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Vol. 68, No. 2
Bellingham First Christian Church
An Open and Affirming Congregation February 2018

Cabin Fever College, Session II
February 8, 2018
5:30p Soup Supper
6 - 7p Classes

Sign up for the class of your choice:
• Jam & Jelly Making 

Instructor: Darleen Page
• Bell Ringing Basics

Instructor: Judy Bayless
• Tai Chi Basics, part 2 

Instructor: Paul Mulholland
• Genealogy 102

Instructor: Steve Hutchens Please note: Be sure to sign up in the fellowship hall or
• Clothing Maintenance and Repair
 email Please note
Instructor: Melody Hoffman that classes without registrants will be cancelled.

Ash Wednesday Worship
February 14, 2018
5:30p Soup Supper
6 - 6:30p Worship

Please join us for an evening of fellowship,
food, and meditation.
As we enter the season of Lent, a time of
reflection and repentance, we will spend
these moments together pondering that
which bind us together as humankind, our
From dust you have come.˝ gifts and our detriments, our successes
To dust you shall return. and our sins. We will close our time of
worship with the imposition of ashes.
Shoe’s News

First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
Shoe’s News
495 East Bakerview Road
Bellingham, WA 98226 I taught a class at Squalicum High School recently. I teach
this class every once in a while. And I’ve been doing it for quite a while. The teacher and I have both grown gray over
Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter the years, and the current students weren’t even born
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) when we started doing this. It’s a class on Comparative
A movement for wholeness in a fragmented Religions, and I go representing Progressive Christianity
world. As part of the one body of Christ, we
welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God
and another person comes on a different day to talk about
welcomed us. Conservative Christianity. Every time I teach the class, I
All of Us
can tell that for many of the students, this is their first
Ministers exposure to a more open, liberal approach to the Christian
Rev. Gary Shoemaker faith. For many, it’s a refreshing perspective.
Pastor I make it clear that I’m not representing our congregation,
Rev. Tamalyn Kralman but my own perspective on the faith. I let them know that
Director of Education & Community Outreach we have a variety of points of view in our church. I also tell
Courier Editor
them that that’s one of the qualities that I love about the
Amelia Nye
But it got me thinking. How much do you know about
Katie Ramstead
Childcare Provider
Progressive Christianity? I thought I’d use this format to
Rev. Sandy Messick
write a series about the basic tenets of the Progressive
Regional Minister Christian movement. I’m going to be using a list of 12
Rev. Teresa Hord Owens characteristics that have come to be called the Phoenix
General Minister and President Affirmations. 
Sunday Schedule (Labor Day - Memorial Day)
10:50 a.m. Gathering Time The first one is this: Walking fully in the Path of Jesus
9:30 a.m. Adult Sunday School without denying the legitimacy of other paths that God
11 a.m. Worship may provide for humanity.
12:15 p.m. Fellowship Time
1 p.m. Out-to-Lunch Bunch (4th Sunday)
2 p.m. Someone Cares! Community Meal
To me that means that we can be fully Christian without
(2nd Sunday) believing that people of other faiths are wrong. I don’t know
Office Hours where you come down on this one, but I have struggled
Tuesday - Friday mightily with the notion that one has to be a Christian in
9 a.m. - noon
Our staff are in and out of the office throughout the
order to be a part of God’s family. That seems to limit God
week. Please feel free to stop by during their office to our own understanding and beliefs. I don’t have to deny
hours or make an appointment that fits your schedule. someone else’s way of faith in order for my way of faith to
Officers be incredibly important and life changing.
Renee Hoemann, Moderator
Don Hoffman, Vice Moderator I hope that over the next several months, as you learn
Cheryl Perry, Treasurer
Melissa Henderson, Secretary
more about Progressive Christianity, it will spur your own
faith questions and possibilities. 
Important Links:
Regional Website (including monthly Along for the journey,
General Church Website: Pastor Gary

