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The Servant Leadership Center

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A note from Sr. Nancy
This past weekend members of the Notre Dame Club spent several hours here fixing some things on the outside of our building and preparing our flower beds for the winter. Our back entrance has a renewed look and our flower beds are ready to hibernate! We must have ten bags of leaves and debris for the garbage pick-up. The group really worked hard and we appreciate all their assistance. With their help and help from many of you we continue to be good stewards of the building we have been given. This week we receive the first installment of the Marguerite d’Youville grant we received earlier. Tuesday a check for $40,000 will be given to us for 2008. The majority of it will be for Erin’s salary. We keep teasing her that we know her salary is secure for the next two years…we’re not so sure of the rest of us! Seriously, though the Center has been tremendously blessed and we continue to move ahead. We are looking forward to the next phase of our development – a focus on organizations. You will be hearing more about that in the future. As I was preparing this piece I glanced through Robert Greenleaf’s book Servant Leader. In his last chapter he speaks of the inward journey. Working with a poem by Robert Frost, he says, “… when we have gone back out of all this now too much for us, when we are lost enough to find ourselves and have pulled in our ladder road behind us – then we shall have the opportunity to drink the waters of wholeness.” My prayer for each of you is that you may drink your fill! Blessing until the next time. With you in the Spirit, Sister Nancy Westmeyer

Volume 1, Issue 2 November 2007
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Prayer/reflection Community Happenings NEW CENTER LOGO & EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR CENTER STAFF
Center Staff:
Barb Aranyosi Administrative Assistant

Thanks to many of you our fall fund raiser was a resounding success. Not only did we celebrate Albert’s birthday in high style with a hundred guests we met our goal and so were able to complete our matching grant. That is only one part of our Good News. We now have eleven groups in five different sites. We recently began sessions in Perrysburg, Defiance, and Swanton. All three groups seem very promising. We also have plans for two more groups to begin here at the center. There is room in those groups so if you know of anyone interested.

Erin Battistoni Director of Outreach Ministry

Nancy Westmeyer, OSF Executive Director

Ser vant Leadership Thanks Board Members who have completed their ter ms and Welcomes New Board Members
We wish to publicly thank Mr. Richard Kaverman, Vision Team member and alumni, Sister Rita Weiken, OSF, Director of Seeds of Hope Farm and alumni; Mr. Ben Nunez, Vision Team Member, Alumni and current co-facilitator of our Bowling Green group and Ms. Maria Povsic, Vision Team member, alumni and co-facilitator of our Tuesday night group, our founding board members who have completed serving their terms on our founding board. The Servant Leadership Center exists because of your deep commitment to serving and living out the Gospel Message. Thank you for the countless ways you have served and continue to serve the Servant Leadership Community.

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Sr. Joanne Lammers, OSF– a Sister of St. Francis of Tiffin Oh, and current member of the Tiffin Franciscan Leadership Council Mary Jo Anderson, Fall O6-Fall 07 Group participant Father John Blazer, Pastor of the Emmaus Cluster on the East Side, current participant-Toledo Group Mr. Richard Faist, partner in Clifton Gunderson LLP Dr. Bob Huss, retired ophthalmologist Mr. Dennis Recker, of Fawcett, Lammon, Recker Insurance and Financial Service; current participant-Defiance Group Mr. Dave Schlaudecker, Treasurer Executive Director of Leadership Toledo Mrs. Elaine Sheehan, Sales Development with DMC Consulting, Commuter and Services Providers; current participant– Toledo Group

Mr. Bob Anderson, President Mr. Gene Kobylak, Secretary Sr. Nancy Westmeyer, Co-Founder Bishop Albert Ottenweller, Co-Founder

A Participants’ Story– by Rick Schmidt
I must say that the choice I made to be a part of something called Servant Leadership has been the biggest step in my, sometimes unknowingly, spiritual journey. I know, because it is the first time that I have truly let people in my heart, to see all that there is to see, and to trust them with those secrets contained. And, I finally realized that there actually are purveyors of truth, freedom of thought, covered in forgiveness and the grace of confidentiality. This, I must admit, is a new awakening that only God can give and give and give, and I have finally grabbed on to it. A time has come in my life to take this gigantic step, by finally having faith in the fact that “I am God’s Beloved.” Once this has been realized and taken to heart as your core belief, you are on the road to finding out exactly who you are and what your destiny is on this earth. But I never would have found this out about myself, although a little late in life, if not for walking through the doors of SL for the first time. I was scared, defensive, quiet, but, a flame was silently burning inside. This fire turned into intense warmth that allowed me to come back for a second time, which led me to be where I am today. This has not been an easy task. I imagine that we can all say that we have taken bad choices in life, some far worse than others. We have all had to carry a bag of guilt and remorse, some far heavier than others. When I came through the SL doors I had to go back to my car for two more bags. My biggest hope and dream in life was to know that I can make a difference. I was born with this destiny. I was born God’s beloved. But there were many times in which I was torn off the path. I feel that I have seen all of the evil in life, whether it was by choice or not. I started to feel as if there was no hope. I was close to giving up again. But a very special and close friend steered me to the SL doors. I have never given myself any good credit, to speak of. I would often remind people of all of the wonderful and even heroic events of my life but would never believe in what I was doing was right. But, God, who has seen me through the worst in life, and now my entrance on the right path, never gave up on me. I now find this to be true of everyone in my group, especially Sr. Nancy, Erin, and my dude, Albert. None of this could have happened without God working the controls. I have always believed in Jesus Christ and God the Father, as well as the Holy Spirit. I thought that I understood it all. I have now come to realize some of the many things that I have been

