Tet (T)

Chet (Ch)

Zayin (Z)

Vov (V/O/U)

Hay (H)

Dalet (D)

Gimel (G)

Bet/Vet (B/V)

Alef (silent)

Samech Nun Sofit (S) (N)

Nun (N)

Mem Sofit (M)

Mem (M)

Lamed Kaf Sofit Kaf/Chaf (L) (Ch) (K/Ch)

Yud (Y)

Tav (T/S)

Shin (Sh/S)

Raish (R)

Koof (K)

Tzadi Sofit (Ts)

Tzadi (Ts)

Fay Sofit Pay/Fay (F) (P/F)

Ayin (silent)

Variants Letter Modern Hebrew Ancestral rfname Sans- MonoPaleo(Unicode) Serif Cursive Rashi Phoenician Aramaic serif spaced Hebrew
Alef Bet

‫א‬ ‫ב‬

‫א א‬ ‫ב ב‬

Gimel Dalet He Vav Zayin Het Tet Yod Kaf Final Kaf Lamed Mem Final Mem Nun Final Nun Samekh Ayin Pe Final Pe Tsadi Final Tsadi

‫ג‬ ‫ד‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ז‬ ‫ח‬ ‫ט‬ ‫י‬ ‫כ‬ ‫ך‬ ‫ל‬ ‫מ‬ ‫ם‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ן‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ע‬ ‫פ‬ ‫ף‬ ‫צ‬ ‫ץ‬

‫ג‬ ‫ד‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ז‬ ‫ח‬ ‫ט‬ ‫י‬ ‫כ‬ ‫ך‬ ‫ל‬ ‫מ‬ ‫ם‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ן‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ע‬ ‫פ‬ ‫ף‬ ‫צ‬ ‫ץ‬

‫ג‬ ‫ד‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ז‬ ‫ח‬ ‫ט‬ ‫י‬ ‫כ‬ ‫ך‬ ‫ל‬ ‫מ‬ ‫ם‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ן‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ע‬ ‫פ‬ ‫ף‬ ‫צ‬ ‫ץ‬


Qof Resh Shin Tav

‫ק‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ש‬ ‫ת‬

‫ק‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ש‬ ‫ת‬

‫ק‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ש‬ ‫ת‬

Yiddish symbols

‫װױ‬ ‫ײײ‬ ַ ֿ ‫ב‬

These are intended for Yiddish. They are not used in Hebrew[d]. See: Yiddish orthography. The rafe (‫ )רפה‬diacritic is no longer regularly used in Hebrew. In masoretic manuscripts and some other older texts the soft fricative consonants and sometimes matres lectionis are indicated by a small line on top of the letter. Its use has been largely discontinued in modern printed texts. It is still used to mark fricative consonants in the YIVO orthography of Yiddish.

Yiddish translation differences.

‫ װ‬Double Vav = V or W ‫ ױ‬Vav-Yod = Oy ‫ ײ‬Double Yod = Eye or Ay
Aleph = A or O Ayin = E Yod = Y or I

w Vav can mean ‘and’ W Vav with dagesh is ‘U’ / Vav with a holom is ‘O’ h Hey as a prefix means ‘the‘ y Yod as a prefix means ‘He was, is and will be doing ….’ y Yod as a suffix means ‘mine’