2 February 2018
Nurse’s Notes Joys & Concerns

New Year's happens, take a few minutes to calm, take some mindful
breaths to quiet the nerves and activate your more
Resolutions?! But rational brain.
I Don't Wanna! Lonely? Feeling the comfort and support of others can
We come to the time of year help keep us focused on our goals. Stay in touch with
Nurse’s Notes when traditionally we make those who can help.
resolutions for self Tired? Poor sleep habits, feeling tired can diminish self-
improvement: lose weight, control and will power. Find ways to get better sleep.
exercise more, stop smoking,
learn something new, etc. This is a worthy thought but In all of this process of trying to change bad habits,
how successful will we be in achieving these changes? remember to be kind to yourself. Research shows that
We begin but before long we begin to waver into defeat self-criticism actually short-circuits the brain power
and we stay the same over weight couch lizard who has needed to unwind old habits, making us less likely to see
not learned anything new. There is a way to change this the bigger picture. So avoid saying, "I can’t," and replace
defeat into success. Changing old bad habits into good with a more compassionate, "I will, and if I stumble I
healthy ones is quite possible. Read on to learn how. will keep trying."

First do a self-assessment to discover what needs to Understand, too, that mindfulness or focus helps build
change for the better. Then decide the strategy for the resilience needed to resist giving into urges that
reaching those goals. Be aware that discouragement can foster unhealthy habits. When feeling the urge to
set in and with it a desire to quit. engage in a bad habit stop, feel the physical reaction,
but don't engage in them. Relax the body by taking deep
Consider this: habit-making is simply what our brains do. breaths, in and out, and notice how the urge falls away
They are designed to make neural pathways that when with each breath. By doing this you are training the brain
satisfied, the brain takes note. The neurochemistry of not to give into the craving.
the brain produces the feel good neurochemical called
dopamine. When an urge is satisfied the blast of Finally, visualize your goals, focus on achieving them
dopamine makes us want more, crave more, which then through genuine commitment, through understanding
leads to the triggering behavior: eating fast foods, how the brain works, through compassion and mindful
smoking, checking your phone, whatever. Now the habit focus.
is satisfied. (Source: "Mindful" magazine. K.Walsh)
Once we understand the physiology of habit formation Reflection: Eternal God, cover us with grace. Enfold us in
we can begin to make more thoughtful choices and then sacred love so as to enable us to emerge from prison of
stop the knee-jerk behavior of mindlessly engaging in our lesser selves to the freedom of a people developed
the old habits. in mindfulness and compassion toward self and others.
The goal in breaking bad habits is to unwind the brain's Amen.
reaction to triggers, the impulse, the brain’s learned way
to satisfy a need. This is done by self awareness and of Jane Kletka, RN
recognizing the need for change. Along with awareness Faith Community Nurse
there needs to be intention, a desire to over come the
unhealthy choices with more positive choices.
When trying to break bad habits we need to want to
break them. Merely saying, "I should,” does not work. Week of Compassion, cont’d from p. 6
Feeling we "should" do something is weak and will not
In grateful partnership, we offer again our thanks and
bring success. Rather, to say "I want," to do this
rejoice in the abundant good work of the gospel. As we
suggests the determination that will lead to change.
continue to walk together in compassion for others, let us
Will power or commitment can slip, however, and when be strengthened in the knowledge that God is able to
it does the following strategy can help. Think of the “accomplish abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.”
acronym "HALT.” Self assess these various categories and GRACE and PEACE,
see if they are influencing you in any way. Your WEEK OF COMPASSION Staff
Hungry? Feeling hungry short circuits will power due to
brain activity that controls foresight and decision making. Rev. Joe
Rev. Caroline Hendrixson
Angry/Anxious? When feeling angry or anxious the Rev. Vy Nguyen
Hamilton-Arnold Minister for
rational parts of the brain shut down decreasing the Executive Director
Associate Director Disciples
ability to think and reason through things. When this Development

