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Neighborhood News

Representing the 1200 households North of East-West Highway, South of Jones
Bridge Road, East of Wisconsin Avenue and West of Columbia Country Club.

Labor Day President’s Notebook

By Greg Volz, President
Picnic & We are rolling full steam ahead Speaking of our website, it can be

Party in to fall. School starts soon and

vacations are wrapping up. Now it
a tremendous resource for our
neighborhood, but only if it is used
is time to get back to business. properly. You need to register first
The annual EBCA Labor Day There are several items that we at Just a few of the
Picnic and Party will take place at are addressing at EBCA as we benefits to East Bethesda residents
Lynnbrook Park on Monday, begin our new fiscal year. The using this communication tool:
September 6th from 2 to 5 p.m. All biggest one is increasing our rapid dissemination of emergency
community members are invited to membership numbers, and running information through email blasts;
come take part in sack races, tug of a close second is improving our sharing event information; sharing
war, the bean bag toss, relay races, website and its usefulness. referrals for babysitters,
the football toss, the moon bounce The EBCA community is a total contractors and landscapers; and
and much more. volunteer organization. Our budget notifying neighbors of important
If you are interested in helping and our ability to provide services news. Feel free to share this with
at the event, please send an email to our community like the other neighbors. The more that
to newsletter, Labor Day Picnic and join, the more useful the website
Halloween parade is based on the becomes.
number of folks who send in their In addition to the website, an
$15 annual membership dues. We East Bethesda resident and our
rely on you to help fund the East new Membership Chairman, Jill
Newsletter Bethesda Citizens Association. In
an effort to make it easier for you
Chodorov, has started an East
Bethesda Yahoo Group to facilitate
to become a member, we will have sharing information. Like any
Editor an online payment option available
very soon on our website,
Yahoo listserv, you can select to get
emails as they are posted or in a

Wanted You can also clip

the coupon on the back of this
digest form. In order to subscribe
yourself to the Yahoo group, send
newsletter and mail it in today. an email to eastbethesda-
After four years as editor of Your support is greatly
Neighborhood News, Jay Briar is appreciated. Continued on page 2...
looking to pass along the
newsletter to another neighbor
who, like him, wants to be involved General Membership Meeting
in the community without actually
getting off of the couch. Training Wednesday, September 22nd
can be provided.
If you are interested in learning 7:00 p.m.
more about how the newsletter is
published, please send an email to B-CC High School Cafeteria
Jay at or to
EBCA President Greg Volz at 4301 East-West Highway
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Continued from page 1... and
you will automatically be added to
the group. There is also a Facebook
Page called East Bethesda Citizens
Association which residents who
are on Facebook can join to share
We are also keeping our eye on
the Lynnbrook Recreation Center.
As you know, the Montgomery
County Council decided to close the
Lynnbrook and other similar
neighborhood facilities to help close
the budget gap. This is a huge
issue, in my opinion, because
Lynnbrook has served this
community for over 40 years. And
now that it is closed, there is no
telling what the County Council
might do with the property, let
alone the fact that it is not being
maintained. Could EBCA work out
a deal with the County to manage
the facility? Could we buy it? What
does this mean to us as an
organization and what does it
mean to the greater neighborhood?
I would like to take a quick poll to
see how many would rent the
facility for an event. It is great
space including a full kitchen,
men’s and women’s bathrooms,
tables and chairs. It is perfect for
holding a bridge tournament, poker
night, movie night for the kids, and
run around space when it is too Greg Volz, President
cold to go outside. Please send me Kevin Kraus, 1st Vice President
an email at and East Bethesda Citizens Rebecca Fayed, 2nd Vice President
let me know what you think. Association, Inc. A.B. Carneal, Recording Secretary
Finally, there are a couple of
upcoming events to note. We will
PO Box 41020 Jack Hayes, Treasurer
Bethesda, MD 20824 Ilaya Hopkins, Past President
hold our annual Labor Day Picnic
on Monday, September 6th at Andy O’Hare, Crescent Trail
Lynnbrook Park from 2 to 5 p.m. Monica Hayes, Education
Primary elections will be held on Eleanor Rice, NIH Liaison
Tuesday, September 14th, and our Neighborhood News Carmen Abrams, Website
EBCA general membership Jay Briar, Editor Dorian Patchin, Website
meeting, open to all residents, will Leslie Weber, Welcome Packets
be held on Wednesday, September Sponsorship, Vacant Jill Chodorov, Membership
22nd at B-CC High School. Please Parks & Playgrounds, Vacant
come out and support B-CC High
Social Events, Vacant
School athletics, too.
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2010-2011 Membership Campaign:
“No Man Is an Island”
By Jill Chodorov, Membership Chair

