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• Tan Lang in Wealth

Translated from here.

The person has a very strong desire to work. But, this wish is no routine work appetite. Rather, the
individual is driven by wanting to make money. In order to earn money he or she discards all scruples.
With skill and dexterity the native dauntlessly wrests control of the money. The person has no concerns
whatsoever whether the means are honest and reasonable. Throughout his or her life the individual
comes across numerous opportunities of becoming rich by gaining unexpected wealth; to make easy
With a low rating Tan Lang in Wealth betokens success or failure being only a hair's breadth apart.
Frequently the native encounters 頭破血流 toupoxueliu = one's head beaten with bumps and bruises;
to be badly battered, to be crushed, to fail utterly; a crushing defeat; beaten and in a hopeless position.
The person goes from rich to poor. The individual ends his or her life impoverished and barren.
Tan Lang # Lu: The native is able to make money. But, the person must take to communication and
social interaction in order to generate money and wealth. There is the circumstance of 偏財 piāncai =
unexpected money, jackpot, a stroke of luck, windfall, easy money, to win a prize. The individual is
opportunistic and partial to speculating in a risky adventure. The native ought to beware his or her
strong pull toward gambling.
Tan Lang # Quan: The person is partial to entrepreneurship and starting an undertaking and
a major task. He or she has skill and finesse engaging in social functions and communicating with
others. The native comes across easy money; a windfall, jackpot, stroke of luck. A man should avoid
get caught up in female charms.
Tan Lang # Ji: This star combination is not advantageous what with money and wealth. Or peach
blossom damages and harms money.
Tan Lang and Zi Wei: The individual keeps an eye on accessible family property. Middle-aged the
native can gradually become rich.
Tan Lang and Wu Qu: With the presence of lucky stars the person is capable of accumulating much
money. Seeing ominous stars, there's the instance of 破敗不堪 pobaibukān = utterly defeated; crushed.
After the age of thirty the individual can have prosperity and development.
Tan Lang and Lian Zhen: Money will unexpectedly come in and unexpectedly go out. Wealth is
stable. With Huo Xing or Ling Xing money could suddenly appear.