February 2018 3
Who’s on First?! Birthdays & Anniversaries God at Work in Us

Sunday, February 4
Elder: Melody Hoffman Happy Birthday:
Mason Stanbro 18
In Home Communion: John Riseland Cris Botts 4
Gaylen Udo 22
Deacons: Kathy Wheeler, Bentley Becker Velma McDonald 7
Leslie Pinkston 25
Reader: Melody Hoffman Tristin Stanbro 7
Megan Shoemaker 26
Flowers: TBD Brenda Riseland 10
Fellowship Time: TBD, honoring February Phyllis McKinnon 11
birthdays Linda Mederis 12
Gray King 13
Happy Anniversary:
Sunday, February 11 Lynn Plancich 16
Ralph & Bea Gilfilen 5
Elder: Kelvin Smith Margaret Brown 17
Deacons: James Becker, Linda Heyne
Reader: Darleen Page
Flowers: TBD Be the Hands of God (nurture the world)
Fellowship Time: TBD
• Annual Bazaar Promise Day Center
Sunday, February 18 • Alternative Market • Food Bank collections
• Blessing Bags • Joseph’s Closet
Elder: Don Hoffman
• CAST • Clean Water Projects
Deacons: Renee Hoemann, Celia Obrecht
• Comfort Quilt Ministry • Jesus Has Left the
Reader: Melissa Henderson
• Community Gardens Building
Flowers: TBD
• Community Meal • Family Promise Hosts
Fellowship Time: TBD
• Disciples House (soon • Socks on the Street
to be the Family
Sunday, February 25
Elder: Leslie Pinkston For more info on how to assist in any of these projects,
Deacons: Pat Whitney, Kris Ann Lewis please contact us at
Reader: Fran Frazee
Flowers & Fellowship Time: Esther Group
Be a Part of A Small Group (nurture your soul)
• Women's Spiritual Growth Groups - Please contact
Sign up in the fellowship hall to help in these
the church office if you would like to be a part of a group.
important ministries:
• Out-to-Lunch Bunch, 12:30 p.m., 4th Sundays - An
• Read scripture during Sunday morning worship informal gathering that visits locally owned restaurants.
• Book Group, 7 p.m., 4th Sundays - This group
• Bring flowers for Sunday worship
explores books to expand their minds and hearts.
• Provide goodies for fellowship time following • Esther Group, 11:30 a.m., 3rd Mondays - A women's
Sunday worship group that meets for lunch in local restaurants. (No host.)
Please contact the office for more info. • Bible Study, Noon, Tuesdays - Meeting in the church
library, this group explores the lectionary scriptures.
• Pub Theology, 6:30 p.m., 3rd Thursdays - Beer,
conversation, and God! (Or any beverage of your choice.)
Are you saving your coins? Jeckyl & Hyde Deli & Ale House 709 Orchard Pl #1.
World Water Day is coming in March, when we’ll • Checking in Group, 5 p.m., 4th Thursdays -supportive
be collecting the money from our jars. group of people who share life's journey together.
If you need a jar, pick one up in the office. For • Men's Breakfast, 7:30 a.m., Saturdays at Denny's - 

more info, visit https:// All men are invited to join this weekly breakfast group for fun and fellowship. (No host.)

4 February 2018
Report from Church Extension Fund Representative
Members of the FCC Board met with Rosario Ibarra, a representative from the Disciples’ Church Extension Fund, on
December 5, 2017. At that time, we shared with Rosario the mission, vision and values shared by our congregation.
We discussed the many outreach
programs supported by FCC, as well
as future programs with which we
will be involved, such as Family
Promise and our potential
partnership with The Opportunity
Council. We also gave Rosario a
tour of our building and discussed
the many ways our building is used
throughout the week.

The following is Rosario’s report and
recommendations. The Board has
not yet acted on any of these
recommendations but will consider
Starting at left, moving clockwise: John Riseland, Darleeen Page, James Becker, what action, if any, to take. This
Rosario Ibarra, Cheryl Perry, Renee Hoemann, Don Hoffman, Gary Shoemaker, Pat report is for your information. The
Whitney, Kelvin Smith, Max Perry (back to camera) Board would like to request that you
begin to think about what “next
steps” you feel would be necessary and appropriate for FCC to take to continue to be an active and thriving
congregation in our community and in the Region.

Please share your questions and input with any of your Board members.

