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Group 9: Mei Rose S.

Merwin Cunanan
(Friendly Letter)
Criteria 4 3 2 1

 Writes all five  Writes four of  Writes three of  Writes two or

Letter parts parts of the the five parts the five parts one of the five
letter. of the letter. of the letter. parts of the

 Letter is well  Letter is hand  Letter is  Letter is badly

written or written, unevenly written,
typed, shows uncrumpled written, slightly crumpled and
creativeness, and easy to crumpled and have several
clean, read though have 3-5 distracting
uncrumpled there are few distracting error
and easy to error error corrections.
Presentation read with no corrections. corrections.  Margins and
distracting  Margins or  Margins were indentions
error indentions properly used were not
corrections. have few but no properly used.
 Margins and errors. indentions.
were properly

 Excellent  Grammar,  Grammar,  Grammar,

grammar, spelling and spelling and spelling and
spelling and punctuations punctuations punctuations
punctuations. are slightly distract significantly
Writer makes acceptable. the reader distract the
Conventional no error. Writer makes and interfere reader and
errors fewer with the interfere with
than five. meaning. the meaning.
Writer makes Writer makes
errors less than more than ten
ten. errors.

 All ideas were  Most ideas  Ideas where  Ideas are

expressed in were somewhat unclear;
clear, precise expressed in organized but consists of
Content and clear, precise were not very unrelated
organized and clear or vice topics and
manner. organized versa. too difficult to
manner. understand.