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January 24, 2018

Dear [Parents, Staff, Students & School Community],

I write today to communicate regarding recent events surrounding Dr. Larry Nassar,
who was once a member of our community and employed by contract through
Michigan State University. Nassar served as a doctor to support Holt athletic
programs until September of 2016. Until last Friday, there were no reports of abuse
involving our students or property. Sadly, in the last few days, three students, two
from Holt and one from a neighboring school district, have reported through victim
impact statements in Ingham County Circuit Court that they were abused by Nassar
in our athletic building while meeting him there for treatment.

As Superintendent, my heart was heavy upon learning for the first time that criminal
acts of a sexual nature reportedly occurred on our property. I cannot imagine the
pain these young women have endured as a result, and being a father myself, I
share the outrage our entire community feels.

I write to reassure our parents, guardians, and students that our District has a strong
policy prohibiting any sexual misconduct and violence at any time. A formal
complaint procedure is posted on our website that identifies our Title IX Coordinators
and explains the process for pursuing a concern or violation of our standards and
requirements. We do not condone or tolerate the reprehensible acts reported, which
we completely and absolutely abhor.

As educators, we hold ourselves and all of our staff to the highest standards of
ethics and propriety, because you entrust your children to us every day. When
these expectations are violated, in an unusual case like this, we reach out to the
victims and investigate so that we eliminate recurrence and support those who have
been victimized.

As part of our ongoing dedication to maintaining a safe environment, I urge each

family to read and review, with your child(ren), our recently revised Policy 1304A
prohibiting sexual harassment and discrimination. The policy can be found on our
website in the Board of Education section. It is important that our students know
they have a voice and will not be retaliated against for coming forward. Our policies
are designed to protect our students and can only be enforced when concerns are
brought to our attention formally or informally. Please let your students know that we
are here to listen, investigate, and take corrective action, as appropriate.

5780 W. HOLT RD., HOLT, MI 48842 • TEL: 517.694.5715 • FAX: 517.694.1335


As difficult as these circumstances are for the victims reporting abuse, we seek to
honor their courage by ensuring that anyone who has experienced violations of our
policies is encouraged to bring their concerns to us for review and response.

In closing, please know that the Board of Education of the Holt Public Schools
prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct and violence. If you or your student have
questions or need support in discussing their experiences with Larry Nassar, please
call our Title IX Coordinators, Renee Sadler (517) 694-2383 or Kevin Badge (517)

This is a difficult time for the victims, who deserve our support for their courageous
statements. While we will address these recent reports and offer support, our
unwavering dedication remains on ensuring an amazing learning experience for
each of your students in a safe and nurturing environment.


David G. Hornak, Ed.D.


5780 W. HOLT RD., HOLT, MI 48842 • TEL: 517.694.5715 • FAX: 517.694.1335