Hebrew Crop circle 26 July 2010 207th Day
East Field Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. There have been a few challenges with the interpretation of this crop circle. The first one was; A) Where’s the start? I believe the CC maker has started from the Alef letter, as the lines above and below the writing starts further out then the other lines. And then continues anti-clockwise. What’s interesting is that the CC maker has used Hebrew letters but written them left to right, as in England or Europe. Hebrew letters also have numerical values and I believe the CC makers have used them here as numbers too. B) What language has the CC maker used? I checked many other languages but it seemed to be Hebrew. The CC makers have had to be quite ingenious because in Hebrew, many letters look very similar on paper, let alone in wheat. Vav looks like a Nun sofit (which is a final letter) and a Zayin. Gimel looks like a Nun. Mem sofit is similar to Samekh. Hey, Chet and Tav are very similar, as is Vet and Khaf too. C) If it is Hebrew, then some of the letters are not modern. The CC makers have used a mix of Modern Hebrew and Ancient Hebrew (Ktav Ivri script or First Temple script, ie. Solomon’s.) Also as the letters have been written from left to right but using Hebrew letters, it suggests to me that this message is for the English speaking world or European, but with Isaac’s sons in mind especially. Yiddish and transliteration (ie. phonetic sounds) seems to be indicated too. D) Is Kabbaah indicated? As I have researched the CC writing, I’ve found layers, as you would expect from the CC makers. This CC maker would have to be conversant in Hebrew, both Modern and Ancient, and have knowledge of Kabbalah. Plus most Hebrew speakers would start from the right of the page, not the left as in England and Europe. Also they would have to be certain we could decipher and choose the right letters, and because of this I think this CC is definitely not a hoax. E) Use of numerical values? In Hebrew, to avoid confusion with words and letters meant as numbers, they are marked with a ‘Geresh’ (single quote mark) if a single letter is used. Or a ‘Gerashayim’ (double quote mark) if more than one. These Marks mean ‘not a word’ and are also used for acronyms and abbreviations. Gerashayim are normally placed before the last letter in the number string. In this CC it seemed to be that we should read it as words and numbers. In Modern Hebrew a Geresh can also mean this letter has a different pronunciation. F) The challenge of no vowels in Hebrew. No vowels have been indicated by the CC maker, which I suspect is on purpose, so layers could be made in this CC. However Vav and Yod letters can be used as vowels. I have used WP Hebrew David Font in Microsoft Word, as it seems to be quite similar.

In the Hebrew calendar on the 26 July, these events happened; Today is Matchmaking day (The CC maker is continuing the theme of Brides.) Tribe of Benjamin readmitted (@1228 BC) End of dying in Desert (@1274 BC) Ban on Inter Tribal marriages lifted C13th BC Jeroboam’s road blocks removed (574 BC) The Day of the Breaking of the Axe

My Interpretation of the Hebrew letters; Letter Value Name Transliterated Meaning

Yiddish A or O Ktav Ivri

                or        or  /    

1 400 7 10 300 20

Alef Tav Zayin Yod Sin/Shin Khaf

Vowel sound T or Th Z I or Y or E S/Sh LoCH/ K Y or I or E G T Q or K F V / W /U /O I or Ay or “ LoCH/ K N S/Sh Y or I or E ‘ H

Ox/Strength/Leader Mark/Sign/Covenant Plough/Weapon/Cut Arm & hand/Work/Deed Eat/Consume/Destroy Palm of hand/Open Lord/Adonai Foot/Camel/Pride Basket/Snake/Surround Sun on Horizon/Behind Mouth/Word/Speak Nail/Peg/Add/”And” Lord/Adonai Palm of hand/Open Seed/ Fish/ Activity/ Life Eat/Consume/Destroy Arm & hand/Work/Deed Lo/Behold/”The”

10+10 Yod 3 9 100 Gimel Tet Qoph

Ay J

80/800 Phey final 6 Vav

Oy Geresh?

10+10 Yod 20/500 Khaf final 50/700 Nun final 300 10 5 2 6 4 Sin/Shin Yod Hey Bet/Vet Vav Dalet


B / V= no dagesh House/”In” V or W /U /O Nail/Peg/Add/”And” D M S H G Y or I or E Tent/Door/Pathway Water/Chaos Hand/Staff/Support/Prop Lo/Behold/”The” Foot/Camel/Pride Arm &hand/Work/Deed Ktav Ivri J Ktav Ivri

40/600 Mem/final 60 5 3 10 Samekh Hey Gimmel Yod

 

6 6

Vav Vav

V or W /U /O Nail/Peg/Add/”And” V or W /U /O Nail/Peg/Add/”And”

Total 1353/1383 /1389/1419 /3149/3349 due to letter uncertainties. Shaded cells=uncertain if this is the letter used. This is my interpretation of the Crop circle writing;

         or   or or 
or Alef Tav / Zayin Yod Sin Khaf Yod / Yod Gimmel Tet / Qoph (F-)Phey Vav Yod Yod Khaf /Sin Yod Hey Bet Vav (F-)Mem / Hey Gimmel Yod Vav Vav

at zycky ygf q¹ wyy/ cyhbwm hgyww
in English

Start left as Start left as

wwygh mwbhyc /yyw ¹qf gyykcyz ta
in Hebrew I am reading this as written as in English, from left to right.