In his Meditation XVII written in 1624, English poet the membership of the association, but also to inspire
John Donne proposes that human beings do not thrive in my neighbors to participate. East Bethesda is facing
isolation. Rather, he says we are all interconnected. He a number of crucial issues that affect us first-hand.
writes, “every man is a piece of the continent, a part of There are zero degrees of separation between our
the main.” daily lives and the expansion of the National Naval
Today, more than ever, Donne’s words ring true. We Medical Center, the construction of the Purple Line,
rely on the grocer to collect our food, the electric increases in population, and school redistricting.
company to light our homes, the teacher to educate our These issues will potentially increase the duration of
children, and the government to ensure our health and our commutes; alter the quality of our children’s
safety. education, the value of our homes and the safety of
Yet, as our dependence on one another intensifies, our our neighborhood; and result in the loss of our trails
lines of communication pull further apart. Tweeting has and green space.
replaced talking, being “friends” refers to contacts on It is important to stay informed (join EBCA on
Facebook, blogging is the new family reunion, and Facebook, visit us at, or join our yahoo
texting is acceptable as the required daily contact to group). But it is even more important to participate.
mom and dad. With every upgrade in technology, we add We must all work together, hand-in-hand, without
another degree of separation to the human condition. any barriers or separation. To find out how you can
As the new Membership Chair of the East Bethesda get involved, please call me at 202-390-9800 or send
Citizens Association, it is my goal not only to increase an email to
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Events Around Town...


On Sunday, October 10th, friends and neighbors of Chevy Chase

Section 5 resident Ellen Vala Schneider will hold the 5th annual 5K
run/3K walk for adults, students and children starting at Candy Cane
City in Rock Creek Park. Participants can race as individuals or in
self-formed teams.
Proceeds from the race will be donated to the B-CC High School
Community Scholarship Fund and the Mental Health Association of
Montgomery County (MHAMC), two groups that Ellen supported. The
B-CC HS Community Scholarship Fund is a program to help students
close the financial gap between the actual costs of college and other
scholarships and loans they receive. The MHAMC promotes mental
wellness and supports those with mental illness by sponsoring and
implementing education, advocacy and community service programs.
This year, we established the Ellen Vala Schneider/Ellen’s Run Fund
at the Community Foundation for Montgomery County, a 501(c)(3) Free, Every 10 Minutes.
organization, which will distribute the money raised to the two groups
that benefit from Ellen’s Run.
Bring children of all ages to join your neighbors in support of these Monday to Thursday:
two great causes. The race begins at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, October 10th, 7 a.m. to 11p.m.
with a celebratory brunch following. Before October 8th, the cost is
$25 for adults; $15 for students; $10 for children 3-12. After October Friday:
8th, cost for adults is $40; $20 for students; $10 for children 3-12. 7 a.m. to Midnight
Registration is available at For more
information, contact Pam Feinstein at or 301-332-
7859. 10 a.m. to Midnight

Find more local events for children and adults

and collaborate with neighbors on our website:
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BCC Barons Home Games

Varsity Football
Date Opponent Location Time
09/03/2010 Wheaton B-CC 6:30 PM
09/16/2010 Northwest B-CC 6:30 PM
10/01/2010 Wootton B-CC 6:30 PM
10/15/2010 Blair B-CC 6:30 PM
11/05/2010 Gaithersburg B-CC 6:30 PM

JV Football
Date Opponent Location Time
09/04/2010 Wheaton B-CC 10 AM
10/02/2010 Wootton B-CC 10 AM
10/16/2010 Blair B-CC 10 AM
11/06/2010 Gaithersburg B-CC 10 AM

Boys Varsity Soccer

Date Opponent Location Time
09/13/2010 Walter Johnson B-CC 7:00 pm
09/24/2010 Montgomery Blair B-CC 7:00 pm

10/04/2010 Wootton B-CC 5:00 pm

10/08/2010 Gaithersburg B-CC 7:00 pm
10/14/2010 Paint Branch B-CC 5:00 pm
10/26/2010 Damascus B-CC 7:00 pm

Boys JV Soccer
Date Opponent Location Time
09/13/2010 Walter Johnson B-CC 5:00 pm
09/15/2010 Paint Branch B-CC 4:30 pm
09/29/2010 Magruder B-CC 5:30 pm
10/06/2010 Sherwood B-CC 3:30 pm
10/08/2010 Gaithersburg B-CC 5:00 pm
10/12/2010 Springbrook B-CC 3:30 pm

Girls Varsity & JV Soccer

2010 schedule was not posted on the B-CC website at time of printing.

