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The Servant Leadership Center

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A note from Sr. Nancy, Executive
Today as a staff we prayed with the theme We are the Beloved! Summer – playful and light – is a perfect time to remember this. The surprises popping out of the earth in rich color, the summer rains, and the dazzlingl y sunlight celebrate the joy of God’s creation and that joy spills over into us! So take a few minutes to savor the fact that you are God’s chosen one and enjoy the summer! Hope to run into you sometime during your summer journey. Sometimes synergy happens! O n e i s i n t h e r i gh t circumstances at the right time and everything comes together in almost a magical way. That is what happened as Erin Battistoni joined our staff. Erin brings a rich background (a double Masters – MSW and a Ma st er s in Pa st ora l Theology) with experiences that make her just the right person to serve as the Director of Outreach at The Servant Leadership Center. She jumped right in mid-May and is planning events for the summer for all the participants in our various groups. All kinds of blessings have come to us. Besides our wonderful participants, the Center was very generously deeded over to us by the owners as of the end of June. We also received confirmation that we received a grant from the Marquerite D’Youville Foundation. This is primarily for Erin’s salary for 2008 and 2009. Our current challenges are to recruit about 40 people for the fall sessions, to match the $75,000 grant we received in March, and to broaden our donor base. Recruitment sessions are lined up and phone calling is ongoing. So far we’ve collected about $20,000. That’s a good start, but we have $55,000 to go! This is money for this year’s budget. Our groups are on summer break. We are busy d evel op i n g sessi on s, organizing planning committees, and setting up summer conversations between our participants and people who are marginalized. I believe it will keep us busy.

Volume 1, Issue 1 June 2007
Special points of interest:

Summer programs offered for current and past participants Prayer/reflection for Independence day Community Happenings

Center Staff:
Barb Aranyosi Administrative Assistant !" Erin Battistoni Director of Outreach Ministry !" Sr. Nancy Westmeyer Executive Director

Fall Classes Now Forming

Make a change in yourself and make a difference in the world. If you or those you know are looking for a group to pray with as you discern new directions join us for one of our informational sessions or to our Open House Celebration in August! Help us spread the word.

Information Sessions for Servant Leadership Threshold to a Life Transformed, 10– Month Spiritual Development Track will be held on:
Tuesday, July 10: 12:30-1:30 PM at The Servant Leadership Center Wednesday, July 18: 12:30-1:30 PM and 7-8 PM at St. Rose Catholic Parish, in Perrysburg in the Sacred Heart Conference Room A Wednesday, July 25: 6-7 PM at The Servant Leadership Center. Monday, August 13: 6-7 PM at The Servant Leadership Center Wednesday, August 15: 12:30-1:30 PM at The Servant Leadership Center Wednesday August 23: 6-7 PM at The Servant Leadership Center

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Over the course of the summer you will have the opportunity to s i gn up to participate in a story sharing session with people from our community. The purpose of this process is to help us to enter into the experience of those we consider “other”. It is a time to connect with people and listen to each other’s stories and experiences in the world. This is an opportunity for us to meet with our sisters and brothers who are most vulnerable in our society. It is a time for us to meet and get to know people and listen to their stories. It is not a service project but more so a time to build relationship. It is a face-to-face encounter. The immersions will help to provide us with a context where we learn what it means to be marginalized from those who experience it. We will soon discover that the definition of marginalization stretches far beyond what we would expect. This process may be strange at first or seem to be overwhelming for some of us. That is normal. It’s ok to not be sure what to say or how to react. For others, talking with people who are marginalized in our society is old hat. We encourage you to also enter into this process with an open mind and an open heart. To see where God is dwelling in this experience and to reflect on your experience thus far in the servant leadership process and to make connections to the course content. When sessions resume in September time will be given for us to share our different experiences. Additional opportunities will scheduled throughout the year. be

All Servant Leadership Group present and former participants are welcome to attend as many of these experiences as you would like. Each one gives us a window of opportunity to get to know another person or a group of people on a whole new level. You are welcome to invite a guest to accompany you to any of these sessions.