 Alef Tav 
Alef is in Ktav Ivri Tav is in Ktav Ivri (but laid down backwards-possible symbolism here)

 or with’. ) ‘To 2) ET (+ Petach )’You’ (feminine singular 2
1) AT (+Segal


person personal pronoun). Talking to the Bride of

Christ. 3) ETh=contracted from ‘owth’ for ‘sign or proof’. (“The Heavens are as a sign”.) Has anyone deciphered the middle pictogram? (Related to Knowth site.) http://sites.google.com/site/ethhebrew/ (A site about Eth) 4) Alef Tav also means Alpha-Omega = Jesus (“I am the First and the Last”) 5) Abbreviation for ‘alphabet’. The Rabbis say the Alphabet was made before the Heavens and the Earth. 6)

 =Alef Tav = Et = ‘Spade’ (Gardeners type.)

  Zayin-Yod-Sin-Khaf-Yod
Zayin (Zayins look similar to Vavs but this one does look like a Zayin.)  ( probably not a Geresh as the letter is in mid-line.) Yod

I believe this is a Sin not Shin as the middle vertical line is leaning to the left.  This next letter is really what makes the sentence read left to right and not upside down, or
mirror writing. It seems to be a Khaf as it has no Dagesh (a dot in the middle). So it is a Hard K sound as in BaCH but I didn’t rule out Kaf as they are no dots or dashes anywhere.

Yod (probably not a Geresh as the letter is in mid-line.)

I couldn’t find any Hebrew words with Zayin-Yod-Shin so I tried the Web with ‘ZISKY’ 1) Transliterated =’Zisky’ = Czech for ‘Profits or gains’. Could this be referencing Bohemian Grove/Illuminati who will be causing problems in the finance area soon. OR; “The Czech Republic rejected a swine flu vaccine produced by pharmaceutical manufacturer Baxter after the company was caught shipping vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus to 18 countries by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.” 2) Numerical value=7,323. Is this Hours?=305.13days = 27th April 2011 3) Number values added = 360 days? = 21st July 2011 4) 7x300x20x3= 126,000 (This 1.5 tribes (18,000) less than 144,000 elite singers.) 5) 6) 7)

 = Yod Shin = Ish = ‘Man’   = Yod Shin = Yeysh= ’There is’ Strong’s #3426

 =Kaf Yod = Ki = ‘Burning or Branding’ Strong’s #3587  8)  =Kaf Yod = Ki = ‘Because or when’ Strong’s #3588 9) = Kaf Yod = Key = ‘For’

 


1)Yod-Yod is an abbreviated form of the sacred name of the Tetragrammatron; Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey (YHWH). Means Lord/ Adonai.) 2) Yiddish double-Yod, sounds like Eye or Ay.

 Yod-Gimmel-Tet 
 (maybe not a Geresh as it is mid-line of the two lines). Yod,
I decided this was a Gimmel as this letter had a foot.  letter was tricky as the photo doesn’t show the bottom connecting line to the 2 upright lines This
very clearly. So it isn’t two Vavs but it could have been an Ayin. Then I decided it wasn’t an Ayin as it didn’t have a left tail, it looked liked an English ‘U’, so therefore I believe it is a Tet. 1) These 3 letters could be 13 Tishrei, which is 21 September in 2010. Is this when the next big event is going to happen? 21 Sept is UN International day of Peace-ie the complete opposite could happen. It is also St Matthew’s Day. [ A few days ago, in late August ’10, I had a compelling feeling to look up, whilst I was gardening with my sister in the front garden and I saw a helium balloon floating quite high. It was a number 2. Ten minutes later a number 1 come floating by = 21. Coincidence or what?] 2) Or 13 Tammuz which was 25 June in 2010, but Tet is the 9th letter, which makes me feel it is indicating September. ( I know 3 months in Hebrew year begin with T but Tishrei ‘feels’ the right month. Also there are 3 negative months in the Hebrew calendar; Av, Tevet and Tammuz, another reason I feel it talking about Tishrei.)