Volume 1, Issue 2
missing. I am starting to see what I have been doing wrong. I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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We can all find this light. But, I offer a word of caution. Be prepared when you find this light. Be ready to face your destiny. I pray the experience will not frighten you off. I pray you embrace it. I urge you all to let your guard down long enough to think without being afraid. Some of us have fought this all of our lives. I was going to protect what I have felt, whether good or bad, for my whole life. But, I got tired of running and hiding. This day brings me hope. Even when I am being bombarded with demons I am still moving forward. I will always look at this day as having made the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Even through my failures, I have gained something positive. Some days are better than others and life has become very overwhelming at times, but I am facing my destiny on earth, as given by my Lord God. I am finally facing it with strength, hope and the confidence that I will be a successful piece of the pie that God calls His plan. We all have work to do. I urge you all to grab on to this journey of everlasting faith and life. Maybe that is our destiny? Do you all fully believe that we can do anything we put our hearts and minds too? How could we not when we come to believe that God is our creator, provider, and we are His beloved? What really is there to fear? Thank you all for your unconditional love and compassion. I humbly accept the grace you have all given me. I love you all. Rick Schmidt, 2007—2008 Participant

What’s New?
WHAT’S THE BUZZ? Fair Trade Sampling Party. A great way to sample a variety of Equal Exchange’s Fair trade and organic coffees. See last page for details. NEW SERVANT LEADERSHIP GROUPS FORMING FOR JANUARY– Want to be apart of something special? Here’s your chance! Make a change in yourself and make a difference in the world. If you or those you know are looking for a group to pray with as you discern new directions join us for one of our informational sessions .Help us spread the word.

OUTREACH MINISTRY GROUP FORMED: A group of SL Alumnus and friends of our community have joined together to discern how the spirit is calling them to serve women in our community. We are pleased to announce that On Friday November 16, the WOMEN OF FAITH group will be sponsoring their first retreat with Women Blessing Women ( The WOMEN OF FAITH Prayer group meets the 4th Wednesday of the month from 10am—11am , and is open to anyone interested in joining. The group gathers in prayer as a faith community, and is working on projects to outreach women who have been marginalized in our community. For more info email or call Erin at the Center.

CHECK OUT OUR NEW CENTER LOGO: Reverend Steve Anthony Installed as Toledo Area Ministries ( new Executive Director— TAM and Servant Leadership are in the process of formalizing a collaborative partnership. We Congratulate Steve and welcome him to our community! SERVANT LEADERSHIP CENTER TO HOST SOLIDARITY VIGIL TO PRAY FOR THE CLOSURE OF THE SOA/ WHINSEC ( For more info about the infamous school that teaches south American militants in torture tactics.

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Community Happenings: Save the
Monday Night Prayer~ All are welcome to join in prayer at the Center from 7-8:30 PM every Monday night. Saturday, November 17: 10-11:30am WHAT”S THE BUZZ? Fair Trade Coffee Sampling Party. A great way to sample a variety of Equal Exchange’s Fair trade and organic coffees. Sunday November 18 2-4pm, St. Martin de Porres Catholic Parish– Prayer service in solidarity with those participating in the School of the Americas Vigil in Georgia. If you are interested in going on the Bus trip sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Contact Sr. Mary Kuhlman 419-447-0435 Saturday, December 1, 8pm Brewed Awakenings on 2636 W. Central Ave, Toledo: Funhouse Writers Group, Variety Show under the direction of Frank Murphy. An evening of music, poetry and art dealing with social issues. Guest Artist: Ms. Sarah Coulter, Poet and Musician. Fall 2007-Spring 2008 Check out the Erase the Hate Events that will be held through out the coming months. For more info go to Flyers are also available at the center.

Prayer for All Saints (Provided by Pastor Karen Shepler, Monroe Street United Methodist Church)
Ever living God, This [month] revives in us memories of loved ones who are no more. What happiness we shared when they walked among us. What joy, when, loving and being loved, we lived our lives together. Their memory is a blessing for ever. Months or years may have passed, and still we feel near to them. Our hearts yearn for them. Though the bitter grief has softened, a duller pain abides; For the place where once they stood is empty now. The links of life are broken, but the links of love and longing cannot break. Their souls are bound up in ours for ever. We wee them now with the eye of memory, Their faults forgiven, their virtues grown larger. So does goodness live, and weakness fade from sight. We remember them with gratitude and bless their names. Their memory is a blessing for ever. And we remember as well the members Who but yesterday were part of our [congregations] and community. To all who cared for us and labored for all people, we pay tribute. May we prove worthy of carrying on the tradition of our faith, For now the task is ours. Their souls are bound up in ours for ever. We give you thanks that they now live and reign with you. As a great crowd of witnesses, They surround us with their blessings, And offer you hymns of praise and thanksgiving. They are alive for ever more. Amen.
Throughout the month of November, your loved ones will be held in the prayers of this community. If you would like to call or email the names of those you would like us to remember by name, you are most welcome to do so. May God’s peace be with you and yours.

1618 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 43612

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