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State Senator
Vice Chair of:
Majority Whip
State Capitol
200 E. Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80203
Member of:
Agriculture, Natural Resources,
and Energy

To the Esteemed,
Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Recent news reports show that regulators and elected officials across the country have asked
regulated utilities in their states how they plan to pass along the savings due to the lowering of
the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent. Some utilities are voluntarily passing along those
savings and we commend them.

Unfortunately, we have not seen or heard anything from Colorado regulators or our utilities. We
assume plans to pass along the savings are being made but are not yet completed. In that spirit,
please provide us an update on the status of rate reductions for Colorado ratepayers. Please
include any information on how the lower tax rate will impact Xcel Energy’s latest rate increase


Senate Majority Whip, John Cooke

In Support of the Requests Above,
The Colorado General Assembly, Senate Republicans as Followed,

President of the Senate, Kevin J. Grantham Senator Owen Hill
Senate Pro Tempore, Jerry Sonnenberg Senator Kent Lambert
Senate Majority Leader, Chris Holbert Senator Kevin Lundberg
Caucus Chair, Vicki Marble Senator Beth Martinez Humenik
Senator Randy Baumgardner Senator Tim Neville
Senator Don Coram Senator Kevin Priola
Senator Larry Crowder Senator Jim Smallwood
Senator Bob Gardner Senator Jack Tate

Office of the Attorney General
Office of Consumer Counsel