 

Yod Gimmel =Yaga = ‘To Gain’ or ‘Become weary’ Strong’s #3021 & 3022

  Qoph-Phey
 
I deduced from the gap in the bottom line, the CC maker was trying to convey a longer tail to this letter, so a Qoph it was. (Also known as Kuf or Qof.) Again a gap in the wheat producing a longer tail, so it is a Pey or a Phey soffit. (A soffit is a final letter found at the end of words.) Phey has no dagesh, Pey does. 1) Qoph=’Apes’. In the Bible/Torah it is mentioned twice. 1 Kings 10v22 & 2 Chronicles 9v21. Is this a coincidence? September 21 is 21-9 reversed of 9v21. 2 Chronicles 9v21 ‘For the king's ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Hiram. Once every three years the merchant ships came, bringing gold, silver, ivory, apes, and monkeys.’ 1 Kings 10v22 ‘For the king had at sea a navy of Tharshish, with the navy of Hiram, once in three years came the navy of Tharshish bringing gold, silver, ivory and apes and peacocks.’ There is a theory that the Phoenicians actually went to America and Israelites became some of the Natives, (Hopi Indians and the Quiche) making Tarshish; The Americas. So continuing the message against USA this year. 3) Qoph is a Name of God. (He has many.) 4) Qoph also means ‘Sun on the Horizon’ Links to 13th August Beckhampton CC 5)

 Translit=Akapu on Easter Island; had a solar eclipse this year. See where it went! 

 Pey-Vav-Yod= One of God’s Names for ‘Dispelling anger’ (The World needs this!) In
Kabbalah, there is a corresponding angel, who carries out the action.

   or  

Vav-Yod-Yod-Nun soffit/ Khaf or Kaf soffitt

 Vav  Double Yod or Double Geresh denoting a number or acronym. These Yods do seem to be
above the mid-line but I did notice someone sitting in the 1st Yod, in the ground shots, making it longer. So this would suggest these are very probably Gerashayim (double quote marks.)

 or This one was really tricky . It looks like a Khaf soffit or a Nun soffit. I’m still not really
certain which this is but I believe more, it is Nun soffit, as a Nun soffit has a smaller horizontal line (when standing the right way up). It too is laid down but fallen forward-symbolic? 1)  Vav-Yod-Yod =Vay=Oh woe! Yiddish

2)  Yod Yod Nun = Yayin =Wine Strongs #3196 3)  Acronym= VaIN or WaIN or WIN 4)   Transliterated =MineVanish (

y Yod as a suffix means ‘mine’)

  in Numbers;
1) 6” 50 300’5 = 5,356 This Jewish year in Gregorian is 1595AD

13 Tishrei is 16th September 1595AD that year. (1st Tishrei is Rosh Hashanah=The Lord’s Day/ Feast of Trumpets.) This is all I could find for that year. -17th September 1595AD - Pope Clemens VIII recognizes Henri IV as king of France. 2) Ordinal Numbers added= 391 days? = 21st August 2011 3) 6+10+10+700+300+10+5=1041= 1st June 2012 4) 6x700x300x5=6,300,000 (People that vanish?) 4) Unless it is hours or days left? =5,356 Hours=223.166666days = 6th March 2011 - Cheesefare Sunday - Orthodox Christian - Transfiguration Sunday – Christian

  in Numbers;
4) Or 6”20 300’5 = 5,326 13 Tishrei=18 September 1565AD 8th Sept - 1st permanent settlement in US forms (St Augustine, Florida) 8th Sept- Turkish siege of Malta broken by Maltese & Knights of St John http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Malta_%281565%29 20th Sept- Spaniards capture Fort Caroline Fla & massacre the French 5) Ordinal Numbers added= 361 = 22nd July 2011 6) 6+10+10+500+300+10+5=841 = 14 November 2011 7) 5,326 hours=221.92 = 4th March 2011. There is a New Moon on that day.

 Sin-Yod-Hey 
 I believe this is could be a Sin or a Shin as the photos aren’t clear enough or it was meant to be
used as both.

 Yod or single Geresh. This is Ktav Ivri (or Temple Script of Solomon’s Temple), showing a Hey.

 =In English this sounds like CASH or KISS  2)   = Shay = ‘Gift’ 3)   = Shin-Yod-Hey = Shayah ‘To forget or neglected’ Strong’s #7876
1) (Y'shayah is ‘Isaiah’. But here we are missing the ‘Y’ as a Yod.) 4) 300+10+5=315 (What’s interesting here is that Hebrew students are told not to use Yod-Hey for 15 as they are part of the YHWH name of God. So why has the CC maker???)

 =Yod Hey =Yah =’Lord’ Strong’s #3050 6)  =Yod Hey Bet =Yahab = ‘To give’ Strong’s #3051 

 ororor  

This is either a Bet or Vet. It is a like a squared version of the Khaf on the other semi circle of the CC. If it had a dagesh it would be a Bet.

