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ARREST WARRANT ~~ 2018A2620600191 ‘STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA i] Merete Teooiai free: Murder / Murder Otterse cose" oe CedetOrdinance See: 16-05-0010 ‘STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) ORIGINAL §— SC'aier ante [Lp cact x] Manta AFFIDAVIT ah ‘Myrtle Beach ) Persmaly aopomed before me to eft Tommy C Allen wt DESCRIPTION OF OFFENSE: Murder / Murder | tater tele tat teres probable cause to. efeve that the | defendant named stove ald commt {ho che s8 fort and that romp ‘cause iS’ tased on the folowing facts: General Sessions PO Box 677 1301 2nd Avenue Conway, SC 29528 ORIGINAL ORIGINAL ORIGINAL SEE ATTACHED AFFIDAVIT Sinanre of nt (x Af ‘STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA eee EOF vretopaty of tay 1101 Oak street [eee | niet y_Z je Beach, SC 29577 Myrtle Beach ‘Banta Tanprane ARREST WARRANT TO ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF THIS STATE OR MUNICIPALITY OR ANY CONSTABLE OF THIS COUNTY: Tk eppoaing fom the above atidavt = that thee" aro reasonable grounds to betove thet wiendart Chandler Ari Dunmeyer Tare of fe Suse ef Sou Coreina for oinance ot (J com fx] Macpay ot Myrtle Beach DESCRIPTION OF OFFENSE: ‘Murder / Murder ) a geen below: Having foun probable cute and he stove alan having snc Before me, you ae empowered and rect fo aeat the sai dofendrt snd big hm oF "SS te ott be Sea wt aecerng to aw copy oie Ares! Wari shal be Getvere to te defendant et he ime of 1s exciton, of 38 sae) Shawn O VUbot? 45) ) ) Jnige’sAaaress 1101 Oak Street Myrile Beach, SC29577- Tongan Taepone(843)918-1356 tesuing Cour: [] Morlotrete ORIGINAL stuge Code: _ 6620 ) ORIGINAL Ex oa ORIGINAL Doves ORIGINAL