK, Bangalore.
• Graduate Orientation Leader for the terms Spring and Fall 2016.

• Google - Google Analytics Individual Qualification (2016-2018)
• Coursera- Tableau: (University of California, Davis)
▪ Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau
▪ Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau
▪ Visual Analytics with Tableau
• Coursera- Machine Learning (Stanford)
• Coursera- Big Data:(University of California, San Diego)
▪ Introduction to Big Data
▪ Big Data Modeling and Management Systems
▪ Big Data Integration and Processing