 I think this a Vav but it is wonky, maybe someone has sat in it??? or or  This letter has given me the most worry. Is it a Dalet in Ktav Ivri, a Mem, a or
closed Mem which is a Mem soffit or a Samekh? I’m still not 100% certain it is a Mem soffit, as its left corner has been cut off. I’m starting to think it can be read as both Samekh, Dalet and Mem/

Mem soffit. A modern Dalet (as above) looks too much like a Resh, so the CC maker has chosen this shape.

Hey in Ktav Ivri.

All I can think of is that the CC maker wanted it to look like a D to read ‘Red Ice’ in English when viewed upside down. So are they saying Red Ice is upside down???? I put Red Ice into Google and I believe the CC maker is telling us about the red ice found at Antartica, called Blood Falls, which erupts from a glacier and is carrying Fe(II) that makes it red. I suppose Antartica is ‘down under’. http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2009/04/ancient-frozen-ecosystem-produces-blood-red-iceflows.ars I also found out that Samekh and Mem is the abbreviation for the Angel of Death; Samael. So like a catchphrase, it reads ‘Samael is in red ice (at Antartica)’. The Crop circle, Angel of Death, seen a few years ago on Gogmagog Hill, pointed to a solar eclipse whose path went over the Antartica. People who entered that crop circle said it made them feel sick and dizzy, not a good feeling at all. Antartica is supposed to be where the Nazis are. And Samekh in pictogram is ‘shield’, so it can also read as ‘red shield’ which is what the name Rothschild means. Interesting. Anyone read David Icke’s book ‘The Biggest Secret’??!! If this letter is read as Samekh-Dalet-Mem it also reads Sodom!!! Is someone trying to tell us something? 1) 2) 3)

   = V.O.M. Voice of the Martyrs (Not for profit Organisation) ??  =Bet Vav =Bo=’To come in’ or ‘to go in’ Strong’s #935

  =Mem-Hey = Mah=’What? How? Anything.’ Strong’s #4100 4)   =Translit=Day 5)   =Samekh-Hey=Seah; a measure of grain or flour = Strong’s #5429 ‘Measure’

 
 Gimmel =G  =I or Y or E Yod  Vav =V or singular U Double
1) Gimmel means Foot/Camel/Pride 2) = Transliterated GIVe 3) Yod Vav-Vav =EU ? 4)


 = Vav-Vav = ‘Hook’ 

Then I found another layer;

          
Tree IS KEY 2013 Tet Qoph

 =ETZ=Tree (Tree in Hebrew, is usually Ayin-Tsadde but it is written for the English mind 
so I thought what the hell, lets go for it.) Most probably Kabbalah Tree of Life or Sefirot.

 = Jesus   = transliterated ‘IS’ 

= Weapon (sword from His mouth)

 = transliterated ‘KEY’ (in Hebrew, means ‘for’).   = Gimmel is 13 path=Beauty--Divine crown (Gematria value 13 =Love ‘Ahava’) Tet could be 19 path=Justice--Mercy =  = Qoph is a Name of God and is the 29 Path leads from the Shekinah to Eternity (Malkuth to 
th th th

Netsah). (Interesting! As the Shekinah glory (God’s presence in the World) in the Bible only occurs when two things are present; a perfectly squared building/area and singing/music/worship of God.)

 =Vav path is 16 path = Understanding--Mercy) Binah to Hesed  = Yod path is the 20 path=Mercy—Beauty (Hesed to Tifereth) ETC…..
th th

Then I found a hidden message from the Kabbalah;

w-y-h-w-h =Vav-Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey=Means ‘All are united as one’ referring to
God’s 72 Names. This is from the Hebrew end, the first, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth letters. Amazing how the CC maker got that one in.

 

is the secret sign of the ‘Name of God’; El Shaddai. This is the Vulcan sign in Star Trek

of ‘Live long and prosper’. There is power in this name, I know from personal experience.

            or     ororor 
 
AT= ‘To or with’. ET=’You’. Talking to the Bride of Christ.
ETH= ‘owth’ for ‘sign or proof’. Jesus is the Alphabet. Alef Tav = Alpha-Omega = Jesus Abbrev ‘alphabet’ Et = ‘Spade’ gardeners type.

 
Translit =’Zisky’ = Czech for ‘Profits or gains’ 7x300x20x3= 126,000 7,323 Hours= 27th April 2011 360 Days = 21st July 2011 1041 Days= 1st June 2012

 means Plough/Weapon/Cut
 = Ish =Man   = Yeysh= ’There is’ Strong’s #3426  = Ki =’Burning or Branding’ Strong’s #3587   = Ki =’Because or when’ Strong’s #3588  = Key = ’For’

Means Lord/ Adonai.) Yiddish =Eye or Ay.

