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Worldwide #1 in containerized ice and cooling systems

The Company Vision
At KTI, we place utmost emphasis on the quality of our products and All year round they provide our unique after-sales service and support
m³/h 45°C
over processes. We stand for first-class, cutting-edge refrigeration plants of our customers worldwide.

highest standards.
< 4°C

Our customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


KTI is specially customer service oriented. To guarantee the smooth and

1986 1987 1988 1990 1994 1996 reliable operation of each and every plant, we employ a global, highly
Foundation First FLIP First CCWP First CIWP, BIP Production facility More than qualified team of engineers and service technicians.
Year was sold was sold was sold in Balzheim 400 installations


2010 2008 2007 2006 2002 & 2003 2000

Foundation First PLIP was sold, More than KTI-Saudi, Expansion of production Cooperation
Sauter Plersch AG, KTI-Dubai 1000 installations KTI-Qatar facility Balzheim with VIP Dubai


Innovation Days
29. September - 01. Oktober

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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Future

First CCAP Refrigeration know-how More than Innovation Days. Celebrating 30 years We will grow together
was sold applied to a wide range 3000 installations. Further expansion of of excellence
of industries First snow plant was sold ­production facility

The Plersch family – four generations dedicated to innovation in refrigeration

KTI Production Facility

KTI is committed to quality in our state-of-the-art
­German manufacturing facilities– one of the core
­values that define our ­company.

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KTI Products
Containerized Flake Ice Plants
KTI Flake Ice Plants are best suited for the concrete industry, where
flake ice is used to control the concrete temperature, particularly in
hot climates.

Containerized Ice (Cold) Water Plants

For an optimum performance of a flake ice plant, it is always
recommended to reduce the water temperature to its lowest-possible
level, prior to feeding it to the plant.

Combined Ice (Cold) Water/Flake Ice Plants

Chiller and ice plant – combined in one unit – increase the lifetime of the
compressors and other spare parts. It is the most cost effective cooling
solution of its kind.

Plate Ice Plants

Solid plate ice provides pure cooling energy. Our modular ice factories
made up of several containerized plate ice plants are best suited for the
mining industry.

Block Ice Plants

KTI’s prefabricated KTI block ice plant does not require any additional
building. Its containerized set up provides maximum flexibility and mobility.

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Mobile Ice Storages
Appropriate storage of freshly produced ice is as important as its
production. KTI supplies mobile ice storages including fully automatic
ice rake and discharge systems.

Collapsible Ice Storages

For projects where huge ice storages are required, collapsible ice
storages have to be installed.

Delivery Systems
Beside the ice production, ice handling and ice transportation make
an important part of a plant setup. KTI offers proven solutions for ice

Aggregate Cooling by Ice Water

Under certain circumstances it is required to cool the aggregates either
by air or by cold water.

The fastest way of cooling the aggregates is to flood them on a belt

­conveyor or in silos with ice water.

Aggregate Cooling by Air

Because of the standardized construction, the cold air plant can be used
in a great variety of locations.

Combi Air
KTI and Sauter provide the ideal solution: Our heating and cooling plant
is specifically designed to meet constantly high quality requirements for
concrete the whole year round (ambient temperatures of -20 °C to +35 °C).

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Turnkey Installation
KTI provides simple and highly cost efficient solutions. They require
• no extra underground water tank
• no separate support construction
• no additional engineering and design work.

The modular systems of KTI are set up within the shortest possible time
and are designed for multiple re-installation at different locations.

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Cooling Solutions for...
...Concrete Industry
Whilst concrete is developing its strength, it develops heat as the
cement cures and hardens. This hydration heat raises the temperature
...Chemical Industry
during the curing process by up to 25 Kelvin and causes an increase Dyes and pigments are used in the textile and other industries to
of volume. After curing, concrete cools down and reduces its volume impart color. They are synthetized in reactors.
thus causing cracks known as ‘thermal shock’. For this reason, the
The exothermic chemical reaction is precisely controlled with KTI flake ice.
initial pouring temperature must be lowered.
KTI flake ice plants produce dry ice with high heat absorption
KTI Concrete Cooling Systems
characteristics in compliance with environmental health and safety
Concrete temperature control always requires a sophisticated guidelines and in accordance with country-specific regulations (CE,
refrigeration system. Over the last decades KTI has pioneered concrete ASME, CSA, UL and others).
cooling technologies and developed new techniques to become the
KTI pneumatic ice conveyors enable remote delivery to multiple vats at
number one in concrete cooling, worldwide.
fast delivery rates.

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...Mining Industry
Down at 2000 m below surface, where rock temperatures reach 60 °C,
­excavating activities generate additional heat.

For miners who work there for prolonged time periods, the workplace
should be cooled to more acceptable temperatures in the range of 28°C.

Ice Systems for the Mining Industry

The KTI mine cooling system is installed at ground level with no heat
rejection below. It complies with the highest safety standards and is
designed with the best possible energy-efficiency.

Mines require considerable ice making capacities which may exceed

2000 tons/day. For this purpose KTI has designed a plate ice plant
(PLIP 200) to be installed in a multiple set-up.

Underground Refrigeration Systems

For underground installations KTI has specially developed a modular

underground 1 MW water chiller, as well as a modular plate ice plant
with the capacity of 80 tons/day.

...Fish and Food Industry

Seafood is a rich source of food, yet very perishable. The shelf-life of
fresh fish can be determined by the speed of cooling the catch.

Quick chilling and bringing the fish down to the temperature of melting
ice is the most effective way of keeping it fresh for a longer time.

Make the Most of the Catch with KTI Products

KTI plants provide ice the most effective way. They conserve perishable
products and add value, hence making the most of the catch or

KTI slurry ice ensures fastest pre-cooling from sea temperature to 0 °C.
KTI flake ice is ideal for fresh fish packing and shipping. It offers key
merchandising benefits. Presented on a white bed of ice seafood prod-
ucts look fresh and appetizing.

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KTI Service and After Sales/Spare Parts
Our Strengths Your Benefits

• Dedicated to customer care • KTI service mentality

• Regular service points in Brazil, Germany, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, • German quality standard
Saudi Arabia, UAE • Enhanced reliability
• Highly qualified teams of service technicians and engineers • Optimized running costs
• Efficient fleet of fully equipped service cars • Longer life expectancy
• KTI own spare parts storage warehouses in Balzheim, Dammam, • Minimized breakdowns
Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh and Sao Paulo • 100% spare parts availability
• Central location of KTI warehouse in UAE • Permanent service availability
(Dubai Industrial City) • On-site training of staff at large construction sites
• 24/7 availability • Service contracts
• KTI training centers in Dubai and Germany
• Training of service staff and customer personnel by
German engineers according to German regulations

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Working together with KTI offers
you several advantages:

Excellent engineering and

years of experience

Design according to country-specific

regulations (CE/ASME/CSA ...)

Lowest possible
installation costs

Re-usability through
modular ­systems

Reliability through

Spare parts

KTI service – dedicated to

customer care

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Worldwide #1 in containerized ice and cooling systems