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Astrovidhi- Insightful Guidance

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Ms. Amisha Mehta Sanvee
DFT- 4
Astrovidhi- Insightful Guidance
This website provides almost every information that people wants to know about their
horoscopes and the ways to deal with the problems in their lives, to know about their career,
wellness and faraway fortunes.

The horoscope is a map that appears as a two dimensional chart. It shows the position of the Sun,
the Moon, and planets at the precise moment of your birth. The Sun, the Moon, and the planets
are frozen in their position at that initial moment of birth.

Astrology sees mankind as being not only influenced by hereditary factors and the environment,
but also by the state of our solar system at the moment of birth.

Target audience
This is not just for one but for everybody, all those who want to know about their life, their
compatibility with others zodiac signs. Specially, for the youth to know about their career and
wellness and for the people to know about their faraway fortunes.
Site Map
 My 2017 horoscope
 My daily horoscope
 My love horoscope
 My career horoscope
 My wellness horoscope

 Find your zodiac match
 Love potential oracle
 Love compatibility
 Love articles
 Love Tarot reading

 Astrology articles
 Astrology facts
 Astrology FAQs
 All about each zodiac signs

 Free career horoscopes
 All jobs and finance reports
 Career Reports
 Career Tarot

 Birth horoscope
 Karma horoscope
 2017 horoscope

Free and fun

 Astro insight report
 Love compatibility
 Career compatibility
 Match finder

Zodiac News

 Latest news
 About horoscope and astrology
 About love
 About work and money
 About beauty and style

 Articles
 Love and relationship
 Astrology articles
 Psychics articles
 Astrology facts
 Astrology FAQs
Layout of the website

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 The webpage is center aligned and fit a 1024x768 pixels screen size.
 The typical browser on the most common screen resolution will show around 600 pixels
of page height in the web page, after which the visitor will have to scroll.
 The size of the logo is 180*180 pixels and size of the favicon is 16*16 pixels.

For easy navigation, all the tabs above like horoscope, love Are clickable and will take the
user to a new page while all the other tabs remain open.