 
13 Tishrei, which is 21 September in 2010 Rosh Hashanah.

=Yaga = ‘To Gain’ or ‘Become weary’ Strong’s #3021 & 3022
 Means Basket/Snake/Surround or ‘9’

 
Qoph=’Apes’ Tarshish Qoph is a Name of God. (He has many.) Qoph also means ‘Sun on the Horizon’

 

Translit=Akapu on Easter Island

  in numbers;
5,356 = 1595AD (13 Tishrei is 16th September)

Days = 391 = 21st August 2011 Days = 1041= 1st June 2012 (This mentioned twice!) Hours = 5,356 = 6th March 2011 - Cheesefare Sunday - Orthodox Christian - Transfiguration Sunday – Christian 6,300,000 (People that vanish?)

    in numbers; 
5,326 1565AD (13 Tishrei=18 September)
Days = 361 = 22nd July 2011 Days = 841 = 14 November 2011 Hours = 5,326 = 4th March 2011

   


  =Vay=Oh woe! Yiddish  = Yayin =Wine Strongs #3196    = Acronym= VaIN or WaIN or WIN
  =Translit=MineVanish

 
 = Translit =Cash.   = Shay = ‘Gift’   = Shayah ‘To forget or neglected’ Strong’s

 = Yah =’Lord’ Strong’s #3050  =Yahab = ‘To give’ Strong’s #3051 

 or  or 
 = V.O.M. Voice of the Martyrs   Bo =’To come in’ or ‘to go in’ Strong’s

     

= Mah=’What? How? Anything. Strong’s #4100 = Translit=Day

=Seah = ‘Measure’ Angel of Death; ‘Samael is in red ice’ (at Antartica). ‘Red shield’=Rothschild

 = Sodom

 
Gimmel means Foot/Camel/Pride

 

=Translit =GIVe

 = EU ?  =Vay=Oh woe! Yiddish  = ‘Hook’

I added all the interpretations I had found and amazingly found it made sense.
To (you) or with-You Bride-Sign or proof-Alef Tav is Jesus is Alpha-Omega is AlphabetSpade(dig for?)-Profits or gains -27th April 2011/21st July 2011-1st June 2012 Plough/Weapon/Cut-Man-There is-Burning or Branding- Because or When-ForLord/ Adonai-21 September 2010 -To Gain or Become weary- Basket/Snake/Surround-Tarshish/USA/Britain-Name of GodSun on the Horizon-Akapu on Easter Island (solar eclipse event) -6th March 2011/21st August 2011/1st June 2012/450,000 -4th March 2011/22nd July 2011/14 November 2011/6,300,000 Oh woe!-Wine-VaIN or WaIN or WIN-MineVanishCash-Gift-To forget or neglect-Lord-To give-Voice of the Martyrs-To come in or to go inWhat? How? Anything-Day-Measure Angel of Death at Antarctica/Rothschild-Sodom-Pride-Give-EU (European Union)-Oh woe!Hook’ I have tried to find the two or three other ways of putting the words together like a puzzle but I got EMF/microwave attacked last week and life suddenly got a bit harder. My eyes have been affected and I was already ill before that. So if I am to be a martyr, at least I decoded one Crop circle. I will try to decode the English part another time, when I am better. I think we should watch out for 21 September 2010.

Then I thought I’d have a look from the Hebrew language’s point of view.

Hebrew (from end of code and written from right to left.)

at zyvky ygf q¹ wyyûor÷ vyhbwmorµord hgyww
VEGA (supernova is coming?) Double Yod =V, Yod=E, Gimmel=G, Hey=a sound =

‘And Og’ = Translit (He was an ancient Giant, Amorite king of Bashan)

