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GRAMMAR. Choose the verb that makes the sentence correct.

1. Most of the inspected cars (pass, passes) the examination.

2. None of these dishes (has, have) been washed yet.

3. Everyone in these cabins (is, are) going to the assembly.

4. (Do, Does) both of these tigers eat that much each day?

5. Several of us (want, wants) to be included in the plans.

6. (Has, Have) someone forgotten to sign the register this afternoon?

7. Each of the stockings (was, were) near the fireplace.

8. (Was, Were) all of the pastries delivered on time?

9. More of this speech (is, are) getting better each time you practice it.

10. Nothing on these tables (is, are) mine.

11. A few of the turtles (swim, swims) in the pond back here.

12. (Has, Have) several of these engineers surveyed the grounds?

13. Neither of these essays (was, were) completed on time

14. Both of these girls (has, have) musical talent.

15. No one on the grade level (read, reads) these kinds of articles.