Double check game times and locations at

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Primary Elections, School Boundary

Early Voting Days Deliberations
Primary Election Day
By Monica Hayes, Education Chair
Tuesday, September 14
The final report documenting the Bethesda-Chevy
Maryland Election Center Chase (B-CC) cluster Roundtable group approaches to relieve elementary school overcrowding, and B-CC
Confirm your voter registration Cluster schools Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
comments, have been posted to the Montgomery
and polling place. County Public Schools (MCPS) Roundtable website.
Roundtable approaches evaluated by the group
Montgomery County Board of Elections include: * Moving 6th grades at North Chevy Chase and/or
Chevy Chase Elementary Schools to Westland
Middle School. This would not require a boundary
Montgomery County Gazette Voters Guide study and could be implemented as soon as August 2011.
* Establishing a boundary study for East Bethesda
(and Paddington Square) to examine elementary
schools assignments.
Early Voting Centers * Additions for B-CC cluster Elementary schools.
* Opening a new elementary and/or middle school
As a result of a constitutional amendment approved by in the B-CC Cluster. These would require boundary
voters in 2008, you can now vote in-person before any studies.
election day at polling places designated by the Links to the full Roundtable report, EBCA
Montgomery County Board of Elections. This is an comments, and the MCPS response to EBCA have
alternative to absentee balloting for voters who wish to been added to the local education page on our
vote at an alternative time. website,
This year, five locations will be available before both MCPS next steps:
the Primary and General Election Days. Vote Early from * The MCPS Superintendent will release his
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on September 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, recommendation to the Board of Education (BOE) for
and 9th. (Closed on Sunday, the 5th, but open on Labor the Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Capital Improvement
Day Monday, the 6th.) Program (CIP) on October 15th.
* The BOE will conduct a FY 2012 CIP work
Nearest Location to East Bethesda: session on November 4th, hold public hearings on
Silver Spring Civic Building November 10th and 11th, and take final action by
8525 Fenton Street, Silver Spring November 18th.
* Boundary studies could follow this winter for
Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center inclusion in the FY 2012 CIP, or fall 2011 for the FY
14625 Bauer Drive, Rockville 2013 CIP. The implementation of reassignments
from boundary studies may need to wait until
Germantown Recreation Center additions (earliest completion August 2014) or new
18905 Kingsview Road, Germantown schools (earliest completion August 2016) are funded
and built.
Marilyn J. Praisner Community Recreation Center More information, links to MCPS B-CC Cluster
14906 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville planning activities, and tips for advocacy can be
found on our website,, under Local
Montgomery County Executive Office Building Education. If you have more questions, send an
101 Monroe Street, Rockville email to
PAGE 7 Neighborhood News SEPT 2010

Recent Home Sales Farmers Markets

4505 Chestnut Street $540,000
Near East Bethesda
4420 Chestnut Street $570,000
4607 Maple Avenue $607,000
Bethesda Farmers Market:
4520 Chelsea Lane $613,000 Saturdays, through October 30th,
4704 S Chelsea Lane $644,000 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Woodmont Triangle
4312 Lynbrook Drive $668,000
4512 Chelsea Lane $679,900
4523 Rosedale Avenue $690,000
Montgomery Farm Women’s
4311 Kentbury Drive $701,000 Cooperative Market:
4309 Kentbury Drive $701,000 Wednesdays, Fridays-Sundays,
4608 Chelsea Lane $715,000 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7155 Wisconsin Ave.
4526 Cheltenham Lane 720,000
4704 Rosedale Avenue $727,000
4607 Harling Lane $729,000 Bethesda Central Farm Market:
4618 Rosedale Avenue 750,000 Sundays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Elm Street
8201 Tilbury Street $755,000
4508 Chestnut Street $785,000
Thursdays, 3 to 7 p.m., Bethesda Lane
4530 Rosedale Avenue $800,000
7910 Kentbury Drive $875,000 Courtesy:
4628 Rosedale Avenue $1,000,000
4605 Rosedale Avenue $1,015,000
4322 Rosedale Avenue $1,075,000
4556 Fairfield Drive $1,150,000
4516 Chestnut Street $1,202,000
4603 Fairfield Drive $1,215,000
4502 Rosedale Avenue $1,320,000
7902 Sleaford Place $1,475,000
4700 N Chelsea Lane $1,566,400
4318 Rosedale Avenue $1,772,500
Happy New Year!?
Now is your chance to show your
support for EBCA for 2010-2011!
Inside This Issue
Please support our neighborhood activities, this Labor Day Picnic ...................... 1
newsletter, and the community activism that
makes East Bethesda one of the most desirable Membership Update................. 3
places in which to invest and raise a family. $15
per member, but additional contributions are Local Events .......................... 4-5
always welcome.
Primary Elections .................... 6
EBCA - Membership
P.O. Box 41020 School Boundaries.................... 6
Bethesda, MD 20824

Members _____________________________________
Address _____________________________________ Next General
Phone _____________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________ Membership Meeting:
Number of Members _____ x $15 each = $_____ Wednesday, September 22nd,
EBCA will not share your contact information with 7 p.m. at BCC High School
anyone outside of the organization.

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