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To make the filled pandoro, first you have to make the “diplomatic cream”:

To make the “diplomatic cream” you have to prepare first the confectioner’s

Heat the milk and a half of vanilla bean (and its seeds) in a small pot

Beat with whisk a yolk and sugar

Add the cornflour

Remove the vanilla bean using some pliers

Pour the heated milk into the mixture and mix using the whisk

Put again the mixture on the stove and mix continually until the cream thickens

Put the confectioner’s custard in a bowl, cover it and let it cool

Make the chantilly cream:

Pour the cold liquid cream (nata) in an electric beater and whip it
When the cream is ready, add the icing sugar and mix using a spatula

When the confectioner’s custard is completely cold, join little by little the
chantIlly cream

Put the diplomatic cream in a sac-à-poche

Take the pandoro

Slice the pandoro to have 2 cm-slices

Take a plate and put the base slice

Fill the base slice with the diplomatic cream and carry on with the next slices
and the diplomatic cream ultil the pandoro is re-built

Decorate the extremities with diplomatic cream

Take the blueberries and currants and put them on the extremities with cream

Before serving the filled pandoro, sprinkle with some icing sugar

If you want to make the filled pandoro some days before eating, conserve it in
the fridge during 1-2 days

Take out the pandoro form the frigde 20 minutes before serving