Joys and Concerns
Our Sincere Gratitude Please submit written requests to update list.
to You For a complete list, please see the Sunday bulletin or contact the office.
Medical concerns: • Disciples House Residents,
Thank you, from the bottom of
• John Riseland past, present and future
our hearts, for your incredible
• Ellen Fisher, Bob’s sister-in-law • Iglesia de Dios, as together
generosity. We have added • Helen Blaney we share God’s love
your holiday gifts to our • Kelly Franks • Raices Culturales/Community
“Ireland Fund,” which will allow • Marian Crim to Community families in their
us to visit our son, daughter- • Daisy Shoemaker, Pastor Gary’s mom gardening program in our field
in-law, and our precious • Sharon Kralman, Tamalyn’s • Kristine Tissinger, missionary
grandsons, once they make the stepmom partner in Ghana
move across the pond • Chloe Gibson • Rev. Sandy Messick, Regional
sometime in this New Year. It is • Gary Schwebel, Diana Findlay’s son Minister and President
a move they are anticipating • Pat Spiller, Kris Ann’s stepdad-in-law • Rev. Teresa Hord Owens,
General Minister and President
with great excitement and we, Life’s challenges:
• Gunther Charles • Our General Church ministries
of course are, well, anticipating
• Katie, Bob Fisher’s daughter • Yakama Christian Mission
with great excitement for
• Matthew, Kris Ann Lewis’s • Victims of hatred, injustice,
them! Thank you all for helping violence, poverty, disease, and
to make it all a bit more disaster worldwide
bearable. Beyond Our Walls: • All troops involved in world
• For the healing of our nation conflict
Pastors Gary and Tamalyn • Refugees worldwide • Peacemakers worldwide

February 2018 5
World Outreach Community Outreach

Interfaith Hope Auction
XXXXXXXX To donate online
Hope is on the Way! Please join us for the Interfaith
Coalition’s Hope Auction on March 24 as we continue in
WEEK OF COMPASSION STAFF our work of ensuring that all children have a safe, warm
God is doing more than we can imagine! place to call home. With you as a partner, we can transform
The human imagination is pretty incredible. Last fall, the lives of our neighbors in need of a fresh start.
Week of Compassion staff and partners heard the
Please consider donating an auction item such as a service
dreams of teenage girls in Jakarta, Indonesia—
you offer, artwork, gift certificate, tickets to popular sporting
unaccompanied refugees, without a permanent
events or vacation home getaway. For tickets to the event or
home. Their lives are filled with uncertainty and
to make a donation, please check out our website:
challenge, yet when they picture their futures, they or call us at 360-734-3983.
imagine themselves as small business owners,
Together, we can offer emergency and transitional housing,
artists, mothers, surgeons, and pilots.
meals, warm clothing and hope for a brighter day.
The human imagination is also limited, bound by our
finite human experience. Sometimes the suffering of Interfaith Coalition Choir Festival
the world outpaces our ability to imagine new life. Enjoy an afternoon of beautiful choral music at the Interfaith
For many, 2017 was an apocalyptic year filled with Coalition Choir Festival on Sunday, February 25 at 3:30
unbelievable storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, and p.m. at First Congregational Church, 2401 Cornwall,
violence. We prayed, stood with, and gave to people Bellingham. This concert will feature individual performances
and causes from next-door neighbors to global as well as a festival combined choir of over 150 voices.
neighbors we will never meet. Even when we found The choir festival is a wonderful opportunity for the many
it hard to envision recovery and new life, we faiths of Whatcom County to come together and make their
accompanied our neighbors, strengthened by the own, uniquely joyful noise as one community, united in their
assurance that God is working in, through, and love of music. Please join us! An offering to benefit
beyond us. Interfaith Coalition’s programs will be gladly received.
The same Apostle Paul who said that God is able to Thank You for Providing Christmas
“accomplish abundantly more than we can ask or
imagine” also put the work of building abundance Gifts through Interfaith Coalition
squarely at our feet: “always seek to do good to one Thank you so much for brightening the season this
another and to all” (1 Thessalonians 5:15). Christmas for local homeless families!
Through thick and thin, when dreams abound and “Thank you for giving my children Christmas. It has been a
when our imaginations run dry, we continue to do struggle this year and you are giving us hope that things will
good. Your Week of Compassion gifts work “around get better. We are so grateful for your generosity. ”
the world, around the year” to bring more of God’s “Thank you so much for blessing myself and 4 sons. It was
love and goodwill than we can ask or imagine. an unexpected blessing as most are. There will be lots of
smiles Christmas morning thanks to your generous spirit.
You shared your compassion with families in South
God bless you and yours this Christmas.”
Texas and Puerto Rico who were impacted by
hurricanes. There were lots of hugs, smiles, and tears of happiness at
the Interfaith Coalition Holiday Joy Drive. Your carefully
You offered food and shelter to families as far selected gifts are so appreciated. Eighty-six families, a total
away as Sierra Leone and Bangladesh who of 263 individuals, in our housing program and the
experienced the most severe floods of the century. Opportunity Council were provided gifts. With the struggles
You extended God’s care to refugees from Syria of homelessness and other difficulties, the joy of the holiday
and Somalia. season provides families a wonderful reprieve and a
reminder of the love that exists in our community.
You imagined an unimaginable world -- God’s
world -- for empowered women and girls in the Wishing you peace and joy this coming year,
Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia. Laura Harker, Executive Director
Cont. on page 3