‘Hook’ =

Vay =’Oh Woe!’ Yiddish

yww gy Geh= Strong’s #1454 probably scribal error for Zeh #2088 ‘Another, both sides’, etc. hg (Or Geheim German for ‘Secret’) mhg ’So’ Strong’s #5471 An Egyptian pharaoh ws Using Dalet =Dob=’Bear’ Strong’s #1677 bwd h=The Using Dalet =Dub=’To pine away’ Strong’s #1727 bwd Moba= ‘Coming’ Strong’s #4126 bwm Bohu= ‘Emptiness, void’. Strong’s #922 yhb w=And Bet Hey= Baruch Ha’Shem=’Blessed is The Name’ hb w=And Yeysh= ’There is’ Strong’s #3426 vy Ish = ’Man’ vya h=The Yashan/Yashen = ‘Asleep/Sleeping’ Strong’s #3462/3 ÷vy Yashan =‘Old objects’ ÷vy Shen = ‘Tooth, Tine of a fork or Prong’ ÷v Sheni = ‘Second’ (adjective) ynv Nun was a leader of the Ephraim tribe. (Fallen though!) ÷ Yiddish abbreviated (YHWH). Means Lord/ Adonai.) yy Vay =’Oh Woe!’ Yiddish wyy Aphaq=’Restrain’ Strong’s #622 q¹a w=And Can’t find any Hebrew words = value=12 gf
Yaga = ‘To Gain’ or ‘Become weary’ Strong’s #3021 & 3022

Yiddish abbreviated (YHWH). Means Lord/ Adonai. Kaf means ‘Open’ K’She = ‘When’ Translite

erated as ‘cash’

Shay means ‘Gift’ Can’t found any Hebrew words =value=418

yy k vk vk yv atzy

Conclusion of Hebrew end of Crop circle. I added all the interpretations I had found and amazingly found it made sense.
VEGA- And Og-Hook-To Gain/Become weary-Another-German Secret-Egyptian pharaohBear-Coming-To pine away-Emptiness/void-Blessed is The Name-There is-ManAsleep/Sleeping-Old objects-Tooth/Tine of a fork/Prong-Second-Leader of Britain-Lord/ Adonai-Oh Woe!-Restrain-12- Lord/ Adonai-Open-When-cash -Gift-Rosh Hashanah.

First meaning. Hook-He was, is and will be-Another-Coming-And-‘Blessed is the Name’There is-Fallen leader of Ephraim-And-Restrain-Lord/Adonai-12Lord/Adonai-When-Weapon-Covenant-Leader-418.
Israel is the bait of Gog, who will be going on the Hook, in Armageddon. ‘Blessed is the Name’ is coming again. Fallen leader of Ephraim is a future leader of the British Isles (where Ephraim went in the Diaspora). Fallen leader is already here And is restrained by the Lord of the 12. The 12 could be the 12 Tribes of Israel. He will be shown to be Lord When you see the Covenant Leader’s Weapon rescuing Israel. 418 days = 17 Sept 2011 which is Rosh Hashanah/Feast of Trumpets/Jesus’ birthday. (207+418=625-365=260th day of 2011)

Second meaning. (Vega)-Oh Woe-German secret-And-Emptiness/void-The Second-He was, is and will be-Restrain-12-Lord/Adonai-Open-Gift.
(Supernova from Vega)- Oh woe-Nazi secret society-And an Empty void is the second. And is restrained till 12. (12 could be hours-Noon or Midnight.) (The darkness starts at Noon) The Lord Opens a Gift. (The Abyss opens and His own vanish.)

Third meaning. And King Og the Giant-The Bear- The Man or The Sleeping-Oh woe-Restrain -12-Lord/Adonai-When-418
And Og was an ancient Giant, Amorite king of Bashan. (“The Amorites may have come of European origin, though no one is sure what their ethnic origin was. They were represented on the Egyptian monuments with fair skins, light hair, blue eyes, curved or hooked noses, and pointed beards. They were supposed to have been of great stature.” The Amorites were not Canaanites and their origin is unknown http://phoenicia.org/amorites.html#ixzz0yaPuFu90

Does this remind anyone of some Nordics who have been seen near some Crop circles?) The Bear could be Russia or the constellation of the Bear. (Is this referring to Big Bear Solar Observatory in New Jersey, USA?) The Sleeping is mind control or right brain goes to sleep (therefore hypnotised). This leads to Woe. Restrain the 12-Lord-When it is 17 September 2011. (This end sentence sounds like a prayer.) Is this referring to the Majic12?

atzyckyygfq¹ wyy÷ ûcyhb w m µ ds hgyww
or or or

Inner picture Andromeda transit of principal star is 23 September!!! Aplheratz is the alpha star of Andromedas head and is also in the constellation of Pegasus. The name seemed to be of interest Alpha+atz (phonetically speaking) 21 September Jupiter (the King planet) is in opposition.

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