Monday, July 30
Second Chance ( The Servant Leadership Center 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, debriefing from 1:30-2 PM Second Chance: is committed to improving the lives of those who are affected by sexual exploitation through the commercial sex industry by providing prostitution-specific services. A women who has survived the sex trafficking industry will share her journey with us. [NOTE: Participants are asked to bring a potluck lunch dish to share with our guests]

Saturday, August 4
En Camino-Immigrant and Migrant Ministry of the Diocese of Toledo ( St. Aloysius Catholic Parish, Clare Hall (on the corner of Wooster and S. Enterprise behind Taco Bell) 148 S. Enterprise Bowling Green, OH 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM — we will then return to St. Al’s to debrief the experience. We will meet at St. Al’s in Bowling Green, then car-pool to a near-by migrant camp where we will have the opportunity to talk with a woman who is a migrant farm worker. In this camp, the folks come from Florida. Right now they are picking strawberries from 5 AM- 1 PM. Sometimes they might go back in the afternoon. After the strawberry season is over, they pick pickles. That is a more demanding crop because they need to pick the small pickles (the small pickles that we enjoy on our hamburgers); they often tease that you can actually see the pickles grow as you look at them.

Volume 1, Issue 1
Wednesday, August 8
Bethany House: A transitional living home for women and children who escaped domestic violence. Meet at The Servant Leadership Center 5:45 PM 6– 8 PM (we will meet at the Center then car-pool to Bethany House—it is in a secure and undisclosed location for security reasons). We will return to the Center for a debriefing from 8-9 PM. The women will share their experience of domestic violence and their journey thus far. [NOTE: Participants are asked to bring a homemade dessert or drinks to share with the women and children living at Bethany House]

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PLEASE RESPOND BY JULY 20, 2007 Please call or email Erin Battistoni , Director of Outreach Ministry ( at the Servant Leadership Center by Friday, July 20 with which sessions you plan to attend.

Tuesday, August 14
Racism The Servant Leadership Center 6-8:30 PM Delma Jackson from the YWCA’s Racial Justice Department will share his experience and understanding of racism as experienced in the united States. It will be an opportunity to have a candid discussion around the issue of racism, past and present, in our culture. [NOTE: Participants are asked to bring a potluck lunch dish to share with our guests]

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: August 18 (11 AM-9 PM) and Sunday August 19 (Noon-6 PM)
The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo’s 7th Annual International Festival This is an opportunity to tour the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, located in Perrysburg and to spend some time talking with our Muslim sisters and brothers about their cultural and religious experience.

The Padua Center (contact Sr. Ginny for more info)
Sr. Ginny Welsh, OSF 1416 Nebraska Ave, Toledo, OH 43607 419-241-6465 The Padua Center is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo. It is a Christian community-based presence reaching out by empowering people at all stages of life to achieve their maximum potential through education, counseling, support and community involvement. Each morning, the center has coffee and snacks on the front porch and folks from the neighborhood pop by for coffee and fellowship.

Volume 1, Issue 1
Community Happenings Save the date!

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Monday Night Prayer~ All are welcome to join in prayer at the center from 7-8:30 PM every Monday night. Servant Leadership Center Open House~ Come celebrate with us! Thursday, August 16 from 5-8 PM

Things to look forward to this fall~

Bishop Albert’s 91st Birthday Party and Fundraiser for the Center

A reflection for Independence Day
God, bless America, Land that I love. Bless us to cherish the freedoms that we have established for our people; bless us to cherish the dignity of each person, regardless of race, creed, color, orientation and origin; bless our communities to be peace-filled and free from violence, addiction, and fear; bless our people to have sufficient food, housing and living wage jobs; Stand beside her, And guide her Through the night with a light from above. Guide us, O God, with your light of love and peace; guide us to be part of an international community, to cherish and promote just relationships within that community; guide us not to be run by our fears, guide us to take the lead ridding the world of weapons of mass destruction, guide us to a world without end, not terror without end; From the mountains To the prairies To the oceans white with foam, Lead us, O God, less to dominate the world and more to be part of the world, to love and preserve the land, the water, the air, the species of plants, and animals; teach us reverence for the life of the planet, especially for human life, that we as a nation may find the will and the ways to consume less and contribute more to life, to the culture of life, to a love of life, that the life of our planet and our universe may flourish and glorify you, O God; God, bless America, My home, sweet home. God bless all peoples, Brothers, sisters all, Sharing this world Together, Grant us peace from the font of your love. Keep our hearts free, Loving others, Even those who wish us harm. God help our world to be Your home, sweet home. God help our world to be Your home, sweet home.

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