6 February 2018
Family Page

Devotions for the Household Kids’ Coloring Page
Dear Jesus, we want to share your love with everyone we
meet. We want all of your people to be healthy, fed,
sheltered, clothed, prayed for and loved. May we be your

hands and feet in the world. Thank you for our meal and we
pray for all of the people who had a part of getting our food
to our table. Amen.
Gather your household and share these questions together:

What troubles you today? What brings you joy today? Pray
together for all of your troubles and joys. God is with us in
every part of our day!

Jesus is with you always!

Jesus visited Simon and Andrew’s family. While he was
there, they told him that Simon’s mother-in-law had a

fever. When Jesus went to talk to her, he held her hand
and helped her stand up, and her fever went away!
Mark 1:29-39 - Jesus Heals Many
Click here for a full size coloring page.
For children: What do you pray or talk to God about? Do you ever
pray by yourself? God wants us to talk to God always! There
is not anything that God isn’t ready to hear! How can you Tips from Tam

show God’s love to others? Do you think when we help It’s cold and flu season. Again. Has your
someone, give a hug, offer nice words or draw a picture for house been hit with bugs galore? Again and
them that we can make someone feel better if they are sad, again, no matter how many times you bleach
sick or hurt? and scrub and wipe everything down with
For youth/adults: Where/when do you most often pray? Do you disinfectant wipes?
have a standard prayer, do you simply speak to God or do you sit And don’t you just wish Jesus would come for
in silence with God? People in our world are searching for a visit and heal all your woes and ills?
something. We are all searching for happiness, joy, love,
security, belonging, self-worth and the list goes on and on. In We read these Bible stories and wonder what
the Mark 1 story the disciples tell Jesus when he goes to a really happened and what they all mean and
deserted place to pray, that people are searching for him. The what God’s trying to tell us. Especially when
good news is that Jesus comes to us and searches for us. Jesus we can’t even spare our children the suffering
is always there. How can we reveal Jesus’ presence of love, of the common cold. Let alone the horrors of
hope, forgiveness and mercy in the world that is so desperately even worse things that happen to kids.
searching for those things? How do we use shopping, food, Where is God in all of that?
alcohol and other ways to fill our searching with what only God
can offer us? Guiding doctors and scientists to learn more
and more all the time. Helping us to be better
For adults and young children alike, it’s easy to think that all we caregivers to our little ones. Helping us to
have to do is pray and Jesus will heal us of everything that give them the all they need when those

ails us: the flu, a cold, cancer, heart disease, mental illness, viruses and bacteria take their toll. Helping us
loneliness, etc. Reality is that we live in a world where to fight back for all we’re worth, knowing that
bodies still get sick and die but that doesn’t mean that God God’s got our backs.
doesn’t hear our prayers and isn’t with us! The good news is
that God’s promise is for life for us forever with God and God May God’s Spirit of Wisdom be with you,
is with us in the pain and sorrow of the reality of disease and Tamalyn
broken bodies in this life. As a community we also support, love
and pray for each other as well as point out where God is at work
when we can’t recognize it ourselves. Be sure with young Devotions & Faith Focus provided by:
children to emphasize God’s presence with them.

February 2018 7
February 2018
First Christian Church, Christian Holidays Feb 2018 (Pacific Time)
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
28 29 30 31 1 2 3

9 : 3 0 a m - Adult Sun. School 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 7pm - [4H] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst, Denny's

1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

1 1 a m - Worship 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir
1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time

1 p m - Out-to-Lunch Bunch

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
February 2018 calendar

9 : 3 0 a m - Adult Sun. School 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 5 : 3 0 p m - Cabin Fever College 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst, Denny's

1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 5:30pm - Nurture Meeting 6 p m - Bell Choir 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

1 1 a m - Worship 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir
1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Wild Goose
scheduling mtg

11 12 13 14 15 16 17

9 : 3 0 a m - Adult Sun. School 6 : 3 0 p m - Stewardship Mtg 1 1 a m - Bible Study Ash Wednesday Courier deadline 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst, Denny's

1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] Bulletin deadline 6 p m - [Family Promise training] 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

1 1 a m - Worship 6 p m - Bell Choir 6 : 3 0 p m - Pub Theology, location
1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir
2 p m - Community Meal

18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Week of Compassion offering 1 1 : 3 0 a m - Esther Grp Lunch 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 4 p m - [4H - special meeting] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst, Denny's

9 : 3 0 a m - Adult Sun. School 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir 5 p m - Checking in Group, 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
location TBD
1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 4 5 p m - [Guide Dogs]

1 1 a m - Worship 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir
1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time

25 26 27 28 1 2 3

Week of Compassion Offering 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 7pm - [4H] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst, Denny's

9 : 3 0 a m - Adult Sun. School 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal @ Choir
1 1 a m - Worship

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship time

1 p m - Out-to-Lunch Bunch

5 p m - Board Meeting

7 p m - Book Group

February 2018
2018 Gifts & Talents Survey



As members of our congregation we rely on our staff and each other to do the many
tasks that make us unique in our operation and mission. What interests, gifts and tal-
ents do you have to contribute to the life of our church? Your experience is needed!
Your participation will help us maintain our mission! Please put a check mark by the
areas and tasks that you are willing to help with. You are encouraged to check multiple


______Sing in choir

______Provide special music for service

______Read scripture

______Play in Bell Choir

______Prepare and serve communion

______Open and set up church on Sunday mornings

______Lock up/unlock church on Sunday

______Provide food for Fellowship Time after service

______Host Fellowship Time after service

______Serve as a substitute Greeter

______Assist with Children’s Sunday School

______Assist with Children’s Church

______Lead Children’s Moment in Worship

______Assist as Worship Leader

______Work on church flower beds/grounds

______Mow lawn

______Vacuum or clean inside building areas

______Maintain or repair building

______Wash windows

______Accompany Elder to visit and serve communion to Homebound Folks

______Serve on a standing committee or task force:

______Outreach ______Social Justice

______Nurture/Education ______Social Media

______Visioning ______Property


(Please turn over the page to complete this survey)

Please fill out and return to church office. Thank you.
2018 Gifts & Talents Survey

______Serve as Elder

______Serve as Deacon

______Connect with Visitors

______Pray for others and our church

______Serve as a Church Leader/Officer

______Visit Homebound Folks

______Help in office

______Help with phone calling as needed

______Substitute in office, on request

______Participate in Men’s Breakfast on Saturday mornings

______Participate in a Women’s Spirituality Group

______Participate in Christian Women’s Fellowship activities

______Participate in Checking-In Group

______Participate in Pub Theology

______Help with Community Garden

______Volunteer as helper at Someone Cares Community Meal

______Provide food donations for Someone Cares Community Meal

______Volunteer to help with Family Promise

______Prepare Family Promise meals

______Work in Joseph’s Closet

______Help with Interfaith Coalition projects and programs

______Plan and Help with Bazaar

______Plan Alternative Holiday Market

______Help with Alternative Holiday Market

______Plan Jesus Has Left the Building events

______Coordinate with Outside Groups

______Help with Regional/national projects and programs

______Serve as Camp Counselor

______Serve on Regional Committees and Commissions


Thank you!

Please fill out and return to church office. Thank you.